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Sharks and Danger
June 8th, 2007, 6:41 PM
In this thread I'll post my poetry. I'll post a few to start it off.

I Feel For You [do you?]

She looks at me with decieving eyes,
and I believe them, although they're a pool of lies.
The hypnotize, mesmerize, they pull me in,
I resist, but I'm left frozen, I just can't win.

I don't know what to do, Im in such pain,
nothing to lose, everything to gain.
I find myself thinking, until I am insane,
on my mind she'll remain a permanent stain.

A feeling like this, it must be so very rare,
you don't understand how much I truely care,
together, I wish we could be a joyous pair,
for this loneliness and desire I cannot bare.

Oh, this hurts, it hurts in the worst way,
heart aching, stomach churning, why don't you say,
I love you. - That's what I wanna' hear,
so I don't have to shed anothing f**king tear!

So, do you feel for me what I feel for you ?
This unknown feeling, oh, tell me you feel it too!
I want you, but the question is if you want me back,
for if you don't, my heart will turn to sudden black.

Castle in the Sky

Come with me
Where dreams come true,
Where wishes are reality,
If only you knew.
Please, come now,
What I say is no lie,
Come with me
To my castle in the sky.

High above, in the clouds,
Fluffy and white,
Surrounded by stars,
Enormous and bright,
Where it's always day,
Glowing with light,
And never black with
Darkness of night.

Where anything is yours,
Anything you see,
Together we must go,
It's meant to be.
From this cruel world
& hatred we can flee,
C'mon, let us go,
Simply just you and me.

So, come with me
Where dreams come true,
Where everywhere you look
Is a beautiful view,
Where we can stay in peace
Until we die,
Come with me
To my castle in the sky.

KISS me, KILL me

Your beauty, it's elegant, yet,
It's filled with nothing but deceit.
Your eyes, they show
compassion, yet,
it's just one big lie.

Your kiss, it's cold,
Shivers down my spine,
Yet, they seem so real.
Your smile, it shines brightly,
Yet, it's filled with darkness.

Your pressence it's calming,
Yet, it's frightening,
I freeze up with time.
This all means one thing-
You're my end. So,

Kiss me, kill me.

Time once spent happily, but
It burnt away. And, I was
Blindly, foolishly miserable.
Hatred from you resides in me,
You haunt my dreams.. I want to wake.

Your lips, they whisper the truth,
and it is oh so dreadful.
Your formidable plan,
Now revealed, tonight,
You will steal my life.

You're my end,
Kiss me, kill me.

That's all for now, please enjoy.