View Full Version : What abilities and/or types should pkmn have?

May 11th, 2004, 12:34 PM
Do u think a pkmn should have a different type/ability? say it here!

Charizard should be Fire/Dragon type
Mew should have the Levitate ability
Mewtwo should be Dark type
Dratini & Dragonair should be Dragon/Water
Blastoise should be Water/Rock (because of his shell)
Azurill shoud be Water or Water/Normal
Gyarados should be Water/Dragon
Nosepass should be Rock/Normal
Mawile should be Steel/Dark
Plusle and Minun should be Electric/Normal
Volbeat and Illumise should be Bug/Electric
Pidgey, Pidgeotto and Pidgeot should be Flying
Torkoal should be Fire/Rock
Cacnea should be Grass/Ground

May 12th, 2004, 7:40 PM
gengar should be ghost and not poison, maybe dark

May 25th, 2004, 3:28 AM
Salamence should be Dragon/Dark with the Levitate ability.

May 29th, 2004, 8:28 AM
All pokemon that have 2 types but one of those types being Normal sholdn't have it.

Type 1: Flying
Type 2: None

May 29th, 2004, 7:53 PM
Normal should be gotten rid of for the most part ('cept for like, Ratatta and stuff)
Bulbasaur shouldn't be poison, just grass. It never learns any poison attacks, before its saposed to evolve to Ivysaur. So where's the logic there?
Aerodactle, should be flying/Dragon. Not rock. Geodude should be flying! And I agree with the gengar/poison statement above.

May 30th, 2004, 4:48 AM
Gengar=Ghost/Dark would be cool
Geodude should have the Levitate ability
yeah pokemon that r Flying/Normal shouldnt have the Normal. its just useless.

June 17th, 2004, 9:57 PM
Seviper should have the Intimidate ability (maybe Zangoose too)
Grimer and Muk should have the Liquid Ooze ability (if they don't already have it)
Meditite/Medicham should have the Inner Focus ability
There should be a Light-type, and Solrock should be that type rather than Psychic. Ho-oh should be that type rather than Fire.
Lugia should be Water-type, not Psychic!!!
Clefable could have the Dark-type as well, maybe Clefairy/Cleffa too.
Oddish should not be Poison-type.
It would also help if Seviper had the Dark-type as well...
Gligar should be Poison-type rather than Flying-type.
Gyarados should not be a Flying-type. Could add Dragon or even Steel or Fire.
Dragonair should have the Levitate ability.
Ditto should have the Trace ability, in case it doesn't already have it.
Also, Ditto shouldn't even have a type... And neither should Castform.
Vaporeon should also have the Ice-type, if possible.
Togepi should have the Cute Charm ability, ans shouldn't have Hustle...
It would help if Trapinch were a Bug-type, since it kind of looks like a bug...
Yanma could be Bug/Electric or Bug/Dragon, since it's a dragonfly and it constantly produces shock waves from its wings...
Snubbull and Granbull could be Dark-type because of their Bite attacks.
Horsea and Seadra should be Water/Dragon!
The Gastly family shouldn't have the Poison-type. They could be Dark-types as well.
Rock/Ground Pokemon shouldn't be Ground-type, except Rhyhorn/Rhydon.
Marril/family shouldn't have the Huge Power ability... maybe something else?

June 29th, 2004, 2:22 PM
glalie should be ice/dark (instead of ice)
tyranitar should be dark/ground (instead of dark/rock)

July 5th, 2004, 12:56 AM
Rayquaza should be Dragon/Electric
Voltorb/Electrode should be Electric/Steel
I don't think ANY of the Bulbasaur family should be Poison-type.
Nincada shouldn't have the Compoundeyes ability--I see only two eyes on it...
Snorunt should also be Ice/Dark.
Cloyster shouldn't be Ice-type...
The whole Nidoran families should be Poison/Ground or Poison/Normal.
Deoxys and Mewtwo could be Psychic/Dark.
The Bagon family could be Dragon/Fire...
Shellder and Cloyster should be Water/Rock
Latias/Latios should be Flying or something, not Dragon (they look more birdlike than dragonlike)
Unown shouldn't have a type...
Wynaut/Wobbuffet should be Normal
I don't think Nincada should be a Ground-type...
Dusclops should be Ghost/Psychic
Phanpy/Donphan could be Normal/Ground...