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April 11th, 2004, 4:52 PM
Ok I know I havent introduced any of you to my series of a story which is called Sj2. I dont want to make the same thing be at every forum so im changing the story around a bit. So this is my first chapter for this versoin of Sj2.

Chapter 1: Narrative Problems

Narrator: Goodness! Its early in the morning and those kids are still out playing! I cant get any sleep! Something must be done! So I get up and put some pants on and walk outside to where this kids are running around. I yell at them. Hey! Some people are trying to get sleep here! What are you kids doing outside at this time anyways?! One kid, his name is sakune, turns and looks towards me. He looks like he has a problem.....

Sakune: What the heck! Your the narrator! Your not supposed to be part of this story! Your suppose to say whats happening in it!

Narrator: I answer. I am, but still, a narrator needs his sleep, so go home and go to bed so I wont have to narrate you all night long! the other two kids look at me in a surprised way. I sit and wait for them to talk.

Sonna: Hey narrator..

Narrator: What?

Sonna: Im sorry but as much as you want, you cant be in this story with the rest of us.

Kuri: Yea! Why cant we just roam alone without anyone knowing what we are doing?!

Narrator: I answer. Because! Then there wouldnt really be a story! They wouldnt know what the heck is going on! I stand for a minute and count how many kids there are. I notice one is missing. Hey where is the blue, no nose-ded kid you guys be hanging with?

Sonna: Who joe? Oh were not that far in the story.

Narrator: The other kid starts to talk to me again.

Sakune: You know your just making it hard on yourself by trying to talk and say whats happening in the story.

Narrator: I reply. Yea but still I told you! If im gone, no one will understand the story! Sakune talks back.....

Sakune: Fine! Let me take your stupid job as a narrator for this time being then!

Narrator: What?! Like you can take MY job!

Sakune: Oh yea.....its so easy to do it!

Narrator: No actually you need a lot of stuff like a good vocab! And you need to know how to watch everything thats going on around you!

Sakune: I can watch everthing here! And you dont even have a good vocab yourself!


Sakune: Sweet! I jump up and down in victory. Sonna and Kuri look kind of nervous at me.

Kuri: I think that this is gonna be a bad day...

Sonna: You said it........

Gosh! That was long but its the first chapter. I guess.

April 15th, 2004, 5:25 PM
((*interupt action* Awesome! I read this and and the story on your site, and I can say I'm looking forward to more of it if you can ^t.t^ and what happened to calling him Sain?))