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Pokemon Master XD
April 27th, 2006, 10:54 PM
The MissingNo. Chronicles: Legend of Glitch City

Chapter 1: The Find
Once, there was a trainer named Koji, who just became the Pokémon Champion of Kanto. He went to Cinnibar Island to revive a fossil he found in Mt. Moon. "Can you revive this fossil?" he said. The scientist says "Sure. I'd love to. But it'll be a while. Maybe you should go look for new wild Pokémon while you wait." "OK." says Koji. "I need to work on my Pokédex anyway." Koji goes outside to search. "Gyrados, use Surf." Koji gets on Gyrados. "I better surf over the coast so I don't get lost." says Koji. Koji begins to surf over the coast and finds a Tentacool. He sends his Tentacruel out. Tentacool defeats Tentacruel with blinding speed! "WHOA!!! I gotta catch that!!!" says Koji. Koji throws an Ultra Ball at the Tentacool, but it cuts the ball in half. "Uh-oh..." says Koji. The Tentacool dives underwater, never to return. "Tentacruel, come back." says Koji. Tentacruel returns to its Pokéball. "That was weird! Anyway, let's keep going, Gyrados." Koji says. The next thing Koji finds is a ghost. "Wow. Never seen that before. I wander what it is." Koji scans it with his Pokédex. "There is no data on this... No da... Th... Data... Missing... Miss... Number... Nu... Missing... No..." The Pokédex begins to freak out and turn off. "I hope it isn't broken." says Koji. Koji looks at the ghost Pokémon again. "OK, MissingNo., i'll catch you if it's the last thing I do! I'll use a Master Ball!" Koji looks in his bag to see hundreds of Master Balls. "Whoa. It's like they're multiplying!" Koji throws a Master ball at the Pokémon he calls MissingNo., and it turns into two MissingNo.! The one he captured turned into a Rhydon just before the Master Ball hit. "OK, so I have a Rhydon now... I'll catch you, MissingNo.!" Koji throws another Master Ball. This time, it stays a MissingNo.. "Yes! I caught it! Now to get the fossil. I hope it's done." Koji goes back to the Cinnibar Lab. "Is my fossil finished?" says Koji. "Yes it is! And it was fun to work on, too! Here you go! It's an Omanyte!" says the scientist. "Yes! Now, I'm going to go to the Safari Zone. Thanks for the Pokémon!" says Koji. The scientist says "Anytime!" Koji flies on his Pidgeot to the Safari Zone.

Chapter 2: The Strange Place
Koji walks in to the Safari Zone, waiting to use his new MissingNo. in battle, but knows that it's illegal to use Pokémon in the Safari Zone. The Safari Zone guy says "Welcome to the Safari Zone! For just $500, you can catch as many Pokémon as you like. Would you like to play?" Koji wanders if the guy memorized a script. "Uhh... Sure." Koji puts $500 on the desk. "Now, i'm going to scan your bag and see how many Pokémon you have with you." Koji hopes his MissingNo. will bypass the scanner. "Lets see... You have Gyrados, Tentacruel, Pidgeot, Omanyte, and Rhydon. Please put them on the desk." Koji looks in his bag to find the five scanned Pokémon and sees a Pokéball changing from purple to orange rapidly. He knows not to grab that one, and puts the other five on the desk. "Have fun!" says the Safari Zone guy. Koji walks in the Safari Zone and can't decide if he's going to use MissingNo. or not. Koji walks back out. "Would you like to retire early?" says the Safari Zone guy. Koji says "No." Koji walks back in and thinks he should leave. He walks back out to see the Safari Zone guy sitting at the desk with his eyes closed. The Safari Zone guy says (again) "Welcome to the Safari Zone! For just $500, you can catch as many Pokémon as you like. Would you like to play?" Koji says "No." He grabs his Pokémon and walks out. Koji goes to cycling road, and after cycling for a while, he hears "*ding dong* Your Safari game is over." He teleports somewhere. "WHOA!!! What's with the weirdness!? Ever since I caught MissingNo.!" He sees the Safari Zone guy who says "Did you enjoy your Safari game?" Koji just walks out without a peep. "WHAT THE HECK!!!" He looks around to see a new city with bits of pieces of houses and numbers written everywhee on the ground. He looks behind him to see the same. "WHERE'S THE SAFARI ZONE!?!?" Koji walks around to look for a sign to tell him where he is. He finds one. The sign says "GLITCH CITY". Koji says "Glitch? I thought those were only in video games!" He walks around and finds a bridge. The sign says "SILENT BRIDGE". Koji says "Sounds like a good place to get murdered." Koji looks around to find a way out. He hits an invisible wall. "OW!" says Koji. "Oh, I hope I can get out of here. I really want to go home." Koji looks around to find another MissingNo.. "Is this where MissingNo. come from? How do they get out? he says. Koji runs from the MissingNo. looking for a way out and trying to stay clear of any invisible walls. "Hey! A cave!" Koji walks in to the cave to find something written on the land in the center of the lake. "Why is 'M written there?" Koji walks deeper into the cave looking for a way out of Glitch City.

Chapter 3: The Forest
Koji is walking through a cave for an exit from Glitch City. He finds a triple-fork in the cave. "Now how am I going to get through this?" Koji takes a left. When he gets to the end, he sees an opening at the top. He climbs the wall and out of the cave. "I'm across Silent Bridge! Hopefully that helps me avoid any danger." Koji feels around in his bag. He finds his cell phone. He dials home. "Hello?" says Kojis mom. "Hi mom. It's me." "Koji! I thought you were coming home right after the Elite 4." says his mom. "I was going to Cinnibar Island first to revive a fossil, and while I was waiting, I ran in to this weird Pokémon named MissingNo., and I caught it. Then I went and got my Omanyte, and went to the Safari Zone to see what the MissingNo. could do in battle. When I went in, I realized it was against the rules to use Pokémon in the Safari Zone, but MissingNo. bypassed the scanner, so I took it in anyway. But then I went back out, and back in... And back out. And the Safari Zone guy asked me if I want to go in, and I said no and took my Pokémon back. I went to Cycling Road to ride around a little before I flew home, and I heard a *ding dong* sound and I was back in the Safari Zone. When I went back out, everything was weird! I found a sign and it said Glitch City. I don't know how to get out of here! The Safari Zone was even missing! Now i'm trying to find a way out." says Koji. (That was long, huh?) Koji's mom says "Glitch City? I thought some crazy man made that up." "Well, he obviously didn't. And I have to go. Bye." says Koji. Koji's mom says "Bye." Koji hangs up. "That's weird! I get service here! Maybe I get GPS service?" Koji pulls out his GPS. "It says i'm on Cycling Road!" Koji puts his GPS away and runs for a sign telling him where he is. He finds one. It says "GLITCH FOREST". Koji says "Maybe if I wander far enough into the forest, i'll end up in Viridian Forest!" Koji wanders into the forest and finds a pond. Koji keeps going. (Do the Energizer Bunny! ^_^) Koji finds a town. "Excuse me, but where am I?" says Koji. The man says "Don't ya know, laddie?" (They're always after his lucky charms!) Koji says "No, I don't. Could you tell me?" The man says "Yes I could." Koji just stands there listening. "Today!?" says Koji. The man says "OK. You're in the Glitch Dimension." Koji says "Glitch Dimension? Were you born here?" The man says "No. We found this place after we went into the Safari Zone as children. And my accent, I just do that to entertain my friends. We're building a civilization." Koji asks "What do you eat?" The man says "We eat Oran and Sitrus berries. They can only be found in the Glitch Dimension and the Hoenn region." "The Hoenn region?" asks Koji. "Yes. We were on a field trip and I had a pocket full of seeds when we went into the Safari Zone. One pocket with Oran seeds, and the other with Sitris." says the man. Koji says "I'm just glad I found some other people. Is there any way out of here?" The man says "Yes, but the exits are blocked by invisible walls. Kanto is on the other side, but no one would be able to see or hear us. They would hit invisible walls, though. It looks normal from Kanto." Koji says "I can find a way out. Just give me time." Koji sends his Pidgeot out. "Pidgeot, I need you to use gust to the south east." says Koji. Pidgeot uses gust and hits the invisible walls. "Pidgeot, head to the left while using gust." says Koji.

I've actually been posting this on Joshcube's forum. Hope you like it! Just tell me if you do or not.

JX Valentine
April 28th, 2006, 3:16 AM
Erp. Paragraphs, please. @_@

That said, I think you're going a bit fast. While I'm entertained by your idea of what Glitch City is, you rushed at the beginning to the point where I don't know what Koji looks like or what the world around him looks like. You give only brief descriptions of everything, including and especially Missingno. Because of that, it's a bit hard to imagine what the world you've created is like. Take your time with writing. You can enjoy it if you go slow too, after all.

I'm also not sure if anyone would really jam that much information into an explanation as Koji did to his mother in chapter three. Put simply, if you wound up in Glitch City, would you tell that much to anyone over a phone? It might just be part of Koji's personality, though. *shrug*

Anyway, it's not bad. It needs improvement in some areas, though.

April 28th, 2006, 3:23 AM
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April 28th, 2006, 10:51 AM
No idea... Need... Pie... @_@

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April 28th, 2006, 3:48 PM
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Serebii and Celibi
May 16th, 2006, 1:58 PM
Wow!That...was...GREAT.Can you make the next chapter?

May 16th, 2006, 6:20 PM
You should really expand on your thoughts. If you're going to be making a story, then you might as well see the format of a book, but seperate between each diolouge instead by pressing enter. But I do like the idea of a MissingNo story, and if you need some information to make sure that none of your ideas are wrong or would be proven false by another member, you can go to trsrockin.com and gert some stats there.