View Full Version : Those Who Hunt Elves

Sean Fury
April 3rd, 2004, 10:19 PM
The story begins in a fantasy world, where three people Airi, Ritsuko and Junpei, have been mysteriously teteported ( along with a type 74 tank). Since their presence could cause chaos in their world, the Elves decided to send them back. The ceremony is performed by the Elves' slightly psychotic leader,Celsia Marie Claire. The ceremony goes well , except that, at the last minute, Junpei's unflattering comments push Celsia over the edge. Her focus is lost and the incantation vanishes, separated in fragments, which the gang will have to find if they want to go back to their world. The only problem is that the fragments are etched on the skin of female Elves, who may not want to submit to the scrutiny of our friends.


Another hilarious anime I have recently discovered. Again, little to no nudity in the entire series, and it gurantees that you will laugh; this anime does have a plot, and is not just mindless comedy, which is good but not always. Not much else for me to say, except that sometimes right after a really funny scene, they get really serious, which makes it hard to grasp the true concept of the show. *shrugs*