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The Frozen Shadow
May 21st, 2006, 10:56 PM
Okay this is my first fan fic in these forums, I've written before but they weren't either that good or unnoticed. So here's the first chapter. Enjoy...

Fatal Roses

Chapter 1
Welcome to Region Xega

It was a beautiful night in the region of Kanto; stars twinkled like crystals while a gentle breeze whistled across the land. It started in the lonely night beach of Vermillion. The dark sparkling ocean gently washed on the sandy shore and rocks while the whole beach was quiet and empty. All that was in the beach were starfish shells and a boy named Alexander De Torres.

Alexander is a quiet nineteen year old boy. His hair was colored silver white and his eyes were stone grey. He wore a dead rose red coat, black pants and a sleeveless black shirt. He used to be a champion trainer in the pokemon league, but was automatically revoked from his title since he overdid battles. He was banned from gym battles, tournaments, competitions and battles. He was only allowed to battle if a trainer was willing to try and defeat him. Almost all his pokemon but his beginner was confiscated from him. He was never able to control his battling skills and might sometimes hurt more than the trainer and their pokemon. Alex inconsiderately sends trainers and at times people in the audience to hospitals.

Alex held his face with despair for realizing his mistake very late. He lay back on the sand and glared at the stars, wishing and begging to be back into the world he used to reign supreme. He prayed for any kind of miracle to just hit him that would help him back on his feet. His answer came to him in a roaring sound. Alex immediately sat up to see what was going on. His eyes widened like an owl’s when he saw the water just move uncontrollably for no reason. Soon the waves launched everywhere while the sky remained beautiful and calm. He began to crawl back when he saw a giant wave rise up to the size of a great tower. Alex stood up and was rooted to the ground when he saw how high the wave reached. Unable to move, he just stared in a state of shock and was soon engulfed by the raging ocean. As soon as the ocean dragged him into the deep, the ocean went quiet and calm once more.

In the ocean, Alex tried to swim up for his life. He was running out of breath quickly. Strangely there was a certain force that dragged him deep into the ocean. He looked down and just saw the black deep, there wasn’t anything dragging him down, there weren’t even any pokemon or normal aquatic creatures swimming around. He took one final gaze up into the surface then slowly blacked out as he opened his mouth releasing large bubbles of air. After a few hours, Alex woke up in a fright. He was still under water and he was breathing under water. He thought to himself what manner of power is doing this. He began to swim upwards, but he soon realized that he was trapped within a great bubble providing an efficient amount of oxygen. He was about to poke the bubble, but before his finger could even touch the thin layer, a great scowling howl motioned in the ocean.

Looking ahead, two glowing neon blue eyes appeared from the black water. Alex was unable to recognize the beast since its shape was hidden in the shadows of the water. Soon the shape formed while glowing red symbols appeared all over the body. Alex gasped with shock when he saw the pokemon that approached him with grace. The legendary sea basin pokemon Kyogre had appeared in front of him. Kyogre is known as the mightiest water pokemon that lived in the world. Its body was spectacularly huge, greater than the largest man mad ship. It had unusual lines of red markings all over its body. Its eyes were colored yellow and were a bit sinister looking. It had two great fins, an unusual large flipper and a white chest. Alex began to search his pockets for his pokedex. Finally Alex pulled out his pokedex and pointed it directly towards Kyogre.

“Kyogre the Sea Basin pokemon,” the pokedex beeped,” This magnificent legendary has been known to wander the oceans of the world, bringing rain to lands filled serious droughts. This pokemon was known to be in a titanic battle against the continent pokemon Groudon.”

Kyogre slowly and stopped right in front of Alex’s bubble, looking directly at his eyes. Alex was hesitant to see a very powerful, rare and dangerous pokemon. This was an event that no one, even a person who dislikes pokemon, would ever forget. Alex slowly walked up and placed his hand on the transparent and elastic wall of the bubble. Kyogre then gave out a mighty bellow, intimidating Alex back.

“Alexander De Torres,” Kyogre bellowed,” You have been chosen as a warrior of mine. The world will soon face a difficult challenge that I cannot allow. I have chosen you, because you have a great untapped power that could save the world from this stream of difficulty. My nemesis Groudon is conspiring up a plan to make this happen. I don’t know what it is, but now you must stop whatever the cost. I have heard your prayers to return to your world of battles. I shall now answer your wish by giving you this important task. The task shall be difficult, but I know that deep down, you have the heart and strength to succeed. Now I shall send you off with a small token to help you. I bid you farewell.”

Alex was about to ask something, but all of a sudden, he felt a kind of surging pain from within him. A great blue light shined from within him. An unusual neon blue marking formed right on his arm, weakening his body. He fell down to his knees with his eyes closed as gritting his teeth, trying to resist the pain. Kyogre just glared right at Alex as it slowly disappeared back into the shadows of the ocean. Alex soon opened his eyes and instantly sat up. He found that he was in the beach; it looked like it was all just a dream. It was morning and the ocean was as calm as ever and by the looks of things, it was all a dream. He stood up and stretched his arms. While raising his arms up high, he saw a kind of blue scratch on his arm. Curiously, he slowly pulled down the sleeve of his coat and saw that his arm had the unusual mark, but it wasn’t glowing.

“If this is the mark I think it is what do I do now?” Alex thought deeply.

Alex stood up and faced Vermillion, but to his surprise he the area didn’t look anything like Vermillion city. As a matter of fact it didn’t look anything like Kanto, Johto or Hoenn. Instead of a city a beautiful park like garden stood in the area. The plants bloomed radiantly, the temperature was just right and the sky was as clear as day. He reached out his pokesat from his pocket to see his location. The pokesat is a more advanced version of the pokenav, it gave a 3D image of the map, and it could link with other pokesats like a pokenav and can also give the location of the one they’re looking for. The device just confirmed unknown location. He decided to look around and saw a sign saying the Garden of Verve City. This was truly unusual, he has never heard of Verve city nor has he heard rumors about it existing. Alex thought for a while and guessed that Kyogre must’ve spat him into a different region from the original ones he knew about.

He looked within the city and saw several people playing happily with several pokemon. Most of the pokemon were basic pokemon like Oddish or Pidgey. As a matter of fact you can’t actually see a lot of evolved or hostile pokemon.

“May I help you?” a girl about two years younger than her asked. The girl was a bit shorter than her; she had short pink hair, grassy green eyes and a fair skin. She wore a red sleeveless dress and matching red boots. As an accessory she wore a red headband and a golden bracelet around her right wrist.

“Uh yes,” Alex said,” I’m not really from around here. I’m kind of lost so; do you know where I am?”

“Of course,” the girl lightly chuckled in a cute way,” My name is Rose what’s yours?”

“Um Alex,” Alex answered,” Alexander De Torres.”

“Well Alex welcome to the Garden of Verve City,” Rose said,” Verve City is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the region of Xega. It’s filled with lush gardens, a friendly environment, and hardly any pollution and contains about sixty five percent of Xega’s vegetable and fruit supply. We take care of both our environment and ourselves. Our technology isn’t advanced as cities like Mechtropolis but we are definitely advanced in technology to improve the environment. Verve city is also a good place to find several basic pokemon like Bulbasaur. You’ll find a few of the hundred and twenty species of pokemon here in Verve City.”

Alex’s eyes widened with shock when he heard what Rose said. There were only hundred and twenty species of pokemon in Xega. Apparently the region of Xega haven’t heard of the recent pokemon discovers lately, Alex remembered reading an article that there were about three hundred and plus kinds of pokemon and there were several others being discovered. This was really puzzling, how could this region have not heard of any of the other hundreds of species of pokemon. Alex’s small questions were answered, but now he had even more questions that needed answering. He was about to ask Rose if they even heard about the regions of Johto, Hoenn and Kanto. But before he was even able to speak, a motor noise buzzed in the area.

Alex turned about-face and saw a cloud of smoke from the distance. By the looks of it there were three figures riding on motorcycles on their way to the garden. Without warning they rammed into the garden, ruining patches of flowers and scaring off people and pokemon away. Rose stepped in front of Alex glaring angrily at the motorcycle gang. The unruly bikers instantly stop in front of Rose pushing aside a cloud of dust on their faces. Alex coughed a bit, but Rose stood strong and barely intimidated. The leader got off his motorcycle and walked up to Rose. They all wore the same leather black jacket, soldier pants and army boots. The leader removed his helmet, he looked about the age of twenty, he had short dark blue hair, an eye patch on his left eye and has one eye colored black. His other two bikers stayed on their bikes, waiting for their leader to come back.

“Roy I thought we banned you from the garden?” Rose asked angrily.

“The name’s not Roy anymore,” he answered in a frustrated tone,” It’s Rex now and yes you banned me and my pals from this girly garden. But that doesn’t mean when would just enter. We own this town, so we can do anything we want here. We don’t listen to anyone, especially not from a loser freak like you!”

“Well Roy if that’s all I request you leave,” Rose said crossing her arms.

“How many times do I have to tell you?! It’s Roy!” Rex shouted,” And no I’m not here to just tell you that I’m mad. We’re here to rip your garden apart to teach you a lesson to never mess with me.”

“You’re not going to mess this garden without messing with me first,” Rose snarled as she grabbed a poke ball.

“Ooh little Red Riding Dress wants to play with the big boys huh?” Rex mocked,” Well let’s see how well your puny pokemon can stand up to me.”

The two stared at each other intensely. Soon they threw their poke balls at the same time. Both spheres launched out and struck each other both sending out their pokemon. On Rose’s side a Vileplume emerged. Vileplume is a flower pokemon with big round red petals on its head, it didn’t have a body, it was more like a huge dark blue head with ting arms and legs on it. On Rex’s side a Doduo emerged. Doduo is a twin headed bird. It has a small round brown feathered body, two heads with both long necks, tall ostrich legs and no wings. Doduo cawed angrily at Vileplume. Vileplume began to moan in fear because of Doduo’s intimidating scowls.

“Your Vileplume doesn’t look that tough,” Rex chuckled,” Doduo let’s do a little flower arranging to the Vileplume with a peck attack!”

“Don’t judge Vileplume by its looks,” Rose growled,” Vileplume stun spore now!”

As Doduo charged recklessly, Vileplume lowered its head and released a stream of sparkling golden spores from its cannon like petal. Doduo should’ve been paralyzed, but it instantly dodged into the air. Vileplume helplessly looked up as Doduo descended from the sky and began to peck Vileplume’s head over and over again. Vileplume was unable to do anything but groan and cover its face in pain.

“Vileplume attack Doduo with petal dance!” Rose ordered.

Vileplume leapt back from Doduo’s beaks and began to spin in a circular motion. Soon a kind of tornado formed out of Vileplume’s head as a blast of sparkling pink petals spun around with the wind. Doduo cawed in panic and began to run away. The twin headed bird was unable to escape and was soon engulfed in the vortex of wind and petals. Doduo wasn’t getting seriously damaged by the wind and petals. As the wind and petals dispersed, Vileplume was caught out of guard. The petal dance was such a powerful attack that it placed the flower pokemon in a state of confusion and dizziness. Doduo slowly got up and began to caw angrily at Vileplume several times.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time to see this in a battle,” Rex smirked.

Doduo stood up straight on its legs, continuing to caw angrily. Doduo began to release a shining glow of silver light from its body, as it grew bigger. It had evolved into a Dodrio. Dodrio is a triple headed bird, with long black feathers as a tail and two black feathers on each of its heads. Each of Dodrio’s heads symbolizes one expression. Happiness, anger and sorrow, but for now all three heads looked pretty angry. Dodrio separated its head and began to form a kind of colorful sphere of energy in their beaks. Finally Vileplume got conscious and looked directly at Dodrio. The poor pokemon rubbed its eyes, thinking that it was still in a daze. Vileplume didn’t notice the evolution take place, so it got shocked to see three heads instead of one.

A thin line formed between the spheres of energy making a triangular prism of rainbow colored energy. Vileplume took a few steps back, slowly perspiring at these new pokemon. Soon a powerful triangular beam of lightning, ice and flames erupted from the triangle, right at Vileplume. The little flower once again stood still, shrieking with fear as a blast of light erupted, blinding several things from within the area. Rose covered her face, unable to see what had happened. As the light faded, Vileplume was standing the same position as it was, the attack missed. Rose sighed with relief, but Vileplume was in a total state of shock, that it fell over and fainted. It wasn’t even hurt from the beam. Rose ran up to Vileplume to see if it was okay.

“Looks like we get to tear up your garden after all,” Rex said,” Okay guys time to trash this place, but first Dodrio why don’t you start with the one who reported me!”

Dodrio nodded as it struck its three beaks towards Rose, but luckily Alex came in the way and held his arm for defense. He got three scratches on his arm revealing a small bit of his mark. Luckily he wasn’t bleeding.

“Okay you had your fun with her,” Alex said;” Now you have to deal with me.”

“You have no idea who you’re messing with kid,” Rex said,” But I could use a bit more entertainment. Dodrio get ready for another round.”

Alex just wiped his lip and grabbed his only poke ball. Nobody was able to notice it, but as he held his poke ball, his mark began to glow the neon blue color. He threw the ball out and released his only pokemon. Dodrio kept a mad and prepared look, but as the pokemon revealed itself, the triple headed bird got shocked and a bit intimidated. A great Sneviper had been unleashed into the garden. By the looks of things Sneviper would be considered a new species of pokemon for the inhabitants of the Xega region. Sneviper is a great deadly snake pokemon; it has a massive black scaled body with portions of yellow. It has a purple tail shaped a bit like a blade and has large bloody red fangs. The Sneviper held its head at Dodrio hissing with delight. To Sneviper’s eyes Dodrio would make an excellent meal for it. Dodrio was getting a bit frightened when it saw its eyes glaring right at it with its tongue and mouth drooling with a large amount of saliva. Even Rex was a bit astonished since he has never seen a Sneviper before. As a matter of face everybody was amazed to see this pokemon, especially a certain biker of Rex’s.

“You’ve never seen Sneviper before have you?” Alex asked,” Well Sneviper it’s feeding time.”

“Even though I have no idea what the hell that is I’m still gonna beat it,” Rex stammered,” Dodrio blast out another tri attack!”

Dodrio formed once more the triangular prism beam on Sneviper. Sneviper just rattled its tail and hissed as it slowly slithered forward. The three headed bird finally unleashed the powerful blast at Sneviper. It looked as if the snake was going to get struck away, but Sneviper instantly began slithering swiftly sideways, dodging the beam. Sneviper got as close as it can to Dodrio and instantly spat out a large burning blast of acid at Dodrio. The triple headed bird was soon engulfed by the attack, but as the acid melted away, its body remained unscarred, like it was resistant to the poison. But Dodrio’s three heads began to change their expression from angry to painfully sad. Dodrio sat down in pain groaning, it was terribly poisoned.

“Dodrio use aero blast!” Rex ordered.

Dodrio weakly gathered all its strength and delivered a powerful blast of wind from their beaks at Sneviper. But the snake pokemon just held its head back and unleashed a powerful blaze of flames at the aerial blast. The wind instantly dispersed allowing the flames to scorch Dodrio’s feathers. As the crimson flames died down, Dodrio was sitting at the same position filled with horrible burns. It slowly lifted one of its head up cawing and finally fell down, fainted. Rex was shocked he lost, so was Alex. He was kind of hoping for a much more extreme and challenging battle. Sneviper slithered up towards Dodrio to take a bite, but Alex ordered Sneviper to stand down. Rex recalled his Dodrio and returned to his bike. He didn’t say anything to Alex; he just replied with a snarl and drove off with his other two bikers. Rose walked up to Alex and Sneviper with Vileplume in her arms.

“You’re pretty good,” Rose said as she looked down to Sneviper. She was a bit hesitant but slowly rubbed its head. Sneviper felt it comfortable as Rose continued to pat it,” I’ve never seen this pokemon before. Where do you come from?”

“Well I come from this region called Kanto,” Alex stopped.

“You’re not from Xega?” Rose asked with astonishment…


Meanwhile in an abandoned dock not far from Verve City, Rex had just returned from the garden. He was snarling and cursing a lot. He was so frustrated that he threw his motorcycle onto a wooden table.

“I can’t believe that little twerp,” Rex snarled as he threw his helmet into a few fragile bottles,” How could he have defeated me so easily like that?! I mean who does he think he is and what kind of freakish pokemon was that? Why am I even asking all these questions? No matter I’ll get back at him. Rocker, Samantha get over here!”

Soon one of his bikers still with his helmet on approached. Rex turned around and saw Samantha wasn’t there. He was getting really frustrated now that he screamed her name several times. Then without warning, the doors of the abandoned building exploded, several officers came in with guns and grabbing onto Rex. They then grabbed Rocker, their motorcycles, pokemon and any of their belongings. Officer Jenny approached Rocker and Rex who were being restrained by several police men. Like all the other Officer Jennies she didn’t look different. She still wore the same blue uniform, the same aqua blue hair and the same kind of spiky like hair style.

“Rocker and Rex you are here by under arrest for several disturbances to the peace of Verve City,” Officer Jenny announced.

“You might have us,” Rex snarled as he struggled to get free,” But Samantha is still there and she’ll get us out of here.”

“Yeah right,” Officer Jenny remarked,” Who do you think gave us your location in the first place?”

Soon Samantha appeared next to Officer Jenny. Samantha was the same age as Alex. She has a brown pony tail and onyx colored eyes. She wore a blue jacket, a sleeveless white shirt, normal jeans and black gloves. Rex was unable to believe it, one of his own bikers turned against him and worst of all he trusted her the most. Rex gritted his teeth angrily and began to spit out several intimidating threats and curses to her. But Samantha just gave a blank stare as she walked away from the dock, leaving her friends to be arrested.