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February 12th, 2007, 3:38 PM
Alright, MY deck. At first, I used to play in leagues and stuff, when I was like 10 years old, and my deck beat everyone! But, now, in my later years, I havent played much, lost my badges, lost my cards etc. etc. So, one day, I bought a Team Rocket James Starter Deck. After, I still didn't play. So, when I got my birthday money, I bought a box, with a shiny Rayquaza, and 4 booster packs, and a starter deck for my friend. And, after mixing and matching and etc., I made my deck, now, before I go ahead and play, I would like my deck rated.
*=Energy Cost
PkPwr=Pokemon Power
PkBdy=Pokemon Body
Atk1=Attack 1
Atk2=Attack 2
Atk3=Attack 3
Atk4=Attack 4
Dmg=Damage (Example- Horn Attack-20_

My Deck
Basic Pokemon
Tauros 70HpColorless-Quantity-1
PkPwr-Crush Chance
*Call for Family
**Horn Attack-20

Zangoose 70HpColorless-Quantity-1
*Extra Claws-10+
**Quick Attack-20+

Rocket's Meowth 60HpDark-Quantity-1
*Snatch and Run
**Miraculous Comeback-10x

Meowth 50Hp Colorless-Quantity-1
*Pickup Power

Marill 50Hp Water-Quantity-2
*Minor Errand Running

Bulbasaur 50Hp Grass-Quantity-1

Bulbasaur 50Hp Grass-Quantity-1
**Vine whip-20

Volbeat 60Hp Grass-Quantity-1
PkBdy Extra Protection

Dratini 40Hp Colorless-Quantity-3

Whismur 50Hp Colorless-Quantity-1

Rattata 40Hp Colorless-Quantity-2
*Call for Family

Electrike 50Hp Thunder-Quantity-1
*Sniff Out
*Quick Blow-10+

Latios Ex 100Hp Colorless-Quantity-1
*Energy Stream-10
***Luster Purge-100

Ivysaur 70Hp Grass-Quantity-1
**Stretch Vine
***Sharp Leaf 40+

Azumarill 80Hp Water-Quantity-1
**Water Punch 20+

Loudred 80Hp Colorless-Quantity-1
*Body Slam-10

Exploud 120Hp Colorless-Quantity-1
**Body Slam-30
***Hyper Voice-50
****Mega Throw-60+

Dark Dragonair 70Hp Dark-Quantity-2
PkPwr-Evolutionary Light
**Dragon Rage

Dark Dragonite 120Hp Dark-Quantity-1
PkPwr-Dark Trance
**Double Wing Attack-30 to each defending Pokemon
***Claw Swipe-50

Trainer Cards(With Descriptions)
Proffesor Birch-Quantity-1
Draw cards from your deck until you have 6 cards in your hand.

Rocket's Pokeball-Quantity-1
Search your deck for a Pokemon with Dark in it's name, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

Rocket's Mission-Quantity-2
Discard a card from your hand. Then, draw 3 cards. If you discarded a Pokemon that has Dark or Rocket's in it's name, draw 4 cards instead.

Pokemon Retriever-Quantity-1
Rocket's Secret Machine
Search your discard pile for basic pokemon and evolution cards. You may either show 1 basic pokemon or evolution card to your opponent and put it in your hand, or show a combination of 3 Basic pokemon or evolution cards to your opponent and shuffle them into your deck.

Remove 2 damage counters from 1 of your pokemon (remove 1 damage counter if that pokemon only has 1).

Rare Candy-Quantity-1
Choose 1 of your Basic Pokemon in play. If you have a Stage 1 or Stage 2 card that evolves from that Pokemon in your hand, put that card on the Basic Pokemon.(This counts as evolving that Pokemon.)

Lum Berry-Quantity-1
Pokemon Tool
At any time between turns, if the Pokemon this card is attached to is affected by any Special Conditions, remove all of them. Then, discard Lum Berry.

Energy Search-Quantity-2
Search your deck for a basic Energy card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

Energy Recycle System-Quantity-1
Search your discard pile for basic Energy Cards. You may either show 1 basic Energy card to your opponent and put it into your hand, or show 3 basic Energy cards to your opponent and shuffle them into your deck.

Holon Circle-Quantity-1
Prevent all effects of an attack, including damage, done by either player's Active Pokemon. If an Active Pokemon uses an attack, that attack ends, and discard this card.

Energy Cards
Water Energyx13

Alright, that took some time, anyway, any advice would help, I'm trying to go for a colorless/water/anything else type of deck. I have a lot to work with in extra cards, and my friends deck (ironically are my cards, and he doesnt play anymore) basically consists of lightning energys with lightning pokemon including Feraligatr (strange huh?) and Rayquaza Ex.

So, any advice on improving would help! Add/Remove cards if neccesary.