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oni flygon
April 25th, 2007, 9:29 PM
Tis another repost from somewhere last year.... um... comments and critiques are all welcome. Tomorrow's a new poem, I assure you. No more reposts.


I feel Night wrap her cold arms around my body,
Laying me upon the soft bed of grass.
She tucks me with the gaping blanket of the sky;
The multitude! Her diamond eyes look down,
Blinking and gazing as I slumber and dream…

She continues to sing the sweet lullaby that lulled me to sleep;
Can you hear it? She whispers the sonnet through the trees.
And together, the leaves sing in unison, the song of life.
In my dreams, they sing of the Angel of Dawn
Whose rosy fingertips give life to the slumbering Earth.

This angel, my redemption angel—
Her eternal kindness defeats the darkness of heartbreak.
Angel of Dawn, of the rolling hills, of salvation,
Won’t you take me away from this blindness?

And the angel rises from the distant horizon,
With brilliant arms stretched to the unending sky…
She closes Night’s weary eyes with her radiant hands,
Then Night retreats to the west and fades to gray.

She reaches to me with her rosy fingertips,
Caressing my cheeks with the warmth of spring.
And as I lie awake, she smiles down at me—
That smile of the morning! Which makes me alive,
Lifts me from my sorrows and sends my spirit to the sky.

To which she redeems this weary and broken soul,
And mends my shattered glass heart.
Redemption, oh, Angel of Dawn!
Bring forth the day so I can seize it!