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Live in Color
June 18th, 2007, 6:30 PM
Hmm... I'm hoping for some shinies for these, they don't have to be extremely good shinies like a shiny legendary, but not something like a shiny Bidoof.

I have:
Lv. 40 Latias -- Brave Nature
116 HP
83 Attack
77 Defense
102 Sp. Attack
119 Sp. Defense
85 Speed

Lv. 70 Mewtwo -- Timid Nature
248 HP
153 Attack
138 Defense
220 Sp. Attack
138 Sp. Defense
220 Speed

Lv. 70 Giratina -- Hasty Nature
294 HP
160 Attack
162 Defense
154 Sp. Attack
191 Sp. Defense
152 Speed

Lv. 50 Cresselia -- Modest Nature
187 HP
75 Attack
135 Defense
104 Sp. Attack
150 Sp. Defense
99 Speed

Lv. 50 Mesprit -- Adamant Nature
143 HP
134 Attack
122 Defense
99 Sp. Attack
119 Sp. Defense
99 Speed

Lv. 11 Burmy -- Naughty Nature
32 HP
15 Attack
17 Defense
13 Sp. Attack
15 Sp. Defense
15 Speed

Lv. 9 Burmy -- Adamant Nature
28 HP
13 Attack
15 Defense
9 Sp. Attack
13 Sp. Defense
12 Speed

All of those pokemon have not been touched at all. Except Latias was used once in battle. I can also breed Charmanders, Chikoritas, Totodiles, Eevees, Mudkips, Torchics, Treeckos, and Feebas. I will try to get the hatched pokemon to the certain nature you want. I have Dittos on my Emerald game and I would just have to migrate them. Again, I'm looking for shiny pokemon, you can trade one shiny for more than one of my pokemon, but it has to be fair.

I will not be on tonight, but tomorrow I will be on basically all day, so just contact me through PM and we'll try to arrange a time.