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April 8th, 2004, 5:55 AM
i want to make a beyblade story so tell me if its good

April 8th, 2004, 5:59 AM
here is the begining :

a new evil stole all the bit beast's and made them evil .
Ray and Max got missing and there bit beast's are gone !
Dragoon was kidnaped and Kai was training somwhere
Tyson and Kenny need to safe the world from the new evil .

i will post a part of the story later

please tell me what you think of it

April 8th, 2004, 7:50 AM
episode 1:Evil Dragon

tyson was looking ouside the window .
Tyson: Dragoon why did you leaf?
then a Big beam came from the sky .
Tyson:What's that ?
It was DRAGOON !
he was destroying the town and killing peaple
Tyson got to the place where dragoon was and schream
:Why are you doing this
Tyson saw that dragoon eyes where evil red .
Then dragoon came realy close to tyson and trew his tail to him
Tyson got hit and was trew away to a Wall fom a house
then kai came and shream .
his blade got near dragoons blade and a big red feanix came DRANZER !
Dranzer moved to the sky and fired a fire beam and Dragoon did it too.
Drazer's beam was losing but Kai became mad and scream :
Drazer Fire saber !
Dranzer flyed away from dragoon ,made a fire sword and fired it and dragoon.
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaang a big bang came and blew Tyson and kai away .
Kai and Tyson where geting up but Kai saw Dranzer was almost dead.
Kai trew himself before dragoon and tyson became mad and telled:
stop this ,STOP THIS DRAGOON !
Dragoon looked to Tyson and wanted to trow his tail back to him .
Dragoon's eyes became back normal and he returned to his blade
Tyson and dragoon where such a good friends so the spell was broken .
A man in a cape came and looked tho the tired Tyson and the almost dead kai.

Who is the man in his cape?Why was dragoon evil ?Can Tyson and Kai stop the evil ? Will the world be in the power of the new evil you will see it in the next part

April 8th, 2004, 7:51 AM
ps: my englisch is not so good

April 8th, 2004, 11:17 AM
good story but the chapter is short
some people would consider the chapters in my story short

April 8th, 2004, 12:38 PM
ok i will make i longer please tell me if this is good

April 8th, 2004, 3:31 PM
good edited chapter 1!!!!!!!!!!!

April 9th, 2004, 12:33 AM
thanks i will post capter 2 soon here is some info of the next part :

We will see a old friend but who is the man in the cape you will see it soon :)

ps:you need to look at Shinin4000's story.
its realy good

April 9th, 2004, 2:30 AM
ok here is episode 2

episode 2 :Where are you max ?

the sun was getting up .
the man in the cape was walking too Tyson and give him a hand .
it was Kenny .
then tyson fall asleep .
1 day later
Tyson : where am i ?
Kenny: you are in my house ,
Tyson:where is kai ?
Kenny:he is training oudside
Tyson:What was happening with dragoon ?
kenny:i dont now much
Dizzy:he was under a strange spell
Kenny: all the bladers in the world turned evil and there bit beast are destroying towns !
Then kai enter the room
Kai :are you ok ?
Tyson:yes thanks you for helping me kai
Kai :Kenny do you now where max and ray are ?
Kenny:no max and ray are not in this town but mister ****enson ask us to come too new york soon .
Kai and Tyson :why ?
Kenny :max's mother has somthing for us
Tyson :then lets go
Tyson'Kai and kenny are going too the airport .
at the airport :
Tyson :hi mister ****enson
****enson:hi Tyson'Kai and kenny lets go too the airplane
in the airplane
Tyson :do you now whats happening ?
****enson: no but max's mom now somthing
a 1 hour later
the airplane came in new york
Max's mom:hi everbody lets go fast
the got in a car and are going to max's mom lab
Tyson :whats hapening ?
Max's mom :i will tell everthing i now :a new team of bladers call them
the evil bladers and stole almost all the bit beast's and all the beybladers are mising only you and kai are here .
Tyson :what was wrong with dragoon ?
Max's mom :he wass under a evil power so he was controled .
The party came in the lab
Max's mom :the evil bladers got a power so the bit beast's can get a real form and attack peaple . But we made a tool so you can get Dragoon and Dranzer in a real form too .
Then a schream came outside .
a man was runing too the party and told them a blader is attacking peaple oudside the lab .
The party came oudside and the saw a man in a black cape with a blade in his hands

Tyson scream:let us see your FACE !
The man put his cape out .
it was MAX
max's mom:max stop this now !
Max :....
Tyson looked in max eyes
Tyson :look in his eyes !
Everbody saw that mas eyes where red,evil red
Tyson :he is under a spell too
max :tyson , take your blade and protect yourself.because'
I will kill YOU !
Dizzy:o oh look out he is geting crazy ,what did you eat ?
Then D'J Jazzman came and called :ok lets begin 3...2...1

why is max doing this ?will tyson win or will he be dead ?you will see it in the next part

sorry but i can write ****enson the make stars of the letter's

April 9th, 2004, 2:48 AM
sorry but you now who th stars are he is the maker of the BBA

i will post part 3 soon maby tomorow

April 9th, 2004, 2:57 PM
whats the swear that **** is?
and good part 2

April 11th, 2004, 12:12 AM
sorry but i cant write the maker of the bba becouse his name is enson and the find d-i-c-k-ingsone a bad word

look at the first 4 letter and the will be a word thats the ****

ps:i will not post the part today i got a gamecube and i want to play beyblade :D

April 11th, 2004, 10:05 AM
i got nothing to do now so boys here is part 3 :

in capter 2 our friends find max but he is not so realy nice and want to play a deady math with taison now you wil see it

Deadly game:MAX VS TAISON

Max blade flyed to taisons blade .
taison's blade flyed in the air and came down with a big crash .
Then Max said : GO DRACIEL .
A big flash came from max blade and Draciel came but he was strange .
Kai and kenny :look it cyber Draciel !
then a voice came from somwhere
voice :so you are still alive kai .
Kai :Who are you !
voice:haha, a old enemy .
Kai looked around and saw a camera ,
Kai:so you are looking to the game .Sorry but you will need to come if you want to see us,LET IT RIP !
Kai loached his blade to the camera and bang it was destroyed.
Max:Kill him Draciel .
Draciel tryed to fly to tyson but then .
Tyson :its time :GO DRAGOON !
a big great flash came from tyson's blade and dragoon came out of his blade .Dragoon flyed to Draciel and slaped him with his tail .
Then Draciel taked his tail and trew him to the ground .
Dragoon started to make a big fire breath but Draciel flyed to dragoon and before dragoon moved draciel gaved dragoon a puch in his face and Dragoon became realy weak .
Then Kai came to Taison and sayed :Are you realy that weak ?
Kai:you play now like a girl of 6 years old .
Kai:you cant lose or you lose dragoon back
Tyson:The cant take dragoon from me,I WILL WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dragoon flyed to the air and made a Storm then a tornado came and draciel flyed to the ground behiend him and explode .BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG.
From the power of the storm Max was flyed on the ground before he got up his mother came to him and gave him a slap and the cryed :please max come back .Max Screamed :STOP THIS ,HELP ME SOMBODY IS IN MY MIND .
Then max mother came to him and gave him a kiss max was fallen asleep
Then a voice came from somwhere
Voice:o no ,now i got a slave less but good work i did not think you can beat max .
Then kai rembered somthing he thingt of his past :the voice in his head its from his famely .
Kai: where are you ?
Voice: so you remeber .
A man juped down from a floor of a house .
Tyson and the party but not kai:Who are you ?
Man :haha, ask kai .
Tyson:who is he kai
Kai:he is my..................DAD !
D-i-c-kingson:but he was in jail .
Kai's dad :i was but i escaped .
Kai's dad :sorry i need to go but i got a suprise i will call you boy's and women (to max's mom)Bye .
Before taison can move he was in a airplane and got away .
Party:lets go to the hotel .
2 days later .
Taison was sleeping in max room .
Then .
Tyson:what did the do to you my friend and where is Rai ?
max:aw man my head hurts .
Tyson: dont worry you almost got killed and where under control.
Max: ok.....Tyson ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM !
Max's mom :shh !tyson was looking after you 2 whole days .
Max :o sorry tyson thanks,im ok now .
Tyson:no problem that why friends are for
Max's mom :sorry to ask tyson but can you leave ?I want to ask max some questions .Tyson:ok i will go to kenny
Max's mom: thank you
Tyson leaved the room and got the the dinning room where kenny was .
Tyson: did you hear somthing fom him ?
Kenny:no but i think he will call soon .
Then a shream came from oudside and the telefhone got on ;

Who is screaming? ,Why is he schreaming ?and is Kai's dad on the telefhone ?
You will see it in the next part