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~\"Metal Sonic"/~
May 3rd, 2006, 3:50 PM
Yay! A new idea!


Basicly, a poster names two fictional characters (Ex Leah vs Pikachu), then you would state the rules (Ex wher is the battle, are the characters scaled to the same height?) Then say who you think would win and why. Then, the next poster says who THEY think would win and why. Then that poster creates a new battle, with rules, who they think would win, etc.

Like this:

Poster 1

Fight: Princess Leah vs Pikachu

Rules: Pika has any moves it learns normaly exept Thunder. Leah has blaster.

Who would win: Pikachu. He's too fast to just stand there and get hit by a blaster. Besides, a few Thunderbolts will kill her.
Poster two

I agree, for the same reasons.

Fight: ....

Rules ....

Who would win: ...
Poster three

I think ___ would win because...

and so on.

For my fight!

Fight: Grievous vs. Boba Fett.

Rules: Bobba has any weapons he used in the movies. Grievous has lightsabers.

Who would win: Grievous wins.
A: Greivous has 4 lightsabers. Duh. These lightsabers can block Boba's baster pistol shots.
B: Being shot won't do nuttin' to G. Why? Grievous only set on fire because his organs tank was exposed. Heck, he took a direct shot to the chest with an electro-staff without any damage. In this battle, his breast plate won't open. If Boba even TRIES to get near G, Grievous will eather slice him to bits, or will cause serious damage. (Yes, he has alot of hand-to-hand power. Not only can you imagine the pain of being hit in the face with a hard, cold metal fist, but Grievous even SHOWS his srength in Ep. III. When he tries to hit Obi-Wan, but Obi dodges it, he hits whatever metal object was behind him, and makes a HUGE dent in it.)
C: If I'm correct, jetpacks run on FUEL. If the FUEL runs out, no more jetpack. Boba would be dead. If it doesn't run on fuel, it will most likley stop at one point for other reasons, or Grievous deflects a shot back at Boba, killing him.