View Full Version : Pokemon: Package of Faith

June 22nd, 2006, 8:24 AM
Thunder crashes in a forrest far away from here. the unheard cries of a skitty flood the vegatated wasteland. a houndoom closes in and as a tyranitar corners the edge of the tree line, a red flame and consecutive bolts of lightning hit the skitty. silence falls over the forest until a roar goes out, a roar so dark so full of hatred, drenshed in anguish and pain. pidgey flee from the forest in fear. thunder crashes, three companions are woken by the sound of broken glass. ash, may and brock run to the lobby of the pokemon centre to find Nurse Joy unconcious on the holding a letter with three lines on it. "seek and you shall find" "the answer in your mind" "for the sake of all man kind". the three friends exchange looks, as a hyper beam blows the centre in two, and the friends out the window.

People please tell me if i should continue, or if i should try with something esle