View Full Version : How to play pokemon roms without getting errors

May 21st, 2007, 2:02 PM
This error happins to my best friend because his computer is korean. If your computer has koreans, japan, chinese or any of those language that has a symbol letter, then it the same as my best friend.

You open a rom with a 'é' on it, it will not load like example, you used No$gba and open a pokemon rom and it says: 'cartriges not found'. and Example two: you use VBA and open a rom like 'é' and It says something but I can't understand it.

Step 1
Look a pkmn rom with 'é' and rename it to 'e', like example, Pokémon emerald to Pokemon emerald.

step 2
Try it and it works perfectly.

If it still hapiness, then something is wrong.