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May 1st, 2006, 12:17 AM
Chapter 1: Starting Out
“STEELIX! Come on out!” said a tall, intimidating man. His eyes were dead black. He had a yellow Mohawk, a short white singlet, with an orange jumper wrapped around his waist, and orange pants as well.
“Go, Vaporeon!” said a short, slender lady. She had long, brown hair, green eyes, a short, black shirt, and blue pants.

“Now, to decide who will start off the match, the ref will flip a coin!” said the commentary. The referee came out, wearing a blue and white striped shirt, and black pants. His black hair and brown eyes was the only thing that made him look different compared to most of the other refs.
“If the coin is heads, the part time mechanic, Arnold, will play first. A tails lets Tracey here makes the first move.” The commentary went on to say. There were great roars from specters covering the inside of the large, lighted dome. The great screens showed the ref up close, ready to flip the coin. On the revealed side of the small, silver token, there was a picture of a Pokéball.
“If the coin lands on the picture of the Pokéball, it’s a heads! If it lands on the Absol, it’s tails! Ever way, this game WILL be action packed! A great battle to begin the Pokémon World Cup Series!” The crowd cheered with excitement.

In a small, battered house, in a tiny village in Hoenn, a child sat at the television, watching the match. He was going to get his first ever Pokémon from his local professor that very day. The child‘s name was Luke. The blue eyed, black haired boy was of average height. He wore a plain red shirt, covered by a bright red jacket. His long pants were the same shade of red as his jacket.

“It’s a heads! Arnold shall make the starting move!”
“Sandstorm!” not only did Arnold look intimidating, he also sounded it. The Steelix hit its huge, metal tail on the ground, sending giant amounts of sand around the arena. The audience both cheered and booed. Some of them were getting annoyed about all the sand getting on their face.
“Vaporeon, use Water Gun on the sand!” said Tracey, in a soft voice. The small, blue fox wet the sand, until it was a wet, mushy mess hitting the two Pokémon. Vaporeon was gaining HP from getting hit by the water, while the dirt was actually bruising the tall, metal Steelix.
“No way! Steelix, Dig!”
The large mass jumped up then tore straight through the boulders and dirt that laid underneath it.
Vaporeon, get ready to use Protect!” Said Tracey.
The giant Steelix came shooting out of the rocks. Vaporeon started glowing, getting ready to be hit by the giant. But just before it hit, Arnold called out to it. “Move to the side! Try and dig under the whole surface of the field! Hit as many boulders as possible! JUST MOVE!” There was a giant rumble as the long, hard snake shifted to the right. Then the left. Then the right. Then the left again. But the whole time it was moving closer to the far side of the colossal arena.
“Now!” Arnold roared. “Up!”
As the massive reptile emerged, the ground started to fall in. Arnold jumped up, and was saved by his Steelix, but the elegant mermaid and its owner were caught in the tumbling rocks. As the dust cleared away, everybody in the area could see that the boulders had hit the Vaporeon with force, and injured Tracey’s leg.
“Return Vaporeon!” Tracey called out, throwing out her great ball to return the injured Pokémon.
“I can’t believe it! Steelix has destroyed the field, knocking out Tracey’s Vaporeon!” Called out the commentary. “Wait a minute… the great trainer has been injured, and has resigned from the battle! Arnold is the winner by default! After the first game, Johto is in the lead by 3 points! Kanto is on 1! Even though she didn’t win tonight, she still deserves a big clap! Put your hands together for the talented Tracey!” There was a great amount of clapping and whistling. “And then to tonight’s victor, Arnold! The crowd burst with noise. People with blue and green flags yelled out angrily and frowned. Others with black and red flags waved and roared with happiness. Luke didn’t care who won, but wasn’t happy about the game ending so quickly. He picked up the remote, turned the TV off, and went to bed, thinking about what it would be like to finally go on a journey all by himself.

The next day, Luke woke up at 5 o’clock. He had stayed up for hours, thinking about what Pokémon he wanted. In the end, he decided to take Mudkip. He got his own breakfast, then turned the TV on to see the next 2 challengers battling. It was already halfway through the battle.

“Arbok, Poison Sting!” said a tall lady with hazel eyes, and a purple dress.
“Flareon, Flame Thrower!” the other challenger, a man with a small, pointy brown beard, very little hair, and a blue and black uniform said. The flames coming from the furry dog greatly over powered the sharp needles been shot from the purple snake’s mouth.

About an hour later, while Luke was watching the fifth battle that had happened over the last two days, his mum, dressed in pink pajamas, scratching her blonde hair and looking around with her green eyes, came in. She seemed stunned to see Luke actually get up before her.
“Remember, we aren’t going to leave before eight.” She said, yawning.

Luke was in the car with his mum, who had gotten dressed since the last time Luke had seen her, and was now dressed in a yellow dress, and his dad, who looked an awful lot like Luke.
“So, who’s winning?” His dad asked Luke, looking back from the front seat.
“Kanto, but we’re only 2 points behind ‘em, and we’re playing Johto at the moment. It’s James against Arnold right now.” Luke replied. No body talked the rest of the way there.

“So, who do you choose?” said the voice of Professor Birch, a man with brown hair, black eyes. He wore a white cloak with a black shirt under it. His pants were brown.
“Mudkip!” Luke said immediately.
“Well, okay. I’ll go get it now.” Birch said.