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September 27th, 2003, 11:46 PM
Ever think "why don't they have "this" kinda shipping"?
well then this thread is for you.
just state:

Name of Shipping:
The Characters:
The Reason:
Any Signs:

I'll start

Name of shipping: 2000shipping
The Characters: Ash+Melody
The Reason: I like melody better then Kasumi and Haruka
Any Signs: They kissed didn't they?

Mystic Mew
September 27th, 2003, 11:57 PM
it is my own shipping=D

Name of shipping: Shyshipping
The characters: Kay and Tracey
The reason: Kay is my favorite female character
Any signs: =/

September 28th, 2003, 9:47 AM
Heh, I my favorite shipping is strange. XD;; But here it is...

Name of Shipping: Doesn't have one, since I can't find anything suiting for it.
The Characters: Asuna and Nagi (otherwise Flannery and Winona)
The Reasons: I'm not exactly sure why I like this pairing. I always thought they looked good together. Plus, they're super fun to draw together. XD
Any Signs:None whatsoever.

September 28th, 2003, 3:04 PM
this is the classical one!: pokeshipping
characters: ash and misty

hints: so many hints and official songs to state the shippy

September 28th, 2003, 8:03 PM
Name of Shipping: BACKshipping
The Characters: Junichi and Marina
The Reason: Cause they make cutest couple
Any Signs: Watch the special!

September 28th, 2003, 8:29 PM
Name of shipping: Questshipping
Characters: Kenta and Marina
Reason: cutest couple I have ever seen
Any signs: see my sig, see Raikou Special, too much evidence that both of them like each other(adding the last part at the end of the credits is a dead give away, why else would he be blushing?) lol

September 29th, 2003, 12:47 PM
Name of Shipping: Neo-championshipping
The Characters: Steven/Lance
The Reason: I'm a weirdo who thinks guys together is cute
Any Signs: No, just from my own twisted mind

September 29th, 2003, 11:59 PM
err umm... okay iveechan.
remember post made-up shipping, not an official one!

i thought of a new one!

Name: trovitashipping
The characters: Rudy and Misty
The reason; because i can!
the signs: he likes her, she doesn't like him back....ooh conflict!

October 2nd, 2003, 8:18 AM
I have a couple.

Name of Shipping: StubornShipping
The Characters: Ash & Misty
The Reason: The more they fight, the closer they get. They were meant for each other.
Any Signs: Misty followed Ash. Ash didn't ditch Misty.

Name of Shipping: DestinyShipping
The Characters: Brock & Susie
The Reason: They both like each other and support each other and have been in contact for the longest time.
Any Signs: Susie trusted Brock with her prized Pokmon Vulpix.

October 4th, 2003, 3:08 AM
uhh...Keitaro, they already have a name for Satoshi/Kasumi shipping:

October 4th, 2003, 4:10 AM
uhh...Keitaro, they already have a name for Satoshi/Kasumi shipping:
Since when was there an "official" sub name for it? They could be called a million different things >.>

oni flygon
October 4th, 2003, 7:57 AM
Name of Shipping: Advanceshipping
Characters: MayxAsh
Reasons: Cute couple XD
Signs: Advanced Generation Episode #1 ... When Haruka says "Yes!". 6th Movie ... The possibility of May's last wish


October 6th, 2003, 3:30 AM
oh whatever, just post whatever shipping u like, i don't care anymore...

name: normalrockshipping
characters: whitney+brock
signs: they're both gym leaders, brock likes her (along every other cute girl he meets) she doesn't... :surprised

Fire Master
October 6th, 2003, 4:14 AM
earshipping = misty and brock together. she, she only pulls hisear so he can't go with other girls! :p

Reason:because i said so. LOL look at the description of earshipping to know.

October 6th, 2003, 12:15 PM
Name of Shipping: Radicateshipping
The Characters: Butch and Cassidy
The Reason: Both in Team Rocket, look good together
Any Signs: None I can think of.

October 7th, 2003, 2:02 PM
Name of shipping: Pokeshipping
The characters: Kasumi and Satoshi
The reason: They're cute together! XD;
Any signs: Refer to the above! XD

October 9th, 2003, 7:11 PM
Name of shipping: Neoshipping
Characters: Butch and Cassidy
Reason: Both Team rocket. Grunt = slut
Signs: They... are friends for long time about to develop into another typical pokemon couple.

yuuki x haruka
December 29th, 2003, 10:06 PM
Name of Shipping: RuSaShipping
Characters: Yuuki/Haruka(Brendan/May)
Reasons: Reasons? Well, they're the cutest couple yet. I know that Brendan isn't in the anime...(i'd be shock if he was shown in there one day). But they look perfect and right for each other.
Any Signs: May was stuttering alot to Brendan in the beginning... ... ... guess that's not good enough...

December 30th, 2003, 7:42 AM
Name of shipping: Err... I never got his whole name-shipping thing at all... ;_;
Characters: Steven/Wallace
Reasons: Seemed to be reasonably good friends and they look VERY good together!!
Signs: Friends in Ruby/Sapphire!

I adore this pairing as much as Lance/Steven!! *_*

December 30th, 2003, 2:45 PM
Name of Shipping:RockHardshipping
The Characters:Brock & Roxanne
The Reason:One's the Rock Gymleader in Houenn, One WAS the first Gym Leader in Kanto. They both know alot about Pokmon. They're both the first Gym Leaders in the game. :P
Any Signs:None I could think of. :P

December 31st, 2003, 9:04 AM
Name of Shipping: Girly Gym Shippy
The Characters: Asuna and Nagi (Flannery and Winnona)
The Reason: The K drew them together!
Any Signs: The K's pictures. The K sees all!

December 31st, 2003, 9:26 AM
Name of Shipping: FireFighting Shipping
Characters: Flannery and Brawly
Reason: They would make a good couple in my opinion! :P
Signs: none...but the gym leaders probly meet and stuff like at important events...right? :P

December 31st, 2003, 3:39 PM
Ash N Misty
They Are So Cute Together!!
Too Many To Name.

Roxy Parkington
January 7th, 2004, 8:53 AM
Name of Shipping: no name yet
The Characters: Delia Ketchum/Spencer Hale
The Reason: They would be cute together and they have interesting personalities.
Any Signs: After watching the news report Delia seems very worried about him and his family, then she finds a picture of the two of them with Professor Oak on the refridgerator from when they were young. She is also concerned about Molly and the situation in Greenfield. If the two of them weren't that close, she wouldn't be very concerned.

My theory: Delia and Spencer were married at one time in their lives and Delia gave birth to Ash. Spencer moved elsewhere, got married to Molly's mother, Crystal (the name I came up with for Spencer's wife), and the family was seperated. Molly Hale was born soon after, and Spencer became a Pokemon researcher.

If anyone has any ideas for names or wants to support this ship, please PM me! :classic:


January 14th, 2004, 3:08 PM
Name of Shipping: Neoshipping
The Characters: Butch x Cassidy
The Reason: They look good together. 'Nuff said.
Any Signs: Too lazy to go look.

Name of Shipping: Uhm.. Dragonshipping? I dunno..
The Characters: Lance x Clair
The Reason: Dragon trainers. ^_^
Any Signs: Probably not

Name of Shipping: Not the foggiest idea..
The Characters: Morty x Karen
The Reason: I think it's a cute pairing. ^_^
Any Signs: None. Unless RP sessions on PNM count? 'Cause then there are signs, yes. :D

January 17th, 2004, 8:22 PM
Name of Shipping: Silvershipping (Silver Conference/Convention, but that would probably go to Harrison/Ash.. Hm...)
The Characters: Jackson+Macy (Jun'ichi+Moe)
The Reason: They both know Ash... and they both like someone who would probably not like them back
Any Signs: Um...none... Bleh... I think they look cute together, probably a huge age gap, but does that matter?

January 17th, 2004, 8:53 PM
Name of shipping: Backshipping
Characters: Junichi and Marina [I REFUSE to call them by the worst dub names I ever heard]
The reason: Cause he loves her obviously!
Signs: They were together at the end.

January 19th, 2004, 4:56 AM
I`m a HUGE Advanceshipper. I think, May and Ash looks so great together.
Also, both are my favorite characters^^

January 19th, 2004, 11:19 AM
Name of shipping: Questshipping
Characters: Kenta and Marina
Reason: Easy to see. They both like each other a lot
Any signs: see my sig, see Raikou Special, too much evidence that both of them like each other(adding the last part at the end of the credits is a dead give away, why else would he be blushing?) lol. Also they share thier love for each other. Its not a one-sided ship:cool: