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Teaser: A/U A very dark fic in parts. Kagome Higurashi, your average everyday sixteen year old has spent most of her life stuck in Hicksville Ohio. She is haunted by a past life that she has never lived and when by some twist of fate she receives a letter from her friend in Florida her once calm tranquil life is turned upside down and back again. Together with a arrogant surfer boy with a sick sense of humor she must discover the truth about their lives and existence. **Warning Lemony Goodness in later chapters and for InuYasha's potty mouth....**Pairings: Kag/ Inu, Sang/Mir, Kikyo and My foot.....

Dog Days

By Rho Ikikara

Disclaimer: All InuYasha characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi -Sama. There will be several appearances made by many of my characters from Shift, my own Story/Manga. If you steal any of these characters I will personally hurt you. Several songs are displayed and used throughout the course of this story and they belong to their respective owners so dont sue meall youll get ish muh lovely ink pen and the sacred InuYasha PlushieKehOn wit the Show!


< Fuer osk Drakka.Fuer Osk Drakka.>

Nani? A soft feminine voice groaned, the shadows of the night playing acrossed a pale, untarnished face. Thick eyelashes fluttered open, twin gray irises focusing In a darkened room. Deep gray clouded softly by sleep adjusted slowly to her surroundings, her pupils dilated heavily. Whos there?.Souta? Quit goofing around and go to sleep pest.She growled in irritation.

When a reply didnt sound she sat up, her long ebony hair falling around her shoulders. Brat? She called softly, blinking about the room. Her gentle eyes studied the room, taking in everything. Her white walls now a dark gray or black from the night, the green carpeted floor now black. Various stuffed animals and figurines stood on low shelves, a low breeze from her open window rustling thin violet curtains. She sighed, shaking her head to clear her thoughts, slipping out from under the warmth of her violet comforter, half tempted to return to it. She stumbled acrossed her room towards the window, still groggy.

The moon in its third stage stood out against the night sky, its Brilliant pale glow illuminating the young woman. She was frail from her looks, her eyes warm and curious. Delicate features formed her young face, her lips parting slightly in confusion.

Coulda swore I shut this before I went to bed She thought halfheartedly. After sliding the pane back into place she turned back towards her bed, glancing at the alarm clock. NANI!? Only 1:00!!!?? She yelped to herself.

She yawned widely, her eyes drooping yet again. The young girl slumped back into the confines of her bed, sighing in contentment. Burrowing deeply into her rumpled blanket for warmth, she closed her eyes again, calling for sleep.

*** Gome!! A male voice laughed, the sound of footfalls filling the afternoon. HAHA!! A small girl laughed, running happily, her tiny feet carrying her nimbly through the forest. Her hand was locked to anothers, large claws gripping her fingers. Her shoulder length mop of hair waved in the wind, her face streaked with dirt. A young man about sixteen from his looks held her hand, running beside her. He was unusual, his long silver hair flowing wildly like a banner behind him. Small white dog ears lay flat against his skull, twin goldenrod eyes gleaming with joy. Hold on tight Gome! Or youll get lost! He laughed. Slow down Inu! She yelped, struggling to keep up with his speed. Here Ill carry you! He smirked, lifting her effortlessly onto his back. WHoa! She exclaimed, clinging to his shoulders. Hang on! He laughed. With a slight movement of his legs he was in the air, rushing up through the trees. The man broke through the canopy of the forest, seeming to float high above the trees.

HAHA!!! Higher Inu-Sama!! The child laughed, throwing her hands in the air. HeheThe dog demon chuckled, smirking warmly at the little girl on his back. Her hands returned to his thick mane of hair, beaming happily at him. Hang on Brat! He laughed, diving back towards the earth. His red haroi waved violently in the strong wind, his arms falling back to secure his passenger. She squealed with excitement, laughing joyously as the Inu Hanyou sprang into the trees, leaping from branch to branch. He came to a gentle halt atop a large tree, lifting the five year old from her perch on his back. He plopped down on a branch, sitting her in his lap.

She giggled happily, grinning up at him. The hanyous intense goldenrod eyes softened, a light smile curving his lips. I wish I wuz like you Inu-Sama The small child said, gazing at him admiringly. Heh! You dont wanna be like me squirtHe replied, his head drooping slightly. Wuts wrong Inu-Sama? She asked, concerned. Nuthin.He grinned at her, rubbing her head. Hey! Ack!! She yelped, trying to escape. HAHA!! You think you can escape the nooge of doom? He laughed, tickling her sides. She giggled wildly, close to tears. Kagome! Kagome where are you? A Man called from a distance. Uh oh.The two groaned. Come on runt Your Obaa-San wants ya He said, hefting her up onto his shoulder. Awwdo I have to? She whined, giving him her best puppy dog eyes. Hey! Dont look at me like that! You gotta go fore He gets mad and dont let you see me no more He growled.

O-kay.She groaned, snorting lightly. She did her best imitation of her role model, crossing her arms acrossed her chest and sticking her nose in the air. Keh! He wouldnt keep me from playin wit my Inu-Sama! She stated proudly. Hahaha!! He laughed, patting her head lightly. Thats my Gome! He grinned. He dropped to the forest floor, walking towards the edge of the forest. He gently sat the pouting girl on her feet, crouching before her. Ill see ya tomorrow.. K? He whispered. K! Bye Inu-Sama! She squealed happily, throwing her tiny arms around his neck. He grinned broadly, hugging her lightly. Now go on He whispered, nudging her towards the edge of the forest. She waved at him before running off towards a man who stood before a old shrine.

Kagomethere you arecome onits time for your bath. the older man said gently. But DAD! I dont wanna take a bath! Kagome whined. Come now! No fussingAnd your mother is getting worriedyou really should stop running off into the forest.. Her Father scolded. Hey Obaa-San! Guess what me and Inu-Sama did today! Kagome exclaimed. Kagome What did I tell you about imaginary friends? The middle aged Man asked. But hes not imaImagrly.Hes Weal! The five years old argued. I know ,I knowHer Obaa-san sighed, shaking his head.

From the forest the hanyou watched silently, eyeing the tiny child affectionately. Thanx for tryin..Gome He murmured smiling lightly. ***

Chapter I Another day away from you

The sound of her alarm rang through the morning, startling her from her dreams. With a groan she threw off her covers, her feet resting on the floor. What a nice dream.She yawned, stretching lazily. The sixteen year old wobbled over to the closet, rubbing her eyes wearily. She felt a stab of pain shoot through her foot and a thump. YEOwch! She yelped, caressing her stubbed toe. She glared at the offending object in distaste, kicking the toy car aside. Baka little brothersmoronic little brat leavin toys in my roomfrikin toysShe grumbled angrily, mechanically dressing herself. It was the same as it always was, get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to school. Everyday the same routine. How boring.

Her eyes seemed to dim, loosing herself in thought. : Something is missing..someone: She thought sadly. Kagome! Youre going to be late! Move it! Her Okaa-San yelled. YIPES! Chill out Ma! Sheesh! Kagome growled. I didnt teach my daughter to speak so improperlyThe aging woman scolded. Yeah, yeahKeh! Kagome snorted, grabbing her bag. She trotted outside, brother in tow. Oi! Nee-Chan! The ten year old boy called. Nani? She asked, glancing back at the dark haired boy. Ill race ya! He smirked mischievously. She glared at him suspiciously, and then glanced at the street corner. A wicked grin curved her lips, her eyes gleaming brightly. You sure you wanna challenge me brat? She asked. HEH! Youre a girl! You cant beat me! The boy laughed. Fine.Youre on Souta! She smirked.

K! To the school! Ready.GO! He yelled, running off. Hey! Kagome growled, running after him. Her school uniform waved behind her as she struggled to keep up with her kid brother. Hmmm She grinned, leaping over a low fence that bordered the sidewalk. She sprinted through a small field snickering evilly. Souta rounded corners, the school coming into view. Hey Nee Chan! Looks Like you are gunna loose! He laughed, looking over his shoulder. Huh? He blinked, noticing that his sister wasnt behind him. Oi! Souta! What kept ya? Kagome laughed from the steps of the school. HEY! How did you!? But! You didnt pass me!He whined. Keh! You are too slow to outrun me kid.. She laughed, walking inside.


Now class today we are going to continue our review for the semester examsplease open your text to page The teacher rambled on, averting his attention to the blackboard. Kagome gazed out of the window, her thoughts on anything but the math problems on the board. : Why do I feel like something is missing? Is it that guy from the dream?Did somethinghappen to him? Where is he I wonder? Who am I kiddin? He is a imaginary person like mom saidAfter allI was lonely as a kidSigh! I wonder if this summer is gunna be just as boring as the last.yup..I can guarantee it.: She thought. KagomeIf you arent going to pay attention stand in the hall. The teacher said.

She stood alone in the empty hall, her eyes drawn to the floor.

< Fuer osk Drakka.Fuer osk Drakka>

N..Nani?! She yelped suddenly, looking around frantically. WhWho is there? She asked, her heartbeat pounding in her chest. When a reply didnt sound she sighed deeply, shaking her head. : Kagome pull yourself together. Sheesh.Im startin at hear things: She chuckled inwardly. A stab of pain forked through her suddenly, causing her to cry out.

<Fuer Osk DrakkaCome..Come>

Ahhh!! She yelled, her knees giving way. She clutched her head, the pain seeming to increase. Hhelp.me.She whimpered before her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed to the floor.


White lights blinded her vision, Pain throbbing in her head. Uhh She groaned, her arm lifting to her head. Pain shot through her again, forcing a hiss from her. She let it fall back in defeat, groaning again. Oh! Higurashi! Youre awake! A male voice exclaimed, Kagome wincing from the noise. Whahappened? She groaned, her eyes focusing on a young man sitting beside her. You collapsed.The doctors said it was some sort of shock triggerThey arent sure though He explained, his green eyes filled with worry. His light brown hair gleamed dimly in the bright lights of the hostpital room. I rode up in the ambulance because I was so worried He added, smiling lightly at her. Houjo-KunYou didnt have to do that..sorry I had you so worried..Im fine..She replied, sitting up. The room swam about her, Kagome fighting to clear her head.

Higurashi-Sama! You shouldnt sit up just yet! Houjo exclaimed. Im finereally.I guess all the stress from school and home got to me She stated, looking about the room. A small bouquet of wild flowers sat neatly on the desk beside her. Nani? She blinked, staring curiously at the flowers. Oh! Those are from all of us. We pitched in to buy some for you. He beamed. All of you? She asked. Of course all of us!? What did you think? we would abandon our Best friend? A girl about Kagomes age exclaimed, walking into the room, two other girls on her heels.

Urumi, Sasunke, Rei..You guys.thanks. Kagome smiled warmly. She felt another wave of nausea hit her and she fell back onto the pillow, sleep rushing to take her to lala land.


A pair of goldenrod eyes gleamed angrily, a low growl escaping his throat. ..something..something happened to her. He snarled. Worry creased his brow as he stared out at the moon. A light ocean breeze lifted his thick mane of silver hair from his shoulders, his ears flattening slightly. Oi, InuYasha.Whats up? A smooth voice called. The hanyou turned his predatory gaze on an approaching man, stiffling a growl. The young man stopped before him, his violet eyes shining with curiosity. Nothing Bouzou.. InuYasha growled, his gaze returning to the ocean.

It doesnt sound like just nothing The dark haired man replied, coming to stand beside the Inu Hanyou. .Shes hurt.InuYasha whispered. Who? The little girl? The other boy asked. InuYasha merely drooped his head, his hands fisted at his sides. You do know that the odds of running into her are slim to none? The dark haired boy asked, sighing lightly. I KNOW THAT! InuYasha snarled angrily. He sighed, his gaze falling to the deck they stood on. I..I just know that she will come here..I dont know why but I have this gut feeling that I will find her here InuYasha said firmly.

Well..Do you remember her name? His friend asked. InuYasha growled lightly, one of his ears flinching. Sigh! Well that just makes things even worse The other boy replied in defeat. OI! It was a long time ago Damnit! The hanyou snapped. I dont knowmaybe its for the best Maybe Kami-Sama doesnt want you to find herThe other boy said, walking off to leave the Hanyou to his thoughts. Kami can kiss my ***! I will find her! InuYasha snarled. His eyes softened as he turned back towards the ocean, inhaling deeply.


Kagome rode in the passenger seat of her moms SUV, staring absently out the window. Now Kagomeyou have been knocked out for a little over a week so you have to take it easy at schoolThey are going to exempt you from your exams because of the accidentThe doctors said it was caused from too much stress.Her Okaa-San chided. Kagome glanced over at the middle aged woman, before sighing lightly.

The vehicle can to a hault in front of the school, Kagome opening her door slowly. Her expression was as gloomy as the sky above her, rain falling down from ominous gray clouds. Oh how she wished it was just stress. But some small part of her knew it wasnt When she blacked out a few memories awoke from the depths of her mindKagome looked down at a puddle that had formed at her feet, her face emotionless.

A figure seemed to manifest itself in the shallow water, a woman. She was delicate, paler then even Kagome herself. Her eyes cold, devoid of all life, a emotionless brown. Her hair flowed about her person like water itself. Black as night, similar to Kagomes, only longer, fuller and well kept. A flowing Hakama and Haori covered her frail form, making her seem like a sacred creature. .Kikyou. Kagome whispered, her breath catching. Whats wrong Kagome? Her Okaa-san asked, rushing over to her daughter. Kagome shook her head lightly, walking on, rain drenching her hair.

Tears spilled from her eyes, mixing with the rain that poured in sheets now. A pink umbrella shielded her from the rain, the teenager oblivious to the shelter. Are you sure you are alright? Her mother asked, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. mm hmm She murmured softly, stepping out of her mothers embrace. She walked towards the door, holding her head high. Bye dear! Call me if you need to come homeHe mother called.

Kagome faced her mother, giving her the best smile she could muster. It failed.

April 3rd, 2004, 10:30 PM
Chapter 2 A Dog is a Girls best frienderr..

The days passed slowly, the last day of school coming and going. Kagome stayed in eternal silence, barely reacting to anything. She stared out of her bedroom window, seeing past the blue sky and fluffy plumes of clouds. Kagome! Could you come here for a second? She heard her mother call. Her feet moved on their own, carrying the depressed girl downstairs. Hurry! Her mother exclaimed happily.

Kagome entered the kitchen, expecting to see Souta doing something amusing but instead found her mother waving a letter about. Nani? Kagome blinked in confusion. Youve got a letter from you old friend!!! Okaa-San beamed, handing her the opened letter. Kagome unfolded the paper cautiously. Looking down at the distinctive handwriting.

~ Kagome - Chan,

Konnichiwa! How are you? Things are great down here! I heard about the accident and I spoke with youre Okaa-san , and we decided that you are coming to stay with me for the summer! Isnt that great? Kohaku will be glad to finally meet you! And Shippou too. Kirara misses you a lot. Be sure to pack a swim suit!!

See Ya Soon,

Sango Takahashi

Kagomes eyes widened slightly, her jaw dropping open. OOkaa-San..I..is this true? She stuttered, looking over at the grinning woman. Yes. Kagome You have been acting so depressed latelygoing to stay with Sango will do you good You need to have fun! Its Summer! She laughed. Kagome couldnt help but get caught up in her mothers excitement.


InuYasha sat in a hamock on the deck of a large beach house. The silver haired young man sighed softly, his arms crossed behind his head leisurely. He closed his eyes slowly, humming a soft tune. Theres another world inside of me that you may never see.. Theres secrets in this life that I cant hide.. Well somewhere in this darkness theres a light that I cant findWell maybe its too far awayor maybe Im just blind.. He sang softly, the fierce lines in his face smoothing.

A low growl emerged from his throat and he grabbed the can of soda that sat on a small stand beside him, chucking the unopened object over the side of the deck. A loud thump filled his dog ears, a satisfied smirk growing on his lips. But I aint that blind MirokuHe growled. AheheThe dark haired man stood from his hiding place, a decent sized lump on his head. He laughed weakly, rubbing his injury. Well.at least now I know. Miroku stated, brushing the sand from his dark blue trunks.

Know what letcher!? InuYasha snarled, leaping to his feet, his eyes narrowing dangerously. Pepsi is prefured by my charming Hanyou friend. Miroku replied calmly, tossing the now dented can of cherry Pepsi back at the silver haired boy. Keh! Yeah, Yeah , go screw yourself The Inu Hanyou spat, walking back inside of his house. Why screw myself when I can get Sango to? Miroku asked placidly. NANI! Yeah right! First shed laugh.then shed beat the crap outta you. InuYasha laughed. Ooo I like it rough The black haired boy laughed, following.

Perverted Moron.. InuYasha growled, slamming the door in his face. Arent we a wonderful host? Miroku muttered. InuYasha returned a few minutes later, clothed in his usual black and red swim trunks, his black and white roseary standing out against his darkly tanned skin. Shall we? Miroku asked, holding out a dark, blood red surf board for the hanyou. Grrr.I thought I told you NOT to touch my board! InuYasha snarled, snatching his prized possesion from him. Youre welcome Miroku chimed, holding his own blue and purple board.

The two boys made their way down the beach, the first rays of morning filtering down through the thick clouds that dotted the horizon. InuYasha turned his unwavering gaze to the swells that lifted into the air, his goldenrod eyes glazing over slightly. His breathing matched the oceans, even each stride he took matched the waves rhythm. Oi! Where have you two been?! Sango an Kohaku an me have been waitin for ya! A annoyed voice chirped from below. InuYasha dropped his gaze to a tiny demon child, a annoyed growl surfacing from his throat. He snatched the boy by the base of a cream colored plume tail, lifting the squealing child to eye level. The small boy squirmed in the older boys grip, his green eyes filled with anger. Let go DOG BREATH!! The child screamed.

GRRR!! WHAT! Did you call me!?! InuYasha Yelled, shaking the orange haired boy angrily. The demon child cried out as he was flung into the air, his eyes wide with fear. AHHH! Transform! Balloon! He cried out, pulling a small leaf from his light blue swim trunks. A cloud of smoke covering him, his body seeming to instantly transform. His once foxlike appearance now resembled that of a large pink balloon with eyes and a large mouth. The kitsune floated back towards the dog hanyou, growling angrily. TAKE THIS! He yelled, nibbling on the annoyed hanyous ear.


The kitsune transformed to his normal state, dropping to the ground in a daze, a large lump on his head. Knock it off you two! We are wasting waves! A annoyed Miroku yelled, whapping InuYasha over the head with his board. InuYasha snarled angrily, whirling on the black haired boy only to find a empty beach and a kitsune who was close to passing out. Grrrr!OI! Miroku! What was that for!? InuYasha roared, facing the retreating boy who was now paddling like a wild man. GGRR!!! InuYasha growled, running into the water after him, the kit latching onto his hair.

Oi! Miroku! A woman called from a little farther out, waving to him. AHHH! SANGO!!!! HEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!! He cried out, paddling towards her frantically. Nani? The black haired girl blinked. Miroku dove off of his board, yelping loudly as the hanyou closed in on him. The black haired man sufaced behind the confused Sango, clinging to her waist. SAVE MEEE!!! He cried out. Sango tried in vain to pry him from her, blushing violently. Hidding behind a woman letch? InuYasha smirked, cracking his knuckles. He sat dominately atop his surf board, a predatory gleam in his eyes. The kitsune bounded over to Sango, practically attaching himself to her shoulder.

Oi!! What is this!? Why are you all hidding behind me!? She growled. Because InuYasha wont hurt a woman!! Miroku exclaimed, hugging her tighter. WHAT!!!?? She snarled. Miroku grinned innocently, his hands straying lower. You know you love me! He laughed weakly, flinching at the evil look that crossed her face. InuYasha could practically see the waves of anger pouring from Sango, smirking in amusement. PERVERT!!!!!!!! She screamed, smacking him with all of her strength.

Miroku fell back into the water, his face now marked cleanly with Sangos palm. Sigh! WellI tried He sighed, sinking. InuYasha nearly fell off of his board, his whole body quaking with laughter. IN COMING!!!!! A boy yelled. Nani!? InuYasha yelped as a large wave of water crashed down on him. Oi! SIS! The boy; about nine from his looks, laughed, his small gray and white board gliding to a hault beside Sango. Ah Kohaku! Youre getting better! Sango laughed happily. Really? He asked joyously. He felt a tug on his ankle, glancing down at a clawed hand that had closed around his leg. NANI!!!AHH!! He yelped as the hand drug him under.

With a splash InuYasha surfaced, laughing evily, his silver mane of hair soaked completely. Kohaku came up shortly after, grinning mischievously. He splashed the hanyou, laughing playfully. Baka! InuYasha growled, beginning a splash war with the younger boy. Hey!! Dont leave me out!!! The kitsune whined, leaping into the air. CANNONBALLLLLL!!!!!!! He yelled, dropping like a lead weight into the water. HAH! You suck Shippou!! InuYasha laughed at the kits tiny splash. Miroku surfaced nearby, blinking curiously. You seriously dont plan on leaving me outta this? He grinned. WARRR!!!! The boys yelled in unison attempting to drown each other. Sango sat atop her board, sweat rolling down the back of her head. OI! Are we gunna surf or what!? She yelled in vain. Miroku swam over to her, resting his arms on her board. Come on Sanyou usually love warHe smirked. I have to get ready to pick up someone at the airport in a bit so I wanna get some surfin in before I have to go.. She replied. Who? Miroku asked curiously, the other boys swimming over. Her name is Kagome Higurashi, a very close friend of mine.She said proudly.

Sounds like a shoob to meInuYasha grumbled climbing up onto his board. She aint a shoob BAKA!!! Sango snarled dangerously. Her eyes softened as she turned her gaze to her board. She had a accident a few weeks ago..she was in a coma.she hasnt said hardly anything since..She whispered, her eyes trembling. What happened to her? Miroku asked, becoming concerned. No one knows.she screamed and fell.Her mother said Kagome heard a voice and she called out for someone in her sleep.Inu-Sama. Sango murmered. All eyes fixed on InuYasha, a shocked expression covering his face. He quickly hid his expression, snorting loudly. Why are you all looking at me!? I sure as heck dont know her! He growled. He glared angrily at his hands, thoughts playing through his mind. You dont think..that Kagome-Sama is the girl youve been looking for? Do you? Miroku asked, his expression narrowing. NoAnd shutup about that BAKA! He snarled harshly.

What girl? Sango asked. Now you see what youve started!? Inuyasha snarled, paddling away from them. What does he mean? Miroku-Sama? Sango asked, fixing her eyes on him. NNothing!! Miroku grinned, following his best friend. O..OII!!! She yelped, her and Kohaku following, Shippou bounding up onto her board.


Kagome sat calmly in her seat on the plane, staring out the small round window. Flying was nerve racking. The person next to her had once again nodded off and was now using her shoulder as a pillow. She groaned in defeat, sighing. Her eyes closed on their own, the restless girl finding herself drifting to sleep over the hum of the engine.

:Fuer osk Drakka.Stay away from the Hanyou..Fuer osk DRAKKKAAAAA!!:

She awoke with a start the plane jolting as it touched down. Huh? That was quickWhat happened? She blinked, looking outside. The man who had been asleep on her shoulder awoke, yawning loudly. Hey thanx babe.He smirked, grabbing his carry on bag. EH!? She blushed, blinking several times. He was tall, extremely tan and had bright blue hair that stood straight up on his head. You make a nice pillowHe yawned again. The name is Ray. And who might you be? He asked, holding out his hand for her. Kagome. Its a pleasure to meet youShe said happily, standing on her own. Well, gotta go! Dont wanna miss my ride! He laughed, winking at her before walking away.

She blinked in confusion before shrugging in defeat. She followed the crowd of people through the terminal, snatching up her belongings. Kagome-CHAN!!!!!!!!!! A familiar voice squealed. Sango-Chan?!! She asked, facing the black haired girl. AHHH!!! The two of them screamed in excitement, running into each others arms. OH MY GOSH! I didnt even reconise you! Kagome gapped. Me too! You look so different! Sango replied. Hello! Shippou chimed from the floor. Aww!! You are soo adorable! Kagome beamed, stooping to his level. Are you Kagome? I am Shippou. He stated happily. Comeon K, we gotta go meet up with Baka and his sidekick letcher. Sango groaned, glancing at her watch.

Who? Kagome asked as the older girl led her through the maze of people. Arent you hot in that? Shippou asked, pointing to Kagomes sweater and jeans. Its chilly in Ohio.. She explained casually. The kitsune hopped up onto her shoulder, looking around curiously. Are there always so many Shoobs in airports? He asked. Yeah..all the timeSango said dryly. Whats aShoob? Kagome asked, testing the new word. Uhhwell a Shoob is a tourist..Sango said weakly. So that would make me one.right? Kagome blinked. NO NONO.Uh you arent a shoob cause.well you are accepted by locals Sango replied quickly, stopping in front of a large army style Jeep. Whoa.yours? Kagome asked, grinning. Yup! Sango beamed, tossing Kagomes luggage in the back. Rock on! Kagome laughed, hopping in. Sango was hit with a wave of Dj vu. Ya know.a friend of mine says that a lot She said, climbing in.

They drove off, Leaving behind a trail of dust. Shippou snuggled contently into Kagomes lap, purring softly as she stroked his red hair. You sound like a kitten! She squealed. You seem a lot better K Sango smiled. YeahIt must have been stress.Kagome replied, tucking her hair behind her ear. They parked the car by a thin treeline, piling out of the jeep. Shippou, cover her eyes and make sure she doesnt peekSango commanded mischievously. Nani? Kagome exclaimed, The kit covering her eyes with his hands. Haha! Youll see! He laughed. Sango lead her friend by the hand through a narrow path, the sunlight streaming down on them.

They stepped out into the sunlight, Shippou releasing his hold on her eyes. She gasped in shock, her eyes adjusting to the light. A large stretch of white sand traveled down to meet the waves of blue, palm trees rising upwards here and there. WOW!!!! Kagome exclaimed, knocked breathless from the view. Oi! Sango- Sama! Miroku called, trotting over. Kagome-chan, this is Miroku. Sango said wearily. AhKagome-Sama! It is such a pleasure to meet such a beautiful creature.Might I ask you something? Miroku asked, taking her hand. Eh? She blinked at him. Will you bear my children? He asked, Kagomes face turning bright red. LECHER!!! Sango roared, slapping the boy hard. Miroku appeared unfazed by the dark red handprint manifesting itself on his cheek.

InuYasha! Shippou exclaimed, Kagome turning to look in the direction of the Kits gaze. Her eyes widened as a young man surfed skillfully atop a crest, his long white hair flowing behind him. He.He looksso..sofamiliar..She thought, watching as the Hanyou came to a rest on the beach. Come say hello InuYasha! Miroku called. Keh! InuYasha growled, marching towards them, board in hand. This her? The hanyou asked, sizing up the speechless girl. Uhhuh! Sango smiled, Shippou bounding to her shoulder. Inuyasha moved closer to Kagome, coming to a halt not even a foot from her. EH! She yelped at their closeness, looking up into his goldenrod eyes.

He looked her form up and down, sizing her up. She flinched under in penetrating gaze, blushing lightly. Kagome Higurashi.and you? She asked, holding out her hand, her eyes narrowing slightly. He growled softly, looking at her outstretched hand. He leaned in closer, placing his fore finger on her forehead. Shoob.He spat, drapping his towel on her arm before turning. Grrrr.WHAT DID YOU CALL ME? BAKA!!! She yelled, throwing the towel at him. It hit him in the back of the head, causing him to pitch forward slightly. Nani!!?? He snarled turning on her. She stormed over to him, stopping nearly nose to nose with him. Eh!? He blinked at her. Who do you think you are callin a shoob, Dog-boy? She growled, poking him in the chest. Nani? Who are you callin a Dog!? He snarled, his eyes narrowing. The two locked glares, trying to read each other.

Whats with this guy?! Self absorbed idiot! She thought furiously. Who does she think she is? Calling me a dog!? He snarled inwardly. Since you wont tell me your name I am gunna call you Inu! She spat, smirking evily. He grinned statistically, Enjoying their little spat. Do you notice anything Sango? Miroku asked curiously. Nani? The dark haired woman asked from her spot beside him. They act very much the same, do they not? He grinned. Oh! I get itheh! Do you think it will work? Sango smirked, looking over at him. Only time and a little encouragement from the peanut gallery will tell.. He replied, locking gazes with her. The two seemed to make a silent plot, eyeing the two teens mischievously.

InuYasha and Kagome growled at each other angrily, tossing insults back and forth like a game of catch. What gives you the right to call me Shoob? She asked, placing her hands on her hips. I live here! Thats what wench! He retorted. Oh so its Wench now huh? Well heres what I say to that baka! She growled, grabbing one of his ears. OWWW!! LET GO!!!! He yelped, struggling. She twisted it slightly, sending the Hanyou to his knees. OW, OW, OW, OW, OW,OW!!!!!!! KUSO!! When I get my hands on you!!!!! He roared, tackling her to the ground in a last resort. Kagome let out a sheik as he began tickling her ribs. CHEATOR!!!! She yelled, poking him in the side.

EEP! He yelped, jumping. HAHAHAHA!! You deserved it Mutt! She laughed. He sat on her, forcing the wind from her lungs. Oh really? He grinned, holding her down as he poked her back. She squirmed, attempting to remove the hanyou from his perch. Whos the best? He asked mockingly. Not you! She laughed, freeing a arm to poke him again. GAH!! He growled, grabbing her hand to pin her again. She laughed, freeing her other hand while he was distracted, twisting sharply to throw him off balance. Whoa!!! He yelped, falling to the ground with a thump.

Kagome scrambled to her feet, dusting the sand from her clothes. HAH! She smirked, placing her hands on her hips. Oh you are SO dead!! He snarled, leaping after her. EEP! She yelped, running away from him. Sango, Miroku, and Shippou watched in amusement as the two chased each other down the beach. Might as well take in her stuffSango smirked. Miroku and Shippou glanced at each other nervously, attempting to sneak away. Come on boys! Lets get to work! She laughed, slapping them both on the back. They sighed in defeat, slouching off towards the jeep.

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