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April 8th, 2004, 12:31 PM
Hey Everyone I was thinking the other day and was bored, So I made a world of how the three Worlds (Johto, Kanto, and Hoenn were discovered) It involves a timeline too. You can also make your own stories :)!

Around 3800 BC Age of Worship
A Wonderful culture known as the Fusians being On The Continent of Kiero (Known as Kanto now) They begin worshipping the first Pokemon Gods. The First is Identified as Mew and is known as Earth Mother. Three Others *The Sky - Aerodactyl , The Sea - Lugia, and Tartarus Underworld - Sneasal. They Migrate to The east and form their City, Fuschia City is made.

3754 BC Age of Discovery I
The Fusians begin Migrating to the East and Founded the Cities of Livandros and Vermelho-Diam, as Trading Posts. Vermelho Harbor is made and sends ships to the Present-day Seafoam Islands and Kinobir (Cinnabar Is.) Natives from Kinobir Gladly welcome the explorers. The First PokeBall is made from Flint and Wood, as well as Nutshells. Only Royal Members had Golden Pokeballs, But since Gold was hard to find, they looked to Kinobirans for Gold Trade.

3555 Age of War
The Fusians advance their religion, The Terran Twelve Gods are Worshipped. They Included those of the Elements. Only 12 were Identified back then. Oros (Steelix of Steel) and Aguaisa (Suicune) Were the Leaders. Eiapyr (Moltres, of Fire) Gaia (Bellossom, Earth Mother) , Skios(Aerodactyl - Sky Father) were also worshipped. The Fusians explore up the Cerulean City. This Settlement is named Cialos or the City that sits on top of Clear Water. The Fusian Empire becomes stronger. They Encounter Unfriendly Neighbors from The North, Beyond the Mountains that End Kanto. They Go To War with these people who are Identified as Dialations. Cialos City becomes a stronghold as well as religious city. All Pokemon Temples were Put into the Streets. Many New Pokemon are Attraced to the Lighthouse of Cialos.

3392 Age of Exploration.

The Fusians Migrate to Saffron Plateau and build a City called Syfrio, This City becomes the Capital of the Empire. With an Empire this size the Fusians were thought to rule the world. We'll meet other Civilizations.

During this Age, A new Civilization, The Piutirs come to be as another great civilization. They Originated from Pewter City where they built a mighty citadel protected by smaller farming towns. The Piutirs move onto Viridian City area lands building a fortress City called Ivirdianos, which became known as a religious city too. The Religions of the Piutirs were the same of the Fusians.

3300 Age of Omniscience

The Piutirs and Fusians merge together into a super-race called the Kieros which the name Kiero comes to be meaning Eastern Land.. It becomes Kanto Later on Pallet town is founded as Palatine. The Kiero Empire takes up all of the Kanto Continent at this Point. They Modernize and Old Buildings of Wood become fortified with marble. Pokemon are treated very well. New Pokeballs allow the owner to store a pokemon with a status abnormality and allow it to rest. The First Pokemon Gyms are Open, They are owned by Royalty and Nobles and are used for the fitness of the Trainer as well as the Pokemon. Soon Battles become common and The Leaders gave Prizes to the Winners. The First Gym Badges were Old Coins with the City's name on it.

3000 Age of Johto

Somewhere around the Olivine area, Colonists from Kiero escape the harshness of the Ruler of Livandros and come to the West. The Colonize Olivine City naming it Olivinhos. It becomes a port town. Later in the Years the King of Livandros Dies and it becomes a republic. This is the first Part of the Kiero Empire in Johto. Olivinhos becomes a learning City and new Technology is made, Pokemon Medicines are made to keep the Pokemon Healthy, The First Pokemarts, as well as Pokecenters are made. Hospitals are also made in this time period. God Pokemon Are seen roaming the world as well.

2869 Age of Mythology

Myths are made. The First Myth of the Holy King Kimeros' Encounter with the Earth Mother is believed as the birth of the Lengendary Birds. Kimeros is changed to Kimohouo and is Identified as Ho-oh. Hoot-Hoot Becomes a sacred Pokemon as it leads them to discover Ecruteak City and the National park. Ecruteak is known as Ikruytakk and is famed as the spot for the Mating of Lugia's. Humans start capturing pokemon and using them to farm the lands. The Importance of Pokemon is realized

Thats only the First Part! I'm going to finish it.

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April 8th, 2004, 1:16 PM
Wow. Pretty cool. I can't wait to read the rest of it.


April 8th, 2004, 2:21 PM
Cool I'd love to write More ;)

Upon that

2785 Age of Capital

The Olivinho's left Kiero to escape the evil Ruler of Livindros. The Day they colonized was a very important day for the continent of Jotim (Johto) , They Discovered the Goldenrod area and named it Girodemmu Upon its Discovery, Those of Kanto have just discovered Islands to the East of Kanto Called the Rainbow Islands.. Each Island was Colonized thus making Kiero a bigger empire. People Revolt in Southern Vermelho upon that the City State becomes a republic.

2500 Age of Expansion
6 New Pokemon Gods were Worshipped (These Included Hoenn Pokemon) They were Solrock and Lunatone (Sun and Moon).. and others. Azalea is Founded as Azay and Violet is found westward as West Violitium. Pokeballs and Medicines are made stronger. The First Diveball was tested and Pokemon from the Ocean were Caught. The Whirl Islands and Cianwood Island are Discovered. Cianwood is Dicianus and is known as Port Shellder for all the Shellder harvested around the Tip of the Island. The Southern beach of Olivinho is invaded by the Dialations, A war is fought. Olivinho becomes a Monarchy and Rules the Whole Realm of Johto. Royal agents are sent to the Cities.

2206 Age of Revolt

Cherrygrove and Newbark are found... Niubark and Chierro are the Cities... Niubark becomes the westward Passage to Indigo Plateau which links the Two Regions together. A Faster route is by the sea near Niubark. Mahogany and Blackthorn are discovered but are clamed by the Dialations. Mahogany is Meugonee and Blackthorn is Thornum Blinho. They are trading posts but belong the the Dialations. All of the City-States unite Under Olivinho's Leader and Revolt against Kiero, making it an Independant Nation. The Rivalry with Kiero and Jotim begin. 500 years treaty was signed and they exchanged Pokemon through it. The Rulers of Kiero and the King of Jotim promised not to fight, and any new land claims would go to the new nation. In honor of the treaty, every four years Games were held at Indigo plateau for everyone to watch, they ranged from Pokemon Battles to Pokemon Shows.

1853 BC The Age of Dispute.

The Religious Cult of The Salamence destroys the Entire City of Ecruteak.. It is rebuilt under the Name Ikratus. Rumors of Islands to the South of Jotim are heard.. This is where the Third Civilizations, The Orimians. Upon Reaching the Islands, The Forces of Jotim are defeated by a storm caused by The Lanturn in the sea of Orimia. Orimia becomes known as the Third World. It consists of the Prsent Day Orange Islands and a Small Continent of Circo. No Citys are able to be obtained.

1695 Age of Unity

The Rulers of Kiero either die with no heir or arent able to be royal anymore, the King of Jotim Dies, and A New Ruler from Kiero Claims borth Kiero and Jotim Unifying them. Upon this Unity, Meugonee and Thronum Blinho are Claimed. The Kiero-Jotim Empire Goes into it's Silver Age, From Dicianus to the Rainbow Islands all belong to Kiero-Jotim. Kiero is renamed Kantus and Jotim is renamed Jotium, New Technology Allows Ships to be Pulled by pokemon and Berry Harvest comes into market, Sky Carriages are also made but could only be pulled by certain Pokemon. The capital is moved from Fusia to Girudemmo.

1500 The Age Of Hoenn

Coming Soon.

April 9th, 2004, 8:49 PM
1500 Age of Hoenn

The Fusians (People of Kantus) rename their culture Kantuscans, and Olivinho's (Those of Johto) rename their culture Jotinians. The People of Orimia remain Orimians. New Technology Allow the boats to be lined with the steel of Steel Pokemon without harming them. Medicines are made Stronger and the first vitamins are made. Ancient Berry Blending Techniques are used to make Pokemon Blocks. The need for more land is extended a little west of Cianwood City, Discover the Whole Island, and the City of Cirotach on the Continent of Gemaetus. Upon Reaching Gemaetus, The arent able to capture land. Instead, hearing rumors of a wonderous country, they set out to the South Seas, and Wind up in the Hoenn Lake ( The area of Ocean that links Pacifidlog, Sky Pillar Isle, Battle Tower Isle, Ever Grande City, Mossdeep City, Shoal Isle, Lilycove City, and Sootopolis City in the Center. They Settle on The Isle of Bizel which now houses Battle Tower. This Island was a Trading Post and Rest Stop for ships coming to Hoenn. They Next reach the Settlement of Musdipu [Mossdeep City] Where they make a permanant Settlement for those who want to live in Hoenn. After reaching that settlement They next reached Ririkovant where the first Mainland Settlement was made. The Westward Expansion Began. One Day those from Ririkovant sent a boat back to Bizel but in a horrible storm caused by O Guardian Da Agua [Kyorge] It was Lost. The people were Safe though, on the Isle of Sootopolis, The White Beauty. It was a Rich City, and became the Capital of Hiein [Hoenn]. Sky Carriages were made to Bring people to Ririkovant and Bizel. The Bay of Ririkovant is made into a harbor and sends ships back to Johto and the Orange Islands for trade.

1367 The Age of affiliation

Although only 39% of the world was Discovered, Affiliation was needed. Orimia, Kantus, and Jotium were Affilianted Nations. Hiein was under Jotinian rule. To Discover the Western Side of Hiein Those from sailed through the Strait of Pasifikos, which became a settlement, not on land but on water. Boats Linked together by little Bridges were the first Homes in Pasifikos. Moving onward towards Dewford Isle and Petalburg Beach, Two New Cities were Founded. Dius'fel and Petaline. Dius'fel's Strait was name Briana after a sunken ship that fell to Dius'fel's Harbor. Petaline became an Important city. Most people went east to find Natives, but none were found but they settled the small farming community's of Irodaio, and Litrot, which were known for having cute pokemon for kids. Schools were built near here. Upon this, people also moved north to the woods, and were attacked by Natives living in the forest the escaping few, unable to return to Petaline proceeded north to the Area known as Ristabanu [Rustboro]. Upon reaching it, the natives went north to terrorize the city, and thus were defeated. Being Able to Expand no more, they returned.

1295 - Age of Destruction

The people of Hiein revolted against the Jotinian rule and thus became a new civilization. But they were noticed and became an Allied nation, and as a gift, the prince of Olivinho, sent gifts to the emperors of Hiein, and even built a gaming arena on the Isle of Evir Gran. Games were held every 6 years for people all over the world. Upon that Fortree City is discovered as Fortraie. It was the Religious City of Hiein. Sky Carriages were more Fortified and could make it to Orimia where it made stops to Jotium and from there to Kantus and the Rainbow Islands. Sky Carriages were really important to the nations. Prices went down in Jotium as a result of the gold rush in Cheirro. The First Safari Zone is made in Fusia City and is named Parq o Sifari. Imported Pokemon Living in Captivity are put in it to be able to roam. It is a Zoo and not a pokemon catching area. It was open to those who could afford it. The Worlds first Submarine is made from wood and is pulled by pokemon. Stone Harvests are introduced to Kantus. New Stones allowed certain pokemon to Evolve. Gyarados is worshiped as Sea Father. Hot Springs near Kinobir become a special place for Royals of Kantus. Slitoporta City is Discovered by Surfing Lapras scouting for Ririkovant. Settlements are Made as it is a City with many little towns around it. Lighthouse of Slitoporta is made.

1200 - Age of Advance

Technological Advances allow the Ancient marble Buildings to become fortified with Steel. Upon using steel, the First Factories are made, which produce Steel, Stone,Food, and Other needs, are made outside of Slitoporta near the Sea that splits it from Centrel Hiein. A City is made there called Mivall, and becomes a spot for those with riches to live, many grand villas are built here, and the capital of Hiein moves to Mivall, but when the ruler of Ciotopl (Sootopolis) dies, it's moved back to Ciotopl in his honor. Surfing becomes a sport for those up for the challenge. The First Tms are also made from a hypnotists stones. they only taught pyschic and water attacks. Vert is discovered west of Mavill. A Sky Carriage station is made outsite of it.

1106 Age of War

More to be.

April 12th, 2004, 7:09 PM
continue,this is interesting,i like it

April 18th, 2004, 6:11 PM
Thanks :)

Theres only one more paragraph before the next Chapter. :) Hope you enjoy because its a long one.

1106 Age of War

The Seven Nations of the World Split into Two Groups. The Crystalian Lands, and the Basinian Lands. Kantus(All of Kanto and NewBark Town Areas), Jotium(All of Johto and a very Small Claim of Hoenn), and Dialatia(North of Kanto Area) are part of the Crystalian Lands. While, Orimia (Present Orange Islands and the Continent of Circo), Hiein (All the Continental and Islands of Hoenn except The Isle of Bizel (Battle Tower Island) Which is Claimed for Johto), Basinia ( The Rainbow Islands West of Kanto) and Arotomo (The Middle World Hurdled in Between Johto and Hoenn, Claiming Shoal Cave to South Cianwood Island) were the Basinian Nations. They went to war against the Claim of The Sacred Continent of the Twin Pokemon (no Name yet)...

I know that one was boring but I need more time to write it.

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Is anyone going to read this? Or atleast give me feedback or something?

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This looks more like it belongs in Pokemon fanfiction rather than Pokemon General.

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Nope this is the Right section, It's not a fan-fiction. Just a Diary of The history of the Pokemon World

April 21st, 2004, 4:20 PM
But it's fictional and made as a fan work, therefore it's a fanfiction.

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Oh... Okay then.

It's fiction of-course, but let's let a moderator decide whether it should be here, or in the fanfiction area.

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Any feedback? Next Chpater will be written today :)

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Yeah keep going. Some small facts don't exactly line up but over I like it.

May 10th, 2004, 1:40 PM
It was sorta made to be a History Book, I havent Really Brushed up on the History of the Pokemon Regions, but I'm working on it.

1106 Age of War

The Seven Nations of the World Split into Two Groups. The Crystalian Lands, and the Basinian Lands. Kantus(All of Kanto and NewBark Town Areas), Jotium(All of Johto and a very Small Claim of Hoenn), and Dialatia(North of Kanto Area) are part of the Crystalian Lands. While, Orimia (Present Orange Islands and the Continent of Circo), Hiein (All the Continental and Islands of Hoenn except The Isle of Bizel (Battle Tower Island) Which is Claimed for Johto), Basinia ( The Rainbow Islands West of Kanto) and Arotomo (The Middle World Hurdled in Between Johto and Hoenn, Claiming Shoal Cave to South Cianwood Island) were the Basinian Nations. They went to war against the Claim of The Sacred Continent of the Twin Pokemon (no Name yet)...

1000 The Age of the Decline and Reunion

The Crystalian Lands begin to Decline towards 1100, Losing some Cities to Johto. Kanto goes to Civil War. Johto Loses Bizel (Battle Tower Isle) while Arotomo Loses South Cianwood to Johto. The World Starts to Form into Modern Nations. One Day, a Young Slave Boy named Contranius Petra (Petra Meaning Rock, Translation to Stone, Stone of Devon Corporation's Ancestor) Runs to Johto from Kanto, over throws the King, and Restores Johto to Imperial Monarchy. The Johto Empire Rises, Claiming Back Hoenn. The Emperor Dies leaving his Lands to the Ruler of Kanto. Kanto Claims Itself, Johto, Hoenn, and The Rainbow Islands. He appoints District Rulers to the Different Areas. The National Language of Kantino (Primitive Latin lol) Starts to evolve into Dialects called Vernacular. Each Region has it's own Dialect, which becomes it's certain language. Latin Begins to decline. Hoenn Picks up French. Johto Picks up New Latin (Italian), Kanto picks up Portuguese, while the Islandic Areas and The Orange Islands and the Continent d'Circo pick up Spanish. Many things begin to shift during this Period. New Carriages are made to Travel to Through Sea Sky and Land at the same time, Using Rapidashes breeded with Dodrios, and Seadras Breeded with Gyarados', Pokemon could get your to your destination faster than ever. The Empire is at it's peak towards 1000.

July 29th, 2004, 11:39 AM
800 The Age of Darkness

The Lands of this world become enshrouded in Mist. Pokmon begin to reak havoc under the world, lead by Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, the world becomes a very unsafe place to live in. People begin to use Pokmon they've captured to fight in a war against this evil force of Slave Pokmon.