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June 4th, 2006, 5:51 PM
If you are going to suggest a card, then try to make it from the newer sets, particularly Ex: Holon Phantoms and Ex: Legend Maker as I have a majority of the cards from both of those (I buy packs from 1 set for a long while at a time). Right now I'm focusing on Legend Maker and finishing up with the cards in Phantoms (Mainly, I need some of the rarer cards and Exes/Shinies from it). Anyhow, Please Rate and Reveiw:

Pokemon (27)

Fire (25)
Arcanine ex, LM 83/92 (My prized card, my only Ex card, I got it from a pack today :P)
Growlithe, LM 55/92 (x3)
Combusken, HP 39/110 (x2)
Magby, LM 58/92
Torkoal, LM 27/92 Holofoil pic, Gold Holofoil Name
Magmar, LM21/92
Mankey, HP 70/110 (x3)
Blaziken, HP 20/110
Kingdra, HP 10/110
Seadra, HP 52/110 (x2)
Horsea, HP 66/110
Numel, HP 72/110
Aerodactyl, HP 35/110
Torkoal, HP 33/110
Primeape, HP 50/110
Torchic, HP 83/110 (x3)
Latias, HP 21/110 or Rayquaza, HP 26/110 (I will not go for both)

Grass (1)
Roselia, LM 42/92 (Requires only 1 colorless energy for Flick Poison, it's only attack)

Electric (1)
Mewtwo, HP 24/110 (Psychic Erase only requires 1 C energy. Use for stalling with PE. May take out)

Trainer Cards (7)

Trainers (2)
Energy Search
Great Ball

Supporters (4)
Holon Adventurer, HP 85/110
Field Worker, LM 73/92
Mr. Stone's Project, HP 88/110, Holofoil pic
Professor Cozmo's Discovery, HP 89/110

Stadiums (1)
Strange Cave, LM 77/92

Energy Cards (26)

Special Energy (4)
React Energy, LM 82/92
Rainbow Energy, LM 81/92
Multi Energy, HP 96/110
Metal Energy, HP 95/110 (For Kingdra, it requires 1 Metal for attack 2)

Basic Energy (22)
Fire Energy x22

June 5th, 2006, 1:05 AM
Holy crap, could a mod please close the other 3? My internet was REAL screwed up earlier....

June 5th, 2006, 2:30 AM
A balanced deck. Since you're using Phantoms, i suggest the following:

Phantoms are good cards but you need to use them in a good way. As for now, i suggest to add a rare candy card to your deck, and add Holon's Castform to your deck. It can attach itself as 2 energy cards of any kind to one of your pokemon, and the fun thing is that castform will support energy without having to be discarded. I should chose between Roselia or Mewtwo. Personally i go for Mewtwo here. Aerodycatyl is good, but you need to add 2 Mysterious Fossiles to have a chance to summon him. As for Manky, use 2 of him and 1 Primeape. Primeape is handy, but i would not support it's evolution way as it to support others. Instead, use 3x Horsea, 2x Seadra and 1 Kingdra HP.

If you want any more tips, you can PM me with a list of your deck.


June 5th, 2006, 4:19 AM
Well, if it comes down to Rose and Mewtwo, I'd go with Rose.

A body, that, if equipped with a React Energy, heals 1 counter on all my pokemon besides Ex and Flick Poision, swap out an opponent's pokemon and the benched and poison the new one, or Mewtwo's Psychic Erase, Which disables the enemies move for a turn.

And I've picked Latias over Rayquaza. Latias is a powerful version of the Rayquaza HP 26/110, and the other Rayquaza, Hp 16/110 (I think) is Water/Steel, yet powerful. But it doesn't have any colorless only attacks, sadly.

K, I have 2 Rare Candies, so I can add one. I realized in a duel that it would be helpful. I didn't get Blaziken out because I didn't draw a Combusken and my Torchic ended up dieing.

On the Subject of Aerodactyl, Strange Cave allows me to pull out a Kabuto, Kabutops, Kabutops ex, Omanyte, Omastar, or Aerodactly (And Leep/Rith) (I think...not sure about the evos) from my hand onto my bench. But if I do need more power for playing him I can add in a Mysterious Fossil or Holon's Fossil.

I just added another Horsea to my deck and took out Mankey, and I need to find another Horsea in my stack of HP cards. As soon as I know which to take out, of Rose and Mewtwo, I'll add in either a Myst. Fossil or a Holon's Fossil. Also, I don't happen to have a Castform of any set....is it out of HP? I'll prolly add in a Rare Candy and take out an Energy since Castform will be boosted support on that.

June 5th, 2006, 6:19 AM
Holon's Castform counts as basic, but since it is a phantom it can only be attached to phantoms. I used it to attach it to Kingdra, and it worked good. Mysterious Fossil is a option, but i think holon's Fosiil will have a better effect. From here it's all up to you.

June 12th, 2006, 4:25 PM
where does it say they can only be attached to holons pokemon because it dosent state that in there card text.

June 15th, 2006, 10:13 AM
ok first of their not called phantom pokemon their called delta, and holons castform and holons electrode and holons magneton can be attached to ANY pokemon.
also i would say the deck needs ALOT more focus.

Typhlosion ex fans
June 21st, 2006, 11:24 PM
Find 3 more arcanine ex to make a T2 arcanine deck.

Here's the decklist for it:

Pokemon - 14
4 lunatone lm
2 solrock lm
4 growlithe lm
4 arcanine ex

trainers - 31
3 pokemon reversal OR 2 energy retriever and a fire energy
3 energy removal2 OR 2 pokemon retriever and a holon magtrode
4 cursed stone
4 mary request
4 prof elm training method
3 admin
3 holon transceiver
1 holon mentor
1 holon lass
2 swoop teleporter
1 scott

energy - 15
4 react
10 fire
3 holon magnetrode