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April 22nd, 2006, 6:58 AM
Last days I see a general panic about accent of Pokemon Names. So, I was thinking of us making a guide to help everyone with the names. Currently existing 396 names it will be difficult to finish the guide so this will take some time. Also there are many ways to call some Pokemon, let's agree to the most "right" ones. I know I'll have some mistakes as I haven't understood em all myself yet please correct the guide.

English Names

Pokemon :: PO-KEH-MON
Pocket Monsters :: PO-KET MON-STER-S

#000 MissingNo. :: MEE-SEEN-G-NOH
#001 Bulbasaur :: BULL-BAH-SAH-UR
#002 Ivisaur :: A-EE-VEE-SAH-UR
#003 Venusaur :: VEE-NO-SAH-R
#004 Charmander :: CHAR-MAN-DER
#005 Charmeleon :: CHAR-MEE-LEE-ON
#006 Charizard :: CHAR-REE-ZAR-D
#007 Squirtle :: S-SKU-EERT-L
#008 Wartortle :: WOR-TOR-T-L
#009 Blastoise :: BLASS-TO-IZ
#??? Munchlax :: MOON-S-SLAH-X
#??? Lucario :: LOO-KA-REE-O
#??? Bonsly :: BO-N-S-LEE

Japanese Names

Pokemon :: PO-KEH-MON
Poketto Monsuta :: PO-KE-TO MON-SU-TAH

#000 Ketsuban :: KEH-TSOO-BAH-NU
#??? Gonbe :: GO-NU-BU
#??? Rukario :: LOO-KAH-REE-O
#??? Usohachii :: YU-S-SO-HA-CHEE
#??? Manene :: MA-NE-NU
#??? Manyula :: MA-NEE-YU-LAH
#??? Manafi :: MAH-NAH-FEE
#??? Perap :: PEH-RAH-PU
#??? Buoysel :: BOO-OH-EE-ZEH-LU
#??? Tamanta :: TAH-MAH-NU-TAH

All you have to do in order to help is to add some other Pokemon in list or correct the existing ones. The language does not matter, add Japanese, English, Germal, Spanish and from any other language you now them. I'll add more myself later too.

April 24th, 2006, 6:05 PM
Where's the fun in pronouncing them "correct" way? :P
I really don't think there is a correct way in some cases, at least not for the game.

I prefer
Nigh-doh-ran over Knee-doh-ran
and Guy-rah-dos over Gair-rah-dos any day. ^^
Wouldn't missingo be mih since mi in missing is pronounced that way?
Using mee would be giving it a Spanish/Japanese accent. X_x