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September 24th, 2003, 4:51 PM
Plot: Every year, the IBPA (International board of pokemon Academies) takes a group of the highest – ranked students from each school to Camp Ilex (obviously located in Ilex forest). Celebi has time-travelled from the past, into the future, taking the group of students/professors that went to camp Ilex in the year 1982 (Note: If you don’t already have a history for your parents, this is a good way to help make one!). Not knowing what else to do, you and the rest of the students must try to help Celebi and the others to get back to the period of time from which they came from.

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Name: Ali Kabania
Age: 14
Description: Purple hair split through the middle, peachy skin, brown eyes, wearing a white under-shirt, black over-shirt, and black pants
Pokemon: Raichu, Pelipper (Pelly), Breloom (Bessy), Delcatty (Mittens), Mightyena, Blaziken

Name: Julia Kabania
Age: 11
Description: Long straight blue hair, peachy skin, deep blue eyes, wearing a blue sleeveless shirt, short blue jeans, and a long grey jacket down to her ankles
Pokemon: Marill, Kadabra (Merlin), Flygon, Swellow (Tempest), Rapidash, Ninetails

Name: Leopold Kabania
Age: 15
Description: Red hair, brown eyes, light skin, wearing blue jeans and a black shirt
Pokemon: Raichu, Medicham, Typhlosion, Dragonite, Vileplume, Gyaradose

Name: Alexandra Mynt
Age: 14
Description: Long blue hair wrapped in a white ribbon on the right and left sides of her head, peachy skin, deep blue eyes, wearing a pink tank top, and a blue pair of shorts under a bright multi coloured wrap-around skirt
Pokemon: Eevee (Gypse), Azumarill, Starmie, Jumpluff, Charmeleon, Butterfree

September 25th, 2003, 2:28 PM
Okies! I'll give it a go! Here's my char's. info.!

Name: Ami Exandra
Age: Fifteen
Description: Ami is a very secluded person. She keeps only three pokemon, her only friends in the world. She tends to be quiet, giving people the thought that she is very dull and knows little, when in truth her observations make her highly advanced in IQ and full of character. In her time alone, she paints and plays her violin. She is normally clothed in a pair of baggy baggy, flared black jeans, a simple, slightly tight green long sleeved shirt, and black tennis shoes. Her hair is an ash-blonde color that is pulled into a pony tail on the back of her head, her bangs shielding her violet-green eyes. She is angelicly pale and has a height of 5'8. She and her pidgeot share the same day of birth and through this they have an odd telepathic connection.
Pokemon: Pidgeot (Fawkes), Jolteon (Lightning), and Dragonair (Kreiz)

Name: Aron Exandra
Age: Fifteen
Description: The guy everybody likes. He's 6'0, clothed in jeans and a blue long sleeved tee shirt. He's an all-around nice guy. He has messy dark brown hair and bright green eyes.
Pokemon: Vulpex and Jolteon (the same one as Amis.)

Name: Elisabethe Sciona
Age: Fourteen
Description: Shes very sweet, and loves to be around people. She has no cares but to make others happy. Shes 55, and has fiery red hair that is dulled by blond, cut short around her neck in a cute style. She has violet eyes, and normally wears a short white skirt, a blue tank with a white jean jacket over the top, and blue shoes.
Pokemon: Flareon and Rapidash

There ya go!