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April 29th, 2004, 3:07 PM
Well, Pokemon Online is progressing steadily and since the old topic has vanished into nothingness (well, I'm not going to be a thread necromancer and raise it)
I thought I'd post an update for those interested in the updates and progress.

The Map Editor v0.001 has just been released, and it's much nicer then the old editor, but has a few bugs that I already know about and am in the process of fixing ^_^;;
The link to the editor is http://www.pokeradio.com/ponline/mo...wdownload&cid=1

But I *BELIEVE* you have to be logged in and registered to download it. This was just to let people know so they could toy around with it. As well make sure to get the .NET Framework and DX9 to use it =P

NOTE: If posting the link to the download is inappropriate then I will gladly remove it ^_^;;