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March 27th, 2007, 4:58 PM
All written about 4 years ago

Hidden Love

Your eyes are like the crescent moon that comforts me.

Your love is something of a mystery.

If I had one wish, that wish would be.

That I could hold you in my arms for an eternity.

If you gave me a chance,I would be.

Your loyal lover and devotee.

Yet you see only straight past me.

All I can do is keep a secret crush.

Yet when I want to tell you I close my mouth and hush.

I wish you could see what my heart screams.

And the rest is obvious or so it seems.


A friend is a brother like no other.

A friend is true to himself and you.

A friend will help you when in need.

A friend will reel you up when you are down.

Me and my friend stick to one another like gum.

What is mine is yours my dear friend.

If i have ever caused you harm please forgive.

What i say is true, friend to friend, me to you.

Seeds of Love

Love took root in my soul,when you comandeered my heart.

I thought it absurd I became bemused.

I feel bereft of your love.

You were abet when I confessed my love to you.

I was lost,that you didn't notice how abstract I am when near you.

You have the charisma I like,but you see me as arrogant, true?

Even if I'm beligerent and barbaric,I'll
do anything I can for you.

I love you more then you think I do.

To me you are my sun.

When I see you my mind goes into orbit.

Do you feel the same way too?