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May 13th, 2007, 10:53 AM
Hey guys, this is my first RP at PC!

"Life On The Other Side"

PG-16 (strong violence, gore, strong language but NO explicit love scenes!)

NOTE: ANYONE WHO WISHES TO JOIN, CAN SIGN UP ANYTIME! (there is no need to ask "am i too late?")

Team Rocket is thriving. Trainers from very region are being coaxed in to joining the evil force. After the red-haired male from Johto took over the Rockets, nothing was ever the same. A huge "expansion operation" was called into place, where Rockets would scour different areas of different regions to recruit trainers of all kinds. However, the Rockets always had to battle the trainer first, not to determine how strong they were, but to see what pokemon they owned.

Some trainers joined Team Rocket instantly, others took a few moments of reflection but some trainers were pestered for hours to sign up. But everyone who was asked signed up, it was only a matter of time.

Team Rocket had tripled in size since the fall of Giovanni. The red haired man from Johto, who called himself only Silver was hailed throughout the organization. Team Rocket were pulling off big missions now, international smuggles and fraud. The team had taken back the entire city of Saffron and were very close to using its Magnet Rail into Johto. Tactics were all that were stopping them.

Team Rocket already had the Hoenn area, they had taken over Team Aqua and Magma. The Rockets were also in Sinnoh, just under the name of Team Galactic.

It was fair to say that Team Rocket were a global terror organization who struck fear into the hearts of everyone, everywhere. They were on the brink of a new era, a Rocket Era.

This is where you come in: You are a newly recruited Rocket member. You live a dangerous life of crime. How you feel about the entire situation is up to you. What sort of level of crime you commit is up to you. But remember, you are only a grunt, striving for the title of Admin. Only Westan, head admin or Silver can promote Grunts (these are NPCs who I control)

You have been assigned a new mission, in th region of your choice. You start your journey in Saffron

More info:

You should have between 2 and 6 pokemon
You should have four gymbadges
You can originate from any region
You can be male or female
You can't leave Team Rocket, but you can commit espionage and sabotage
You cannot be kicked out of Team Rocket, but you will be held at TR base. Be creative to to escape, but remember you will still be TR
You can organise your own missions, but it must not involve going anywhere outside your region.
You can request a change in region
Team Rocket will supply necessary items. However, you can steal!
You can catch more pokemon, not legendaries (unless Silver assigns a special mission) you can steal pokemon, but no more than a second level evolution.
Team Rocket have a storage system for Pokemon.

The beginning:

You start from Silph co. building (Team Rocket base)

If you are going to operate in Johto, you should take the magnet rail.

If you are going to operate in Hoenn, you should take a submarine

If you are going to operate in Sinnoh, you should take a helicopter

If you are going to operate in Kanto, you should walk, but will have access to a small helicopter for urgent missions, far away in Kanto

Normal PC RP rules
No legendary pokemon
Nothing too powerful
Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary e.g a rainbow coloured magikarp that lays golden eggs

Sign up sheet:
Age (14 upwards please):
Crime level (a scale of 1-10): What crimes your prepared to commit- from pickpocketing (1) to murder (10)
Appearance: No, you do not have to wear typical Rocket clothing!
Pokemon: include nickname (if the pokemon has one), gender and history (does not have to be too long)

There we are, that should cover everything!

May 14th, 2007, 3:14 PM
Name: Miss Teal Aulous'.
Age: 14.
Gender: Female.
Crime Level: 10. Though she probably can't, knives aren't permitted.

Appearance: Teal looks as weird and crazy as much as she acts it. Rainbow hair, with 10 colors; Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Macaroni-and-Cheese, Pink, Magenta, and Teal. Which is very contradicting to her name, as someone would expect her hair to be the shade of 'Teal.' If Teal is acting, only acting, serious, she often uses the white ribbon that is tied with a bow as an elastic for a ponytail. Teal can't see that well, so she wears thick, black rimmed glasses that are in the usual rectangle shape and worn by nerds, but i'm not saying that Teal is one though. Teal has hazy grey eyes which may sometimes change to a lighter or darker tone of color. There's always this glint in Teal's eyes, like a mischevious one. Her pale complexion is very contrasting with her very saturated hair, and all attention draws to Teal.

A white choker is placed around Teal's neck, a rose is growing out in a ribbon form, just like her matching bracelet she keeps. She always wears a short-sleeved AFI tee shirt, which is black and faded, while the sleeves are obscured because of the long length of her colorful hair. Teal wears typical demin jeans, which are chained and are much like retro bellbottoms, though they are super-small. Seeing as they only fit to the knees, which make them shapris. Teal's lime-colored ballet flats are super-shiny and look a lot like Dorothy's red ruby slippers, though the lime-colored flats aren't glittery but look like vinyl is on them. Teal has one tattoo on her ankle, which is of a scraggly line. As Teal wanted a tattoo but chickened out when the motor-cycle guy was making it, because while reading her book, tip 847 said that tattoos hurt. Teal's long nails are always painted white.

Personality: Teal is one you could describe as 'off the monkey bars' more accurately, crazy. She has always been seen as odd, queer, and any other synonyms of 'weird.' Safety is Teal's middle name, as she has memorised the 'Johnson Book of Safety Issues, Worst Case Scenarios, and Always Wearing A Helmet When You Are On The Monkey Bars or You Will Get A Very Severe Injury.' When trouble is near, she recites tips that may probably help the group in the bad scenario. Or not. Almost everyday, Teal thinks of the philosphies of life. Socrates is one of her favorites, 'nuff said. Gloomy? Never! Queer? Always. Almost-A-Cookie-Dough-Eating-Maniac? Sometimes, though only when 'Nako-chan comes home with her favorite. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. 'Nako-chan is Teal's guardian, who is only 'that' much older then her. She is the lion tamer. The only one who came tame Teal, and her disastardly ways.

Okay now, Tip Number 439: Never mess with Teal. Ever. Or else she will probably appear by your bed at night. I know, I know, it sounds very scary. But all you have to do is listen to her, follow her every command, bow down to her, and give her cho..okay, okay, 'but all you have to do' isn't such a good start. So, I hope you have a good life in heaven! Heh..heh..eh, just kidding, Teal would never walk around with sharp things as tip number 138: Never carry around anything sharp while plotting to kill someone if they haven't given you Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Okay~! Now you know, now you know, all about the ever-so-crazy Miss Teal Auslos'.

History: Teal hasn’t had one of those lives that makes her all emo. In fact, her life at first was pretty good. She hasn’t had her parents die, just go on a very long vacation to Portugal, though Teal doesn’t know why. I would say this in coughs, but’s it’s not like Teal can hear it. They went on the vacation because of Teal’s craziness, what good parents. So Teal lives with her new guardian Minako-chan, or as Teal calls her ‘Nako-chan. This has been the routine for every day for 11 years now. Wake up, hyperly, eat chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for breakfast, play those video games that everyone loves, eat chocolate chip cookie dough for lunch, exactly 56 spoonfuls of it, more annoying ‘Nako-chan, and then dinner, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, ironically. When Teal received her starter pokemon, a Chikorita, they made a duo like a fox and a rabbit, a bad one. But they started to bond and all that jazz, though they still argue. Now, Teal stalks the regions and receives badges from the ones she can and all, so yeah, that’s Teal.

When Teal joined, coughs, hacks, coughs, was forced to join Team Rocket, Teal had a very long conversation with one of the Rocket Admins, or Grunts, or whoever interviewed her. Teal just remambered that their very very very very very very very very weird name, which was Flubbahastenglutenpoopenintehwhoopenbiggiemaccie Whoehwasehveweyvewycheezy lettusematoetomayoehglusenglucosemcflurryhoopen the seven-hundredth thirty-seven millionth, five-hundredth forty-six thousandth, the third. And here is how the conversation went:




"Join Team Rocket."



"Because your uniforms are ugly."

"You don't need to wear themmmm."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah really."

"Uh, no."


"Because your name is too long."


"Go change it to Bob, then I will join."

"But then I have to write it!"

"Then go write it."


"Do you want to join Team Rocket?"


"I said, do you want to join Team Rocket?"


"We have donut Thursdays..."


(The conversation is simultanious, Teal then the Grunt, don't be confused ;], the grunt is first.)


Bayleef - Beryl Puerile Iota "Berrie." - Female
Beryl Puerile Iota was given to Teal as a starter pokemon. She is very dictative and if Teal wasn't her trainer, she would probably want to rule over her as well. Bossing all the other pokemon around. Beryl Puerile Iota is a true leader, who will always take her life for another pokemon. Ahh, cut the crap, Beryl is selfish and would never do all that 'I'm your friend!' stuff, even at the worst of times. It is very odd how a rude pokemon like Beryl Puerile Iota came into Teal's own hands.

Skarmory - Heather Cineral Livid "Heathie." - Female
Heather Cineral Livid is very much a synonym of Teal, she is very optimistic and shares the same love of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream. A polar opposite of Beryl Puerile Iota, Heather'd reather save her friends, which include not Beryl, not Beryl, Teal, Pomegranite, Not Beryl, Did I mention not Beryl? There is a patriotic rivalry between Beryl and Heather, and both fight out for being one of the best, though Beryl Puerile Iota does it in a more violent way. Teal found Heather when she found her injured in the middle of a field and she took care of her, and Heather then took a liking to Teal.

Misdreavus - Pomegranite Violaceous Heliotrope "Pome." - Female
Pomegranite Violaceous Heliotrope is simple, cute, and serious. She is simply au naturel and casual. The normal one of the 4-girl group. She normally breaks the fights between Beryl and Heather, though she can get quite cranky in the morning. Pomegranite is a bit shy and would rather read a book then go fight with Heather and Beryl. Pshh, Pokemon can't read books, so you can just say. Pomegranite would rather look at Teal's book and not understand anything then fight with Heather and Beryl.

Badges: Rainbow Badge - Teal had a bit of a tough time with Erica. This was her 45th time battling her, but she finally figured out a way, she used Safeguard to block out Vileplume's spore attacks, like Stun Spore, Poison Powder, and Sleep Powder. Then she toxic-ed her way to victory while using a Lock-On and Drill Peck combination.

Mineral Badge - Argh. Why is Teal always getting the hard trainers?! Anyways, Teal used Shadow Ball many times against Jasmine's Magnemites, and used a Sunny Day and Solarbeam combination against the tank, Steelix. Though all her pokemon used their strongest attacks on Steelix.

Cascade Badge - Meh. This one was VERY SUPER SUPER EASY. Razor Leafing her way to victory, Teal just wanted to fight Kasumi to see who was prettier. And sadly, Kasumi lost. Ironically, Teal even wore her ugliest face. And then I, 'LOLed.'

Fog Badge - This was a medium-sized hamburger battle. They both had their ups and down, the trainers. And Teal screeched her way to victory, not the move screech, but the verb screech. And that was the last badge that Teal earned.

May 14th, 2007, 5:04 PM
Name: Sky


Crime Level:8 but will not kill anyone,just steal.

Appearance:Sky has pointy blond hair that goes to the left.He wears a black and red cap to hide it,but the poky spike always show.He has sky blue eyes. A black vest and a red shirt under.green jeans,with a golden chain hanging under it.black shoes with red laces. and short socks.he isn't short,just a little below tall.he carries a blade on his back,but never use it to kill.He has a backpack full of breaking and entering stuff.

Personality:Sky is the kind of guy that tries to stay happy,he doesnt like being made fun,but he won't let other people make fun of others(he sounds like a good guy -_-) he tries to make people laugh and tries to be loyal but he is a hot head which ends up with him having no friends.the people who call themselves his friend just use him or back stab him.when ever he is ask about anything sexual he freaks out or try to change the subject.In some moments he make act odd,in others he will act depending how people treat him,his mood might change from mad to happy with just one kind word.

History: he was A 10 year old wuss who did not want to leave his grandparents home but when a fire blast hit has grandfather and he died his grandfather said to him "try to stay happy" he did not get a starter Pokemon from oak instead his grandmother gave him a baby charmander he left as soon as he got it.Awhile after he started his journey he met up with his cousion,instead of letting him come in he ask him to wait out side,Sky got tired of waiting pick the lock and walked in on his cousin and his girlfriend,this making him sensitive about anything sexual and charmelon a little more perverted

how he got in team rocket

"yo kid,want something to..."
"want some crack?is that what you were going to say,cause I'll gladly say yes"
"-_- no I was gonna say,want something to do"
"oh ya sure"
"join team rocket"
"do I have to wear a uniform"
"do you want to?"
"then yes"
"okay ^^"


Charmeleon M was a charmander till it evolved after battling a Ivysaur.The charmander that was suppose to be his started Pokemon was not pick,it thought it was ugly,ran away and fell in a pound,it came out a dark Charizard. Charmeleon is the kind of guy who would rather listen to a cute girl than Sky.

Ponyta M was Sky second catch Sky treats it as a baby and hardly lets it fight he only rides it short distances. Ponyta is the type that's wants to be independent,but is babyed to much

Beldum ?was A "gift" from a trainer he was in a hurry he bumped into Sky and said" out of my way" and dropped a pokeball in his hand. his attitude is to do what he wants when he wants,and try to boss sky around.

Chikorita F was a pokemon nurse joy had she gave it to him to beat brock,and misty. Chikorita is a loving pokemon,by that I mean she loves to fight.


Boulder badgewas A hard fought after losing twice his charmander learn metalclaw and with the help of Chikorita Sky came out the winner.

Cascade badge has to be the hardest for him to get he work Chikorita mad,but she didn't seem to mind.Chikorita learning vin wip at the last minute help Sky win too.

Rainbow badge was the first time ponyta fought,and lost but thanks to charmeleon Sky won that badge with ease,since he ended with a bunch of flame throwers

I know it sucks but I haven't made the full character yet

I mess with the pokemon a little.

May 14th, 2007, 5:18 PM
Sign up sheet:
Name: Nickname: Reap, Real Name: Skye Jacques
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Crime level: 9

Appearance: Skye is a tall, lean man and very flexible. He has pasty white skin, and navy blue eyes that always contain a glint of evil. His hair is done in crazy spikes around his head, in a deep shade of blue. It's striped with light blue streaks. He wears a black jumpsuit along with a silver belt and zipper. Across the chest of the Jumpsuit is the standard Red "R" of a Team Rocket Uniform. Around his right arm is an intricate silver gauntlet with many strange buttons and panels. He wears a silver fingerless glove on his other hand. Up to each of his knees is silver armor, similar to medieval style. On each of his ears dangles a golden earring, attached to a diamond shape. The same diamond shape is seen on his golden necklace. At times he's seen wearing a black cape but he usually leaves it off as it gets in the way of his acrobatic skills.

Personality: Skye is in short, evil. He doesn't show many emotions but hatred. He crushes his enemies relentlessly with no mercy. He grins sometime, but it's out of insanity and not actual happiness. He is cunning, and uses even his opponent's strengths to his advantage.

History: Skye was born in Johto, where he was raised as an average child. Then something terrible happened. His parents were violently killed by a stampede of Donphan. From then on his heart was sealed shut, and he was consumed in darkness. This was around the time that the man with red hair was travelling through Johto battling a Hero dressed in gold. In his state of mental anguish it was easy for the red haired man to change Skye's outlook on the world, and turn him to evil. It was later on that Silver returned to him, knowing that Skye would be completely turned to darkness now, and recruited him to join Team Rocket.


Sneasel-Female, Sneasel was caught near Blackthorn City, where Skye had lived. He had stolen some pokeballs from the local pokemart and used it to capture Sneasel. Since then it has been trained in agility and acrobatics, just as Skye had taught himself.

Gligar-Male, Gligar was also found near Blackthorn City, with the same scenario as Sneasel, though this time he actually battled thie pokemon.

Heracross-Male, Heracross was found while Skye was journeying farther South than Blackthorn. It seemed to share Skye's evil nature, so he caught it knowing it would make an excellent asset to his team.

Aipom-Male, Aipom is a very clever and cunning pokemon. Caught around the same time as Heracross. It wasn't clever enough to out battle Skye, but it's trickery earned it a spot on Skye's team.


Zephyr Badge- This badge was his easiest, having Sneasel and Gligar to beat Falkner's flying types with ease.

Rising Badge-Once again another sweeping victory by Sneasel. Skye decided to earn it since he lived in Blackthron anyway.

Soul Badge-Received once he finally reached Kanto, be battle Janine (Koga's Daughter) for the badge and won.

Marsh Badge-Received from Sabrina once Skye finally reached Saffron. Right after he won he went to Silph Co. to join Team Rocket.

Cosmic Tyrant
May 14th, 2007, 10:56 PM
Sign up sheet:

Name: Terry Briggs (A.K.A. Jack Morgan)
Age :26
Crime level: 3-5
History: Terry has been hitting the books ard ever since Jr. high. Since then, he has amassed several of the highest GPA,s in the Houen Reigon frome grades 7-12, making him one of the most intelligent people in houen (Specifically Lavaridge town, Which Is his hometown) After High school, Terry went to college, taking only general courses, as he did not know his occupation preference at this time. Then it hit him: Private Investigaor! He Immediately trained for that course. After Years of training, officer Terry Briggs was on the force, but not for long... After about two years of doing his work,he got drafted to a federal beaureo(sp?) In Jotoh, where he got a fake profile under the name of Jack Morgan (remember men in black?)and was to adress only to that name, obtained two pokemon that were told to be purely efficiant, and was asked to Maintain a low profile because of the rumors of team rocket's new, more powerful leader, and they needed him to infilrate for further investigation. Terry (A.K.A. Jack) Promptly accepted.
How he got in to team rocket:
TR mem: Hello, there.
Jack: Good day to you, sir.
TR mem: Ah, yes. Say, I work for a company. A "TEAM" if you will.
Jack: Yes, go on...
TR mem: well, we're kinda shorthanded, nd I was wondering if you were looking for a job.
Jack: A job?
TR mem: Yes, a job. It's fulltime, pay's average, but the benefits are spectacular!
Jack: Hmmmm... Sound's good... What's the title?
TR mem: Well for starters, you'll most likely be a grunt. then if you're lucky, you just may be moved up to an Admin!
Terry's thoughts: Aha! Team rocket! Lesee, I found the leak, now I just need to infiltrate...
Jack:Hmm, from th sounds of it, you're from Team Rocket, Right?
TR mem: Ah, a smart one you are. so do you accept?
Jack:Hmmmmmmmm...... Alright, you've convinced me!
Appearance:Terry himself likes fancy clothes, anything button-down with a cool design. suits also appeal to him. But as Jack Morgan, he is specifically partial to black and black alone, although he wears other colors, too. Jack wears dark shades, a black hat with a wide brim (kinda like a tophat but smaller) and a gold loop earring in his left ear. under his hat is jet blck hair cut short. He also has a gotee. He wears a Black leather jacket with a longer back (Kinda like a penguin tux) A black t-shirt underneath, black leather slacks, black leather shoes, and black leather gloves. He has molotto skin, and wears a silver necklace around his collar, with a Cresent shaped pendent on it.
Pokemon: Houndoom(Male) Mighteyena(Female) Houndoom and Mightyena Were given to Terry when he first got drafted into the beureao. e hasn't gotten to know them much, but they seem to trust Terry...I mean, Jack. They were claimed to be top elite pokemon, trained to be pue actors, so that nothing could gve away their cover. they're also quite loyal, too.
Badges:(When Terry was first dubbed as Jack, he was told that it was necessary for him to have a few badges. The catch, he needed to obtain them through legit battles.)
Hive badge: Despite the many bug types, Jack ended up the winner with his Houndoom.
Marsh badge: Easy-nuff said
Mine badge:Mightyena played off big time in this battle, taking on all three pokemon with great ease.
Volcano badge: This one was a bit tougher. after sufforing a loss, Jack was ready to battle again and claim the prize.


(PS: if I don't post right away, don't worry, I'll be on shortly!)

May 15th, 2007, 3:24 AM
This sounds really interesting. I've always wanted to be the bad guy. XD Go Team Rocket!

Sign-up Sheet

Name: Alyssa Go

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Crime level: 7- This includes but not limited to stealing, burglary, robbery, bribing, blackmailing, etc. This does not include murder, massacre, and other acts considered harmful to human beings in a physical way.

Appearance: Alyssa has two small moles on her left cheek, adding a special kind of beauty to her face. She originally has jet black hair but she decided to dye it platinum blond the way Ganguro-style followers do. Her hair is on the short side, layered only up to her shoulders. Thanks to contact lenses, her eyes are an aquamarine shade. Due to spending a lot of time outside and a looot of tanning lotion (Where do you think 35% of her money goes?), she is now very much tan in that I-love-the-beach way.

She normally dresses in denim miniskirts as well as racerbacks of every color. Also, she enjoys wearing netted jackets in various bright colors and the occasional black. Sometimes she will also add little stones to the sides of her eyes to make her feel prettier. On her feet, she wears rubber shoes that reach her calves. When near any large body of water, she will commonly be seen in a black tankini.

Personality: Alyssa is a very cheerful person. She is often seen smiling. This makes it very difficult for people to realize that she is actually a member of Team Rocket. Although a part of the biggest crime organization, Alyssa is actually very kind. She enjoys being nice to other people and cheering them up. However, if on an assigment for Team Rocket, Alyssa's sense of righteousness is no longer acknowledged by her or anyone else. It seems that when in the midst of a crime, Alyssa is no longer the bubbly childish girl but simply a cold menacing Team Rocket member.

History: Born in Johto to loving parents, Alyssa was cared for wonderfully. But she
always believed that something was lacking from her life. As she progressed through Pokemon School, she tried to believe that the emptiness she felt was only imagined. But deep inside her heart, she knew there was something missing.

On her 12th birthday, Alyssa decided to become a Pokemon trainer. She decided to travel the world and leave her parents. Together with her first pokemon, Mime Jr., she traveled across Johto to get more badges. One day she was recruited by Team Rocket and this is how their conversation went.

Team Rocket(TM): Join us or we'll kill your parents!
Alyssa: So?
Team Rocket(TM): You don't care about your parents?!
Alyssa: Not really. They're lovely and all but as for emotional attachment, I lack the feeling of love.
Team Rocket(TM): Ah-ha! You're perfect for our organization! You're so cold-hearted!
Alyssa: What will I get from joining?
Team Rocket(TM): Well, nothing but-
Alyssa: What's that? (points to pokeball TM member is holding)
Team Rocket(TM): Well, it's a Jigglypuff I just stole-
Alyssa: Perfect~! Now hand it to me and I'm in!
Team Rocket(TM): What?
Alyssa: (grabs pokeball) Yey! Mine! So where's HQ?

After that encounter, she was told to go to the Team Rocket Headquarters in Saffron.


Mime Jr. (male) a.k.a. Mimeatu (read as My-ma-two) - Mime Jr. was Alyssa's first pokemon. He was a gift from her parents. Alyssa sees Mime Jr. as her closest friend and always tells him her problems. Mimeatu is never allowed to stay in his pokeball. Instead Mimeatu walks with Alyssa everywhere. When he is tired, he rides on Alyssa's back, piggy-back style.

Roserade (female) - Roserade is the loner among Alyssa's pokemon. She rarely shows affection to anyone or anything. Sometimes she also ignores her trainer. When this happens, Alyssa throws it into the closest body of water. After this kind of treatment, Roserade begins to listen again. Most people wonder if Roserade is really Alyssa's pokemon because she rarely listens to her. But Roserade is Alyssa's pokemon. She caught Roserade one day after falling from a tree, trying to get berries. Unfortunately for Roserade who was a Roselia at the time, Alyssa landed on her. This instantly knocked out the pokemon and Alyssa had no trouble with capturing her. This first encounter could be the reason why Roserade is very cold.

Pachirisu (male) a.k.a. Pachi - Pachi likes nuts. He likes nuts a lot. In fact, he likes nuts so much that's how he met his trainer. One day Alyssa was looking for delicious berries for PokeBlocks when she saw Pachi gathering nuts. Alyssa grabbed some nuts and gave them to Pachi. The pokemon was overjoyed and allowed Alyssa to capture him.

Jigglypuff (male) a.k.a. Jiggle - This is Alyssa' newest pokemon. She grabbed him from the Team Rocket member who recruited her. Jigglypuff likes her because she is nice to him unlike the mean old Team Rocket member who stole him. Jigglypuff has secret hopes of being returned to his original trainer. Alyssa secretly considers looking for Jiggle's old trainer.


Zephyr Badge- This was the first badge Alyssa got. She only used Pachi for this gym battle. It might have taken them a few potions and berries but in the end, Alyssa and Pachi won.

Plain Badge- After getting the badge, Alyssa begins developing a deep hatred of Miltanks. She considers them evil beasts that take forever to faint. Whitney's Miltank kept healing itself and this is why Alyssa hates them. Her potions' number were reduced to less than half.

Fog Badge- Mime Jr. used his psychic attacks on the ghost pokemon and had little trouble getting the badge. After winning, they decided to celebrate by watching the Kimono Girls perform.

Storm Badge- Alyssa and her pokemon are unsure who she got the badge. They figure the battle must have traumatized them enough to forget.

May 15th, 2007, 7:25 AM
Sign up sheet:
Name: Axle Steel
Age: 15
Gender: male
Crime level: Pokemon grand theft, Assault

Appearance: Axle's hair color is black and hair style is slicked forward. He doesn't even need to comb it because it just stays there. His pigmantation is pale but not albino pale. Eye color is cerulean

Other then that he wears typical grunt clothing. Except he wears a long velvety cape which also has the team rocket logo on it
Personality: Axle's personality is complex. When seen by strangers Axle will occasionally be shy to them and not show his face. He doesn’t care what other people think so he ignores any insults directed at him. When asked a very hard question it would take him longer then normal to answer it. This usually annoys people who want to ask him simple questions. In his free time Axle spends it by battling. This is his main hobby and time waster. He is seen training with his pokemon or battling other pokemon.

When in a battle Axle's personality would shift. He would try in any way to win. This would mean he would start shouting and getting riled up. This usually works since he trains with his pokemon a lot. A few times however he will lose. When this happens Axle will do anything to request a rematch. He hates losing more then anything at all.

History: Axle ran away many years before he became a trainer. He was a pickpocket until he managed to steal a pokemon. In Professor Birche's lab he stole a Totodile. After training much with this pokemon he managed not to steal but to catch another. While touring Hoenn Axle found a wandering Duskull. He quickly caught it without much trouble. But doesnt like to train with it.

Shortly after he moved back to Kanto. However he noticed someone was selling slave pokemon. One of them was a Kadabra. So late at night Axle stole the Psy pokemon and left quickly.

Soon after Axle decided to compete for badges. He started in Johto. After getting their 3d badge they were reqruted into Team Rocket

His first pokemon. Crockanaw was more of a friend to Axle then anyone else. He trains him vigorously in hopes that he will be able to find himself in training. Crockanaw evolved through some of the most brutal training.

His second pokemon. Duskull was wandering in Hoenn before Axle caught him. Duskull is one pokemon he rarely uses. For good reason since it moans every time it gets hurt

Kadabra he stole from pokemon slavers. Kadabra is more of an agressive pokemon and Axle uses it against pokemon that Crockanaw is weak against


Zephyr Badge: Quickly before starting the battle Kadabra threw his bird pokemon straight into opposite sides of the gym. The battle ended before it was started

Plain Badge: Crockanaw made work of this badge. He just rage attacked the bugs and it was all over

Fog Badge: Even easier. He confused all of Morty's pokemon and went in for the kill

May 15th, 2007, 9:43 AM
Okay! I have responses!

Mikuru-Chan: I love your character, but i do not feel she has the right personality for this RP. (But you're creative skills rock!)REALLY SORRY!! :( Denied

Skyclaw: Your charcter is shaping up nicely, but i could do with a bit more detail. I realise you have not made your full character yet, so i will wait a little longer Pending

Mr.Altosax, cosmicclefairy, blankspace and Omnireaper: Your characters are all awesome! You are allAccepted

Okay, here's my character:

Name: Kian Rife
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Crime level: 10

Appearance: Kian is a menacing figure who has a range of outfits. He is 6'2 with messy black hair which hangs over his eyes and ears. His hair has red streaks running throughout it. Kian wears special contacts which make his eyes a dangerous crimson. Kian's outfits are complex. When he is not on a mission, or is committing secret, undercover crimes he will wear a black t-shirt with a large red splat design on it. This design can either be interpreted as a funky design, a puddle of blood; it all depends on peoples' perception of Kian. He also wears blue jeans with a thick chain protruding from the left pocket. His jeans have many rips. Kian's trainers are white, with a black barbed wire patten on them. However, when Kian is on an important mission for team rocket, he wears a band on his head to keep his hair back and a bandanna over his mouth. He wears a light hooded jacket emblazoned with a crimson "R" to match the colour of his eyes. Underneath the jacket is thick bullet proof armour. Kian also wears steel plates on his arms that stretch from his wrists to his hands. He also wears black glove embroided with KR, he sees these vital as the gloves do not leave fingerprints. Kian wears a long, black belt with a pure silver buckle marked with another large "R". Kian swaps his jeans for tracksuit pants which have metal shinpads underneath. He wears jet black trainers with only a red X on the side. These trainers have steel toe caps.

Personality: In a word, Kian is a killer. He is a machine with no emotions, except revenge, spite and hatred. Kian is number one, everyone else is obsolete in his eyes. He treats his pokemon with cold brutality and this reflects in their personalities. He believes he is superior and makes his beliefs heard. however, there are a few people who can reach Kian and hold a conversation with him; mainly Giovanni, but he disappeared long ago. When Kian is talking to his "friends" he is still very cold and calculating. He is also very blunt and blank.

History: Kian always had a dark life. His father was a smuggler and his mother, she worked in a dingy bar. They lived in a small apartment in the dark end of Goldenrod. One day, the pokemon police got word of a serious murder that Kian's father had been accused of. He was guilty. The police raided Kian's home, but his father killed the two of them at the door with his Primeape's spiked fists. The family fled in a car that Kian's dad hotwired on the spot. Kian's dad was a pro-criminal and had passed on all his secrets only to Kian. A police chase occurred, the pursuit lead down, the goldenrod highway, through Olivine city and to a small, dodgy port on the fra reaches of the city. Kian's family abandoned the car a set it alight. Kian knew they were headed for his dad's small speedboat. But, he didn't knew the police had caught up with them. Kain's dad ordered the family to get to the boat and he would catch up soon. But Kian and his mother stayed to watch the spectacle. They saw the whole thing, they watched as Kian's dad released his primeape and the police released two Ryhdons and a Charizard, Kian watched as the primeape attacked the other pokemon, but was restrained by the force of the Rhydons, Kian saw as his father began to turn and run, Kian also saw when the Charizard flew for his father, slashed him across the back and launched a vicious fireball. His mother let out a scream and released her fearsome Nidoqueen. The charizard, who had been ordered to kill if extremely threatened eyed the Nidoqueen cautiously. Kian's mother yelled at the Nidoqueen to kill the charizard, but there was no competition. The ferocious charizard slashed Nidoqueen down before proceeding to burn Kian's mother to cinders. Kian saw it all and he turned to run. Kian ran across the sea edge, looking for his father's boat. He did not see the large cylinders labeled "Hazardous" in front of him. He knocked into a huge stack of them, he stepped quickly backwards, but the containers were shaking and began to fall. The green contents fell across Kian's face, blinding him instantly. Kian fell to the floor, as Kian fell unconscious, dangerous fumes seeped into his nostrils. He was found by some rockets who were smuggling goods to that port as well. The grunts took him back to giovanni, who was leader at the time. Giovanni realised the kid was blind and got some special contact lenses made that would restore sight, the ones Kian wears today. All Kian could remember were the Police, against who he sought uncontrollable vengeance, Kian also remembered all the tips his father gave him on crime, but he couldn't remember who told him the tips; he couldn't remember anyone- except the police. Giovanni built on this and turned Kian into the hellish monster he is today. Kian was never too pleased when the red haired man took over the Rockets.

Pokemon: Typhlosion (M)
Kian's first test from Giovanni was to steal from Prof. Elm's lab. There he stole a Cyndaquil which he trained rigorously until it finally evolved into a Typhlosion

Primeape (M)
Kian always felt he needed a Primeape, even some of his crime tips gave reference to one. Either way, when Kian saw a wild primeape kill a vigroth for food, he knew he must catch it.

Feraligatr (M)
Kian jumped a trainer who was on his way to Mahogany town, this was the jewel of his plunder.

Mismajius (F)
Kian decided he could do with a ghost type. He also thought he needed a female pokemon who could distract pokemon who stood in the way on one of Kian's undercover missions. When Kian saw mismajius, she was the whole package in one, he couldn't help but snap her up.

Umbreon (M)
Kian raided a daycare centre and unintentionally came away with an eevee egg. He left it at HQ until it hatched. When the egg finally did hatch, Kian decide to train it. Eevee evolved almostly instantly, not because it like Kian and it was night time, but because of Kian's dark personality.

Scizor (M)
Kian caught a scyther because he loved the look of them, his scyther evolved into a Scizor and Kian was impressed. His Scizor is "inverted" It is black all over and where it should be black normally, it is red. It also carries a scyther scythe on its back, which it obtained through killing all the Scythers in its tribe. Scizor can use the scythe extremely well.


Zephyr badge (Stole)

Cascade Badge (Fake)

Fog Badge (Robbed a trainer)

Plain Badge (Robbed a trainer)

If Skyclaw amends his character, or one more person signs up, we'll start the RP. But remember people, you can join this RP anytime you like! ;)

May 15th, 2007, 11:44 AM
Um speedo what about me?

You didnt list me

May 15th, 2007, 12:40 PM
Yeah i di Omnireaper, but just to calrify, you're accepted!

May 15th, 2007, 3:12 PM
Sry didnt read inbetween the lines



Oh and BTW your character just gave me a very good idea for this roleplay. Speedo

May 15th, 2007, 10:39 PM
Wow thanks OmniReaper, i'll be looking out for your RP! ;)

And skyclaw, what i mean by a bit of detail is add a little to your history and your personality and you will be ready to join this RP!

May 16th, 2007, 5:12 PM
I messed with his personality and history a little and Appearance. I hope you like it,but don't be all OMG if you don't like what I put.

May 16th, 2007, 10:33 PM
Skyclaw: Like the extra detail, a peverted charmeleon? That's rather hilarious. So, my verdict is, you're Accepted Welcome to the RP!

Let the RP begin!

The magnet train clacked noisily along the track. Kian was in the main carriage, along with all the other Rocket Grunts ad their leader: Amin Paul. The team were the Johto region operatives who were heading to take over Goldenrod City.

"Alrighty!" Declared Paul, "gather round everyone, here's the plan." The group stepped in closer around a four seater table with a bid blueprint of the city and some photos in the centre. Kian, who had been distant from the group, made his way over so he could see. "Right!" Paul shouted carrying on. "Goldenrod City, the heart of Johto, we get this place wired, we'll have the region in days! When we reach the other end, there will almost certainly be a Police force waiting for us, be prepared for a fight! If all goes well, which it should do, enter the city and take this root-" Paul indicated to a red line on the city map, "-to here." Paul now had his finger on a large building, he pointed to a photo too. "This is a high security warehouse, that is now abandoned. Reports tell us that the building is unlocked, but all the security mechanisms are still operational. When everyone is inside, we must set all the traps, lock all the doors and wire the CCTV. This is Goldenrod mission control. However, if we do not make it out of the station and things start to go wrong, return to the train immediately and we will return to Kanto, those who are not quick enough will get left behind. Clear?!" Paul barked as he looked around. Everyone nodded, everyone except Kian, he lived by his own rules.

"Rockets! Ready!" Another grunt had appeared at the sliding door of the compartment. All the grunts crowded around the door, they would be at their stop any minute....Kian muscled his way to the front, he was always first into the action. The train juddered to a halt and the doors slid open.

Rockets stampeded from the carriage onto the platform of the station. They charged upstairs into the main foyer. They were greeted by a line of Goldenrod police, all with Rhydons in front of them- Johto police standard issue. Grunts began to release their pokemon which charged forwards to clash with the mighty Rydons. Kian looked on at the scrappy fight; time he stepped in. His Typhlosion exploded from its pokeball and gave an almighty roar. The foyer fell silent.

"Back to the train!" yelled one grunt and suddenly Rocket pokemon were being recalled and the team were fleeing down the stairs. The Rhydons fell back too, forming a protective line once again. It was now Kian and Typhlosion face to face with thirty or so enormous Rhydons.

"Flamethrower." Typhlosion let out another roar and charged over to the Rhydons. He burnt them down one by one with his destructive flamethrower. The Policemen looked on in horror as their defense was reduced to cinders, they turned to head for the automatic doors. "Fireblast!" Typhlossion sent a huge ball of fire hurtling towards the exit. It exploded into a great red blast, burning many Policemen fatally and destroying the doors completely. Only a handful of Policemen escaped back onto the streets of Goldenrod and all of them ran in different directions.

"Let's go!" boomed Kian. Rocket Grunts came charging up the stairs once again, they tore past Kian, out of the gaping hole where the exit to the station once stood and out of sight into the back alleys of Goldenrod. Paul was the last person to leave the station,

"Nice one!" he laughed and patted Kian on the back as he left the station. Kian just stared at him coldly. He then turned to stare at Typhlosion who returned the stare. Kian held up the pokeball and returned Typhlosion. He then proceeded to leave the station.

As Kian walked through Goldenrod City, sirens began to ring.

"This is Officer Jenny speaking!" Came a voice on a loud speaker attached to a lamppost; the words rang throughout the city. "Team Rocket have invaded Goldenrod, I repeat, Team Rocket have invaded Goldenrod, return to your homes now and lock your doors and windows! Special caution is advised if you see a young man with black hair and red streaks. He is extremely dangerous, please stay safe. The Goldenrod Police force will deal with this issue swiftly. Thank You for your co-operation!" The sirens then continued to ring, but Kian did not care. He casually walked along a high street in his Rocket attire, reveling in the fear he saw in people's eyes as they ran in all directions, mad with panic. A short man brushed past Kian. Kian turned swiftly and punched him hard in the jaw, the man tumbled to the ground.

"Pokemon, now!" growled Kian, the man, too terrified to speak handed over two pokeballs. Kian looked at them, stuffed them into his pockets and spat on the man, he then continued to walk amongst the buzzing masses, desperately trying to get home. Kian decide not to attack anymore people as he walked along, he just wanted to see what mission control was like.

May 17th, 2007, 12:51 PM
Sky had just finish picking a lock on a orange door when A cop came "Hey you stop that" the cop yelled "uh......" Sky shove the pokeballs in his back pack and ran "Get back here!" the cop yelled chasing after him.Sky took a wrong turn and and got back in a corner "uh....back off!" Sky drew hos sword and cut the cops gun.With a small explosion the cop backed away and ran to get back up "whoa that was a close one ^^"Sky laughing to himself bumped into Kian and dropped his pokeballs "oh hey man sorry...."Sky looked at him closer "....HEY!your the guy with the Typhlosion,the one who was outside,man that was cool...."Sky saw that he was giving him a dirty look"whats wrong?were you heading?"Sky said looking up to him,since he was taller.

May 17th, 2007, 3:39 PM
Skye laughed malevolently at the citizens running in panic throughout Goldenrod. At all of his fellow Rockets who had retreated back to the train. Beside him were his Sneasel and Gligar, both grinning as darkly as he did.

He walked just a few meters behind Kian, as many others did. He was the leader after all, and leaders should be followed. Though Skye was careful to stay back. Even though he was on Kian's side Skye had heard rumors about what Kian would do if you got near three feet from him.

Often he'd stop some of the citizens, either to steal from them, or just to get a punch in. It brought him endless joy seeing the terror in their souls. The crimson "R" on his chest seemed to empower him, he walked proudly with his chin up high. Occasionally he smiled at the Officers hiding around corners or on rooftops trying to create an ambush. He would have said something, but Kian obviously alread knew what they were doing.

He knew that they must be nearing the warehouse soon. Their soon to be base of operations in Johto. Once they scared all of the citizens away, the entire city would be populated by Rockets, and no one, even the Elite Four would be able to get through a force that huge. Soon Johto would crumble from the inside out, and be recreated in the image of the glorious Team Rocket. Then Hoenn would fall, and they had the people of Sinnoh nearly eating out of their hands.

May 17th, 2007, 10:45 PM
OC: This is just to let you know, incase you didn't realise, you do not have to go to the johto rejion to start with, you can go to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn or Sinnoh.

IC: Kian noticed a smaller rocket grunt next to him, asking him a question. Kian fixed him with an icy stare,

"Mission control." He said bluntly and strided casually away from the bewildered looking grunt. Kian continued to stroll down the street, he knew the warehouse was close now. Kian also noticed that a small group of rockets were marching behind him, also taking advantage of the confusion spreading through the town. He was also aware of cops, positioning themselves on rooftops and grouping at the street corner where the final stretch to the warehouse was.

Kian reached the end of his malicious promenade of the street, he turned the corner on to the private road leading to the warehouse. Two brave policeman moved in front of him.

"Halt!" yelled one into to Kian's face, but Kian kept on walking, he walked straight up to the cop and headbutted him to the ground, unconscious. However, this gave time for the other cop to release his Rhydon. It charged for Kian, but he was quick on the draw too, out burst his Feraligatr. Rhydon and Feraligatr grappled with each other, but only for a few seconds. It seemed Feraligatr got tired of the child's play and threw Rhydon into the air. The Rhydon landed on the policeman who had released him, crushing him. Hmmm. Kian thought, the Rhydon may look intimidating, but they are weak- by anyone's standards.

"Hydro pump!" Feraligatr released a fierce torrent of water at the other officers, he flattened them all. Kian walked up the road to the warehouse, pasiing all the cops who were dazed and flopping like fish. Kian carried on marching up to the warehouse door, his "cult" behind him. Kian noticed that most of the rockets were going into the warehouse from the back alleys and taking the back doors, so he headed round the side of the enormous steel building, which was about 5 floors high. Kian found the back door entarnce, he pressed a buzzer, stated his name and stepped inside.

May 18th, 2007, 1:54 PM
(Hey why are you ignoring my post?)

May 19th, 2007, 3:25 AM
OC: Sorry bout ignoring your post Skyclaw, i edited my previous post, to take note of your character's presence, but Kian isn't really much of a "speaking" person....

May 19th, 2007, 4:54 AM
"They're going to start the ambush soon, Kian. Now that we're inside, they think we're an easier target,"Skye said hoping that he'd be able to fight one of the officers this time. "They're going to have more than Rhydon's this time, now that they know whom they're dealing with," he continued. His eyes fixated on no subject, just blank and emotionless.

He looked back out the door of the warehouse, and as he thought the Officers were starting to sneak away from their hiding spots to surround the building. Though Skye knew that they're force would be crippled severely due to the civilians running amok. They wouldn't be able to attack with fear of hurting the citizens, though most Team Rocket members didn't really care about the well being of the bystanders.

Beside him leaning against the wall of the old warehouse was his Sneasel. On his shoulder hung Gligar. Both ready to do their share in the takeover of Johto. They're expressions were shockingly similar to their owner.

May 19th, 2007, 8:05 AM
Kian glanced at Skye, he was one of the handful of people Kian found the breath to speak to.

"Well, Paul said that if it took anyone more than fifteen minutes to reach this place, he would lock them out." Kian's voice was cold and emotionless, he stared at the open doorway. "We have five more minutes before lock down, so let's go hunting." Kian's eyes flashed malevolently, as he ran through the doorway back into the open warehouse car park.

Kian stood in the bright sunlight, holding a pokeball in his hand. He watched as other rocket grunts came through gaps in the fencing and into the back door. Kian also watched the Policemen get into their positions and constantly monitor their radios for signal to move in. Kian just stood and smiled, he couldn't wait for the real action to begin!

May 19th, 2007, 4:19 PM
(is it alright if I post this,if it's not then just ignore it I said that cause I'm making a pokemon fight and controling some of the cops)

Sky fell beside Kian and reached for a pokeball "OK chrameleon go for it!" Sky threw a pokeball near the cops it stop and everything seem to pause,then a bright light come out of the ball."Char!"charmeleon stood tall eyeing the cops waiting for Sky to give him an order"wait for it"Sky told him."men move in now!"this time cops send rhydon and charizards and Machoke "okay charmeleon go for it!use flame thrower!"charmeleon inhaled a bunch of breat,held it in for a while,and let it out burning some Machoke "use head butt!" A cop yelled.Machoke slam into charmeleon jaw making him stumble "charmeleon get him back,skullbash!"charmeleon does the same to the Machoke but breaks his jaw(the Machoke)

May 21st, 2007, 9:14 AM
Kian watched as a rocket grunt commanded his charmeleon to go head on with a machocke. Kian could not resist the urge any longer- Police were scum.

"Scizor- do it!" Kian growled spinning a pokeball into the air. Kian's dark scizor burst out in a flash of light. This pokemon was by far Kian's favourite, he treated scizor with some respect as he knew how devilish the pokemon really was. "Get them." said Kian, as blankly as ever. He was pointing to a group of three policemen, in a huddle behind some bins- Kian guessed they were discussing tactics.

"STOP!" a young policemen, about the same age as Kian was pointing at him, a determined look on his face. "Take Down!" A huge arcanine bounded towards scizor with staggering speed. The arcanine launched a quick fireball at scizor, to knock it off guard. However, Scizor rapidly grabbed the Scyther claw of his back and batted the fireball away- all within the space of two seconds. But arcanine charged on courageously, it make a huge pounce for the black Scizor. It happened so fast, arcanine was hurtling through the air and scizor, without taking its eyes off the ground raised the scythe. A trail of crimson blood dotted the air as arcanine passed scizor and slid violently across the concrete. The pokemon lay there, bleeding heavily from the deep wound in its neck, it was letting out soft whimpers.

"Arcanine! Retur-" Scizor opened its pincer towards the startled young policeman. The dark bug then fired an immense shadow ball. The blast hit the policeman hard in the chest and released a small explosion. The policeman was flung into the wall of a tall building, with which he collided heavily.

Scizor then turned its attention to the arcanine, still whimpering a few feet away. Scizor's pincer glowed a brilliant silver and it sped over to arcanine, hitting it with a full force metal claw. The fire pokemon flew thought the air, colliding with the trash cans where the three policemen were still crowded. They quickly jumped up and reached for their poeballs. Kian noticed that the arcanine whimpered no more, it just lay there silently, amongst the scattered trash from the bins.

"Look what you've done to that pokemon!" a tall policeman roared, tears welling in his eyes, "You rockets are a disgrace to world, i'm taking you down!"

May 21st, 2007, 2:13 PM
"I've never had so much fun in my life!" Skye exclaimed, as his Sneasel sped between the police force's pokemon. It's razor sharp claws flashed in all directions as it slashed at the variety of opponenents. It's acrobatic ability was enough to get it past near any of the Police Pokemon, who tended to be large and use sheer force. And if anything faster than the Machoke or Rhydon came at her, Sneasel took it down with an ice punch.

The Rockets were completely obliterating Goldenrod's police force. Even though there were a few hundred policemen spread around the large city, they were nothing compared to the army of Rockets. The grunts outnumbered them, not to mention they didn't play by the rules. Those were just the lowly members of Team Rocket, the ones with no skill. More powerful battlers like Skye and Sky, not to mention Kian would be enough to take on most of the Officers by themselves.

Skye had considered just sitting back and letting Kian do all the work, but he figured that he could use a promotion, and some fun as well. He watched intently as the opposing force became smaller and smaller, a malevolent grin on his face. He realized that it would only get better. Soon the Officers would back down, and they'd call in reinforcements, ones of a much higher skill level. Perhaps even the Elite Four would have the honor of being torn apart by the Rockets.

May 21st, 2007, 5:52 PM
Sky had a blank look on his face then a smile.he reached into his backpack and pulled a small stereo"thought we should use some music"he plays a song and A cop blows it up with a fireblast "dah!"Sky said and fell on his back"that cost me........well I stole it...so"the cops charzarid then aimed for Sky who was helpless on the ground."firespin!"the charziard did as commanded and aim for Sky the large pokemon took his time aiming.Sky got up and ran but tripped on a piece of the stereo"crap!charmeleon!!"the charziard aimed and fired then,all that was herd,was a scream,of pain.

May 23rd, 2007, 11:43 AM
"So the real cops decided to show..."Skye whispered to himself as Sky was engulfed in flame. The poor Rocket had no chance with his Charmeleon against that Charizard, of course right now Skye had his own problems. A big one had come after Sneasel too, a Blastoise, and a strong one, too. Sneasel was agile enough to weave itself between the hydro pumps but the Blastoise wasn't tiring nearly as fast as Sneasel who couldn't get an attack in at all.

"Gligar, help Sneasel..."Skye muttered to the pokemon hanging on his shoulder. The Gligar propelled itself through the air quickly, gliding toward the Blastoise who was preoccupied with Sneasel. The scorpion pokemon used it's preferred method of attack on the Blastoise, using it's claws to grab onto it's opponent's face. The Gligar's pincers clamped down on either side of the Blastoise's face, obstructing it's aim. The massive pokemon writhed around but couldn't escape Gligar's grip, the hydro pumps shot into the sky in all directions, coming down as rain. "Sneasel, finish it."

Immediately the Sneasel reacted. The air around it's fists became icy and cold, and they began to glow a blue tint. The Sneasel sprinted toward the blinded Blastoise, jumping toward one of it's large water cannons and punching. The cannon was instantly frozen, and the hydro pump being shot begame a large stream of ice stuck in midair. The Sneasel used it's newly free hand to pull it's self to the other side of the Blastoise's shell, and used the same technique on the Blastoise's cannon.

Gligar detached itself from Blastoise's face, who was now helpless without the use of it's cannons. It struggled to push water from them, but the technique was useless. Pressure kept building violently inside the cannons until finally they snapped in two, twisted and deformed, and unable to fire anymore water. Skye had rarely seen something so gruesome happen to a pokemon, but he enjoyed it none the less.

May 23rd, 2007, 6:56 PM
Sky slowly opens his eye "am I dead?"in front of him was charmeleons tail he was holding a cops body.charmeleon sees Sky in trouble he grabs the cop and moves infront of Sky just in time to save him."thanks pal,I could have been in trouble if it wasn't for you,but did you have to kill him?""char."charmeleon drops the cop and runs toward the charizard "iron tail!give it all you got!"charmeleons tail glowed and it slam right into the skull of the charziard cracking it and charziard fell to the ground "grudge match"Sky said as he turned away.

May 30th, 2007, 3:10 AM
"Guess the guy can fight after all,"Skye chuckled at the Charmeleon's victory against Charizard. "Return, Gligar,"he continued, pulling the scorpion pokemon back into it's ball. He wouldn't be needed anymore now that the Blastoise was out, and Sneasel was back to it's normal slashing routine.

"34, 35, 36, 37..."Skye counted as the Police Force Member's were defeated and began falling back. Even the stronger ones were no match for Team Rocket. Though for some reason Skye still didn't feel very comfortable, he felt that much worse was probably on it's way, after all these guys were trying to protect an entire region.