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May 22nd, 2006, 4:16 AM
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The tale of twins
Chapter 1

Two figures came into the office. A boy and a girl. Both the boy and the girl had determination written on their faces. Professor Oak looked up and smiled, he knew these two very well and was waiting this day to come for a ten years.
“Hi Professor Oak!” Said the two children, they were twins and looked ready to conquer the world. The girl wore a white skirt and black shirt, the boy wore black trousers, white t-shirt, but both of them had a cap on. The cap itself was unique it hade a pokéball on the front and it was all black. The were both black haired, the girl had long straight hair. The boy had long spiky hair which stuck pout frim bebeath the cap.
“Hello Beth, hello Sam” said the professor, “Are you ready to choose your starter pokémon?”
“Fine, Beth since you were born first you get to pick first.”
“But…” protested Sam, he obviously didn’t like the fact that his sister was first.
“No buts Sam, ladies first, didn’t your dad teach you anything.” Sam lowered his head.
“Ok, Professor Oak can I choose now.” Inquired Beth “I want to start as soon as possible.”
“Ok, go ahead” said Professor Oak pointing towards the table by the window. On the table were pokéballs. “Thanks to your father I’ve been able to get a steady supply of starter pokémon from Kanto, Jhoto and Hoenn. I’ve also got some pokémon from your father’s collection pokémon.”
Beth was in awe to see so many pokéballs in one place.
“Take your time, don’t rush. Remember this pokémon will be likely to stay with you for ever.”
Beth made here way to the desk. Underneath all the pokéballs were small pictures of what was inside them. She slowly made her way towards to the middle pokéball. She picked it up.
“I choose you Pichu!” exclaimed Beth. She let out her pokémon and started to cuddle it.
“Now your turn, Sam.”
Sam had been waiting very patiently for his turn. He already knew what pokémon he wanted. He quickly went over to the desk and picked up a pokéball.
“I choose you Pichu!” he shouted. He also let out his pokémon.
“Chu, Pi” Said Sam’s Pichu and hurried over to Beth’s Pichu and hugged her.
“Pi, Pichu” Beth’s Pichu hugged back.
“Wha…?” was all the very confused Sam and Beth said.
“Oh, sorry you didn’t know they’re brother and sister. Ash will be very happy to see that you’ve followed in his footsteps.”
“Yeah we were always interested with dad’s Pikachu” Said Beth.
“So, are you ready to begin?” asked Professor Oak.
“Hell yeah!” said Sam. Professor Oak looked at him. “I mean…yeah!”
“Now go outside and say goodbye to you’re family and friends.”
The twins pointed their pokeballs at the Pichu to call back their pokémon.
“Stop!” The twins looked at Professor Oak in surprise. “The Pichu are your dad’s Pikachu’s offspring and so they inherit the idea of not staying inside their pokeballs. They’re likely to shock you if you did.”
“Thanks for the warning” thanked Sam.
“Yeah, thanks” said Beth as she picked up her Pichu and went outside. Sam followed as his Pichu jumped onto his shoulder. Very like their parents thought Professor Oak following them.
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