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June 15th, 2006, 9:58 PM
hey everyone. ive been recently dev'ing an IM specifically based for forum users.

check it out

Beta version features:

right now it just has basic chat, checking PM's and even connects to Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail and checks how much mail you have (will add more mail providers on request). theres a limitation to this and ill explain why later.

the chat system is a extremely different from standard IM's.. all the chatting is done on the main window itself. if you left-click on a certain username, the chat box will open. (right-clicking will show the user's stats) pressing tab will close the current chat box and open the a box to chat to the next user on the list, while shift-tab will bring you to the previous user on the list.

it can also check recent threads and even store a list of your favourite threads

note that this is only beta, although i dont think theres any major flaws or bugs, its largely incomplete. im planning to incorporate P2P software (aka. Kazaa) and all those crazy things most IM's come with, eg. audio/video convos, games, music players, etc. adding these features won't take too long really, but i havent added them yet so i can get a response from you guys

reply to this topic if
1) you want the app
2) if you have a question/comment
3) if you have an idea!!!!! hopefully i can incorporate it
please do not reply if
1) you're gonna tell me that your MSN/YIM/ICQ is sooooo much better than mine, lol i KNOW it is. for now.
2) you're gonna flame this project.

OH i forgot to mention. it'll be fully SKINNABLE, for you design freaks (psh im one too ^^).

anyways i'll only bother to continue development if people show interest, if i get just one or two people going "hey i wan't this!" but everyone else presses back on their browser and continues on with life, i dont think ill waste time adding new features, etc. or put this on another forum (theres a million on the web, someone will love me ^^)

Also, i wont be releasing this (to the public) until im 100% sure there arent any bugs, and probably not until i find a cheap enough hosting company and the money to get a domain name. give me about a week and ill hopefully have a version out for anyone interested in beta testing.

oh yeah the limitation. obviously trust is hard to earn on the internet so im not gonna bother with "put your password here" crap, you're going to have to log-in to the forums + email for it to actually work (using the "remember me" option would make it easier for you in the future but you need cookie support yada-yada). if you're STILL suspicious or whatever then create a new account and test that out for a while... or press that back button now! ruuun!! lol

okay thats it for now (wowi talked a lot) byye!!

p.s. to mods: sorry if this is the wrong topic for this thread, but please don't move it, i need max. publicity and this is probably the most viewed forum topic.

June 15th, 2006, 11:42 PM
What the heck? This thread isn't useless at all... </sarcasm>