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Angel Mew
April 12th, 2004, 12:07 PM
A big battle is going on in the stars.It was Angel VS Blaze,a red striped Mew and where the stripes aren't the color is yellow.He had red ruby eyes."Father... is that you?"Angel asked,puzzled."For many years I haven't seen you.But you look awfully different now."Blaze's eyes got darker.He replied,"That is because... I'M NOT YOUR FATHER!!!"The loud shout made huge vibrations.Parts of meteor fell on Angel downing her lowering her closer to Earth as she tried to avoid them."Uh... ..."Angel looked down at Earth.She hardly could believe just before she saw what she thought wasn't it.Finally,tears came down her face.She makes a fist,mad."What's the matter... sweetie-cake?Won't you fight me?..."Blaze looks around.Angel's fist got tighter by the insult."I won't want to see you... ANYMORE!You aren't my father,but I still think you killed him!"Blaze blinked.More tears came down Angel's face."I... I... I HAT* YOU!!!"With that,Angel crinkled her fists,put out her hands,and swooped towards Blaze at amasing speeds.Blaze crinkled his eye at Angel,like he was winking at her."Yes,I'm not your father,and I bet you'll encounter him here..."Suddenly,Angel charged into Blaze.But at that time,Blaze had opened a circle which tried to suck her in it.It possibly was a portal of somekind,Angel thought.But she was overthinking her escape.As she flew away she just got closer to it,and suddenly got sucked into the rainbow light.Angel vanished.Blaze looked pleased of doing his deeds."She will be happy there..."Suddenly,he got out a tiny 'phone' like device and pushed a botton.On a tiny screen,was a green Mewtwo attached to a force-field and gold light was surrounding his hands and legs like a prisoner's chain."Angel... where are you?..."The green Mewtwo said,trying to break free of the light-chains.

What's up with Angel & her father next?
Find most of the information in chapter 2,
Lots of Introductions for the journey's beginning!
Author's note:
I thought this chapter would be longer,but it turned out it didn't take as much space.I know you people here are going to say it was short.Yes,it was.But next time,I swear it will be 5 or more lines longer than this!