View Full Version : Catching Pokemon

July 26th, 2006, 4:12 AM
On RPG Maker XP i can't make it so I can chatch Pokemon. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Illusion Gaming
July 26th, 2006, 10:54 AM
its simple to make a catching system I don't know why people can't make it. its simple!!you can make it with events.
just make variable called catch rate. have it to be a random number from 0-100.
then make a condition branch and go to the last condition(script i think):
and type in: $game_party.actors[0].level > $game_variables[(the number of the varible of the enemys lv)]
then inside have it add 5 to catch rate.
then do the same thing as before but this time inside the script thingy put:
$game_party.actors[0].level > $game_variables[(the number of the varible of the enemys lv)]*2
and inside put your variable plus 15 or something.
then just make conditional branches saying if catch rate < 50 then show the message that you didn't catch. then if its <70 show the message almost had it then if its >90 say ah so close and last have it if its >90 and say you cought \v[(variable number for the enemys name)].
then inside put $game_party.add_actors[(the varible for the enemys id in the characters database)] and there its done.
i'm not sure if it works because I just made that up in my head