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May 26th, 2007, 2:13 AM
I know I am ahead of myself, as DP is released on June 28 in Aus, but knowing is half the battle. XP

Trying to make a standard Infernape Rush deck, but I am using Delcatty as a further draw engine, the Trainers make me uneasy though.

Collection Limitations:
The only EX I have that would fit this is 1 Delcatty ex
I only have 2 Holon Mentor
I am not being overly optimistic by including Infernape LVX
I only have 1 Copy Cat

23 Pokemon
4x Chimchar (DP)
3x Monferno (DP)
4x Infernape (DP)
3x Torchic (CG)
2x Combusken (CG)
3x Blaziken (PK)
2x Skitty (PK)
2x Delcatty (PK)

23 Trainers
2x Steven's Advice (PK)
3x Professor Elm's Training Method (PK)
3x TV Reporter (DF)
2x Professor Rowan (DP)
4x Rare Candy (HP)
3x Bill's Maintnance (CG)
2x Holon Mentor (DF)
3x Pokedex Handy 910 (DP)
1x Copycat (DF)

14 Energy
14x Fire Energy (DP)