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June 10th, 2006, 7:00 PM
♥Nova's Kawaii Recolor and Revamp Shop♥

::You may only Request up to 3 Sprites at a time::
::You may NOT bash my work, if you hate it enough to bash it go elsewhere::
::You must be patiant, do NOT rush me::
::If you use my work in your Signature of anywhere else you MUST give credit::

♥Sprite Sources♥
Pokesho :: Custom Sprites
Pokemon Elite 2000 :: Official Sprites
Serebii :: Custom 4th Generation Sprites
The Spriters Resource :: Pinball Sprites

♥Recolor Request Form♥
Pokemon :: {Which Pokemon you want Recolored}
Colors :: {What colors you want it to be, please be speacific}
Sprites :: {Which type of Sprites you want}
Other :: {If you want something else on your Spite, if so please make keep it simple.

♥Revamp/Devamp Request Form♥
Pokemon :: {Which Pokemon you want Revamped/Devamped}
Game :: {Which game version you want the Pokemon Re/Devamped from}

June 10th, 2006, 7:20 PM
Unfortunately, "shop" threads aren't allowed in this forum. If you wish to create a showcase thread (consisting of at least four sprites or one pixel art piece), then that's fine...but not anything else. Sorry. :/