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September 24th, 2003, 1:54 AM
This is the first digimon fanfic on the new community, *** you enjoy it!
Digmon: Revival

Chapter One- Recruiting of the Chosen

Author's Note: This is a Digmon fan fiction, and here is a little description: The year is 2015. In city of LA, Digimon are coming from different vortexes appearing from thin air and are wrecking havoc in the real world. 3 kids are chosen to go to the Digimon world, and they are going to see what is happening to the Digital World.

An 11-year-old boy is having a Martial Art tournament, he is a black belt and has messy black hair, and in the central bit of his hair is blonde hair that springs out. He delivered a kick into his opponent, His opponent cried as the pain stretched across his stomach.

"The winner of the Junior California State Martial Arts Finals Tournament is- Kite Kuya!"

Kite jumped off the limited area of the battle and grabbed a towel from his Mum who was bursting into tears, not believing that his son has beat the strongest Junior Martial Artist in the state. He was going to enter the West USA Region tournament in a few months.

He went into the changing room, where a lot of other teens that were older than him patted him on the back, saying; "Good job kid." or "Well done". He quickly tore his belt off his waist, his uniform blowing in the wind the electric fan gave off. Soon he was changed. He wore knee length cargo shorts, a black t-shirt where the sleeves were medium long, and a red zip up sleeveless jacket. A red and black hat sat on his messy hair. He went out of the automatic doors, where the whole school was there congratulating him. His little sister, Yuna was there in the school. Kite bent down to give her sister a hug. As he carried her into a public bus that stopped by at the mall that he was going to meet his friends in. On the bus, it showed Kite's finishing blow where he delivered a kick into his opponent's stomach, the news reporter interviewed Kite's opponent, who was not answering the reporter, and just walked away. The bus arrived at the mall just when the report finished. Kite went in through the doors. His little sister trailing behind, then they stopped by to a Space Station, where they took a quick tour on the newest shuttle that was going to be launched. It resembled a Bald Eagle, representing USA, with the ever so familiar stars and stripes design down the side with USA printed bold on it.

Then he went along, with Yuna trailing behind, and saw a Horoscope Shop. There were chunks of Jade with carvings of a Mice, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and a Pig. Then there was a section with black wallpaper with glow in the dark stars stuck on it. There were big ones, representing the star signs. Next to it was a bouquet of flowers, each on representing a month. And underneath it, was a display cabinet of the birthstones, and kneeling down starring at the stones, was Daniel, Kite's best friend.

Yuna shouted "DOODU!" as Daniel fell back; he turned around, seeing his best friend and his best friend's sister.

"Milly is probably in the Greek Mythology store." Kite said. His friend Milly was a big fan of Greek Mythology, Cerberus to Orthus, you name it.

The 3 walked around the huge mall, and finally find a Greek Mythology store, Milly was there, and had bought a huge cross with a dragon wrapping around it, the dragon was the long dragon and was a metallic green, and the cross was a metallic blue, it was hung on a black string. Milly put it around her neck.
Pretty isnt it? she asked. Kite and Dan exchanged glances.

Yes very pretty Kite looked the other way. Dan scratched his reddish hair and rubbed his green eyes. Milly had blonde hair half way across her back, peachy skin, a light blue sweater and blue jeans. She was wearing slip on skechers and all the boys in school had a crush on her.

Just then, the pendant on Milly and the ruby stone on Kite began to glow. In a flash they were gone. Dan and Yuna were left in the mall. Dan inserted a few coins into the nearest pay phone and dialed 911. The policemen examined the Greek Mythology store, and Dan bought Yuna back home. He went back to the Horoscope Shop, and picked up a pendant with a thunderbird carved on it, it was gold plated, and he put it into his pocket, it began to glow too, and he disappeared in a flash of golden light.

The Cashier stood there, jaws dropping, amazed.

THUD! Kite landed right next to Milly, they were covered in a world full of purple colored trees, before they knew it.

Oh my! This just looks like the Digital World! Kite exclaimed, quickly recovering from the fall.

Yes, but were on a particular part of the Digital World, were on File Island, its the only one with purple trees Milly replied.

Lets not sit here and do nothing, a red device dropped from his unzipped vest, revealing his dark grey t-shirt. It was metallic red, in the an ovalish shape and had a few silver buttons, it had a strap to attach on the wrist, a blue device that looked exactly like it was swinging around in Millys jean pocket.

Funny, dont these look like those devices from Power Rangers? Kite asked.

Yes, but there digivices, as you can see. Milly replied. Examining the device.

Suddenly, the both digivices glow in their respective color, after a couple of Minutes, Kite found himself in his normal clothes, everything was normal, then he looked over at Milly, at the back of her were wings of an angel stretching.

Milly Kite said, his friend was now an angelic human thing, he looked behind him, he had not grown wings really, but these were red metallic colored metal wing stuff, or to be precise, a jet pack, he pressed a button on his digivices, he just felt like doing that and in a flash, he was soaring in the air. Milly was having some difficulties getting her wings to flap, but soon she got it, as the two flew in the air gracefully, but as Kite flew a bit higher, a dark cloud meted with him.

Kite! Milly flew forward, pulling Kite back on the leg. The 2 landed as quick as possible, meeting up with another human, luckily It was only Dan they met, not a human that was evil like in the second season of Digimon the kids read about in manga.

Dan had a new look, he wasnt in his oversized clothes like in the real world, but he was in a beige t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts, and he was really proud of his new style, even though he couldve still looked cooler. Golden wings of a thunderbird had grown from Dans back, now all 3 of them were here, and all 3 of them had the ability to fly now.

Then a big blast of fire came rushing towards them. Then all of a sudden it stopped.

HUH! all of them yelled at the same time.

I am Minutedramon, I am the Dragon of time! a Digimon yelled, it took the shape of a dragon standing on its hind legs, blasting a huge multicolored beam, and it made a barrier, as it held on. 5 seconds left! it said, holding on with its life force. The 3 kids flew away, as Minutedramon flew off with them.

Just then, the red dragon Minutedramon began to fall down, and then a beam from Kites digivices shot down forming a red aura barrier around him. It began to rise, this time; it was in a new form.

Cometdramon! It shouted. It hadnt changed much, only this time, its height was just about 2 inches shorter than Kite, it was red with a white underbelly it had small ears and had wings like the ones on Kites back. Kite jumped onto Cometdramon, ready to charge forward and destroy DarkGreymon, the Digimon causing the forest fire.

Comet Wave! Cometdramon shouted out, comets from the sky flew and targeted towards DarkGreymon, deleting it as the data flew over to Kites digivice. Cometdramon lowered Kite off, as the team of 4 began to set off in the world of Digimon, the wings they had grew had disappeared, Kite now knew that you had to press the button in order to grow the wings.

How was our first day in the digital world? Kite asked.

GREAT! the others replied. They began to walk, wandering what Dan and Milly would receive for Digimons.