View Full Version : DD's Egg Move Pichu adoption centre.

June 16th, 2007, 1:21 AM
As you can probably tell, Pikachu is and always will be my favourite Pokemon. And, after breeding a Pichu that I needed, I now have many left over, and will continue to breed them provided there is demand for them.

As I will probably not use most of them, I am going to give them away to people who will give them a good home.

A variety of natures are available, both genders, and all come with the Egg moves Wish and Volt Tackle, at Lv. 1 (unless requested otherwise), and can be nicknamed on request..

Also, if anyone wants to donate any members of the Chu family to me, I will make sure they will be given a good home. Note, only the Pichus bred by me will be given away. All others listed require offers.

Also, I will give good offers for any event and/or shiny Chus.

SHOP STATUS: CLOSED. If anyone is interested, please state which nature you want, what gender, and your Wi-Fi details.

Full list of currently available members of the Chu family will be posted soon.