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June 17th, 2007, 2:39 PM

It's me again. Lord of the waffles, king of breakfast, blah blah blah. Whatever. I've decided to try a Pokémon-themed RP, since this is a Pokémon forum. So...yeah. Let's skip the small talk and get right to the action =D

1. No god-modding
2. Be respectful
3. Please, please, please make an effort to have proper spelling and grammar. Your posts don't need to be perfect, but if IF I SE SOM3THNG TAHT LOKS LIEK THES, you're out.
4. Four-lines minimum. Not my rule, and I think it's a silly one. But it has to be done.
5. If you see a puppy, please don't kick it.
6. The 'é' in Pokémon = Alt + 0233
7. Have fun!
8. Double-Team works by creating after-images of your pokémon's movements. It does not create physical copies.

The Story

Cyrus, leader of Team Galaxy, stood atop the Spear Pillar. The man's sharp, neatly trimmed azure hair ruffled in the cold air of the mountain. The pillars themselves, their age visible in the decay of the stones that compose them, lay crumpled. The sky darkens, parts of the mountain begin to crack. It is as if the very fabric of reality itself is being distorted by some immense power.

Behind the sinister figure, a handful of Galaxy grunts and two trainers stood by, paralyzed with fear.

Cyrus thrust his arms outward, beckoning the coming storm. He had been waiting years for this moment.

"Lords of all creation, rulers of all that is, I stand before you now as an emissary of the human race: to ask of you salvation," he called into the wind. The crimson pendant dangling from his neck began to glow.

"The world you have toiled to create has fallen into decay so great, it is beyond repair! We of Team Galaxy have toiled for years to reverse the ill effects humankind has brought unto this planet, but try as we might we cannot stop the destruction!"

The wind grew fiercer, and the glow of crimson grew stronger. The trainers in the area shielded their eyes from the small chunks of the mountain hurtling through the air, having been torn from the ground. Cyrus' cries only grew louder. "I come here today to ask of you, please, remake this world! We cannot save this universe, but we can start again! With myself on command, we will seize a better future for all living things!"

"Cyrus, stop it! You're insane!" A cry from behind. A young boy, clad in a white t-shirt covered by a black vest, blue jeans and an odd red beret, pleaded for the madman to stop. An iron-clad Empoleon stood behind him, shielding the trainer with its wings. "How could you sacrifice so many people for your own sick ideals!?"

Yet even with Empoleon's protection, the boy could not budge in the storm. All he could do was cry desparately for a miracle. Cyrus didn't react to the boy at all.

Gripping the pendant tightly with his right hand, Cyrus made a final call. "Rulers of time and space, come forth from the abyss and do as I command!"

Lightning pierced the sky surrounding the area, sending waves of light and heat and sound that could be felt miles away. The ground quaked with such intensity, Cyrus himself was forced to kneel. "Submit to my will! I command you!"

The quaking intensified, the wind grew ever fiercer. A dozen yards in front of the Galaxy leader, space began to contort. It twisted and contorted into a massive black void. And for a moment, all became still. Cyrus laughed. A sinister, maniacal laugh. He had lost his mind, apparently. The trainers rose, gripping their poké balls, and even the Galaxy grunts braced themselves for what was coming.

From the void, an enormous white claw emerged. The ground it made contact with was crushed effortlessly. Moments later a second claw drew itself from the abyss, and an enormous dragon-like entity pulled itself into the universe of its own creation. Palkia, the ruler of spacial dimensions, had finally arrived. A collective gasp came from the onlookers, as each unleashed all of their pokémon. Knowing they had no chance against this titan, they had no other choice but to try their best anyway. Trainer and Galaxy member alike poised themselves for battle.

But moments later, a second creature emerged from the vortex. It's body covered entirely in armor stronger than anything they had ever seen, the four-legged creature towered over even the already impressive Palkia. "Dialga, ruler of time", Cyrus muttered to himself.

He turned to face the crowd. "Do you see this, vermin? This is the start of a new era. Of a new universe. A universe that I shall command." He raised his arms to the sky, his hand still gripping the pendant tightly. "Now, my pets! Begin your task of remaking this rotten world!"

And without a moment of hesitation, the two gods began to glow. Both figures let out a deafening roar, and the earth itself began to tear apart. Cities disappeared, continents split in twain. The destruction spread across the universe, as galaxies ceased to be, the very essence of the universe blinking out of existence. But the earth itself had not disappeared completely yet. And just when all hope seemed lost, there was a blinding flash of light. And all was still.

Two of the lake spirits, Azelf and Uxie, held Palkia and Dialga at bay. The third, Mesprit, shattered Cyrus' pendant. He no longer had control of the gods. The task done, Mesprit squeaked, and flew off to join its companions. Mustering all their strength, they managed to drive the entities back into the abyss from whence they came. Cyrus fell to his knees, his plan ruined, unable to speak. The trainers and grunts began their approach, hatred in their eyes. Though it was immoral to take the man's life, he was about to sacrifice them all, friend and foe alike. And justice had to be served.

They were halted in their tracks. Not out of fear; something was physically preventing them from moving. Materializing before them was a large, canine-like entity with a brilliant white coat, that masked a face of darkness. An intricate gold, spoked arc circumvented its torso. It spoke, silently, into the minds of every creature that still lived in the universe.

It is not yet time.

And all was undone.
10 years have passed since the incident at the Spear Pillar. Everything was seemingly back to normal, and nobody had any memory of the events that transpired there. And nothing out of the ordinary happened.

That is, until Viridian City mysteriously disappeared. The entire city, and everything in it, completely vanished without a trace. Shortly after, Bidoof sightings around the world increased dramatically, the critters having been spotted in habitats they normally wouldn't be seen in.

And so it begins, fellow trainers. What will you do?

Character Sheet
Waffles or Pancakes:

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):
Acquired (How'd you get it):

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
June 18th, 2007, 8:50 AM
Name: AJ Valentine
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: Five foot Seven
Appearance: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male which means his skin tone is dark, a tannish kind of tone. He has snowy white hair, that almost looks like platinum. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are a angelic baby blue that seem to scream ' Oh my god! It's an Angel!' but his eyes are pretty deceiving. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck, it is a shining silver that just seems to kick out at you. AJ's main attire consists of a tight black undershirt made out of generic material, nothing real special. He wears a somewhat small dark crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in bold white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a large white trench coat that has a cross on the back that is black and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, a nice leather texture. He also wears black combat boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe for more efficient walking. He has black fingerless gloves, they aren't fuzzy, just real padded. He is muscular, but not in the way that muscles are bulging everywhere and it looks like your kind of on steroids... AJ has a gold stud in his left ear ( Not Gay!)

Personality:Despite AJ's Appearance... He's a real nice guy! AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'

Background: After College AJ left Johto to go to Sinnoh, It cost enough but he got there eventully. AJ started to study there in a university, But when Viridian dissapeared he left to check it out.
Waffles or Pancakes: Waffles
Misc: A great Street Brawler

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):

Name: Judas
Species: Riolu
Gender: Male
Personality: Takes after his owner, loves to battle and is a bit to rowdy in play, Takes grudges real serious and never thinks more of it.
Acquired (How'd you get it): Found the egg while exploring the ice caverns in Blackthorn.


June 18th, 2007, 3:49 PM
Name: Dude Zurferay

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5’08”


Dude attributes his rich, golden-brown tan to the loads of free time he spends on the beach during hot afternoons. His tan is something he has always been proud of. A mop of unruly yellow hair rests on his head, the wild bangs falling about his brow with their carroty-tipped ends partially covering his eyebrows. He sets a pair of dark glasses on his forehead, more for style than anything else. His eyes are a brilliant bright shade of blue. Their tone resembles that of a sparkling ocean on a hot summer day.

Being content with his figure, Dude sees no benefits in concealing himself with shirts, save for the warmth they provide on cold days of course. Other than that, he walks around virtually everywhere topless, boasting the six-pack and beautifully chiselled muscles to his slim, built figure. What he does wear, around his neck, is a gold choker that suspends a pair of red boxing gloves. His swim-shorts, reaching just passed knee length, are ruby to match his gloves. For backup against the unpredictable weather, he ties the sleeves of his black sweater around the waist. He completes this casual wear with a pair of open-toed sandals.


Like all the other Zurferay boys in his extended family, Dude has a keen interest in girls. He is not as successful as his relatives in this area however. He aspires to be like his cousin, Dingdong, or most often called ‘King Dingdong’, by him and others who respect him for his 'game' amongst other things. Despite his constant searching, Dude has been unable to get find himself a loyal girlfriend. He has taken to many things, like surfing and body-building - which ended up becoming his favourite hobbies, in hopes of improving his rate of success with the ladies. The results of these practices can clearly be seen in his muscular physic, but not by means of any girl in his arms like he wished there would’ve been. Still, Dude stays optimistic for the future and believes good things come to those who wait.

Normally, he’s an outgoing guy who loves to have fun and make a lot of friends. He considers himself easy to talk to because, apart from Pokémon battles, he hardly takes anything seriously or personally. He’s a laidback kind of guy who’s always up for a conversation, no matter how trivial it may be.


Dude doesn’t recall much of his days as a toddler. Thus, the blow of his mother’s death at the time of his birth, didn’t strike him as hard as it did the other members of his family and friends who had gotten to know and love her. Sometimes, Dude feels guilty about not shedding so much as a tear over his dead mother but he finds it a little absurd to weep over someone he never even knew. His mother’s sisters were quick to take her place in raising Dude, and that for him, more than filled the gap for losing his actual mother. He has a close family who are always ready to support him in everything that he does.

During most of his childhood, Dude was a shy kid who didn’t like to talk much. At the age of twelve, however, when he first met his cousin Dingdong, that all changed. His interest in the female species escalated and seeing Dingdong with a pretty girl every other day of the week made him want to have a life like that too. King Dingdong, in addition to being a regular Casanova, was a great trainer in Dude’s eyes. Dude rationalised that if he became a good trainer, perhaps it would make him more like somebody girls could be impressed with. Despite Dingdong’s uncertainty to that, he gave Dude his first pokémon just as he had requested nevertheless.

Waffles or Pancakes: Waffles (What is with you and breakfast rituals anyway…)

Misc: Dude is a crazed King Dingdong fan. And Dude likes to dance.


Name: Vali
Species: Chimchar
Gender: Female
Personality: Vali is a chirpy, vibrant spirit. She is full of hope and energy, and often makes an effort to transfer some of that to her partners and close friends. She has not always approved of Dude’s reasoning and decisions, but supports him to the fullest nevertheless, regardless of what path he chooses. Quite possibly, she is the only being on the planet with whom Dude shares his most intimate thoughts.
Acquired: A present from King Dingdong. Also, the first pokémon Dude ever cared for.
Misc: Vali has a huge crush on the monkey that played Abu in the Aladdin series.

Name: Mandonutz
Species: Makuhita
Gender: Male
Personality: Mandonutz is an adventurous pokémon, always looking for his next venture. He is proud in every sense of the word. Most challenges are dealt with head on, as Mandonutz is forever thriving to outdo any competitors who may come his way. He has an addictive taste for victory and is easily frustrated when things don’t go his way.
Acquired: Dude defeated Mandonutz in a nut eating competition, in which the stipulations declared the teen would be his new master.
Misc: Mandonutz love all types of nuts.

Name: Kakachan
Species: Garchomp
Gender: Male
Personality: Kakachan is an independent pokémon that tends to avoid social interaction whenever possible. Little is known about him, but Dude has grown a sense of security around Kakachan. The Garchomp has proved his loyalty on many occasions and eventually won the trust of Dude Zurferay. Silence, faithfulness, mystery, and sincerity are the most decorated attributes of this pokémon.
Acquired: After several days of mysteriously following Dude and aiding him in battle for unknown reasons, Dude decided to make Garchomp an official member of his party.
Misc: Kakachan derives an uncanny pleasure from beheading toy dolls.

June 18th, 2007, 8:38 PM
I will sign-up tomorrow. I am just adding the finishing touches.

June 19th, 2007, 6:28 AM
Character Sheet

Name: Terry Lawrence
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5' 6"

Appearance: Terry in short is a rocker. He's got pitch black hair, spiked in all directions. He's got pale skin from not getting outside much, he's always inside jamming. He has shiny blue eyes, and usually wears a smile despite his dark appearance. He wears a tightly rolled red bandana as a necklace, and often wears vintage T-shirts, usually of Classic Rock bands. He wears two of the rubber bracelets that so many people where nowadays on his left wrist, one of them red, the other black. He wears tight black-tinted jeans, and red converse shoes. At least one of them is usually untied. He's unhealthly skinny. He always wears a guitar case on his back, just in case he'll need the power of rock on his side.

Personality: Despite his label of "emo" or "goth" due to his clothes, Terry's personality is a polar opposite of his style. He just likes the way it looks. Then again he likes just about everything, he seems to be in a good mood. He thinks the whole concept of "emo" or "goth" is pointless, he tries to see the good in a situation instead.

Background: Terry grew up in the large Saffron City. In such a huge city, there wasn't much outside to play in. He'd go to arcades, movies, or his favorite, concerts. After his first concert he picked up an electric guitar at a shop in town, and fell in love with it instantly. His only other love was pokemon, he'd see travellers coming through the city everyday with powerful creatures by their sides. Once he was ten he received his first pokemon, a Charmander from the local gym leader Sabrina. Though after that he didn't start in the pokemon league. He wanted to wait a few years to go first, and spend time with his beloved music, and training his Charmander. He had no idea what the world outside the big city may be like. Somehow the electrical vibrations from his guitar drew certain species of pokemon to him. While he would play, every once in a while a pokemon would find it's way to the music and he'd catch it. Once he was 12 he finally left Saffron, and entered the Indigo League. After his loss in the semi-finals he went travelled through both the Sevii and Orange Islands, looking for rare pokemon.

Waffles or Pancakes: Um...Waffles?

Pokémon Sheet "

Name: Kansas
Species: Charmeleon
Gender: Male
Personality: agressive, Kansas is always in a bad mood about something. The only person he likes is Terry.
Acquired: Acquired as a Charmander from the gym leader, Sabrina. It evolved during the Indigo League.
Misc: His name comes from the band Kansas, and their song Fight fire with fire.

Name: Jagger
Species: Loudred
Gender: Male
Personality: fun-loving. Jagger always seems too excited about very little things, and usually something gets broken in his process of dancing around with glee.
Acquired: Acquired as a Whismur who climbed in through his window while he was playing guitar. This was after the Indigo League, a few days before he left for the Sevii Islands. It evolved during the Orange League.
Misc: His name comes from Mick Jagger, the singer from the Rolling Stones.

Name: Strike
Species: Magneton
Gender: Male
Personality: Magneton's personality is very blank. He doesn't seem to show any emotions, however he is very strong in battle.
Acquired: Acquired as a Magnemite that came in through Terry's window just before he left to face the Indigo League. It evolved during a battle with Erika, the Celadon Gym Leader.
Misc: His name is a play off of the AC/DC song, Thunderstruck.

June 19th, 2007, 6:37 PM
Character Sheet
Name: Ninja Boy Joey
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Height: 4Ft
Joey wears a black Ninja uniform. His hair is dark green but he did a poor job bleaching his hair and now it is bright gold. His hair is covered by a bandana with the “Soul” Symbol in the center. He was given this bandana by his Grandmother who sowed their clan’s symbol on it. Joey has blue eyes and seems happy acting like a ninja.
Personality: Joey is strong, loyal, determined, and has a good heart. He wishes to be a Ninja and tries to act like one but fails to do so. He is somewhat absent-minded as he is often forgetting things like his homework, his karate belt, or his Ninja Sword. Though he tries to act mysterious and cool, Joey tends to lose his focus and concentration since he’s pretty gullible and naïve with the world around him.
Background: Joey is from Celestic Town, where he lives with his grandmother who used to be a “Ninja for Hire” and holds knowledge of secret Kung-fu named “Ninjutsu” and the Ninja way. When he is not home, he travels to the mountains of Route 211 daily for Ninja Training. Because of his extensive training he has learned to become a strong martial artist and dedicates his life to the code of the Ninja. During his time of training, Joey encountered a Meditite who was meditating in the mountains with him. There was a strong connection between the two and the Meditite allowed it self to be caught by Joey as he found him to be a trustworthy human. To put their training to the test, Joey and Meditite went to the nearest Gym which was in Eterna City to battle the Gym Leader, Gardenia. During the battle with Gardenia’s Roserade, Meditite demonstrated itself to be a very powerful Pokémon as it won the fight with a devastating Confusion attack. With one Badge acquired, Joey proven to be a trainer of potential greatness. With his Grandmother’s blessings, Joey left on an adventure to heighten his skills as a Ninja and as a Trainer.
Waffles or Pancakes: Flapjacks
Misc: Joey loves to say things about ninjas before he goes through a battle. He is also extremely shy around girls and tends to look down, blush, and become unable to speak when he’s near them.

Pokémon Sheet:
Name: Swami
Species: Meditite
Gender: Male
Personality: Swami undertakes rigorous mental training deep in the mountains. However, whenever it meditates, he always loses his concentration and focus. As a result, his training never ends, much like his Master. Swami never moves much but he becomes lively when he sees Joey acting strange or shy since he likes to bother and tease him as he tries to push him towards girls or show off his moves to gain attention. Swami likes to meditate, sleep, and follow Joey around as he’s kept out of his Pokéball. But he is a very powerful Pokémon as demonstrated in Gym Battles. Since gaining Joey’s first badge, he has become Joey’s main battling Pokémon and has proven himself to be quite a strong fighter. He is also a master of yoga and helps Joey teach some classes on the side for some extra cash when needed on the road.
Acquired: Swami trained at the mountainous route of 211. On one of Joey’s hikes, he was found sitting on a large rock high up near the mountain’s peak. Immediately, Swami opened his eyes to see the intruder who stepped into his territory. There, the Meditite felt a connection with the Ninja Boy. He got up and began to throw kicks and punches towards Joey as a demonstration of his power which was followed by Joey’s own fighting moves. Soon the two bonded and Swami, willingly, went into Joey’s Pokéball.
Misc: Swami has the remarkable ability to float slightly off of the ground when he’s in deep meditation. This grows some concerns for Joey since it causes a lot of attention and since Joey is trying to be a Ninja, attention is the last thing he needs.

OOC: Joey may obtain more Pokémon as the RP progresses.

June 19th, 2007, 6:39 PM
Name: Shaden Woodsworth

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 5'6"

Physical Description

Shaden is a short man standing at only 5 feet 6 inches. Do not let his short stature fool you though. He is a very strong individual and can hold his own when it is called for. Shaden's long, curly, black hair hangs low on his head, covering his ears and reaching his neck in the back. His eyes are a brilliant light green but are covered by his hair. Shaden has multiple scars on his face, keepsakes of his childhood. He also has an unkempt goatee and a few earrings in his ears. Although he hates to admit it, Shaden is not that bad looking a guy.

Shaden's lower body is muscular thanks to regular exercise and conditioning. The constant fighting he got into didn’t hurt either. His skin is very tan and, unlike his face, free from scars. Shaden likes to wear a white undershirt, a dark blue collared shirt, and dusty style jeans. In his pocket, Shaden carries a locket that his little sister gave to him. It has a picture of her on one side and him on the other.


Shaden Woodsworth is one of the toughest trainers out there. He is very focused, never gives up, and has no mercy. He will not only defeat an opponent, he will crush them. He pokémon are very much like them. They don't hold back and give it their all, and they are very loyal to their trainer.

When Shaden first began his journey, he was a kind and caring person. He offered help to those in need and fought to protect those who couldn't protect themselves. Over time, however, Shaden became jaded. He stopped helping people in need so they could learn to help themselves. His once caring nature was replaced with a calloused one. While he still has his moments of sympathy, Shaden is more of a tough love kind of guy. In a battle, Shaden will never let up or go easy on someone and often crosses the line to being cruel. They need to be prepared for the worst, and Shaden is happy to show them.


As a young boy, Shaden lived with his mom, Debra, his dad, Keith, and his sister, Amanda, in a town called Roseleaf. Amanda was always very close to Shaden. When he got out of a class at school, Amanda would be waiting for him. If he went to hang out with his friends, Amanda would beg to come along. When he did his chorus, Amanda would always try to help. While some would find this annoying, Shaden liked the fact that his sister looked up to him.

When Shaden was 10 however, everything changed. One day Shaden was approached by one of his friends. He told Shaden that one of their friends was in trouble. A bunch of thugs had threatened to beat him up. It was up to them to help him. They decided to meet that night to solve the problem. Shaden was worried though. He had never been in a fight before and was afraid he could not handle it.

Knowing that Amanda would try to follow him, Shaden went to bed early and snuck out the window when the time came. When he saw his friends, they were facing two other guys by the woods. Upon walking up, the two thugs started to laugh.

"I see you brought some friends to take some of your beating. How thoughtful of you," The bigger of the two thugs laughed.

"What is your problem?" said Shaden glaring at thugs. "Just leave my friend alone. He didn't do anything to you."

"I am going to beat him up because I can. You can join him for all I care. BOYS! Tear them up."

Just then, five more boys came out from hiding and charged at the three friends. Knowing they didn't have a chance, all three of them took off running. As he passed an ally, Shaden caught a glimpse of his sister's face.

"Amanda RUN!" was all Shaden could think of doing as he continued his pace. He could hear her behind him.

"Get the girl too," shouted the thugs from behind. Shaden picked up his pace as fear overwhelmed him. He heard something fall. His heart stopped, his mind stopped, and his everything in him wanted to stop, but his legs continued to run.

"SHADEN! PLEASE HELP!" He heard the cries but could not stop. He continued to run until he forced his upper body to fall forward and hit the ground. Tears ran down his face. He had to go back. He could not leave her. Picking himself up, Shaden ran back to where his sister fell. She was there, along with two of the thugs. They were kicking her. Enraged, Shade charged them and tackled them both to the ground.

Shaden did not know how long he fought; he just knew that he won. As the two thugs ran off, Shaden moved to his sister. She was beaten and bloody but still alive. As they locked eyes, Shaden could tell more than just her body was hurt. As she passed out, the last thing she said was "Why did you keep running?" Shaden took her home. She healed her wounds but not her trust.

Amanda stopped following Shaden after that. In fact, she stopped talking to him as well. She would run when he came near her. This continued until Shaden was 16. In that time, he had trained. He had he trained to be strong, strong enough to defend his sister. To protect her to the fullest, he needed to be a trainer. He left his home to do that. On the day he left. Shaden took a picture of him and Amanda and put the in a locket. He showed it to Amanda.

"One day I will be worthy of wearing this locket. I will make up for what I did to you. When I have, I will return with this locket around my neck. I love you Amanda."

As he walked out the door, he heard a long lost once say, "Be safe Brother." With a smile and a wave, Shaden left to fulfill his promise, to be strong enough to protect her.

Waffles or Pancakes: Pancakes (They take longer but are worth the wait.)

Misc: Shaden is actually a descent fighter and can handle his own in a fight. He also carries around a golden picture locket with him where ever he goes.


Name: Radiance
Species: Scyther
Gender: Female
Personality: Radiance, or Rad as she is sometimes called, was Shaden's first pokémon. She is somewhat cold hearted and has even less sympathy than her trainer. She tends to be uncomfortable around anyone other than Shaden, and doesn’t really even like other pokémon. Rad tends to believe that she is the only pokémon Shaden needs. In battle, Radiance is very calm and collected. She reacts to orders well and performs them exceptionally well. Radiance also tends to have a mood similar to that of Shaden’s.
Acquired: Radiance was given to Shaden by Professor Henson at the Roseleaf Pokémon Lab. At the time, the Scyther was wild and out of control. As time past, however, Radiance matured into the fighter she is now.
Misc: Radiance gets her name from the fact that she is a much lighter green than most Scyther.

Name: Clydesdale
Species: Mankey
Gender: Male
Personality: Clydesdale, nicknamed Clyde for battle purposes, is a very curious and playful pokémon. When not in battle, Clydesdale tends to examine everything around him. This can cause quite a few problems for Shaden, so Clydesdale is usually in his pokéball. Clydesdale lacks the callousness of Shaden and Radiance and has an innocent view of the world around him. In battle, he is very unpredictable. He does not always do thing exactly as order. While he is very strong, Clydesdale is unfocused and often looses battle because of simple mistakes.
Acquired: Clydesdale wasn't actually caught by Shaden. While traveling through the mountains, the Mankey became interested in Shaden and started to follow him. As much as he tried, Shaden couldn't get the Mankey to leave him alone. So, not having a better idea, Shaden simply let the Mankey join him on his journey.
Misc: Clydesdale loves things that are shiny

June 19th, 2007, 7:01 PM
Name: Cid "Crash" Thompson
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 4'7"
Appearance: He is very short, and very round. It is almost as if his parents were a set of 8 balls. He has white hair that sticks out of his leather flying cap from all angles. He has a set of goggles that always cover his eyes and a starf rapped around his chubby, little neck. He wears a leather coat that helps keep the cold out when flying at high altitudes and black jeans that keep him warm as well. He also has a black set of leather boots that have a fake set of wings on each heal to symbolize his love for flying.
Personality: He is a fun-loving man with a big laugh that can be heard from miles away. He always loves a good laugh and doesn't really know when to stop making jokes a be serious. He has a big heart for both Pokémon and people, which aid to his charm. He tends to have a big mouth, which can sometimes get him into trouble, but he's always ready for a quick getaway.
Background: His father was a pilot throughout his childhood. He watch his father fly over the city on his Flygon. One day however, his father went up into the sky, and didn't come back. It was never explained, the death of his father, but foul play was suggested. Ever since, Crash has dedicated himself to the skies. He always pushes himself higher and higher. He thinks that maybe if he gets high enough, he'll understand why his father was taken from him. But he may never know.
Waffles or Pancakes: Waffles, most definetly!
Misc: uuuh...

Name: Yanni (just like the mucial artist, whom I love)
Species: Yanmega
Gender: Male
Personality: His Yanmega thinks it is a lot smaller than it actually is. So it reacts differently than one would think an average 6'3" dragonfly would react. It often gets scared of smaller Pokémon, like an elephant and a mouse, and its bravery is about a boundless as a cheese sandwhich (meaning it isn't very brave). But if Crash is in trouble, his rage knows no end and can be quite the fearful sight. If it were to see itself in the mirror, it would freak.
Acquired: Crash recieved it as a baby Yanma as a gift from his father just days before his disappearence.
Misc: Crash's Pokémon of choice.

Name: Chingle
Species: Chimeco
Gender: Female
Personality: It acts like the mother of the group, often scolding Delibird for persuading Yanmega to do dangerous things. She is very stern, but she is also very loving, showing an unconditional love for her fellow pokemon and her owner. Whenever Crash is not at his best, she takes care of him just like his own mother, singing for him, making him food, and even wrapping her tail around him when he is getting cold.
Acquired: Patches played another trick on Yanni that ended up in a seriously beat up Yanmega. As Yanmega tried to huddle itself together to stop the pain, a Chingling popped out and healed it. Chingling has since evolved into Chimeco.
Misc: N/A

Name: Patches
Species: Delibird
Gender: male
Personality: Crash's Delibird is quite the character. He often tricks the more gullibe Yanmega into doing things that he doesn't want to, or to test thing that may be dangerous out for him. He is kind of like a big brother character toward Yanmega and also likes to tease him. He is kind of a bully, but he really doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, he just doesn't really think things through. He is still pretty young.
Acquired: He found this Delibird while on a skiing vacation with his mother. The Delibird came up to him and gave him a present, which turned out to be booby-trapped. It exploded in Crash's face, not painfully, but scared him nonetheless. It seemed to catch the Delibird as much off balance as the boy, Delibird frantically searched through his bag for another present, but when he found none, he plopped down on to the ground and cried. Crash then picked him up and took him to his mother, Patches has been with him ever since.
Misc: N/A

June 19th, 2007, 7:27 PM
Name :Maxi Freeman
Age :13
Hight :4'11
Appearance :Sorta short, always wears sweatpants and a tee-shirt, his hair color is brown and so are his eyes. He loves all pokemon and wishes to be friends with everyone.
Personality :Maxi is almost never mad at anyone. his happy go lucky perosnallity sometimes gets other people annoyed but he never really seems to notice. In bad times he is the one to try to cheer up everyone if he can find good points. He never forgets who has been nice to him. he doesnt mind being talked to hatefully by someone he tries to turn the situation around.
Background : Maxi had a good childhood As he can remember, but when he was little His father and mother took him outside one day and they forgot about him for a while. He found a pond almost out of sight of his parents. He went there every day and played with the pokemon who lived there. After a few weeks of going he was standing beside the pond playing with a weedle, until he fell into the pond accidently. Being young at the time he didnt know how to swim and almost drowned, until all the pokemon he played with saved him. He may not remember the water but he remembers the loyality and help a pokemon can give.he decided to Go on a pokemon quest with his turtwig at a young age of 8, and his parents didnt stop him. He has promised himself he would never turn down a pokemon in need.
Waffels or Pancakes :Pancakes
Misc :...

Name :Crusher
Species :Torterror
Gender :male
Personality :Crusher can overreact sometimes but usually when this happens it was ment for the best. It is very loyal to maxi and never turns down orders.
Acquired :Obtained from his father when he was young. was a turtwig at the time.

Name :Puncher
Species :Breloom
Gender :Male
Personality :Is arrogant. acts likes he is the toughest one in the group and most important. but the toughest of the group may be correct... He may disobey orders but will still finish on top.
Acquired :Frist pokemon caught in wild

Name :Roost
Species : Staraptor
Personality : She very brave, will stand up to any challenge. her bravery can get the team into trouble sometimes, but she always comes through in the end.
Acquired : Found as a abandoned Starly near a pokemon center. after getting the starly to trust humans she has been a great member of the team.

Edit: sorry about that i was in a rush... (parents can be so crule)
hope you'll re-read this

June 19th, 2007, 8:00 PM
Character Sheet
Name:Rom Vasken
Appearance: A bit husky guy with a bald head. He is kind of muscular. Has his left ear pierced and a distinguishing scar that runs from between his eyes to the back of his neck.
Personality:Kind of sour. doesn't trust people much, besides ones he has known all his life. He does let out a joke or two every once in a while, but would rather spar with his fighting pokemon Machamp.
Background:He was born and raised in Pewter city. Being around all types of rock and fighting pokemon it was inevitable that he would end up with one. The day that Rom received his starter pokemon,Machop, tragedy struck. As he was hurrying back home to share with everyone what pokemon he chose, he noticed his sister playing with the family geodude by their home. The ground began to shake and tremble and he realized that it was an earthquake. Thinking nothing of the source, as he thought it was natural, he hollered at his little sis to come towards him. When she put geodude in his pokeball and was running over, there was a rock slide. He didn't think he could get to her in time so he tossed out his newly acquinted machop and asked for him to hold back the boulder. As machop ran to block her from the barrage of rocks, Rom ran to get her out the way. As he did, a stray rock had hoped over the got passed machop striking Rom in the had knocking him unconcious. when he woke up 3 weeks later, her realized that he had a huge gash stitched shut running from the back of his neck to inbetween his eyes. When he realized where he was he immediately asked about his sister. they told him that when he was knocked unconcious he tumbled away leaving his sister hopeless. She was crushed by the rocks and his machop was severely hurt. This event has scared him for life. But never stopped him from still continuing with his pokemon journey to be champ. In fact it sort of helped him keep his mind busy instead of focusing on his sister's tragic death.

Waffles or Pancakes:waffles

Pokémon Sheet
Personality:like Rom, sour and never forgets when someone betrays him.
Acquired (How'd you get it): starter pokemon

Species: Donphan
Personality:very energetic, and lovable. Is Vero's best friend. Ready to do whatever Rom says. Curious as well.
Acquired (How'd you get it): Caught wild while traveling on route 28 in Johto region.

Personality:doesn't quite know what to think of her new owner.
Acquired (How'd you get it): after ariving in Sinnoh region, found one in a forest path where they are not common.

June 19th, 2007, 8:55 PM
So, is it okay to start whenever we want...or what?

June 19th, 2007, 9:02 PM
Patience, boy. 'twould be best to wait until you are actually accepted before rushing to start =)

I shall address the current sign-ups tomorrow, most likely. Though we won't be starting for a few days; I have some business to attend to. Please be a bit more patient, everyone.

June 20th, 2007, 6:08 AM
sorry, was just wondering...lol

June 20th, 2007, 11:29 AM
The time has come, to see who shall and shall not be accepted! I'll make this quick 'cause I'm horribly lazy.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses - Well. Seeing as how your profile is...er...incomplete, I can't accept you. So...finish it =P

Shaydeh - Interesting. Clever. Accepted.

Omega Envoy of Darkness - I like. You're in.

Mr.Altosax - Gotta say, quite unique. Can't say I've ever seen a rocker in a Pokémon RP. Plus you get bonus points for AC/DC. Welcome =)

darthmoose - I...I had trouble reading your profile. That picture had me laughing for a good 10 minutes. Aside from that, I like the character. A lot. You're in.

Nate_Dawg - Ah, the obligatory "tragic past" character. Can't say I've seen too many of those. Well, you're accepted. Be proud.

CodyJ - Your character reminds me of a character from a video game series I happened to enjoy. So, on account of me liking said character that you remind me of, welcome to the wonderful land of Pokémon. Here's a sandwich.

41victory - Um...your profile is very, very vague and undescriptive. I'm sorry, but I can't accept you as it stands now. Fix up your profile, add some descriptions, add some history to your character =/

insane_lucario - No. I like your character, however, it comes off as being nearly identical to Nate's. I'd rather not have two of the same character in the story, and since he was here first, I'm gonna have to let you go.

WaffleGod - You...you don't even have a profile up yet. For the love of Bidoof, stop being lazy!

June 20th, 2007, 1:31 PM
Let's hope that with so many people this RP doesn't die...I hate to see an RP go...

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
June 20th, 2007, 2:55 PM
finished up...............

June 20th, 2007, 3:00 PM
ahhh....crap!!! Well, thanks for the chance anyways.

June 20th, 2007, 9:54 PM
My turn. We won't be starting until probably Saturday, and I'll be, as usual, accepting sign-ups for the duration of the RP. So...

Character Sheet
Name: Cheryl Silver
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"

Appearance: Despite spending most of her time outside, Cheryl is a relatively pale girl of modest height, with a small frame. She doesn't seem to tan very well. Many of the people she's met believe her to be oddly thin, though her weight doesn't bother her at all. Her hair shines a bright, sky blue; her eyes a contrasting jade. In terms of clothing, Cheryl is often seen wearing a long blue dress that extends slightly past her knees. The white collar makes it somewhat resemble a nun's habit, though the gold buttons on the front more or less destroy that image. Her shoes are small, silver in color, and vaguely resemble ballerina slippers. Tattoed onto her back is a large white cross, surrounded by two angel wings; one a burning crimson, the other a deep sapphire. Cheryl's way of carrying on the memory of her late parents.

Personality: Cheryl tries her best to be friendly, and generally succeeds in getting along with people. However, the mysterious disappearance of her parents has lead her to develop a moderately aggressive character, mainly due to her desire to learn what actually happened to them. A difficult task, as Cheryl's memories of her parents are slowly fading day by day. That aside, Cheryl greatly enjoys the outdoors, and finds her pokémon a nice distraction from her fading memory.

Background: Having been born and raised in Snowpoint City, Cheryl has always been accustomed to harsh climates. Her parents were researchers, and she often travelled to Celestic Town with them to study the ruins there. Cheryl personally found said ruins to be quite boring; she was never a fan of drawings on a rock. She had a relatively normal childhood; went to school, built snowmen, played with other children, and other things young children enjoy doing. 10 years ago, her parents mysteriously disappeared. Afterwards, Cheryl moved to Celestic Town to spend a few years with an acquaintance of her parents. Soon after, Cheryl set out to uncover the truth about what happened. Though she cannot remember how she acquired the tattoo on her back, it is a constant reminder of her mission. Having travelled all over the world by the age of 19, she currently resides in Fuschia City, and spends a great deal of time by the shore. Though news of Viridian has reached her ears, and she will soon resume her wandering once more.

Waffles or Pancakes: Pancakes =P

Misc: Cheryl has a strange obsession with small, cute animals.

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):
Name: Hector
Species: Raichu
Gender: Male
Personality: Hector is bold, headstrong, and nearly fearless. Nearly, since he's quite afraid of Cheryl.
Acquired: Hector, a then-wild Raichu, attacked Cheryl during one of her travelling sessions. Irritated, she beat the pokémon with her bare fists, and it now follows her out of respect, and partially out of fear.
Misc: Hector, technically still a wild pokémon, does not reside in a pokéball.

Name: Zephyr
Species: Dragonair
Gender: Female
Personality: A hesitant creature, Zephyr is not very keen on battling. Though it obeys Cheryl's commands, it would much rather avoid battling if it had a say in the matter.
Acquired: Shortly before their disappearance, Cheryl's mother gave her a Dratini as an early birthday present. Shortly after her scuffle with Hector, Zephyr evolved into a Dragonair.
Misc: Zephyr's body has a slight green tint.

Name: Tippy
Species: Togetic
Gender: Female
Personality: Tippy is rather absentminded, and is likely to wander off if not kept in its pokéball.
Acquired: A gift from Cheryl's father, Tippy was received along with Zephyr.
Misc: Cheryl finds Tippy to be adorable, and enjoys hugging her. Tippy finds this awkward.

June 21st, 2007, 6:12 AM
Yes! Acceptance! It feels good, I must say. I'll be looking forward for the RP to start!

June 21st, 2007, 8:26 PM
Character Sheet
Name: Isis
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be around 16 but her true age is Unknown
Height: 5'3"

Appearance: The essence of true beauty. Her black hair is neatly cut at her shoulders and never styled. Her eyes lack any color. Her lips are a light coral, meshing perfectly with her porcelain-like skin. She wears a plain white tee shirt with a large red "X" in the middle, a knee-length jean skirt, and simple white flip flops. Her legs are lengthy and muscular, making her appear much taller than she truly is.

Personality: Due to the loss of her humanity in the process of becoming an android, she has lost many of her old personality traits. But since escaping her creator's lab and venturing around the world, her old traits have come back in sporadic spurts. Normally she is quiet and reserved, but becomes attached to people who for some reason feel familiar to her. She never becomes too emotional, often thinking logically to solve a situation.

Background: After what seemed to be a neverending slumber, the young woman awoke. She had no memory of her past, just a blurry memories. She felt different however. She looked at her fingers. In the ends red nodes were installed. Her body felt more mechanic, fluid. She was then greeted by a man named Dr. Hiruko. He told her he had found her outside his lab, conscienceless and on the brink of dying. After placing her on life support, he ran an analysis of her body and realized it was beyond simple repair. So using various pieces of equipment from his old job, he built her a new body. In the process, however, her entire memory bank had almost completely erased. So, Isis, as she came to be called by the doctor, began her new life in the laboratory. Dr. Hiroko became a father figure of sorts, but always remained cold & distant, more concerned with further improving her rather than caring for her. The problem was that all traces of emotion had been almost completely erased from her mind. But she did start to feel what she remembered as loneliness. So, while exploring the lab, she came upon a Porygon, whom was another creation of the doctor. From that point on, the two were inseparable. Then, on a strange night where Isis and Porygon were acting "ill," the Doctor grew concerned. Suddenly, the two flew into an uncontrollable rage, and in the process murdered the Doctor. Suddenly awakening from her rampage, she saw her damage. Knowing this could get her in trouble, she set the lab on fire and ran away with Porygon. So from then on she wandered Kanto, looking for her past. Upon hearing about the disappearance of Viridian, her interest grew. Maybe there was a connection between the disappearance of the city and the disappearance of her memories. So, she set off to visit the missing city.

Waffles or Pancakes: She lacks the proper parts of the body to digest food, so she does not eat. But if she did she'd eat both.

Misc: Due to the physical enhancements she received, her strength, smell, touch, hearing, vision, and agility have been improved tremendously.

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):
Name: ---
Species: Porygon
Gender: Genderless
Personality: Porygon only knows the commands of Isis, doing whatever it is told. Other than this loyalty, the Pokemon shows little to no emotion, no matter what the situation.
Acquired: Isolated in the laboratory of Dr. Hikori together, the two befriended each other and after the murder of Dr. Hiroko, they ran away together.
Misc: Under certain strange circumstances, both Porygon and Isis are prone to uncontrollable outbursts of rage while experiencing an increase in strength

Name: ---
Species: Oddish
Gender: Female
Personality: Very affectionate. Very absentminded and carefree. When angered, it will attack with a fierce Solarbeam attack.
Acquired: It was attracted by Isis's scent and began to follow her. Isis finally battled it, and caught it.
Misc: Has an odd crush on Rotom.

Name: ---
Species: Rotom
Gender: Genderless
Personality: A mysterious Pokemon is often seen moping around when it is out of its PokeBall. Frightened by the attention it receives from Oddish.
Acquired: Isis heard of a "haunted" radio and decided to investigate. She found Rotom living in the radio and eventually battled it & captured it.
Misc: Isis carries around a portable radio that she pulls out to cheer Rotom up.

June 22nd, 2007, 2:04 AM
Character Sheet

Name: Jake Silver

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Height: 5'6

Appearance: Jake is, in general, very shady looking. His distinguishing feature is a dark grey hooded cloak which covers most of his body. He has dark brown eyes and, although mostly covered by his hood, even darker brown hair. He has shadowy circles under his eyes all the time, emphasizing his appearance. His skin is very pale because the cloak covers his whole body. Underneath the cloak he wears a black sweatsuit. However, it is rarely seen when Jake isn't using his arms. Jake isn't really muscular at all, but makes up for it with intimidation.

Personality: Not much friendlier than his appearance. Jake's personality is more quiet than evil; he doesn't talk much except to his closest friends, and those are usually his Pokemon. Otherwise, if he feels he needs to talk, it will be sharp and abrupt. Jake acts very cold toward anyone new he meets. If he decides to associate with them, he's actually quite likeable. He tends to speak sarcastically, with a poetic twang to his voice. He is very intelligent and is an excellent strategist, but outwardly, this only shows in his vocabulary.

Background: Jake originated from Ecruteak City, a quiet town devoted to history. Growing up, he studied under Morty to learn how to train Pokemon. As such, he had excellent skill early on, since he was taught by a Gym Leader. However, at a specific point, it seemed he could learn no more from Morty; his skills seemed to have reached their max. Jake, instead, decided it was that he was now as good as the Gym Leader and needed to find new training. Under cover of darkness, he fled Ecruteak City with his Houndour to become the most powerful Trainer of all. Recently, while training, he K.O.'d a Bidoof, resulting in his being attacked by hundreds of them. He has since fled to Kanto...

Waffles or Pancakes: If I say waffles, am I accepted?

Misc: Jake's Pokeballs are black and red instead of white and red. Also, Jake isn't related to previous poster Cheryl Silver.

Pokémon Sheet:


Species: Houndoom

Gender: Male

Personality: Inferno is extremely loyal to Jake, to the point where it is unwilling to listen to other Trainers and protects its own Trainer. It is stubborn and quiet, but turns friendly when alone with Jake. Inferno is extremely hard to knock out in a battle, because it is unwilling to give up; it doesn't stop fighting until incapable of moving.

Acquired: Inferno was Jake's first Pokemon, a Houndour that he received as a gift shortly after beginning his training with Morty. It evolved shortly after he left Ecruteak City.

Misc: Nothing, really.

Name: Scythe

Species: Weavile

Gender: Female

Personality: Scythe is surprisingly outgoing, a rare trait in a Dark type. It is friendly with Jake, Inferno, and most random strangers. This trait gets it into messes that Jake has to clean up. Despite that, it can hold its own in battle. It is extremely aggressive when it needs to be.

Acquired: Jake took in Scythe as a young Sneasel while traveling in Sinnoh. While he was looking around Snowpoint City, it ran out of Snowpoint Temple, presumably chased by stronger Pokemon. It practically ran straight into Jake's arms, so he took it into his roster to care for it.

Misc: Nothing, really.

Name: Omen

Species: Honchkrow

Gender: Female

Personality: Omen is rather timid compared to Jake's other Pokemon, and seems to be afraid of even the slightest pain. It is often picked on by the rest of Jake's Pokemon, so he usually keeps it out of battle.

Acquired: Jake captured Omen as a Murkrow in Eterna Forest after it lead him astray through the woods for nearly an hour. The capture wasn't much of a fight; the Murkrow almost seemed to be begging him to take it with him. Jake evolved it later when he found a Dusk Stone.

Misc: Despite its lack of confidence, Omen is incredibly strong for a Honchkrow. Even though it is relatively small, it can carry Jake quite far with Fly.

Name: Titan

Species: Tyranitar

Gender: Male

Personality: Titan is the muscle of Jake's team. The incredibly powerful Pokemon can break through rockslides, fight off wild Pokemon, and even knock down fruit from trees by stomping the ground. However, it is slow and isn't very smart. In battles, it often has a hard time dodging and taking orders. Outside of battle, it has difficulty solving problems it causes, forcing Jake to take care of it.

Acquired: Titan was found alone on a mountain in Johto as a Larvitar, and put up quite a fight when Jake tried to capture it. It succeeded in knocking out Scythe, but Jake eventually managed to catch it. Humorously, Jake gave it the name "Titan" right after catching it. Jake and Titan went through many sessions of hard training so it could unleash the power it shows now.

Misc: Although Titan is Jake's most powerful Pokemon, he only uses it when the situation is dire.

By the way, Wafflegod, do you remember me? I don't mind if you don't, I'm just asking. I haven't been here since last October.

June 23rd, 2007, 12:09 PM
Patience. We should wait for Wafflegod.

June 23rd, 2007, 6:10 PM
OOC: Hah, betcha thought I wouldn't post, did ya. Well, sorry to disappoint you =P. My errands took a bit longer than I thought they would.

Anyway, first order of business:

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses: While I'm glad you finished your profile, it just isn't good enough. Well, for the most part it's decent, but you really could add some more to your background. I understand that some people don't want to say much, to keep their character mysterious for part of the story, but please. I need more than what you're giving me =P

Porygon-Z - To be honest, I was a little on-the-fence with you. I like the profile, I like robots (Ninjas and pirates are better, though >_>), but I wasn't sure if they'd fit well with the Pokémon universe. But, I decided, "why not give it a shot." So welcome aboard =)

HoundoomOfTheDarkness: Your profiles always interest me, so this was an easy choice to make. You're in. And yes, I remember you. Quite well, actually.

On a separate note, some of you may have been reading, or been participants of my previous RP, Lord of the Snacks. Sadly, it did fall into the abyss of the internet, but if anyone's curious as to how it would've ended if it continued, feel free to PM me =)

And with that out of the way, let's get started!
IC: Wow.

A young girl leaned over the western railing of Cycling Road, her shoulder-length blue hair fluttering slightly in the breeze. She, along with the raichu atop her head, started in amazement at Cinnibar Island off in the distance. The volcano at the island's center was an unmistakable landmark. Though Cheryl had been there several times, she had never spent much time on the island. Perhaps, she thought to herself, she'd drop by for a short while after her business at Viridian was done.

Behind her, dozens of cyclists whizzed by, some slowing down briefly to glance at the girl who was, for some reason, traversing the road on foot. Without any supervision, the bikers in the area would surely rough her up a bit!

Those who were heading towards Fuschia, the direction the girl came from, quickly dismissed the thought as they passed by a few bikers who had apparently been knocked unconscious; the wheels on some of their bikes still spinning. Some of the bodies lay sprawled on the ground, while others hung over the railing, in danger of falling into the sea. Nobody stopped to check up on them.

Cheryl stared out to sea for a few moments longer. Eventually, her hand made its way to the small bag she carried on her shoulder, and pulled out a small sandwhich. She tore it in half. One half she kept for herself, the other she lifted so Hector could reach it. The mouse-like critter eagerly grasped the food. "Eat up, kid," she said quietly. "We've still got some distance before we reach Viridian City, so you better eat to keep your strength up!"

"Chu~", chirped Hector in response, before turning its attention to the delicious sandwich in his hands. The small claws on his feet dug ever so slightly into Cheryl's scalp, but she hardly noticed.

She turned northwards. And so resumed the journey of the blue-haired girl with a raichu on her head.

June 23rd, 2007, 8:07 PM
Name: Ali-Sal Erudo
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Height: 5'3"
Appearance: Ali-Sal has a bit of a foreign look to her, at least to those in Kanto. Long dirty-blonde pulled back in a high ponytail and bright green eyes curved upwards at the corners along with light toned skin make up her general appearance. A small tattoo just above and beside her left eye is really the only unique thing about her appearance. Her attire consists of jeans faded from wear and a v-cut tanktop. Her are worn but well kept and the belt at her waste holds three odd Pokeballs. Rather than the usual red and white color, they are green all over with darker colored patterns at the top. Around her neck she wears a thin black cord with a silver pendant suspended from it and she carries a small white backpack most of the time.

Personality: Ali-Sal is incredibly cheerful and is never seen without a smile on her face. Her accent is strange to those who have never heard it before and she has a habit of talking very quickly and expecting people to understand what she said. Always optimistic and quick to jump into things without thinking, Ali-Sal bears many scars received during some adventure or other. There is a more serious side to her that comes out when it's needed but her happy go-lucky outlook on life never changes.

Background: Born and raised in the Yanta region, Ali-Sal was raised a battler, both with Pokemon and herself. She trains herself as well as her Pokemon and uses her own limits and abilities to judge her Pokemon's. Beginning her Pokemon journey at ten years of age, Ali-Sal was quick to get herself into trouble with a group of older trainers and made her first "rivals" out of them. Though she always treated them with a smile and a perky comment, they always tried their best to do her a serious injury. After competing in the Yanta League and losing, she left and began to travel to different regions to train. The last league she competed in was the Yanta League, which she decided to return to for another go. Snatching second place, she left Yanta with three select Pokemon to head to Kanto where her older sister, Sisile was traveling. Her last contact with her sister was a message from the Viridian City Pokemon Center where she suggested they meet.

Waffles or Pancakes: Pancakes, duh. XD

Misc: Ali-Sal has a fascination for things that are "unusual" aka, that sparkle, glow, make odd noises, make cute noises, look cute, or are strange and complicated.

Pokémon Sheet

Name: Red Star or Reds
Species: Chikorita
Gender: Female
Personality: Reds is a Pokemon that is both easily loved and easily hated. She has a cheerful disposition and is all sunshine and candy bars most of the time. However, she has a mischievous side and loves to annoy and cause trouble when her trainer isn't looking.
Acquired: Reds was captured when she tried to pick a fight with Ali-Sal's Yanta starter, Efreet. She bonded quickly with her trainer and usually stays outside of her Pokeball. Why she has never evolved is a mystery but Ali-Sal doesn't mind.
Misc: Reds got her name because her eyes glow in the starlight.

Name: Wind Slicer or Slizyr
Species: Scizor
Gender: Male
Personality: Slizyr is very strong and incredibly protective of his trainer. Like Ali-Sal, he's curious about things but prefers to leave the investigating up to her because of how many injuries she's managed to get.
Acquired: Ali-Sal met Slizyr when he was still a Scyther. Trying to find the cause of the damage to some trees she'd noticed, she stumbled across the Scyther training and was impressed by its strength, thus deciding to attempt a capture. Slizyr evolved about a month before Ali-Sal met Fierie.
Misc: Slizyr is very awkward around females of his kind.

Name: Fierce Claw or Fierie
Species: Zangoose
Gender: Male
Personality: Fierie is proud and strong but also good natured. He's stubborn and also very tolerant, of his trainer at least.
Acquired: During her travels in the Hoenn region, Ali-Sal stumbled across a wild Zangoose which was a Pokemon she had never seen before. Bursting with curiosity, she approached and was instantly attacked. It was through the quick action of Slizyr that she managed to escape with only a few bumps and bruises and to pull off a successful capture.
Misc: Fierie's pride refuses to let him admit it, but he is very fond of his trainer and the other members of his team.

June 23rd, 2007, 9:09 PM
Shaden Woodsworth

It was a great day. The sun was brightly shining; the wind was softly blowing, and Shaden was comfortably sitting under the shade of a tall oak tree just on the outskirt of Pewter City. It’s funny how people take for granted the simple pleasures that nature has to offer. They always complain about how hot it is, or how cold it is, or how wet it is? But when that perfect day comes around, what do those people do? They sit inside watching T.V., playing video games, or messing around on the computer. It's actually a sad sight to see. Shaden, on the other hand, absolutely loved the outdoors regardless of the weather. To him, days like this were few and like a blessing from above. That is until someone finds the need to disturb you.

I see you are enjoying yourself again. The voice sounded a bit agitated and Shaden didn't need to look to see who it was. Radiance never did like it when he took his breaks., especially when they weren't necessary. She believed that anytime spent relaxing was wasted time. Shaden wasn't even sure if the testy scyther knew how to relax.

"I think we can spare a few moment every now and then, Rad. You could use the time yourself. Buuut... if you hate it that much, I could always just put you back in your pokéball." Without look at Radiance, Shaden removed the red and white orb from his side and waved it slowly in the scyther's direction.

If you do that, you better hope that little hairball of yours can fight all your battles, because if I get back out of that thing, its next resident will be you. And don’t call me Rad. Shaden couldn't help but smile as the light green scyther lifted off the ground and flew off to find something more 'productive' to do. Letting her go, Shaden focused on something more important: The disappearance of Viridian City.

It was a strange story to say the least. Towns don't just disappear. At first, Shaden had actually thought it was a very elaborate joke that people were playing. But as the reports continued to come in, it became clear that it was anything but a joke. Not having anything better to do, Shaden decided that checking out the disaster would be a good idea. Radiance had been less optimistic about the journey. The town was gone and that was that. The scyther didn't have a curious bone in her body. It was actually amusing to see her so eager to continue.

Standing up, Shaden stretched himself out and took a look at the city in front of him. Pewter City wasn't anything too special, but it did offer the ability to restock on supplies. The city also had a gym, but with the gym in Viridian gone, it made it pointless to try and collect badges. Shaden didn't have the time to stop anyways. Taking one last look at the city, Shaden decided to find Radiance and continue on. He had only taken a few steps when he heard a scream piece the air. The scream came from further up the road and sounded like it came from a kid.

"And the day was so peaceful too,” Shaden said rolling his eyes. “People need to teach their kids to shut up." Shaden started off down the road towards where the scream had come from. Sticking two fingers into his mouth, he let out a high pitch whistle to let Radiance know he was moving. If the kid was in trouble, he or she better be glad they were in Shaden's way.

June 23rd, 2007, 9:40 PM
It's a beautiful day today. The pidgeys are chirping, the Metapods are hardening and the berries are growing. A great day to go out and enjoy the great weather. Just over a hill in the outskirts of Pewter City a giant tree with apples can be seen, a little boy comes running towards the tree to grab some apples where there the tree suddenly shook and fell down. The tree was actually a cardboard cut-out, a ninja can be seen behind.

"Like a shadow creeping forth from the depths of night-" Joey said in a his low whisper voice trying to act mysterious where there, his sentence was cut off.

"WAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" The boy screamed in terror.

"Like a shadow--" Joey was cut off again by more screaming.

"AHHHHHH!!!!" The boy terrorized by the Ninja Boy.

"LIKE A SHA- SHUT UP!" Joey yelled at the kid.

The kid stopped screaming. Joey glared at the kid where the boy just stared back. Joey waited if the kid was going to scream more but he didn't say anything else. Figuring it was safe to finish his sentence, he continues his speech.

"Like a sha--"

"AHHHHH!!!" The boy burst out screaming again.

"... I hate you." Joey muttered at the boy where there he could hear the footsteps of someone running to the boys rescue. Joey turned around to see a boy with black curls, taller than Joey and a lot older too. There's a Scyther next to him that is more greener than a normal one of its species.

"AHA! So reinforcements have arrived! Have fun catching something that you cannot see!" Joey told the new arrival in a sinister tone as he reached out for a smoke bomb and threw it on the ground. The bomb exploded only releasing a very small puff of white smoke. Joey just stood there, started to run around in circles and jumped into a nearby bush.

June 24th, 2007, 1:37 AM

The cry came from the middle of the Viridian Forest. Almost instantaneously afterward, a cloaked figure followed by a Weavile came tearing out of the Viridian City side entrance. He was followed by about 30 angry Bidoof. "Alright Scythe. Let's take them now that we're out of the stupid forest," the boy said in a winded, raspy voice. The Weavile jumped into the path of the Bidoof. "Now. Use Ice Shard!" The Dark-type Pokemon fired chunks of ice all over the swarm of Pokemon, incredibly KOing all of them. The Trainer looked quietly pleased with his Weavile, while the Pokemon was jumping happily to celebrate its victory.

The Trainer turned around, brushing the leaves off of his cloak. "Man, I hate Bidoof," he muttered as he recalled his Weavile. Looking around, he noticed what he didn't in his rush from the forest. A ninja boy making a pathetic attempt at hiding, a short man with a very light Scyther, and... a giant hole? "They told me there was a city on the other side of the dumb forest," he complained. "What a waste of my time."

June 24th, 2007, 5:44 AM
"Well that's different," Terry said wearing a confused look on his face as he looked out over the giant hole that was once Viridian City. He'd never been to Viridian City before so he could only wonder what had once stood here. Though surely out of all the stories he'd heard about the city it wasn't just a big hole in the ground. "What do you think, Kansas?" he asked his Charmeleon whom was standing next to him.

Kansas responded with a shrug. Sometimes Terry wondered if his pokémon could understand him sometimes, after all he couldn't understand them very often. Of course, now was no time for idle thoughts, a city was missing, though Terry wasn't sure what could be done about something like this. He couldn't even see the bottom of the hole, though a crowd was beginning to gather. It looked as though trainers were getting to the site faster than civilians.

June 24th, 2007, 5:53 AM

The young girl walked slowly down the tree-laden path of Viridian City. She listened to the cries of the small Pokémon, and watched as the morning sun started to peak over the canopies of the forest.

Next to her a small inorganic Pokémon named Porygon followed her closely, keeping it eyes set on her. Any motion she made, it followed. On her other side pranced a tiny Oddish, who seemed to be enjoying the shade that this forest provided.

"I've heard this city just vanished. No one knows what has happened to it. But I'm sure there is SOMEONE out there that knows what happened. And I'm going to figure it out. And hopefully in the process, I find out what happened to me," the girl, named Isis, said.

She eventually emerged from the haven of trees, and saw just a rolling field with nothing in sight. She had never been to Viridian City before, but from the conglomerate of people forming nearby, she was sure this was the location of the Missing City.

June 24th, 2007, 12:34 PM
Character Sheet

Name: Shawn Masters

Gender: Male

Age: 15 going on 16 in a few weeks

Height: 5'7

Appearance: Shawn fashions a long braid of dark purple hair that end at the small of his back. His unique hair color seems to enhance the intensity of his azure eyes. He's ALWAYS wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt and it's always unzipped, showing off his usual plain, purple shirt. His loose, black jeans nearly cover his sneakers, and the only portion that's visible is the lavender designs that stretch along the base of the shoes. He's always wearing a serious expression and believes smiling or frowning is just a waste of energy. He not very strong but because of personality, people assume he's a tough guy.

Personality: As stated before, Shawn is a very serious person. He almost never jokes and thinks sarcasm is a ticket to get punched in the face. Despite this, he doesn't prefer fighting unless it's a Pokémon battle. He attempts to keep his emotions hidden but if something bad enough happens, it'll show. The only time he shows fear is when standing before a large body of water, due to past events. When around attractive females, Shawn loses his serious personality and gets pretty nervous, sometimes saying some very awkward thing.

Background: Shawn gets his personality from his very rich father and mother. In fact, he is of the richest family in his hometown, Viridian City. One stormy evening, on a cruise with his parents, Shawn fell off the ship and landed in the raging sea. He still remembers how the waves dragged his powerless body to the unforgivable depths. Although he was saved within minutes, he felt as if he spent a lifetime submerged in the ocean. Ever since, Shawn's had a fear of large bodies of water. After traveling to Pallet Town and getting his first Pokémon from Professor Oak, he returned home to tell his parent about his plan to go on a Pokémon journey. His parents however, didn't take the news lightly. They were furious and wanted their only son to become as rich and famous as they did. One night, with his one Pokémon, Shawn decided to run away from home and make his own decisions from that point on. Now nearly a year later and with seven official Pokémon League badges, he has no choice but to return to Viridian, uninformed of the previous event that had just taken place...

Waffles or Pancakes: Leggo my eggo!

Misc: Shawn doesn't like to use a lot of Pokémon and only trust the ones he got at the beginning of his journey.

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):
Name: Buster
Species: Charmeleon
Gender: Male
Personality: The exact opposite of Shawn. Buster is a very spunky Pokémon who's almost always smiling. He enjoys playing pranks on unsuspecting trainers and even fellow Pokémon. The only thing he has in common with his trainer is their fear of water.
Acquired (How'd you get it): Shawn’s starter from Professor Oak. Before Shawn actually ran away, Buster was never released from his Pokéball prison. Because of this, he walks beside Shawn and only enters his Pokéball in emergencies.
Misc: He has blue eyes.

Name: Fritz
Species: Vaporeon
Gender: Female
Personality: At times it may seem like Fritz is in love with Shawn as she immediately starts licking his cheek when she's released. That is, if their not in a battle. When it comes to fighting, Fritz is all business and would go to unimaginable heights to help Shawn win and make him happy, even if she won't notice.
Acquired: Fritz was given to Shawn when she was a baby Eevee as a prize for scoring big at the Celadon casino. When they returned to Celadon at a later time in their journey, a water stone was thrown out the window from the Celadon mall, and hit Fritz right on head. She complains how she always wanted to be a Jolteon. Now as a water-type, Fritz trys to help Shawn cope with his fear of water.
Misc: Nothing special about her...

Name: Scorn
Species: Sneasel
Gender: Male
Personality: Scorn does things the way he likes, regardless of what Shawn tells him. He refuses to become with the rest of the team and doesn't like to be released except for battles. He only obeys Shawn when he is in serious trouble, and that's only because Scorn thinks that's a good time to test his strength. Scorn always carries a fake claw between his real claws.
Acquired: A traveling trainer from Sinnoh abandoned poor Scorn and he was eventually found by Shawn in Saffron. He was reluctant to join Shawn at first but after seeing how seeing how much Shawn wanted a Pokémon like him for his upcoming gym battle, he decided to tag along. The fake claw he carries is the last thing he has from his previous trainer.
Misc: Sometimes goes too far when fighting and Shawn is forced to call him back if the battle gets too serious.

June 24th, 2007, 12:48 PM
Shaden Woodsworth

Shaden reached the origin of the scream rather quickly and instantly wished he hadn’t. Standing in front of a screaming boy, was another boy dressed in what would best be described as a ninja outfit. While the scene was somewhat comical, it only succeeded in ticking Shaden off.

“I ran all this way for nothing,” Shaden hissed between clinched teeth. “That kid needs to learn a lesson about not pissing me off.” Shaden stomped quickly and angrily towards the two boy, debating on which style of punishment would be best: verbal or physical. The buzzing of wings behind him informed Shaden of Radiance’s presence. As he got closer to the two boys, the ninja kid spotted him and threw some kind of smoke bomb on the ground. Unfortunately for the kid, the smoke had little effect. Shaden sighed and turned his head to Radiance.

“Get the kid out of the bushes and bring him out to me. We need to have a little talk.” Radiance nodded and sped off in the direction of the bushes. With Radiance getting the ninja kid, Shaden turned his attention to the other boy. Doing his best to not scream, Shaden knelt down in front of the boy

“Alright, Kid. I want you to get out of here an…,” Shaden was cut off by one of the boys screams before he could finish. Not able to control himself anymore, Shaden grabbed the kid by the shoulders, pulled him forward so they were face to face, and yelled at the kid, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!” The kid was so shocked that he stood with mouth open not saying a word. Looking the kid in the eyes, Shaden smiled brightly. “Now you run on home, kid, before I really give you something to scream about.” The kid took off down the road without a second to waste.

Turning back to the bushes, Shaden looked for Radiance and the ninja kid.

June 24th, 2007, 1:26 PM
"Wow," the cloaked Trainer said. "Anger issues anyone?" He stepped forward slightly in the older boy's direction. "I don't really know what's going on here- major or minor- but I have to say that did not look entirely necessary." He glanced in the direction of the fleeing boy. "This is a strange time for pleasantries, but ah well. My name is Jake," he said, wondering if sharing his name was really a good idea. He then turned towards the bush that the ninja boy was hiding in. "I can see you there," he said, chuckling slightly.

June 24th, 2007, 1:51 PM
Crash sat atop his Yanmega, speeding over Viridian Forest. The wings of his pokemon buzzed loudly, almost like a helicopter. Crash felt his hair move with the wind as he repositioned his hat and goggles. He turned and patted Yanni on the head, it let out a sort of purr, "We're almost there, Yanni! Just you wait." The Yanmega, to show its approval, did a barrel role in the air, craftily keeping Crash atop its back.

Upon reaching the said city, there was a sudden dissappointment. Instead of a thriving city, there was a crater! "Say what?"

Crash directed Yanmega to fly lower, to inspect this confusion. The big bug soared down towards the ground. It flew down into the hole and around it, looking for some kind of clue, only to find none. Crash looked about for something, anything, but all he found were a couple of kids standing on one end bickering. Yanmega hung a U-turn, flying directly at the kids. It hovered a bit over the ground, coming slowly to a helicopter-like landing. The bug qieted down and Crash hopped off to try to talk with the other kids.

June 24th, 2007, 2:14 PM
"What a diverse group we have," Terry said, approaching the small group of people gathering near the hole. There were ninjas, bullies, and some cloaked kid who looked like the grim reaper. "What's going on here? Because I don't think you should be picking on little kids," he continued, pointing toward Shaden, commenting on his bullying the cloaked kid. It was funny that Terry talked to Shaden like that, he was only a year or so older than the "kid". Though, what had to be done, had to be done, and Terry didn't really appreciate bullies. "So, if we could just stop fighting, and get along that'd be great," he smiled.

Terry wasn't sure that it was a good idea, or if he could even take Shaden in a battle. Considering the Scyther was his, it looked pretty strong.

June 24th, 2007, 2:49 PM
Laughter of a small boy could be heard all around the trainers in the forest. As the trainers looked back all they saw was a doll in a black t-shirt, Joey was nowhere to be found.

"Hahaha! Pathetic attempts cannot catch a ninja! You, the one with the dinner knife, you should be ashamed of calling yourself a ninja. Ninjas don't just walk up to groups of people and say, "Hi, I'm a ninja!" Unless that group of people are in fact ninja and it is a ninja meeting, and it's at night, and you can't see everyone else and you don't know it's actually a ninja meeting." Voice said all around them.

And then, the voice stopped speaking. There was a slight pause of silence. Something sounded weird. A Spearow could be heard crowing at something in the trees. A branch broke and Joey fell on top of Shaden.

"OW!" Joey yelped as he banged his head on Shaden's from the fall.

Walking around dizzy, Joey gave Shaden a Pokémon egg. "Here you go! As a ninja, I must give you a present. However, it shall be a present of DEATH! Hoo-ha! I take my leave!" And with that Joey ran out of the forest like there was no tomorrow.

The rest of the trainers turned to see a whole flock of Spearow flying towards them wanting their egg back. They don't look too friendly at all.

June 24th, 2007, 3:09 PM

A slim, yet built figure stood over a downed cyclist, casting a remorseful gaze on the unfortunate traveller. Dude wondered what could have happened to the grounded man. He suffered from a black eye, a busted lip and a bloody nose; and these were only the damaged spots visible to the young trainer’s eyes. For all he knew, the injured may have been enduring broken ribs or other internal complications. Under normal circumstances, Dude would have ruled it off as an accident, but the damage looked too deliberate. “Poor guy,” Dude sighed. “Must have been mugged or something.”

Perhaps he was evil for realising it, but this misfortune presented an opportunity for Dude. His mother had sent him to Viridian City to collect something for her. The sooner he got there, the sooner he could get back, and with this biker knocked out…

Dude squatted close to the cyclist’s face. “Um, you don’t mind if I borrow your bike, do you?” He requested in a whisper, more to conceal his actions from passing cyclists than anything else. Not even a direct shout into the man’s ears would have warned him of what Dude was about to do; conveniently, for him, the biker was unconsciousness and could do nothing to decline his request. The blond-haired teen leaned against the railing, whistling a funky tune as he waited for the coast to be completely clear. Once he found the perfect chance, he lifted up the bike and hopped right on! “Thank you! I promise I’ll get it back to you … er, somehow.” He knew the man could not hear his words. The reassurance was more for him; it made him feel more like he was borrowing it as oppose to stealing it.

I'm not the one in the wrong here, he convinced himself as he paddled forth. To his discomfort, that lifeless body he had stumbled upon would not be the last on the cycling road. Worry began to settle within his gut as he noticed a man hanging over the railing. What in the name of King Dingdong is going on here?

Despite the occasional obstacles on the road, Dude did his best to keep at a quick pace. That was, until he saw her. He did not need to see her face to imagine she was beautiful. The girl with radiant blue hair strolled along as if all in the world was right. Perhaps she felt safe with that Raichu sitting on her head. Dude heard of having faith in one’s pokémon, but could a fragile looking thing like her truly stand a chance against a mass mugger/attacker/weirdo? No way. He decided he would follow her at a safe distance, keeping watch over her just in case the offender showed up again. Then he could spring into action! And once he kicked the burglar’s butt, she would definitely fall for him! Oh yeah. He could totally see it happening already.

And so he followed her. "Don't worry, I'm right behind ya," he muttered softly, knowing she would not hear it.


June 24th, 2007, 3:41 PM
OOC: Almost forgot about the new recruits >_>

Alana: I'm impressed. You're a good writer. And we need more girls anyway XD. Welcome!

Glajummy: I can see quite a bit of potential. Let's hope you fulfill said potential. Welcome aboard =)

IC: Cheryl plowed through several more bikers as she made her way across the bridge spanning the bay between Fuschia and the other side of Kanto. Her pace quickened as she shifted into a run, Hector running alongside her. She was nearing Viridian, and she was eager to see with her own eyes what had happened.

Having set foot on Route 17, she eyed a handful of people, trainers and ordinary civilians alike, walking northwest through the woods. Heading towards Viridian City, no doubt. The woods were dense for the most part, and the thick foliage blocked out a great deal of sunlight. As a result, the forest was dark, damp, and intimidating to those who didn't know the area. There was a steady *crunch* in the air, as Cheryl's feet crushed the fallen leaves covering the ground. In some areas of the woods, bidoofs had gnawed the trees down. Cheryl wondered why there were wild bidoofs in Kanto, but she'd worry about that later. In a single swift motion, she scooped up Hector, and sprinted through the small forest to the outskirts of Viridian. Quite a shortcut.

For a moment, she was forced to shield her eyes from the sun. Her short time in the forest had caused her eyes to adjust to the darkness, and she needed a moment to get used to the light. With that done, Hector still in her arms, she walked towards the gathering crowd.

And her jaw fell open. "This...this can't be...", she said, her voice barely above a whisper. She was standing at the edge of a massive crater, surrounded by people. "Is this really Viridian City...?"

Not being given time to take in her surroundings, her attention was immediately drawn to a sound off in the distance. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a poorly dressed ninja bolting away from the crater. In her direct line of sight, however, was a small group of trainers, an egg, and an angry flock of spearow.

For reasons she couldn't explain, Cheryl felt compelled to help them. As if, somewhere deep down, she felt that they would be the key to unravelling the mystery behind her parents. "Let's go, Hector!" she shouted, as the mouse-like pokémon leapt from her arms. The two of them dashed towards the group, and in mid-run Cheryl withdrew a poké ball from her small, brown backpack.

"Come on out, Zephyr!" she called, as she hurled the sphere outwards. The ball bounced once, and then popped open as a stream of red light shot forth, materializing into the form of a green-tinted Dragonair. Silently, it followed alongside its trainer, hovering a few inches above the ground. Cheryl caught the poké ball in mid-air, and returned it to its home in her pack.

She was completely unaware of the odd man on the bicycle following her.

June 24th, 2007, 5:38 PM
OOC: Thanks much. ^_^

Ali-Sal was not one to be nervous, anxious, or afraid under any circumstances. She was more likely to be curious and hyper and to plow headlong into things without thinking. However, that was not how she was acting as she walked slowly through the dense undergrowth of the Viridian Forest.

Shortly after arriving in Kanto, she had learned about the strange and sudden disappearance of one of the largest cities in the region. Had it been any other but Viridian she would have been powerfully interested and running at full pace to reach the area. Because it was Viridian, the place her sister had been, she was walking slow and doing something she didn't often do so seriously; thinking.

'Try to relax, Ali-Sal,' said a bright voice from her head. Red Star's leaf drifted over her trainer's eyes. The sweet smell emanating from it was calming and helped to clear the girl's mind.

"I'm not stressed," Ali-Sal said, continuing to walk despite having half her vision blocked by the leaf. "And I'm not worried. I am puzzled and this is strange for me. I am also curious."

'And you're anxious about Sisile. Don't worry, I'm sure she's fine. A city doesn't just disappear. It has to go somewhere.'

"Yes. And wherever it went, Sisile is not there. That is why I am not anxious. I just have this odd feeling in my chest that is causing me quite as much thought as the new location of Viridian."

'That's called worry. Surely you recognize it.'

"No," Ali-Sal said simply. She began to move faster and Red Star lifted her leaf from her trainer's face. Light was shining up ahead which indicated the end of the forest and her first glimpse of the Viridian area.

It was not what she had expected. A crater the size of...well, a city. The odd feeling in her chest tensed but she chose to ignore it and stare in wonder for a moment. Intense curiosity mixed with that odd thing called worry made her hurry up to the very edge of the crater and stare into it. What could have caused it? "I knew that the city was gone. I did not think what the city had been sitting on would be gone, too."

'Well...it kind of makes sense, logically. There's lots of pipes and tunnels that lie beneath cities.'

"True, true." Out of the corner of her eye, Ali-Sal caught site of a girl with vivid blue hair moving quickly towards a small group of people being dive bombed by a flock of angry..."What was that species called again?"

'Spearow, I believe. They're rare in Yanta.'

"Ah, yes. The fierce little birds. Didn't one of them once try to peck out my eyeballs in Hoenn?"

'I believe it was a Spearow, yes.'

They stood for a moment, contemplating their knowledge of the species, then Ali-Sal hurried off after the girl with blue hair. She'd help out the trainer's in trouble if she could but she also wanted to study the Spearow that were attacking them.

June 24th, 2007, 6:26 PM
Shaden Woodsworth

Doesn't anyone dress normal these days? The entrance of the new trainer only worsened Shaden's already bad mood. A ninja kid taunting him was bad enough, now a Goth kid felt the need to critique his handling of small children.

"Well forgive me, Mr. Emo. Next time there is a little kid in a dangerous forest being harassed by some dork in a ninja outfit, I will be sure to be polite when I tell him or her to get their little butt home." Shaden turned away from the boy and went back to looking for the ninja boy. All he was able to find, however, was a doll in a black shirt. The doll was soon sent flying through the air by a kick from Shaden. That's when the voices started echoing through the forest.

"Hahaha! Pathetic attempts cannot catch a ninja! You, the one with the dinner knife, you should be ashamed of calling yourself a ninja. Ninjas don't just walk up to groups of people and say, "Hi, I'm a ninja!" Unless that group of people are in fact ninja and it is a ninja meeting, and it's at night, and you can't see everyone else and you don't know it's actually a ninja meeting." Shaden sighed and shook his head. The kid was an idiot: a very quick idiot but an idiot none-the-less. The rustle of bird in the tree and the crack of a branch caught Shaden's attention. Looking up, he was greeting by the face of the falling kid. A very painful and confusion second later, the kid was running away, Shaden had a headache and was holding an egg, and a flock of Spearow where flying angrily out of the tree.

"You will pay for that one, kid." Getting a good grip of the egg, Shaden launched it at the fleeing boy in hopes of a miracle. As the egg flew, Shaden quickly called out to Radiance. "RAD, follow that brat and make sure he doesn’t get away. I don't care what you do, just bring him back."

Radiance blew past Shaden in a blur in pursuit of the kid. He won't get away this time. As Radiance flew by, Shaden grabbed his other pokéball and release Clydesdale. The Mankey jumped around energetically and turned to Shaden for instruction.

What do you need me to do? Pointing to the incoming winged pokémon, Shaden ordered, "Focus Energy and then attack with Furry Swipes" The monkey like fighting pokémon jumped with joy and instantly began focusing his energy for the attack.

June 24th, 2007, 7:31 PM
OOC: Thanks a lot WaffleGod, I'll try my best!

IC: The tail of a red lizard swung freely, its flame tip nearly burning the nearby human.

"HEY, WATCH IT BUSTER!" Shawn shouted at his companion.

'Calm down Shawny! It was a mistake... or was it' the Charmeleon replied, a menacing grin glued on his face. Shawn just shot him an annoyed look and dropped the conversation. He and his Charmeleon were on their way back home. Back to Viridian city. Shawn was anxious to get in and out of the city quickly, praying that he doesn't run into his parents. Unlike most trainers, Shawn was approaching from the west. He tried to get into the Pokémon League without getting his final badge, but was quickly turned down. He'd do anything to stay away from Viridian.

Finally, the two came across a sign stating: WELCOME TO VIRIDIAN CITY! Shawn's expressionless face caught a slight smile and without warning, he jolted for his hometown, his lavender hair flowing feet behind him. Buster simply sighed and followed his trainer. He was too fond of the city. About five minutes after their take-off, Buster noticed that Shawn had stopped running.

'Why'd you stopped Shaw-' Buster stopped his sentence there when he saw the enormous crater before them. Everything was gone. The houses, the Pokémon, the people- all gone. Well, most of the people anyway. A group of what seemed to be trainers were arguing as a flock of large birds advanced toward them. A girl aboard an oddly colored Dragonite was flying in the direction of the trainers, followed by a girl with a Chikorita and an exhausted man riding a bike.

'Awesome! Two cute girls in one area!' Buster cheered, unfazed by the fate that had befallen the city. Shawn, on the other hand, wasn't so happy.

"Shut up Buster! My home... the gym... their gone. I didn't like my parents but... Come on! We've gotta find out what happened." Shawn instructed, running in the same direction as the two girls. He had no intention of helping the group and just wanted some answers. As they ran, the pair noticed a weird looking ninja boy being chased by a Scyther.

'Bleh... Bug Pokémon. They'll be the death of us all...' Buster mumbled.

June 25th, 2007, 1:57 AM
Jake had an annoyed look on his face. "Look," he said, "I'd love to listen to you guys argue about ninjas for a few more hours, but don't you think we should try to find out what happened here or something?" He gestured towards the large hole. "Also, you... um... the bigger ninja. I believe that guy with the Scyther was referring to me. And," he said, turning to Shaden, "if you'd rather I wasn't going to be pleasant, I could begin now." He pulled a red and black Pokeball from his cloak. He threw it to the ground, sending out his own Houndoom. "Wait, I'm sorry," he said awkwardly. "This is obviously becoming a bit confusing without introductions. My name is Jake Silver." The Houndoom growled slightly in agreement. "And this is Inferno, my Houndoom."

June 25th, 2007, 2:45 AM

Dude followed the young lass to the very end of Viridian Forest undetected. What he found there, or rather what he did not find, confused him greatly. An enormous, bottomless crater lay where Viridian City once stood. It was not every day the Earth would swallow a city whole. Obviously, something very abnormal was taking place. Dude could not afford to stay and investigate any further however. He had a girl to follow, er, watch over. He climbed onto his bike and headed back into Viridian Forest. The direction he was moving towards produced a lot of commotion. Some battle must have been underway.

Approaching him by foot and running towards the crater that was once Viridian City, a short boy clad in a ninja get-up was frightened for his life it seemed, as a sinister looking Scyther chased him. Dude remembered his days as a young trainer when he would be the subject of wild pokémon attacks. Heh, the blue-haired girl would have to wait a moment as he helped this kid out. Once Dude had paddled passed the boy, he placed his left foot firmly on the ground, and brought the bike to a sudden halt, skidding it along the green grass. The Scyther stopped in its tracks before the blond-haired teen that had now made an obstacle of himself.

Dude dismounted the bicycle, cracking his knuckles in preparation. “Why don’t you leave the kid alone and try taking on someone your own size?” He challenged the Scyther. In his peripheral vision, Dude noticed there was someone else present. Turning in that direction, he discovered that it was a kid with purple hair, dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt.

“Hey, you! Give me a hand over here,” Dude called him over. There was something alarmingly eerie about this Scyther. He did not expect it to go down easy. Perhaps, he might've needed aid from the kid and his Charmeleon. Reaching into his pocket, Dude emerged with a white and red pokéball clamped in his right hand. “This is your final chance to back down!” He warned the bug pokémon, trying to avoid an unnecessary confrontation.


June 25th, 2007, 4:17 AM
"I'm not an emo," Terry growled at Shaden's statement. Then came Joey...Before Terry knew it Joey was long gone, and Shaden was holding an egg. And then of course there was a Scyther after the tiny ninja. "Can we put this to rest, guys...Little kids are just annoying like that sometimes..."

Terry didn't really want to hang around Shaden, or the other ninja for that matter, who kind of creeped Terry out. All the talk about Kunai had exhausted him, so he started off into the woods, in the direction Scyther had went. Charmeleon followed him, wearing a scowl toward Shaden and Uria.

It looked like there was another person, hopefully he wasn't as hard to talk with as the others. The purple hair caught his attention first. Then the black jacket which was way too warm for the current weather.

"Hey, what's up," Terry said, as the purple haired boy about his age. Though, his attention seemed to be focused on something else, because he was looking the other way.

June 25th, 2007, 9:39 AM
OOC: Attention, Atención, Aufmerksamkeit, Oppmerksomhet. English, Spanish, German, Norwegian. Anyway. I have an important announcement to make.

Mr. Omega. What you've done, in regards to darthmoose's character, can be considered powerplaying. And this is something I frown upon rather heavily. I don't mind character interaction, but I feel that you've crossed a line with the forced pill swallowing. You could have simply grabbed him by the collar or something and shook him up a bit. That'd have been perfectly acceptable.

I've thought for some time on what to do, and even though I dislike doing this, I'm going to have to let you go. Let this serve as a warning for everyone. Like in Soviet Russia, the rules were not made to be broken >_>

With that said, carry on.

June 25th, 2007, 10:09 AM
OOC: I KNEW IT! WE'RE LIVING IN A DICTATORSHIP! *shot* :P Sorry, had to do that. I agree with you, though. Powerplaying bugs me more than anything.

IC: There seemed to be quite a lot of arguing going on within the group of people the Spearow were attacking. Well, perhaps it wasn't an attack. The group didn't seem to be being harmed by the flock; they certainly weren't retaliating. It was very possible that she had mistaken the aim of the birds and they were just flying by.

'That blue haired girl is going there too,' Red Star said cheerily. 'We could ask her what's going on.'

"That is a good idea," Ali-Sal said brightly. She sped up in order to catch up with the girl.

'Isn't that an odd dress style for a trainer?'

"You mean a dress? I suppose, but this is a strange region so who knows. I'm sure the way some of the trainers in Yanta dress would seem odd, too."

'Very true. Compared to all the other trainers I'd seen, you were certainly the most...unique.'

Ali-Sal laughed and sped up a bit more. Once she was within earshot she chirped a cheerful greeting. "Hello! Odd sort of day, isn't this?" She glanced at the crater before continuing. "Perhaps you know what's going on here? This once city and that group over there? I thought, perhaps, since you were moving towards them you might know them. Pardon me if you don't."

June 25th, 2007, 10:52 AM
Character Sheet
Hi, i would like to join the rp, heres is my characther sheet :D

Name-Pummel Nebrasca Craven
Gender - Female
Height- eeeh.. Average

Appearance- Pummel is a rather beautiful girl, her hair is long, it reaches her to the middle of her back and is always shinning and glancing. Her eyes are honest, easy to read and the colour of the night sky, a yellow ring surrounds her iris like a snake around a black pearl. Pummels skin have always been very white and because of that she is wearing white or black clothing most of the time. Her favorite outfit is a white summer top with white long pants and black boots, her belt is made of silver and leather and she always wears a leather necklace with a noctowl figure around her neck. Pummel are not a small girl but she ain't the tallest one neither, she is a average seized girl with a flexible and muscular body, which means that she can be the perfect dancer or a lean killing machine at times..But mostly she just likes to sing and relax

Personality- Pummel is a very sweet and peace loving girl.. most of the time..
The truth is that Pummel is and has always been a adaptable girl, she adapts to the people she i around, that means that if she is with a sweet person she will be a sweet person to, but if she is around a mean person she will show off her sharp tongue skills biting back in the verbal language faster than a Ekans can bite. Pummel is calm and fun to be around most of the time. Pummel likes to be the one who watches Pokemon battles rather than than being the one fighting, if she feels threatened however, or her friends are in danger she can become a rather dangerous enemy to have, especially because she believes that in a battle there is no playing dirty, there is only a winner and a loser after the fight, everything that happens from the start to the end is nothing but a war that she has to win no matter the costs

Background- Pummel was born in the Kanto region in a very wealthy family, her father was a powerful company man and her mother was a huge and famous Pokemon fashion designer who fell in love with each other and married, after a few weeks of marriage her mother got pregnant with her. Pummel grew up in a caring and loving family where she was given everything she could ever ask for. Pummel is know in almost all of Kanto as one of the richest children, she grew pretty tired of that and the day she was old enough to begin her journey as a real Pokemon trainer she headed towards the unknown to see f the grass really was greener on the other site of the fence. Even though she traveled to another region she still got everything she could ever want, her parents even send her Pokemon's now and then and she got the newest Pokemon equipment even before they hit the market.

Waffles or Pancakes- Waffles...XD

Pokémon Sheet
Name- Kurisse
Species- Dragonite
Gender- Male
Personality - Friendly, sweet and calm but loves to fight
Acquired- Pummel found Kurisse when she was only 5 years old in a small forrest lake and brought it home, Kurisse and Pummel are best friends
Misc- Kurisse is pummels favorite Pokemon and they are almost sister and brother, Kurisse can speak in the human language but prefers not to

Name- Avalon
Species- Pupitar
Gender- Male
Personality- He is easy angered and hates when people bugs Pummel. He enjoys chasing smaller fluffy Pokemon's
Acquired- Pummel catched Avalon after battling him with Kurisse when he was still a dragonair
Misc- Avalon is always out of his pokeball because he hates being inthere, however Pummel and Avalon once made a deal that when he evolves into a tyranitar he HAS to return to his pokeball after fights

June 25th, 2007, 11:11 AM
Shawn and Buster noticed the boy gesturing at them, but Shawn simply ran past him.

'Uh... I think he was talking to us.' Buster commented as he slowed to a stop.

"Yeah, but did you see his outfit and hair? Someone who looks like that couldn't possibly help us." Shawn retorted as he too came to a stop. They weren't too far from the emo-looking kid, but they were also near the group of trainers.

'Hey, look!' Buster shouted, pointing at the large man from before challenging the Scyther. From this angle, they two could clearly see how strong the Pokémon looked.

'Come on, Shawn. He needs help!' Buster said, putting on a false frown.

Shawn sighed and after thinking about it, replied, "Fine, but only because he might know what happened here." He then turned to the weird-looking guy that addressed them earlier.

"Hey you!" he began to shout, "Follow me!" He didn't bother wait for him to respond, and went to take care of the bug problem.

June 25th, 2007, 11:32 AM

"Hmm.. from what I recall, Spearow are incredibly aggressive Pokemon. Like most species, they are very protective of their young," Isis said, as she watched the group of Bird Pokemon chased a group of trainers. It was of little concern. She was here to investigate the missing city. So, while trying to avoid the attention of the others who had gathered nearby, she slunk towards the crater that was once Viridian City.

Isis walked to the edge of the crater and bent down onto one knee, and grabbed a handful of dirt into her hand. She lifted it up to her nose and took a large whiff of the dirt.

"Hmmm.. smells normal. No signs of chemicals or any other contiminant. Porygon, use Thunderbolt on this dirt. I'd like to see if it conducts electricity," Isis ordered of her Virtual Pokemon.

The pink Pokemon closed its eyes and gathered a massive amount of electricity within its body. Then, with the a loud crackle it released a stream of electricity that struck the clump of dirt in Isis' hand. But instead of being absorbed by the dirt, the electricity was deflected and struck a nearby tree, setting it on fire.

"Well, this is interesting. What exactly DID happen here," she said, looking around.

June 25th, 2007, 1:56 PM
Shaden Woodsworth

I should have just stayed under my freaking tree. Now I have to deal with angry Spearow, an annoying Ninja Kid, and two Goth Kids, one of which is trying to start a fight. What a great freaking day!

Shaden's mind battled on whether to fight or ignore Jake. Normally, he wouldn't even hesitate to fight, but with the flock of Spearow still angry and Radiance gone, he had his hand a little too full to deal with it. "Look, kid," said Shaden without looking at Jake. "If you really want to fight, just pick any single one of these Spearow and have at it. I personally don't have the time or longing to battle you and your little dog." Shaden did his best to keep his voice calm, but some aggravation still slipped through. "So if you want to fight a Spearow, by all means, go ahead. If not, just shut up and leave me alone."

Refocusing on the battle, Shaden noticed that Clydesdale was becoming a little overwhelmed. There were multiple trainers approaching to help, but Shaden could risk waiting for them. Luckily, many of the Spearow went after the egg he had thrown earlier. This left only 6 or 7 Spearow attacking. Of those, Clydesdale had already taken down 2. The rest, however, were ganging up on the Mankey, and not letting him do much more than dodge their attacks. Seeing his Mankey struggling to dodge, Shaden had an idea.

"Clydesdale, let one of them hit you and then use Counter." The Mankey nodded in understanding and prepared to take the hit.


As the trainer stood in place in front of her, Radiance started to become slightly annoyed. The Ninja Boy would easily escape now. It was obvious that the trainer was ready to battle, and while Radiance really wanted to catch the kid, a battle was just too good to turn down. Let's go, Human. I shall tear what ever you throw at me apart. With that thought in mind, Radiance prepared to fight.

June 25th, 2007, 7:38 PM
Joey was getting tired, he wasn't sure how much further he could run. It seems that big kid is chasing him with a flock of Spearows. He could feel the Scyther getting closer when a trainer on a bike came to Joey's aid. The boy got off the bike and challenged the Scyther and his trainer to a battle. Joey looked at this and stuck his tongue out towards Shaden and then hugged Dude's leg. Joey began to make a sad face and started to cry,

*Sniff*" Th-that boy... i-i-is *sob* MEAN!! WAAH!" Joey cried and tugged on to Dude's leg. He looked up and saw that Dude was preparing to attack. The crying worked. It made Dude want to fight the Scyther even more now.

Joey then gave Dude's leg back and slowly backed away.

"Now, it is time for this ninja to make his escape. YOUR LIVES HAVE BEEN SPARRRRAAAAAAHHH!!!" Joey screamed before he could finish his sentence. As he was walking back he slipped and fell into a large ditch that used to be a city.

"Ow, ouch, oh, ge, eh, ey! Ah! OH! AH!" Joey tumbled down into the hole. Rolling down the dirt and hitting his small body on to every rock. He then finally made it, only to be in incredible pain. But the pain soon subsided and Joey bounced back up,

"I'm alive... hahaha! DON'T WORRRY FOLKS! I MAD-" and then a boulder came crashing down burying Joey underneath it.

June 26th, 2007, 5:13 AM
Jake suddenly jumped, as though startled. "Heh... oh yeah, that." He had obviously forgotten the Spearow. "Inferno, Flamethrower," he shouted. His Houndoom immediately shot a stream of fire that nailed one Spearow and hit two others slightly.

As he prepared to call for another Flamethrower, he heard several loud taunts, a yell, and a crash, coming from the hole. "Great, the hyperactive ninja fell..." he muttered, recalling his Houndoom. He pulled out a different Pokeball. "Omen, use Fly," he called as he sent out a Honchkrow. "Get me to the bottom of that hole, carefully," he said. Jake grabbed onto Omen and it began to fly him into the hole. Jake's weight, surprisingly, didn't seem to hinder the bird Pokemon.

June 26th, 2007, 5:37 AM
"Hey! I was talking to you!" Terry shouted at the purple haired man who walked by. Terry turned around just in time to see the ninja kid trip right into the hole where Viridian City had been. He suddenly went into a dead sprint toward the rest of the group, as well as the hole. "Guys! Stop fighting! That kid just feel into the hole!" he yelled at the many people in the forest battling, just as the cloaked kid began a descent with a Honchcrow. His voice was actually loud enough to startle the Spearow, who flew away.

"Come on back, Kansas," Terry said, bringing back his Charmeleon. "Now let's go, Strike!" Terry threw a pokeball to the ground, releasing a Magneton. "Strike, we need to go down that hole, some kid just fell in" Terry instructed, pointing toward the crater.

June 26th, 2007, 8:43 AM
Shawn and Buster finally reached the Scyther and large trainer.

'Hey Shawny, I don't think that weird kid followed us.' Buster stated as he looked back.

"Heh, good." Shawn simply replied with a smirk.

The large man before them was tightly gripping his Pokéball and it was obvious that he had no intention of backing down.

'Look guys!' Buster screamed while pointing inside the crater. He seemed to be talking to everyone, including the Scyther. A few trainers were rushing to rescue the ninja kid who had fallen down the large hole.

"Great," Shawn said as he pulled out a red and white sphere, "you stay here Buster and take care of this Scyther. Me and Fritz will go check this out."

Pressing the small button in the middle of the ball, Shawn released a small, red beam that soon took the shape of a dog-like Pokémon. It had moist, blue skin and its tail ended in a fin. The Vaporeon quickly ran over to Shawn and began to lick his face.

"Okay Fritz, that's enough! I need you to use an Ice Beam on the side of this crater." Shawn ordered.

Without as much as sigh, Fritz quickly obeyed her trainer. She ran over to the hole and shot a white beam from her mouth. As the beam struck the rocks on the side of the hole, they began to enclose themselves in ice. Soon enough, the attack had made an icy slide to the bottom of the crater.

"Good job Fritz." Shawn commented before returning the Vaporeon to her Pokéball prison. Giving on last look to his battle-ready Charmeleon, Shawn ran over to the crater and slid down the icy slide.

June 26th, 2007, 8:59 AM
OOC: Well. Certainly is getting lively, isn't it? Got some things to address, and I'll be making an actual in-character post in a bit. Life's keeping me rather busy right now~


#1: I think I was too vague last time. Mr. Omega, you are removed from the RP, ya know. Don't want to be mean, but powerplaying seriously bugs me. And this also ties in with issue #2 >>

#2: Sweet mother of Bidoof we have a lot of people here o.O

Honestly. Even with the RP "drought", for lack of a better term, I had no idea this RP would get so many applicants. Honestly, it stemmed from a random thought I had one day and really didn't think it'd end up this lively. So, I'm gonna start being a little more strict with the applications. Don't want it to get overcrowded, you know?

So for the people who are considering applying, you're welcome to do so. Just make it good =)

And now, I'm going back to compiling my database of players so I can keep track of all these people o.o;;

*will be edited to include an actual in-character post as soon as the database is done*

June 26th, 2007, 3:01 PM
Shaden Woodsworth

Clydesdale braced himself as the Spearow came nearer. There were only two left after the Flame Thrower from the other trainer, and Shaden was intent on finishing them off quickly. I just hope Clyde can pull this move off. Thinking back on all of Clydesdale’s battles, Shaden shuttered. I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid.

The hit from the Spearow was solid, but Clydesdale was ready for it. Absorbing the hit well, the Mankey was able to keep his feet. Bringing his fist around, Clyde unleashed a powerful left hook on the Spearow, sending it flying into a nearby tree. Happy with the results, the proud Mankey joyfully jumped up and down. That will teach the silly bird to attack me, for I am Clydesdale, slayer of things with feather. Whahaha.

"YOU IDIOT! Pay attention to the battle." Shaden, however, shouted his warning to late as the second Spearow slammed into the back of the dancing Mankey. Rolling for a few feet, the Mankey came to rest face up and arms spread. Thankfully, the Spearow was soon scared off by the Emo Kid who came running by shouting something about the Ninja Kid. Apparently, the kid was hurt.

Walking over to his Mankey, Shaden squatted in front of him. "So, Clyde. What did we learn today?" The hairy pokémon, a little bruised but mostly okay, looked sadly up at his trainer and spoke with disappointment.

Clydesdale not the slayer of things that have feathers. As aggravated as he was with the Mankey, Shaden couldn't help but laugh a little bit. "Close enough, Clyde. Now get some rest." The Mankey disappeared in a red blur of light. With that, Shaden turned his attention back to the other trainers. He looked at the kid named Jake Silver.

"Nice Flamethrower, Kid. Your Houndoom is pretty powerful. I would love to teach you a lesson in battling later, but right now I think that kid that caused all of this is in trouble. And as tempting as it is, we can't leave him done there." Sticking two fingers into his mouth, Shaden let out a loud and high pitched whistle. A few moments later, a very irritated Scyther arrived.

You better have a good reason for calling me. I was just about to have a little fun. Patting Radiance on the shoulder, Shaden took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. "You will have your fun later, Rad. Right now, we need to get that Ninja Kid before he kills himself or someone else." The Scyther hesitated for a moment but finally nodded in agreement. Turning, Shaden and Radiance slowly made their way to the edge of the crater.

June 26th, 2007, 11:47 PM
"How can this hole be so deep?!"

Jake and Omen were getting almost low enough to where it became hard to see the rim of the hole. The only detail he could really see about the wall was a sheet of ice running down it. "These walls are too steep... there's no way this is natural..." he muttered to no one. "This glide can't take too much longYAAAAH!"

The Trainer and his Honchkrow weren't ready for a landing, since they couldn't see the ground. Therefore, both came to a rolling stop for several feet despite the slow descent. Jake picked himself up and brushed off the dirt. He pulled out a flashlight from a pocket in his cloak, and used it to look around. Omen was pretty beat up, but he couldn't do anything else for now so he just recalled it for a rest.

Sweeping the vicinity with his flashlight, Jake checked upward and saw he was still near the edge of the pit. "Okay, good," he muttered. "That lunatic can't have landed too far away."

June 27th, 2007, 2:01 AM
Character Sheet
Hi, i would like to join the rp, heres is my characther sheet

Name-Pummel Nebrasca Craven
Gender - Female
Height- eeeh.. Average

Appearance- Pummel is a rather beautiful girl, her hair is long, it reaches her to the middle of her back and is always shinning and glancing. Her eyes are honest, easy to read and the colour of the night sky, a yellow ring surrounds her iris like a snake around a black pearl. Pummels skin have always been very white and because of that she is wearing white or black clothing most of the time. Her favorite outfit is a white summer top with white long pants and black boots, her belt is made of silver and leather and she always wears a leather necklace with a noctowl figure around her neck. Pummel are not a small girl but she ain't the tallest one neither, she is a average seized girl with a flexible and muscular body, which means that she can be the perfect dancer or a lean killing machine at times..But mostly she just likes to sing and relax

Personality- Pummel is a very sweet and peace loving girl.. most of the time..
The truth is that Pummel is and has always been a adaptable girl, she adapts to the people she i around, that means that if she is with a sweet person she will be a sweet person to, but if she is around a mean person she will show off her sharp tongue skills biting back in the verbal language faster than a Ekans can bite. Pummel is calm and fun to be around most of the time. Pummel likes to be the one who watches Pokemon battles rather than than being the one fighting, if she feels threatened however, or her friends are in danger she can become a rather dangerous enemy to have, especially because she believes that in a battle there is no playing dirty, there is only a winner and a loser after the fight, everything that happens from the start to the end is nothing but a war that she has to win no matter the costs

Background- Pummel was born in the Kanto region in a very wealthy family, her father was a powerful company man and her mother was a huge and famous Pokemon fashion designer who fell in love with each other and married, after a few weeks of marriage her mother got pregnant with her. Pummel grew up in a caring and loving family where she was given everything she could ever ask for. Pummel is know in almost all of Kanto as one of the richest children, she grew pretty tired of that and the day she was old enough to begin her journey as a real Pokemon trainer she headed towards the unknown to see f the grass really was greener on the other site of the fence. Even though she traveled to another region she still got everything she could ever want, her parents even send her Pokemon's now and then and she got the newest Pokemon equipment even before they hit the market.

Waffles or Pancakes- Waffles...XD

Pokémon Sheet
Name- Kurisse
Species- Dragonite
Gender- Male
Personality - Friendly, sweet and calm but loves to fight
Acquired- Pummel found Kurisse when she was only 5 years old in a small forrest lake and brought it home, Kurisse and Pummel are best friends
Misc- Kurisse is pummels favorite Pokemon and they are almost sister and brother, Kurisse can speak in the human language but prefers not to

Name- Avalon
Species- Pupitar
Gender- Male
Personality- He is easy angered and hates when people bugs Pummel. He enjoys chasing smaller fluffy Pokemon's
Acquired- Pummel catched Avalon after battling him with Kurisse when he was still a dragonair
Misc- Avalon is always out of his pokeball because he hates being inthere, however Pummel and Avalon once made a deal that when he evolves into a tyranitar he HAS to return to his pokeball after fights

June 27th, 2007, 6:48 AM
"Let's get down there, Strike," Terry instructed the Magneton he was clinging to. Magneton slowly began to levitate down into the hole, searching for any signs of the ninja boy, or the cloaked one who'd come down on a Honchcrow. "I can't see a thing down here," Terry said annoyed, trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness. "Could you light it up a bit?" the Magneton replied by firing a spark of electricity just in front of him, and maintaining it for light.

The walls of the crater were odd, they were a shiny black, like obsidian. The waterfall seemed to be going through a hole in the floor, despite the fact they were now at the bottom of the hole. Terry had no idea where the water could be coming from, or going to.

"Hey! Have you found the kid yet?" Terry shouted to the cloaked kid and his Honchcrow, who hadn't landed as nicely as him and his Magneton had. "Your name's Jake, right?" he asked, returning Strike and releasing his Charmeleon, Kansas. His tail lit up the cavern to some extent, making everything somewhat visible.

June 27th, 2007, 12:36 PM

The Scyther did not budge. The hungry glint in its eyes caused Dude to hesitate in contemplation for the briefest of moments. He could almost sense the pokémon’s aggressive attitude towards him. A battle was inevitable, or so he thought. At the sound of a faint whisper in the distance, the Scyther turned around and sped off in its direction. Dude placed the pokéball back into his pocket. Wiping his forehead, he sighed in relief. That turned out to be a lot simpler than he imagined. “And stay away if you know what’s good for ya!!!” He shouted aloud once the Scyther had disappeared from sight.

“Now what?” He asked himself. He could continue chasing after that blue-haired girl, but there was no telling how far she had gotten now. Not to mention, he suspected that she had headed in the same direction that Scyther had. Another run in with that bug was the last thing he needed right now. Besides, there seemed to be quite a bit of commotion building relating to the boy that had been embracing his leg not so long ago. Apparently, he had managed to get himself down that large hole. Even the purple-haired Trainer that was prepared to help him defeat the Scyther had taken off after the kid, leaving his Charmeleon behind to help.

“Heh, now that that Scyther has made itself scarce, there’s no use for us to hang around here any more,” he told the pokémon, hoping it could understand him. “Let’s go and see if we can help your Trainer out!” With that, he motioned for the Charmeleon to follow him as he ran towards the city-sized crater.


June 27th, 2007, 2:39 PM
As he slid down the icy slope, Shawn glanced back and saw the large man conversing with Buster. He smirked as he imagined his Pokemon taking down the giant bug single-handedly. Unfortunately for Shawn, he broke one of life's major rules while thinking up this fantasy.

While sliding down a rocky slope at high speeds, PAY ATTENTION!!!

Before he could react, Shawn's foot hit a small rock and he began tumbling down the crater wall. The slippery rocks made it impossible for his to regain his balance and he prepared for the worst. Finally, he smashed into the base of the crater, and his body ached all over.

"That's the LAST time I'm trying that..." he whispered to himself before struggling to his feet. Limping around the massive crater, Shawn finally found a small light source that looked like it was coming from a flash light. With no where else to go and Buster with that big guy, he followed the dim light

June 27th, 2007, 3:14 PM
Character Sheet
Name: Kam Hashi
Gender: M
Age: 13½
Height: 5’7
Appearance: Wears an Orange vest and a Black Tee-shirt Orange shoes and a Orange hat his pants are black and cuff right at his ankle he also has a Backpack where he keeps all his important items.

Personality: Some might call him too trustworthy. He’s always helping people weather it be old ladies to grown men. He thinks that everyone deserves at least one chance of trust. He is an extremely optimistic individual who see's the good in everybody. He attempts to see things from other people's points of view, including cold hearted teams such as Team's Rocket. He doesn’t have a problem with speaking his mind also, if he thinks there’s a problem he will speak his mind. He’s very iffy about his pokemon and only lends them if someone is in true danger.

Background: Born Viridian city he would always see new trainers starting there journey and would ask them what did they choose and was always very happy when the responded. When he was 10 Pokemon contest open up in Kanto and they really amused him and he wanted to do contest and become the pokemon master. When he finally to become the worlds Pokemon Master and Top Contest Master he is going to open up a school in Viridian.

Waffles or Pancakes: Lego my eggo
Misc: After he heard about his hometown disappearing he wanted to rush back to see what he could do.

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):
Name: Golduck
Species: Psychic Duck
Gender: M
Acquired : Met on a boat trip with his parents it saved his life when Kam fell over board and challenged him to a battle to get capture and has been with Kam ever sense.
Misc: Has a diamond in the middle of its forehead instead of a sphere.

Name: Sceptile
Species: Grass reptile
Gender: M
Personality: He acts very strange his eyes make me scared when ever I look at them. One day he might act like the lonely type then the next day hell act like hes the happiest person in the world.
Acquired: Sense Kam never lived in a town where the starters were he went to hoenn in search of a rumor he heard about various Treecko sightings and he caught the strangest one of all.
Misc: The only Sceptile that can produce the move Vine Whip.

Name: Altaria
Species: Dragon Bird
Gender: F
Personality: It a fast learner and it very loyal. Is a very sweet and peace loving pokemon.It the nicest of all kams pokemon. It also shares Kam feeling for trust.
Acquired: Kam found its Poke Ball lying around 2 months ago.he reported it to the police and waited 1 whole month and no one cliamed it so kam decied to keep it.

June 27th, 2007, 7:29 PM
OOC: I live. Yes, I live. Been kinda busy, so that IC post has been...delayed. By 36 hours. So anyway. More joinees. I like that word. Joinees. Heehee.

Pummel:...Er....how shall I put this...
...No. Something about the profile kinda bugs me, and I don't think the character would do well =/

X-Files: Never really liked the show. Mulder was bleh, Scully was even more bleh. But anyway. Your profile is a bit...vague for my likings.

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IC: As Cheryl ran around the crater towards the other trainers, she noticed something odd. The trainers she had been running towards were no longer there. And neither were the spearow, for they had already been disposed of by a Fire Blast and what appeared to be an angry Mankey. Yet she continued to run, for the thought of stopping had not yet registered. Said thought didn't have time to.

Cheryl gasped as something wrapped around her legs, causing the ground to rapidly move towards her face. Hector, who had been running in front of her, had just enough time to leap out of the way of the falling body. With a loud thud, her body impacted the ground. Hector chuckled to himself, and anyone viewing the scene would have sworn his facial expression screamed vengeance at last. "Ah, geez...that hurt!" Cheryl muttered to herself, rubbing her injured cheek. After a few moments of laying in the dirt, which was oddly bare, she tried to stand. Only to notice her legs wouldn't move, as Zephyr had wound herself tightly around Cheryl's legs, and was looking backwards at something.

Cheryl followed the dragonair's gaze, Cheryl made eye contact with a young blonde-haired girl who was apparently calling out to her. The pendant the girl wore caught Cheryl's attention, which quickly faded as Cheryl struggled to stand. "Maybe bringing you out wasn't my brightest idea," she said to herself. Voluntarily, Zephyr returned herself to her poké ball, allowing her trainer free usage of her legs. It was at this point that Cheryl noticed the Chikorita besides the girl. It would seem she was a pokémon trainer as well. Cheryl stood to greet this trainer, and dusted herself off.

"Um....hello there," she said, waving. And with a slight kick to her side, she forced Hector to silently wave as well. Though Cheryl had noticed the trainers descending into the crater for one reason or another, this new girl had priority for the moment. "And just who might you be?" she asked in a relatively cheerful yet cautious tone.

June 28th, 2007, 2:04 AM
As Jake looked around with his flashlight, he noticed a brighter light coming from nearby. As he turned in that direction, he saw a rocker-looking guy whose Magneton was firing off sparks. He heard the guy call his name, so he headed in that direction. As he did, the other Trainer recalled his Magneton for a Charmeleon. Jake walked up a little more, since the Charmeleon's flame was more reliable to follow than an attack.

"Find anything? No, not yet," said Jake. "But thanks for the light." He looked around at the walls. They're... black, he thought. No wonder I couldn't see the ground when I was landing. As he continued to look around the area, he decided he spotted something. "Hey! This rock over here. It's brown instead of black! It must be from the surface." Before even waiting for the other guy to respond, he ran over to the rock.

The Trainer looked over the rock. "All I can see that's weird about it is that it's not black," he muttered to himself. "Still, it can't hurt to move it." Pulling out another Pokeball; "Go, Titan!" Jake's Tyranitar towered over him, almost looming in the darkness. "Move the rock," the Trainer said bluntly. Titan easily hefted the rock, but Jake was left squinting at the ground; he could see something where the rock had been, but it was too dark to see well. "Hey, you. With the Charmeleon?" he called. "I don't know your name. But could you come over here please? I think I found something," the cloaked Trainer called, feeling admittedly excited.

June 28th, 2007, 9:37 AM
"The name's Terry, what do you need?" Terry said approaching Jake. "What the?!" he shouted as he saw what was under the boulder. It was the ninja kid, and he was badly injured. Apparently the boulder had fell on him. "Kid, you all right?!" he asked frantically. "Jake, we need to get him back to the surface."

Luckily the kid was still breathing, for a while Terry had thought he'd died, but apparently he was just asleep. He just hoped Honchcrow would be able to support Jake and the ninja boy. Magneton could definetely only support one person.

Terry could only look around and wonder what happened to Viridian. Why were the walls black, why was there suddenly a waterfall, and why did it only happen in the exact perimeter of Viridian City anyway.

June 28th, 2007, 4:59 PM

Dude grunted in pain as he literally hit rock bottom. The plunge down was further and steeper than what he had expected. He massaged his buttocks, still reeling in pain from the impact, and then slapped the dust of his shorts. A thick darkness pervaded the stale air. Breathing down there felt rather uncomfortable compared the surface. Fortunately, the kid’s Charmeleon had accompanied him into the crater. If it was not for the flame at the end its tail, Dude questioned if he would be able to see at all. “Let’s try and find your Trainer,” he said to his latest companion.

The pair navigated passed successions of dark boulders to no avail. It was at this point Dude realised relying on sight was not too helpful. Hinging on his other senses, the blonde-haired teen picked up two distinct sounds. One, the soft clashing of distant water, and the other, though not so clear, sounded like human speech. Dude decided the most reasonable thing to do was find the others. Maybe they knew where the ninja boy had ventured to within these parts. Charmeleon seemed to agree with him, pointing towards the direction of the voices. Dude also noticed it was seriously working its nose. Perhaps it had picked up the scent of its Trainer.

Wondering around and guided by the voices, it was not long until the two came across another adventurer. The boy was about two inches shorter than Dude, with jet-black hair that pointed in all directions. The tint of red produced by Charmeleon’s source of light made his eyes look purple. It was an uncanny coincidence that a Charmeleon stood by his side too. “Hey there, I’m Dude Zurferay.” He approached the stranger with his hand held out.

Despite the flames of light, it was still quite dark, and he had not noticed that there was another person with him. This other boy wore a dark hooded cloak (no wonder he had not seen him earlier) and was crouched over something intriguing by the looks of it. Dude peered over his shoulder out of curiousity. “Hey! I know him!” The image of the funny-looking kid clad in that ninja outfit would not leave his memory any time soon. “This is the first time I’ve seen him quiet. Something really terrible must’ve happened to him.” Not to mention he did not look very fit lying on the floor with his eyes closed. “We should probably help him out. If you guys need any muscle moving the body around, I’m your man! By the way, the name’s Dude Zurferay,” he said, just in case any of them had not caught it earlier.

“I wonder if this is what’s become of Viridian City…” Dude muttered to himself, a horrified expression on his face as he looked around. “I can’t believe this has happened! Where are all the pretty girls!?” He hung his head in sadness. “The world is coming to an end as we know it…”


June 28th, 2007, 5:13 PM
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Character Sheet
Name: Zelda (not stolen from the game!!)
Gender: female
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Appearance: Zelda has long wavy black hair. She wears a black cloak and a dark purple tank top and black pants. She has piercing green eyes
Personality:Zelda is a very to herself kind of person. She likes to watch in silence as people talk around her, but she doesnt hesitate to say things that need to be said. She also is pretty much a loner, but does work together when necessary
Background: (ok at first it seems like im just ranting on about the town, but i swear its all very important to my character)
Zelda was born and raised in Lavendar town. (I hope you dont mind my making up lavendars history...is in my fanfic) She was a little girl when the town used to be recognized by the pokemon league, and had a gym. The leader's name was Devon, and he was much older than she was. He was a ghost trainer, and Zelda was always fascinated by ghost pokemon. Her father hated ghosts, and made sure she never had one as a girl. He gave her a Vulpix, figuring that she would grow away from ghosts with a fire type. But she found a way around that. She evolved the Vulpix into a Nnetails, and she trained her to use moves like confuse ray, which can be ghost type. Anyway, when she was just seven, Team Rocket took over nearby and tortured many pokemon of Lavendar. When they killed a poor Cubone's mother, they had gone way too far. The Marowak ghost haunted the town, especially in the gym. When she nearly killed a challenging trainer, the mayor decided she had gone too far. Using a Sliph Scope they sealed her away in the tower and closed the gym.
A few years later, the town was back to its quiet self. It was too quiet, accordning to the new mayor, who was Zelda's father. He decided to attract more attention to the town by putting in the Kanto Radio Tower. The ghosts who resided in the town became very angry. They haunted the city, and scared all who worked in the tower. They sent eerie sounds through the radio station, and eventually the whole town was nearly vacated. When Zelda's father announced they were moving as well, Zelda ran out of the house and went to Devon's, who had been helping her train her Ninetails. Together, they put their knowledge of ghosts to work and managed to find Marowak's ghost. They reunited her with her cubone, which was all she wanted, and she in return helped them get the message to the mayor that the radio tower needed to go. And so it went. Zelda's father resigned as mayor and Devon was awarded the title. And his first order of buisness? To bring back the gym and give Zelda the title of Gym Leader!
So why is she not there in her gym? Zelda wants to learn more about ghost types in other parts of the pokemon globe
Waffles or Pancakes: WAFFLES!!

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):
Name: Niney
Species: Ninetails
Personality: Niney is Zelda's loyal partner and best friend. She has the same personality as Zelda does
Acquired (How'd you get it): (its in my bio!)

Name: Flame
Species: Rapidash
Gender: male
Personality: Flame is very leary of other ppl and pokemon, and he really only trustsa Zelda
Acquired: Flame is Zelda's rapidash stallion that she tamed when she was lost in the woods one day (thats another story...)
Misc. -he is a black rapidash (is that ok?)

Name: Shuppet
Species: shuppet
gender: male
Personality: Shuppet is very funny and a trickster. He learned his tricks from being around Devon's Haunter
Acquired: Zelda caught him when she was saving Lavender with Devon

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June 29th, 2007, 2:54 AM
Jake seemed to be looking over the ninja boy, now that he could actually see. "Hm," he said, almost to himself. "He doesn't look good. Better than can be expected after falling from a cliff, but still not real good." He slapped his head in frustration. That's what he gets for having a spaz attack every time someone looks in his general direction, Jake thought. "Well," the cloaked Trainer said, "I could give him medicine. On the other hand, if I had medicine, I could've healed my Honchkrow by now. And I don't think my Honchkrow can even carry me alone out of here after how I landed; it got the worst of the crash." He spoke slowly and carefully, as though he were afraid he'd mess up. "So someone else better come up with a plan, please," he said, turning around to face Terry and Dude.

June 29th, 2007, 11:55 AM
Still wandering around the gloomy crater, Shawn noticed the dim light get brighter and brighter.

"Trainers..." Shawn said to himself as he began to pick up his pace.

After a few minutes, Shawn caught up with the group but his injured leg was now bursting with pain. The pain obscured his vision a little but as he squinted, he was able to see a collection of two trainers, two Charmeleon, and a cloaked figure who was probably another trainer.

"Buster!" he shouted, smiling at the sight of his best friend.

"Shawny!" the Charmeleon replied, running for his trainer. Shawn noticed that the blonde kid was the guy who challenged the Scyther.

"Uh... thanks for taking care of Buster... I guess." Shawn wasn't used to people taking care of his Pokémon. However, with that said, Shawn walked closer to the group. He noticed the unconscious ninja boy on the floor, but that wasn't his main concern.

"Any of you know what happened to Viridian?" he question, his face expression a mixture of confusion and of course, seriousness.

June 29th, 2007, 6:10 PM

The small gathering grew with the addition of a new member. Dude recognized the purple-haired boy from before, when he had offered his assistance to take care of that Scyther. Leaving his pokémon behind with a complete stranger was a rash move, but noble too, given the circumstances. Dude felt like he should have been the one to thank him and his Charmeleon, or Buster as he called him, for their involvement. “Actually, it was your pokémon that helped me out. I don’t think I would’ve been able to find everyone else here if it wasn’t for his tail lighting up this dark pit. Consider us even.” He sealed the deal with a wink. “Oh, this must be the fifth time I’ve introduced myself today, but you can call me Dude.”

So much unexpected activity took place on this day. Now that Dude thought about it, he recalled that controversial rumours had been floating around Fuschia, his hometown, concerning something unusual that had taken place in Viridian. Dude being Dude hardly paid attention to gossip, unless it involved King Dingdong or some hot girl coming to town. Never would he have guessed that the small favour his mother asked of him would eventually lead him to this place. With that said, he was the last person fit to answer the Trainer’s question.

“I have no clue what happened to Viridian City. All that commotion back at home … I should’ve known something was up. It’s all very strange and intriguing. I want to get to the bottom of this too,” he said, not considering that they may have been standing at the bottom of it already.

Dude decided he would give his mother a call later on to let her know he was planning to hang around Viridian a littler longer. For the moment however, they had to figure out a way to help the downed ninja boy. Jake revealed that his Honchkrow suffered a serious injury when they were making their way down the crater, rendering it unable to help. “Not a problem,” Dude declared. The brawny teen punched a fist into his opposite palm and cracked his knuckles. Strong, muscular arms lifted the young lad off the ground. Dude tossed the boy over his shoulder, carrying him like a potato sack. “I can help him get around until we reach a place that can provide the proper medical care.” It was the least he could do. “Um, speaking of which, I hope one of you boys know where we’re headed. Lead the way. I’ll be right behind ya.”


June 29th, 2007, 6:55 PM
"Well, since we're introducing ourselves, the name's Terry," the rocker said to the two new arrivals, Dude and the purple haired kid. "But we have more pressing matters on our hands with this injured kid. There's nowhere to go, the hole only surrounds the perimeter of Viridian. We need to go up, but our only flying pokemon is injured."

Terry was in awe that the people weren't concerned about the kid. He'd fallen all the way to the bottom of the crater, and then was hit by a boulder. He was obviously pretty injured, worse than the rest of them thought.

"The best we can do is clean out any cuts he might have. Though he's probably hurt internally more than he is on the outside, "Terry said, pulling out a small knapsack from his back, which was wrapped around his guitar case. He reached in and pulled out a first-aid kit, and opened it up on the obsidian floor. The entire cave was insanely smooth, confusing Terry to where the boulder had come from in the first place.

"Put him down for now, Dude. We don't need to take him anywhere yet, somebody just help me bandage him up," Terry said, pulling some alcohol and bandages from his kit.

June 30th, 2007, 8:09 AM
Ali-Sal smiled at the blue haired girl's greeting. She returned the wave then stated brightly, "I'm Ali-Sal Erudo. This little Chikorita is Red Star. I came here to meet my sister but found this," she gestured at the crater, "had happened and was quite intrigued. I don't suppose you have any idea what's going on or what happened, do you?"

She allowed her attention to stay focused on the girl for a moment, but she couldn't help letting her eyes stray a little to observe some of the unusual events going on around her. A kid falling, people jumping in the crater, lots of shouting, it was a very hectic scene.

"Odd bunch, aren't they? Do you suppose there's something in that crater? A clue or an item, perhaps?"

'Maybe they just dropped something. Like a kid.'

Ali-Sal blinked. "What do you mean by that?"

'A kid fell in the crater, smart boy, really, and the others jumped in after him. Brave rescuers.'

"Oh, well that makes more sense. But really, people should be careful around big holes. It is dangerous." She said this in a very matter-of-fact tone as though seeing a giant crater was a common thing. There was a moment of pause, then Ali-Sal turned back to the girl with blue hair again and said apologetically, "Oh, I'm sorry. I was distracted for a moment."

June 30th, 2007, 1:56 PM
Shaden Woodsworth

Stopping at the edge of the crater, Shaden squatted down to investigate it. There wasn't, however, much to investigate. The city was gone, end of story. The only thing that could be consider odd, other than the fact that a whole city was gone and replace by a giant crater, was the black rock that made up the crater. It was almost as if it had been burnt. Standing up, Shaden turned to Radiance.

"What do you think, Rad? Any thoughts on what happened." The bug pokémon kept silent and kept her eyes locked on the crater. The Scyther pokémon looked be concentrating on something. After a minute, Radiance spoke up.

No pokémon I know could have done this. No offense to you human, but I don't think any person is smart enough to do this either. Whatever it was had to massive power though. To make a whole city disappear and leave this big of a crater is simply amazing. The bug pokémon then went back to her silent thoughts. Shaden, however, was a bit more curious.

"Let's check this out a bit closer. I think a few of the other trainers are down there already looking for the kid. They are going to need some help anyways." Looking at Radiance, the Scyther nodded and rose up into the air. She would be Shaden's safety line if he fell. Being careful and taking his time, Shaden made his way down to the bottom of the crater. Dusting himself off the best he could in the dark, Shaden tried to look around. Unfortunately, the darkness of the crater was too much, leaving Shaden blind. Spotting a light further up, Shaden walked towards what he assumed to be the other trainers. As he got closer, Shaden could hear them discussing what to do with the Ninja Kid. Walking into the light followed by Radiance, Shaden offered his assistance.

"Radiance should be able to get the kid out. I doubt he weighs that much." With a nod from Shaden, Radiance slowly made her way to the Ninja Kid. Shaden turned his attention back to the other trainers. "You should all get out of here. It's just not safe down here. The kid has already been hurt. We don't need to put anyone else in danger. If you want to look around, I really don't care, but I suggest you have the proper equipment."

July 1st, 2007, 1:51 AM
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EDIT: Back from the trip.

Meanwhile, Jake stood against a wall (after struggling momentarily to find one) and dug through his pockets, hoping to find either something directly useful or some healing item. Unfortunately, all he found were the Pokeballs for his other Pokemon (which reminded him to call back Titan), the flashlight, and a bunch of small stone plates in different colors. As he was putting them back into his pockets, he heard yet another set of footsteps headed towards them. He glanced over to the source of the sound and found that it was that angry guy from the surface and his Scyther.

"Ah, yes. Competent help has arrived at last," Jake said, referring to the fact that the other guys seemed to have had no apparent plan to get out of the crater after getting down here, and he himself had such a pitiful landing. "Thanks," he told the man, "and sorry about the criticism. I had no clue what you were yelling about. I just didn't want anybody getting hurt. Oh the irony." Jake's voice trailed off in the last couple sentences. He was obviously thinking elsewhere. "I thought for sure I had a couple Super Potions," he began to mutter as he began to dig through his pockets again.

July 7th, 2007, 3:01 PM
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Character Sheet
Name: Davis Ryan Lee
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Height: 5'5"
Appearance: Davis has shaggy, dark red hair, which, at the tips, curls out. He has green eyes, a pale face, and a collection of freckles around his cheek bones and across his nose. He wears a green polo with dark green stripes and a white shirt underneath. Over top he wears a black jacket. He almost always wears blue jeans, with a pair of beat up tennis shoes on his feet.

Personality: Davis comes off as sarcastic, but he really is a cheerful person... Most of the time. If he isn't a good mood, he tends to be disrespectful and mouths off to people. If he is, he generally starts telling jokes at random. He's also very cunning, and can and will con people into giving him money if he needs it.

Background: Davis was born and grew up in Lilycove, Hoenn. His parents had both been trainers who had made it to the Pokemon League, and from their achievements he decided his own future. When he was ten, he left for his journey, and since then has yet to return home. He successfully collected his Hoenn badges, but then decided to venture over to Sinnoh to improve more. He never actually made it through all eight, due to the ruckus in Kanto from Viridian City's disappearance. He left to check it out.
Waffles or Pancakes: Waffles. Especially if they're chocolate chip.
Misc: N/A

Pokémon Sheet:
Name: Goukazaru
Species: Infernape
Gender: Male
Personality: Goukazaru, being the Infernape he is, is always raring to get out of his Pokeball and battle. However, he also enjoys playing around with his teammates.
Acquired: Davis came by a little Chimchar when he first got to Sinnoh, and seeing as how it didn't have a trainer, he went ahead and caught it.
Misc: N/A

Name: Mukkuhawk
Species: Staraptor
Gender: Male
Personality: Mukkuhawk is laid back, and generally doesn't like battling. But when he gets angered, he won't stop attacking until the opponent has fainted. He and Goukazaru often get into fights.
Acquired: Encountered in the wild as a Starly.
Misc: Mukkuhawk is a shiny Pokemon.

Name: Milotic
Species: Milotic
Gender: Female
Personality: Milotic is very shy, and tends to stay in her Pokeball unless absolutely neccessary.
Acquired: Davis tricked a younger trainer into trading her Feebas for his Magikarp, then evolved it.
Misc: N/A


BTW, if I get accepted, I'd just like you all to know that I use double parentheses for my OOC bits.))

July 8th, 2007, 4:16 PM

Dude frowned. Here he was with the injured boy over his shoulder, prepared to assist in anyway that he could yet Jake had not considered him ‘competent help’. For what it was worth, the latest arrival did offer assistance to them, although nothing he said proved he knew anything more than they did about the situation. The trainer suggested one of his pokémon should take care of the kid from there on out. Dude was expecting a Machoke, or something with similar strength, but he was sourly mistaken when he learned Radiance, was a remarkably familiar-looking Scyther. He smiled nervously, half intimidated to look it in the eye and half relieved it was on their side.

Doing as he was requested, Dude set the small lad on the smooth surface. Terry seemed to possess some supplies that could help, and Jake rummaged through his pockets for Super Potions. Dude looked at the new arrival once again, who seemed to have some sort of apathetic aura about him. “I agree. We should get out of this place. I don’t trust it. There’s just something … eerie about this dark pit.” Although, there was a part of him that twinkled at the prospect of exploration. “If you’ve got a way out of here, I’m all ears. I don’t have any flying pokémon on hand that could help. And the very steep climb back up is going to be quite challenging.”

Ocean-blue eyes shut subtly. Dude crossed his muscular arms above his chest. Whenever he needed to direct serious thought to a certain issue, he maintained this posture.