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April 19th, 2004, 4:26 PM
Okay, this story is actually a dream I had. I just hope you can understand it well enough... :\
Note: This is rated PG-13 for violence and some adult themes (There's no sex, of course, just things mostly older people would understand.) So if you're not 13, I suggest you read with a parent. And no, though it seems very real, this is Pokemon related (Moderators, please read very carefully).

Chapter One: Is Dark Always Evil?
"Ah, there are so many joys to living in California! Theres the gentle breeze, Mount Whitney, and so many things to do! It's just the perfect place for a girl like me! Don't you think life runs so incandescently here, Grant?"
That's my sister, Lexi, telling me about the joys of being in California. She can be so superficial sometimes. And using 'incandescent'!? Where did she pick that word up? She's only nine, after all! What kind of nine-year-old uses vocabulary that advanced??
Anyway thats enough about her. My name is Grant Stinson. I live with my mom, my dad, and my twerpy little sister here in Sacramento, California. I'm five-eleven in height, and I'm pretty thin, but I'm not telling my weight. I'm actually the starting quarterback and captain of the varsity football team at Los Chiquetas High School, despite my small stature. I'm only fifteen, but all my friends tell me I seem much more like a twenty-year-old. That's probably because I look exactly like my dad. I have the same black hair, and sparkling emerald eyes. My coach says I could be the next Joe Namath. He acts like I'm going to make it to the big time...
Anyway, to quote my sibling, "I'm different and feeling fine." I'm practically the only sophomore at my high school still into Pokemon. Still, it's fun, even if everyone else thinks it's childish. I got my sister started and she hasn't looked back since. She just can't get enough of it: be it the games, the TV shows, the stuffed animals, or the fan fiction stories, she likes it all. I'm a bit ashamed to admit I'm the same way. Still, I'm perfectly honest about it, and that's cost me many a date and many dollars of lunch money.
People get word I'm the starting QB of my high school team and they think I lead a great life. Well, I don't lead a so-called 'perfect' life. I've been hospitalized for depression, and I was diagnosed with high functioning autism just last year. My grades are superb, but I'm often bullied and harassed for them. Just last year someone held me at gunpoint calling me a nerd and a Pokemon loving loser. I escaped unharmed, but it all seemed to be going downhill.
Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse... one day I answered the door, and Mewtwo showed up at the door! No, I'm not kidding. He mentioned he was looking for the 'Dog of Light' and the 'Dog of Darkness'. I couldn't help him, but he mentioned at least one was a Houndoom. I nodded, and he disappeared.
"Who was that, honey?"
My mom came up behind me, but no one was at the door.
"They were just pranksters, mom... just pranksters. Lexi, help me!
I ran up to my sister's room as quickly as my feet would carry me. She didn't greet me too kindly.
"What do you want?"
I panted uncontrollably.
"Mewtwo, he was... at our door!"
Lexi simply scoffed at me.
"Sure he was. Grow up, Grant."
"I'm serious! There are supposedly two dogs we need to find."
Lexi showed a hint of interest.
"He said there were two dogs? You mean our kind of dogs?"
I shook my head.
"No, he said at least one was a Houndoom."
"Sure, Grant. You think I'm an idiot?""
"Believe me for one, sis! Would I make up something this important?"
She nodded, and I sighed frustratedly.
"Thats fine, but there's a dog of Light, and a dog of Darkness. At least believe that for me, will you?"
She looked around to make sure neither Mom nor Dad was around.
"Im listening...
"Okay. One of the dogs is a Houndoom, and we both know that it's the Dog of Darkness."
"But you said it was at least one."
"What does that prove?"
"Well, the Dog of Light could be a Houndoom, too."
I laughed at the idea.
"Come on, Lexi. We both know Houndoom is a Dark type. And Dark types are always evil."
"That's not true!"
"If that's true, then can you name one story where the protagonist was a Dark-type Pokemon?"
"Well, there's... oh, I don't know!"
"There you go, Lexi. The case is closed. I say the Dog of Light is an Arcanine."
"I think it's a Houndoom."
"You think what!? If you think that, so be it, Lexi. When we find the Dog of Light, and it's an Arcanine, don't say I didn't warn you."
I walked away, and went to my room to play Pokemon Ruby. Several hours later, I fell asleep. And what I woke up to was no doubt the worst thing that could've happened to me...

April 22nd, 2004, 10:43 PM
I like this! Don't give up!!!