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code zerro the deluge
May 10th, 2006, 4:17 PM
It was 1 time
1 life
For all jis stakes
All his joins and bakes
All the hate
Like a enemy
Making it bad for Kimberly
I was a kid
5 years old
Now this is the the story unfolds

Let is be told
My story
My story
Of why I hate it
I hate this

I am calm and ready
Eating mom's speaghetie
Playing with a machette
This man right here
Calm him the dear
And the Sweat The Easter Bunny
Now that's funny
How I came from nothing
To any thing now
Guess how I did it man
Studyed hard for win's man
I can say this
That this is my last hit

This verse got me started
I got part of it
Never ever lost this
Not my touch

Rest in Piece

Bria Bennet