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April 18th, 2006, 6:29 AM
This is my never ending story.

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Myuutsu vs Myuu
For 500 years ago, in other times in the galaxy, it keeps it self happy, it keeps everything peace, but the star is seen and the pokemon is a New species pokemon and the pokemon is called, Myuu.

But for 349 years later, on the scientists researches they have created a Genetic pokemon but it's in hypersleep on a bacta tank, generated and his name is, Myutsu.

For 200 years later Myuutsu was awaken and began to strike the pose while killing the scientists, they knew what they did wrong to that pokemon, it caused a huge rampage and also taking all over the cool pokemon but also thrashed the rocket team leader, Giovanni, he wanted that pokemon but Myuutsu hasthe thing of what it said. "I do not work for bystanders like you, I ALWAYS BE ALONE!! He was fustrated but savagely attack Giovanni on his gym according to it, now untill the Mewtwo has one thing to encounter and he dosn't know yet.

Myuu noticed that it seen a conle of the species and it was Myuustu causing Psychic rampage....