View Full Version : How to beat this deck? Help me!

June 23rd, 2006, 8:38 AM
I am gathering informations about how to defeat this deck!!

Any oppinions just say it out!!

Deck list:


9 Fighting energy
12 grass energy
1 cyclone energy


4 chikorita
3 Bayleef
3 Meganium(all these UF)
3 Geodude
3 Graveler
2 Golem ( all LM)
2 cleffa (it got "eeeeerk" attACK THAT really annoys me"


3 switch
2 potion
2 professor Birch
1 celios network
2 Field worker
2 prof.elms trainig
4 great ball

Maybe im too weak but my deck simply has been outsmarted by meganium and golem.


first taking out geodude to receive damage counters and when the time comes, using golem's second
attack to deal anyone of my pokemon damage with the power equally to the d.counters put on it.
then by chance switch golem with meganium and it will heal golem while golem is on the bench.

cleffa is simply used for drawing more cards when needed.

any fatal flaws in this deck? im looking forward to ur reply.

Typhlosion ex fans
June 23rd, 2006, 12:30 PM
Use their weakness type pokemon or maybe pokemon that resistance them.