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May 14th, 2004, 8:00 PM
Note: If you are not a forum representative, you may not participate in this roleplay

And now.... it's time to begin. Here you will decide the fate of this roleplay. Every sentence, every word, every letter will be scrutinized and read. You have only your pride to lose. Yet, the spoils of victory, the proof that your forum has the best roleplayers, are enormous. And now, the plot:

Days after the completion of the Johto League, in which Ash Ketchum participated in, several reports began to appear in Kanto of a new disease.

Seemingly weak at first, within days of its discovery, doctors around Kanto discover that the virus is deadly. At first, the symptoms of the disease resemble a common cold. In 3 days, symptoms of severe nausea and extreme temperature changes appear. Within 5 days of infection, the victim falls in a deep coma. Within 7 days of infection, the internal bleeding caused by the virus kills the patient. Intial reports from the doctors state that all anti-viral cures and vaccinations prove to be ineffective. Out of 10 patients, only 1 survives.

Immediately the governments of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, and the Orange Islands panicked. They place quarantines around cities and towns infected with a strand of the virus. Saffron, Celadon, Rustboro, Slateport, Mossdeep, Kumquat, Valencia, Goldenrod, Olivine, and Phenac are all placed under quarantine.

In response, mass panic ensues as people attempt to flee from the disease. Eventually, scientists discover a cure, though one of severe consequences. The intestines of a water pokemon can be converted to a successful cure which combats the virus. The unfortunate result, however, is the death of the water pokemon used. Based on statistics, in order to save the entire human race, practically all of the water pokemon in the world would be needed.

In response to this discovery, two factions begin to form. On one side stand those who want to save human lives and are willing to sacrifice the water pokemon. On the other side stand trainers and researchers who wish to protect the pokemon. Team Aqua, an emerging group within this chaos, blatantly opposes any destruction of water pokemon and have engaged in several violent tactics. The governments, unable to deal with the entire situation, are unable to stop everyone.

Even the scientists are baffled, unable to find a more humane cure. There only real discovery is that the virus was man-made. Now, there is a hunt to discover who created the disease. After days of research, the governments determined that only two people could have manufatured the virus: Dr. Henry, a former member of Team Snagem or Dr. Anderson, a member of Team Magma. If they could locate the one who created the virus, they might also find a cure. Unfortunately for the governement, both of which are in hiding.

While this report remains in the hands of high officials and officers, many people seek the creator of the virus. Mysteriously, several of these reports (and their holders) have disappeared. Now it's time to decide the fate of the pokemon world. Will you attempt to save the human race? Will you save the water pokemon? Or maybe you have a completely diferrent agenda. The choice is yours. Welcome to the world of pokemon.

You have 24 hours from this point on to create a profile for your character. During this time, it is suggested that you post your form here. You may bnot begin roleplaying until you do. Also, you may not begin roleplaying until the 24 hours are up. After that, it's anyone's, or any forum's, game.

Character Profile
Name (Required):
Gender (Required):
Physical Description:

May 14th, 2004, 9:44 PM
Name: Catriona Drakor.
Gender: Female.
Age: 17.
Personality: Thoughtful and quiet (well, it's not like she has anyone to talk to), she makes the most of what she has and doesn't give a thought to urban technology or anything else she hasn't. Has grown selfish in the years she's spent alone, and doesn't follow any strict rules of justice.
Physical Description: Petite and small-framed, reddish-brown hair cascades past her shoulders and covers most of her face, hiding wide aquamarine eyes. She usually sports plain clothes of whatever material she's managed to pilfer over the last year or so, shoes aren't really an option.
Pokemon: Sandshrew, Aerodactyl, Lapras, Arcanine.
History: Since the age of 10 has resided in deserted forests, caves and mountainsides, emerging every so often to swipe essentials from village pokmarts.
Other: Fairly neutral regarding the happenings in major cities, due to her self-centered nature, death to the human race or water Pokmon could only mildly irritate her in that either there'd be no-one to steal from or a lack of ferries across the water. However, the outbreak of disease in heavily populated areas has driven her further into Johto mountains.
Forum: Pokmon Elite 2000.

May 14th, 2004, 10:01 PM
Character Profile

Name: Dr. Anderson
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Personality: Cut-and-dry evil guy
Physical Description: Brown hair; blue eyes; muscular build; wears Magma costume
Pokmon: Charizard, Camerupt, Aggron, Houdoom, Mightyena, Alakazam
History: Abandoned as a child, Anderson wanted from the earliest days of his life to get back at the world for outcasting him. Naturally drawn to science throughout his life, he was consistently identified as a nerd, and with no one to turn to but his Pokmon, became a master at battling and defeating those he hated. After managing to get a scholarship, he very nearly became a certified doctor, but his uncouth attitude got him expelled. He joined Team Magma shortly after, working in the mines to quell his fiery temper until he was transferred to medical faciliation, became a bioweaons engineer, and created a virus that might possibly destroy all of the known world. Not all of the side effects of his experiments on himself have fully worn off, either.
Other: N/A
Forum: Pokmon Elite 2000

May 15th, 2004, 5:51 AM
Character Profile

Name: Horatio Phin
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: Bubbly and easily excited; extremely friendly and defender of the defenseless.
Physical Description: Buzzcut blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes, tanned skin, moderate build, swimming trunks, sandals
Pokemon: Mantine, Seadra, Tentacruel, Poliwag, Whiscash
History: Horatio was born and raised on a fishing boat. His whole life is based around fishing and Water Pokemon. When news of what the governments were planning on doing to aquatic based Pokemon, he was outraged. He instantly landed his beach and began to search for a way to cure the virus without hurting any type of Pokemon.
Other: N/A

Sorry King, but only the representatives of the participating forums may roleplay. Since you're not one of them, I'm afraid that you cannot join.

Dr Oak
May 15th, 2004, 6:45 AM
Character Profile
Representing Forum: Pokeschool
Name (Required): Gary Oak
Gender (Required): Male
Age: 17
Personality: Stubborn and persistant. Impossible is nothing.
Physical Description: White spikey hair, long full length leather coat, black shirt and dark jeans with dark trainers.
Pokemon: Charizard, Absol, Pikachu, Bayleef, Dusclops and Glalie
History: Began his Pokemon Journey at ten then pushed it aside when the world came-a-calling for him to save. For three years he fought against evil, his Pokemon remaining in the sidelines until after a climactic battle he left the world-saving business and headed back to Pokemon Training.
Other: A Crescent Mage, he uses Silver Magic but uses it less recently.

Umm... Gary's past has to be modified slightly since I'm sure no-one here would understand the complicated back-story from Pokeschool... so i wont mention the whole Giovanni-saga stuff...

May 15th, 2004, 7:35 AM
Regarding the silver magic, Dr. Oak: Certain members of the Olympics may be against the use of magic/sorcery of any sort. So I guess you should either be careful or just take it out all together.

Dr Oak
May 15th, 2004, 10:34 AM
I'll go with the be careful... Besides, i doubt it'll even be needed. It's just that it's a vital part of Gary's character.

May 15th, 2004, 12:34 PM
Character Profile
Name: Rhia Murrow
Gender: female
Age: 19

Personality: Rhia isnt the type to be right in someones face, rather, shell hide in the background and wait for a perfect opportunity to come by. She will fight if, and only if, she must. Shes quiet and extremely intelligent, thinking about possible outcomes before making a move, much like a champion chess player. Her cold demeanor doesnt help her on first meetings with people. She is akin to a mercenary, willing to help but only if the person offers a good deal and usually the help is offered at the most opportune times

Physical Description: Rhia stands about six feet even, with a pale complexion, and fairly thin. Her blond hair goes down to just below her shoulders and has copper colored tips. Her eyes are a pale grayish color with three specks of a crimson color in each eye and are always alert to her surroundings. She wears gray-black camouflage pants and her shirt is the same gray-black camo pattern, short sleeved and the collar is V shaped along with a black trench coat she carries with her. Shoes and socks are not in her dictionary but she will consent to sandals.

Pokemon: Rapidash, Mightyena, Arcanine, Absol, Pidgeot, and Jolteon
History: Shes been living on her own for about eight years ever since she adopted an abandoned Growlithe. Her parents wanted her to get rid of it but she refused and ran from them not wanting to part with her canine pal. She learned to love life on the streets with her team and, given the chance, shell never go back to before she found her Growlithe.

Other: Shes remaining relatively neutral since the virus outbreak, having no opinion whether the virus is stopped or if it ravages the world.

May 15th, 2004, 3:26 PM
Name: Foxy ????
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Physical Description: Foxy has naturally flame red eyes that have a tendency to change colour when she uses her abilities. She keeps her hair rather bushy usually, and spiked up randomly, but has been known for elaborate hair styles. It's as red as her eyes. She is 6'2", She usually wears a red t-shirt with black pants, but will often change for camouflage, depending on her situation.

Personality: Somewhat varied. She is very cold to outsiders, slow to make friends and does not trust many people. It takes much longer for her to trust most people, though Gary was an exception. She fights with the same coldness as she treats outsiders. A very tactical fighter, she fights with every last bit of her powers, which have gotten a boost quite recently. However, her meaner side doesn't mean she is not good. She has helped save the world against the Demons, and was changed by it. She has kindness in her heart, however unlikely that may seem. She holds nothing back in fighting, and will fight for what she believes in.

Pokemon: Charizard, Lanturn, Shiftry, Pidgeot, Rapidash, Gengar.
Her first pokemon being Ponyta, and Chinchou soon after, Foxy has developed somewhat of an affinity with fire types. Her childhood was probably tough.

History-past is utterly unknown. Recently however she has joined the Neo Crescent Mages. Has also had training as a spy; has great athletic skill born from her abilities, and isvery, very quiet. She is very good at sensing people too as her five senses are many more times powerful than an average human.

OOC-Do we need to say our character's abilities and so on?

May 15th, 2004, 6:02 PM
Well just no use of sorcery or magical powers would be allowed here. I'm only taking into consideration of other participants of this RP.

May 15th, 2004, 11:05 PM
No powers huh? Well I can go with that. So it's Pokemon only?

May 16th, 2004, 7:36 AM
I'm guessing that's the case here. No magic or sorcery. Just think of it as a way to increase your creativity (and it's the truth). :P

May 16th, 2004, 9:52 AM
Character Profile
Name: Julia Kabania
Gender: Female
Age: 11

Personality: Grew up in a very harsh, cruel environment, giving her an everlasting characteristic of aggression. Since she was found by her older brothers at the age of 10 (see History), she has grown tender, but still demonstrates her brutality when needed, as it’s something that will most likely never change. When more calm and easy-going, she can be very compassionate for the things she feels is right. Despite her physical age, she has very strong beliefs in her morals, and has learned to learn on her own throughout her childhood, which is still progressing.

Physical Description: Silky, straight, long blue hair, hiding the large, circular earrings she wears. Her peachy skin accents her deep, sea-blue eyes, which seem to go on forever. Standing at 4’11”, she wears a white, sleeveless top, and a pair of tight black pants that flare out at the ends.

Pokemon: Marill, Kadabra (Merlin), Feebas, Lapras, Beautifly (Pandora), Vulpix

History: Until the age of 4, she grew up with her two older brothers (Who were both Jr.Magma recruits), her mother, and her father, who was openly a top Magma-officer, on Ollivine. She had been consistently displayed to the cruelty of Team Magma, ”You’ll be doing this soon, too!” she’d hear her father say all the time. Finally sick of it, she walked outside. She always saw people on TV running away, but she had nowhere to go. After a little while simply walking around the island market, she was found by an Aqua-officer. Her father was very well known to Team Aqua, and so was she. Being the daughter of a Top Magma-officer, and having a great fascination with water pokemon, she had much potential. Seeing how Team Aqua was against everything that she was, she agreed to stay, now having a place to “run away to”. Her father quickly jolted to her rescue as soon as he found out, but he died at the attempt. 6 years later, her older brothers, Ali Kabania, and Foxworth Kabania (Fox being the oldest) found her. At first, not wanting to go back home with them, she was the only person (along with her partner, Jenna Ivypond, who was, and still may be, in a relationship with Fox) that was able to keep them from accomplishing their missions. Ali and Fox would never give it their all when approached by the two young girls. It was not until all three of them decided to leave their associations, that they went back home to their mother in Ollivine…

Other: Julia is very much aware of the Virus that is spreading, but is currently not sure of her feelings towards it.

Forum you are representing: Pokecommunity

May 16th, 2004, 8:31 PM
Sorry for my temporary disappearance, but life sometimes does that to you.

Regarding magic, sorcery, and special powers, I won't say that they're not allowed, however, as a recommendation, this pokemon roleplay should be realistic in regards to the pokemon world. I've only seen one episode regarding magic in pokemon and that one was a wierd one at that. Remember, you're graded on how realistic you are.

Also, I forgot to add one part to the form: Forum You Represent. Please edit your posts to put it in so that the judges will have an easier time figuring out which forum you belong to. Thankyou.

Finally, since the 24 hours are up, you may begin roleplaying. I know that some representatives have not yet posted their characters, but the whistle has already gone. They can post it later during the roleplay and then join in after that. For now...


Dr Oak
May 16th, 2004, 11:56 PM
You never mentioned we were getting graded on 'realism'... That rather screws my RPing sideways... ^^

May 17th, 2004, 8:08 AM
Neat profiles, people... Better start this off, huh?


Moonlight flooded the previously pitch-black room, and Cat found herself staring down at hands shaded ghostly-gray, wrists bound tightly together. Spreading her fingers apart, she observed the semi-transparent webbing stretching between them with a small start of surprise, masked by the ropes around her. The beak partially obscuring her vision was taped tightly, incapable of the frightened cry she attempted to utter as a rounded door facing her eased open. Her attempts to loosen her bonds by struggling only made them cut further into rubbery skin. The man entering the room was tall and white-coated, and he made straight for the thin table she was tied to. Ignoring the harsh pains in her limbs, she struggled further. He laughed. Cruelly. Unnaturally. If shed had hairs, they would have stood on end. Instead, the jewel on her head gleamed red in the darkness and her already-wide eyes bulged fearfully. This man... He wasnt interested in Pokemon welfare. A metallic glint drew her gaze to the blade he was withdrawing from a deep pocket to hold over her stomach. And there was something wrong in his eyes. A sort of desperation. The blade shook in his long, spidery fingers before its point flashed and dove downwards

Cat awoke with a jolt, drenched in sweat. Not only was that terrifying, it was reality, at least for the Pokemon having been used in experiments towards the preservation of those infected by the virus spreading through the nations. She shuddered. Human lives, Pokemon lives, some would do anything for such causes. Generally, she focused only on matters concerning herself, and this wasnt strictly one of them. But since the sudden quarantines of cities and towns that were her only means of supplies (aside from those obtained from her natural surroundings) had been put into effect, shed had to move further into uninhabited territory for fear of infection herself, as the virus method of transmission was unknown. The further she stayed from civilization, the less likely she was to become infected with whatever it was. Sighing, she turned onto her back to stare into the cloudless periwinkle sky. Not a hope of getting back to sleep, not now that the birds were waking up. The incessant chirping of Pidgey and Spearow filled the morning air, and far away a Doduos raucous wakeup crow sounded. Muttering curses under her breath, Cat rose to her feet, ran a hand through her tousled hair and made her way through the grass of jungle proportions that made up Silver Valley of Johto towards a small stream. The water gurgled and sparkled merrily in the sunlight as it made its way downstream. Cat held her head under the clear, running water for about 5 seconds, then shook it vigorously after removing it, spraying all the area around her with droplets. A disgruntled Murkrow fluttered out of the 5-foot grass nearby, disturbed from its sleep. Cat smiled slightly, watching it settle in a nearby berry tree and replace its head under a dark wing, one yellow eye glaring at her from between black feathers.

Where to go next, she pondered After all, there really werent many other places as desolate as Silver Valley and Cavern. The old Power Plant where she used to hide out was now up and running again, for example. Unknown Dungeon was full of researchers studying some kind of gene found there, summat to do with Mewtwo The only other half-decent place that sprang to mind was the Dragons Den. Few people frequented that cave, mainly due to the recent rumours of hauntings and a shrine full of black magic. Maybe she could head there today, for a change from flowers and sunlight.


May 17th, 2004, 12:51 PM
heh....I'm a bit late, due to the link at PFU not working. Anyways, here's my profile.

Name: James Slykovski (kinda threw together the last name ^_^; )
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Personality: Short tempered and somewhat intolerant, yet he is quite intellegent and nice enough when he wants to be
Physical Description: Somewhat tall, yet not particularly muscular. However, he's not skinny either. He's about average in build. He has dark red hair that is slightly spikey and blue eyes. He wears a blue vest with a black shirt underneath as well as tan cargo pants. In addition, he wears a scarf like that of Cipher agents
Pokemon: Shedinja, Umbreon, Qwilfish, and Tropius
History: He was a member of Cipher until they disbanded and has since reformed and started a pokemon journey. However, it went in a different direction a while after he arrived at the quarantined Phenac City.
Other: Being the person that he is, James would prefer to save people rather than let them die and let the pokemon live. His primary mission, however, is to find and apprehend the man who created this terrible disease.
Forum: Pokemon Fan Universe

May 17th, 2004, 3:27 PM
Name: Beep Chu
Gender: Male
Age: 2
Personality: Wild, a bit oblivious.
Physical Description: Darker fur than that of a normal Pikachu
History: Raised in the comfort and protection of Viridian Forest until Team Rocket came... They stole many Pokemon in the forest, including Beep. He escaped, but the brainwashing that he went through does come back. It only happens for a few minutes, though. In this Hyper State, he is a vicious, uncaring and cruel soul.
Other: Beep is a Pikachu who can communicate with humans. He wants to save the Water type Pokemon.
Forum: Pokemon Fan Universe.
Note: Two years old is relativly a good age for a rodent. ^^;

May 17th, 2004, 4:00 PM
Julia slowly rubbed her eyes, squinting out the window beside her soft, baby blue bed. Her eyes glimmered in the dim sunlight that had risen, as the rest of the sun continued to rise. The house was dead, as quiet as mouse. This was a very different situation compared to what she was used to - everlasting screaming and bickering which never seemed to end. Throwing back her head she groaned, then looked over to the powder-pink clock hung on the walls of a similar color.
’only six thirty…’ She thought to herself, stepping out of her bed. She figured it would be a bit too late to try and get back to sleep. She stuttered over to her closet, which was the same color as the wall. Looking through her wardrobe, she found a fairly nice pair of black pants, and a white top, which she thought would look cute with it, so she threw them onto her soft bed. Julia took her time getting undressed from her blue and white striped pajamas, and into the clothes that had recently bounced onto the bed. After doing this, for a few moments, she pondered whether or not she should tie up her silky, smooth hair. After taking a quick glimpse out her window again, she decided it would be better to leave her hair down, then stepped to her door. She slowly creaked it open, putting Ali, Fox, and her mother into consideration. She peaked her head out the door… Looked down the bright, brown hall to her left where Ali’s bedroom was… Then to her right, where Fox and her mother’s bedrooms were… She tried to simulate the life of a spy, trying to make it more interesting.
“Marill Mar!” Her Marill jumped up at her from behind, out of her room. Julia recollected herself after jolting up, startled. Slowly turning around, she bent down to Marill’s height, and put her finger over her lips,
“Shh!” Julia told her Marill, her shimmering hair falling to one side. The bubbly, blue pokemon walked around Julia, looking incredibly disappointed. She walked down the hall to her right until she reached the stairs, then bounced down them, each bounce causing a creaking sound as she hit the floor. Julia giggled. She shyly stepped forward, pulling one arm in front of her with the other. She looked over the railing of the halls, seeing the stairs end right before the wall, and the sunlight barely reaching the window behind the Television. In front of the black Television lay a small video game console, hooked up to the Television. An elegant, brown coffee table seemed to get in the way of the TV screen for anyone sitting on the pearly white sofa. Julia shook her head in despair, knowing that the peace she was admiring was only going to last for another hour or two, until the others wake up. She walked down the stairs that her Marill had previously bounced on, trying to sound as quiet as possible. Directly in front of her, the moment she reached the bottom of the stairs, was the kitchen, which was not separated from the living room. The white fridge, the worn-out stove, the metallic microwave, and the sink all stood aligned with each other, and between the kitchen and the living room was the wooden dining table. All this was fairly simple, but it supplied the basic needs of a person, which was good enough for Julia. The room was now more lit with the sunlight. Julia noticed Marill sitting on her own, on the cushioned sofa. Julia joined her, turning on the TV, immediately turning down the volume from the evening before. The first thing Julia saw was an interview with someone who had been diagnosed with the virus. The interviewer was wearing a black suit, looked significantly taller than the patient, and had brown, shaggy hair. The patient however had barely any hair at all, and was lying down in a hospital bed, in a hospital gown.
“Kinda sad… Don’t ya think?” Julia asked her Marill, tilting her head slightly.
“Marill Mar…” She replied as the interviewer continued to speak.
”So I hear that it IS possible for you to be cured, and the antidote for this illness would be?…”
“Well, I’m not exactly sure what it’s called, but it is said to be made out of a body part of a water pokemon…” Julia absent – mindedly turned the volume up on the TV, Marill now a tad terrified.
[I]”Why – well that’s horrible! Do you intend on using this antidote as a cure?”
“I agree that this is a barbaric way to be treating this virus, but it seems to be the only thing that is working right now! I will still consider the option of NOT using the antidote. However, at this
point, It is most likely that I will.”
“People have been saying that it would take almost all the water pokemon in the world to save the human race if this virus is not contained, how do you fell about this?”
“Ridiculous! By that time, we would have found an alternate cure! I suggest that anyone who has this virus use the antidote-“ The patient took a moment to cough. It was evident that he was still in very early development of the virus. Julia looked over at her Marill, while an expression of surprise flushed through her face. At this moment, A young boy, about the age of 14, walked down the stairs. He had purple hair, split through the middle, and he was still in his pajamas-a grey T-shirt, and a pair of baggy, grey pants. He plopped himself down on the bouncy sofa, between Marill and Julia, while a brisk Raichu followed close behind him.

May 17th, 2004, 4:39 PM
James was standing deep in thought in the deepest depths of the Under. That was about as low as he could go. No, he had already gone as low as he could go. Zombifying pokemon and passing them off to people, what was he thinking? Sure, he felt pokemon were not as important as humans, but they're living things, and as such, deserve certain rights. Still, that was behind him.
Nowadays there was a new plague moving over the Orre region where he was born. It was not because of him, but he wished he knew who did wreak this disaster. Even he wouldn't stoop this low, and he'd make sure that nobody would get away with this. He'd heard the main suspects were Dr. Henry of Team Snagem and Dr. Anderson of Team Magma. He had heard little of this Team Magma, nor of this Dr. Anderson, but he had heard things about this Dr. Henry when he worked for Cipher. He would check this man out and, if he was the cause, he swore he would make him regret setting the world to chaos. This was cruel, and if even a Cipher Peon knew it, than it sure as heck must be.
I mean, this was the deadliest virus since SARS, if not worse. One in ten people died, and that was unacceptable. Even if it meant killing water pokemon, it was worth the lives of people. Some people saw it like him, but others got all worked up about killing water pokemon. Was there no talking sense into those people!? Who would they rather have dead, themselves or the water pokemon!? Still, it made little sense to him to waste his life trying to talk sense into the senseless. Rather, he'd get to the bottom of this and find the madman responsible for this outrage, and so he boarded the UFO and rode up into Pyrite Town. Even there he could see the catastrophic effects of this plague. He could not take time to pay close attention to this, however, he had things to do.

May 17th, 2004, 8:58 PM
“Ali…” Julia began to speak after watching the dreadful forecast that had just been presented,

“Would they do this to water pokemon?” She asked him, pulling the bouncy Marill from beside Ali, over to herself.

“I guess so… It’s nothing to get worked up over, really… It’s not like all water pokemon are going to die… And if they do, they’ll die knowing that they’re saving a human. Not that bad, is it?” He asked Julia, watching as Raichu, still very tired, pulled himself onto the wooden dinner table, and curled himself up in a corner.

“What do you mean!? It’s not THAT bad!? It’s horrible!” Julia now sat cross-legged on the sofa, poking her dainty, delicate toes. Ali’s face developed a sympathetic look for Julia,

“It’s something that will be handled on it’s own. We were never really involved with it… We should just leave it be, like I said… It’s nothing to get worked up over…”

“But why the water pokemon? Why only water pokemon!?” Julia threw her long hair over her shoulder in front of her, running her fingers through it. Ali began to recall the many memories when he was younger, of Julia staring at himself and his father with shame, as they dragged water pokemon from the sea onto the ship in great nets. He was very much aware that Julia was always against the discrimination of water pokemon, and it was partially because of him that she was. He felt a strong guilt within himself, but pushed it aside.

“Listen, things will be fine! Just be glad that you aren’t being raised by those Aqua grunts anymore! If you were with them for long enough, you know just as much as I do, that you’d have a hideous future ahead of yourself!” At that moment, Ali began to realize that he had tempered Julia a great deal.

“What do you mean by that!? What are you trying to say!?” She shouted, viciously throwing a cushion at Ali, knowing that it wouldn’t hurt him anyways. Marill swiftly curled down her ears, and hid under the sofa as Ali’s Raichu did the same.

“It’s not about the title of a member of Team Aqua, and it never was! It was about giving water pokemon the respect that they deserve, and making the earth a better place by creating more aquatic environments, how in the world is that a bad thing!? If I stayed with Team Aqua until I was old enough to be an official member, maybe I could help find a way to stop this virus!”

’Yeah, and let the human race suffer…’ Ali thought to himself, giving Julia a distant, cold stare…

“What makes you so sure that you’d be able to discover a new antidote for the virus!? You’re doing terribly in Science, what makes you thi-“ She briskly interrupted him,

“Well then maybe I could’ve still protected the water pokemon! You’re just ignorant! You don’t understand at all!” She stood up, thinking of what she could have done, and what she could do now.

“It isn’t too late for me either, and you know it! Maybe I should leave right now!”

“And where do you plan on going?” Ali asked her, trying to keep his cool.

“Well… I still have an SS. Tidal ticket, and the next ship is coming in at noon!”

“Mhmm… The same ship that had it’s cruise cancelled because of the virus, right?” Ali stood up now, walking over to the dining table, and picking up an apple from the colorful fruit basket laying on top of it. Julia, now very depressed, dropped quietly back into the sofa, thinking of what she could do to protect the water pokemon. Ali took a bite of his apple now, leaning against the chair.

“Y’know… You might be full of spunk, and what-not, but… You’re only one kid… A pretty young one, at that!” He started to speak again, pausing to see if Julia would attempt to rant at him again, but she continued to listen.

“It would be kind of hard… You were trained as a member of Team Aqua since you were what-4? 5? It may seem like a lot, but really… All that ‘training’ was nothing but exposure to the lives of Aqua Grunts, what training did they really offer you?…” Julia continued to listen, now thinking of the many encounters she had with Fox and Ali when they were still on Team Magma.

“… Well I’m sure you were no better…” She muttered under her breath, looking out the window behind the TV, hoping that a ship would come rolling into the harbor out in front of their home.

May 18th, 2004, 5:23 PM
Catriona washed quickly, frame perched at the edge of the fast-flowing streams rocky bank. Yawning slightly, she wandered unhurriedly back to the flattened patch of grass where shed spent the previous night. Her Arcanines slumbering form was curled around the trunk of a flowering Oran berry tree. Nearby lay a battered Miltank-hide backpack, most of its seams having been repaired several times before after tearing on thorns or low-hanging branches in the forests its owner frequented. Cat roughly pulled apart the rusted clip-fastenings of her rucksack, only to find a small, dusty-yellow ground Pokmon half-asleep inside it. Picking it up by the scruff of its neck and holding it at arms length, she rolled her eyes and the used her other hand to pick out a faded pair of jeans and a white tank-top, while the Sandshrew struggled against her grasp and eventually managed to free itself, falling to the earthy floor heavily. Amused, Cat watched him scurry away into a more sheltered area, then turn and narrow its large, accusing eyes to glare resentfully at her. She shrugged and pulled on her daywear; Sandshrews anger towards her never lasted for long, it having been one of her most pampered Mon in better times. After taking out a highly polished Pokball, she re-fastened her bag carefully, slung it over her back and ruffled the reddish-brown fur covering the top of Arcanines head to wake him. He growled softly and shifted under her hand, opening his eyes slowly.

Come on, were headed to Blackthorn today, remember? Youll need to stay awake for me to ride you.

Arcanine swayed sleepily as he got to his feet and gave a huge yawn, displaying every one of his fearsome teeth. Cat shivered at the sight of the needle-sharp canines lining his mouth, and looked away into the sky, which was now completely clear of clouds. Perfect for travelling, although a little more wind wouldnt go amiss, she thought. Suddenly, her steed tensed beside her. Cheery voices could be heard through the towering vegetation around her trainers hunting for rare Pokmon, likely as not. Next second, Sandshrew came skittering out of bushes to her right, panicked. The trainers sounded to be heading straight for them, and from the very direction they were to travel in to reach the near-deserted Dragons Den. Travelling by land was a no-go, then. In one fluid movement, Cat snatched two Pokballs from the ground, returned Sandshrew and Arcanine to them, and threw the white-and-yellow ball already in her hand a metre away, for an impressive Aerodactyl to emerge and spread its reptilian wings wide. Wasting no time, she leapt upon its back, scanned the surrounding area for mislaid items, and urged the Mon upwards. Remarkably, all of this took place silently and without the knowledge of the trainers now fighting their way through plantlife below.

Catriona had evaded other humans successfully for years, almost never having been sighted since leaving home as an ambitious child. Shed never seen any need to question her avoidant nature, though in reality there was little reason for a young woman as she was now to flee from any sort of human contact. Now, astride her own majestic flying Pokmon, she saw no reason to change this unusual habit. What good could communicating with others of her own kind do her now, with a deadly disease raging throughout the nations? Even if its methods of transmission were unknown, she wasnt going to make any risks regarding catching a generally fatal infection. It was just more reason to keep well away from civilisation as far as a loner as herself was concerned. She shuddered at the thought of having to kill to save herself. Obviously, in the event that she did contract whatever this thing was called, it would be necessary to sacrifice to save her own skin. It still wasnt a remotely pleasant thought, though.

She shook her head, trying to clear it of such depressing thoughts, and her hair billowed out behind her in the moderate wind, as Aerodactyl soared over yet more trainers and hikers, trudging over the harsh uphill slope below, battling among themselves, picking berries from the many-coloured trees and bushes dotting the mountainside They were drifting slightly off-course. She leaned to the right, muttered directions in Aerodactyls ear, then straightened up to enjoy the view. As they flew, she fingered the charm bracelet on her wrist. A gold chain, constructed entirely from fragments of charms usually found on Meowths foreheads that shed found in various places shed resided in over the last half-decade. Not that she believed in luck, as a rule, but the feel of the cool gold against her skin was reassuring, wherever she was. And the Dragons Den was reputed to be filled with dark magic. Probably just a modern myth, but all the same She continued to turn her only piece of jewellery nervously. If that was a false tale, then what she had heard about the cave being deserted might also be. After all, it was only a short surf away from Blackthorn town. Well Shed see when she arrived. Again, she shook herself and stared at the rocky terrain below. A small, brown-shirted boy was gazing at her and her Mon, open-mouthed. Frowning slightly, she nudged Aerodactyl, prompting it to increase its speed in order to avoid the eyes of those below. The area was becoming flatter, less rocky, and small, slate-roofed houses loomed closer on the bright horizon. They were approaching Blackthorn. Cat dropped her hand from the bracelet adorning one arm, and flattened herself against Aerodactyls roughened back so as not to be observed from below. The wind was now considerably stronger, whipping her face almost painfully, so she lowered her head to press her face into the birds hard, cold neck. Flying over the town, she raised her head a little, eyes peering at the typical quiet morning scene below. Hardly anyone was around, even though the warm weather was practically perfect for taking a stroll or exercising Pokmon in. Lazy Sunday, she thought. All the better for travelling unnoticed in this way.

The derelict buildings below started to thin, becoming shabbier as they flew over the citys outskirts. Now there was only the odd hut, or run-down log-house to see. Cat rose atop her Mons back after theyd passed over the sparkling blue water of a small lake, aquamarine eyes focused on the ground below, scanning it intently for any sign of an entrance to the famed Dragons Den. Quite quickly she found what she had been searching for; a sign perched precariously on a long, wooden pole, and, next to it, a rounded crevice roughly the same size as a manhole. She kicked Aerodactyls side lightly with her bare foot to get his attention, pointing towards the hole below. His eyes snapped wide open with the concentration needed to land as he circled closer to the cave entrance, and eventually alighted onto a large, oddly shaped rock near to it. Cat, relieved to see that the area around was just as plainly deserted as rumour had brought her to hope, swung herself onto the earth, creating a small dust-cloud around her feet as they touched the dry, sun-baked soil. The cracks in the hardened soil joining and branching off each other told exactly how much rain this area had received recently. It was almost too hot to walk on. Hopefully the cave interior would be cooler, having not been exposed to the harsh conditions that the land overhead obviously had. Cat grimaced as yet more cracks formed under her naked feet, patting her Aerodactyl on the head before returning it to its somewhat tarnished great ball. The moisture-deprived soil continued to split beneath her as she picked her way over to the nearby cave entrance. As she drew closer, she noticed that there was wire netting stretched tightly over the opening had the superstition surrounding the Dragons Den reached new heights, or was someone in residence down there who wasnt too fond of surprise visits? Odd


Well, the sign certainly didnt offer any kind of explanation of why the cave it announced had been sealed off to the public. Most likely some idiotic vandals causing trouble, she sighed. Though why theyd go to such great lengths as to padlock the wire was a mystery. She frowned slightly, thinking this over, but it was uncomfortable just standing here, and she hadnt flown up to this drought-ridden mountainland for nothing. Withdrawing a Pokball from her pocket, she called out Arcanine and instructed him to melt the metal barrier, certain it would be impossible for her to remove it with her bare hands. The canine obliged, the wires were gone in a flash, and Cat returned her Mon, tiptoeing lightly over to the entrance to peer into the darkness. From where she was, she could just about make out the cave floor only a couple of metres below. Hoping that it was uninhabited, she gulped and disappeared into the Den.

May 18th, 2004, 5:33 PM
Deep inside the Dragon's Den, a small electric rodent was scrounging around for food. By the light of sparks coming from his cheeks, he looked and looked. Beep hadn't eaten for days and was starving. Nothing was in this cave but loneliness. He needed a companion, someone to talk to. Failing in his search for food, he went back to his little burrow with a sigh. He silently went to sleep.

May 18th, 2004, 5:59 PM
James was thinking again as he trudged through the rugged desert that covered most of the Orre region. Dr. Henry, this was a man that was said to be ruthless and determined. It had also been said that he created his own laboratory near the lab where Cheif Ein had once made shadow pokemon. However, this was all just rumor and could not be proved as true. After all, James had never met this man in person, but he was apparently high in the ranks of Team Snagem. If the rumors were true, perhaps he had created this disease that had been plagueing the world. The question was why. Why on earth would someone purposely create a deadly disease to kill the very land on which they lived?
Before he could contemplate this any more, however, he made a few realizations. In seeking Dr. Henry, he would likely be in danger of catching this disease himself. This is something he would prevent, but how would he do so? This was obviously a highly contagious disease, but there was only one way to cure it and no known way to prevent it. It seemed that for now he should just continue on towards the Shadow Pokemon Lab. Henry's lab was rumored to be near there, so it would only make sense to start looking from there.
As James continued to walk, he considered something. One of his pokemon was a Qwilfish, a water pokemon. Would he need to give him up? It would be worth it if he was already infected, but should he try and make some sort of immunity for it using Qwilfish? After all, the Shadow pokemon lab had lots of equipment for just about everything you could imagine. He had been there before. Then agian, perhaps he would not need Qwilfish to make an immunity. James was not an expert at medical science, but he did know that immunities involve infecting yourself with a small, harmless dose of a disease so your body can build up an immunity to it. Still, he figured there was more to it than that, but if he was lucky, perhaps he could develop an immunity shot for it once he got to Dr. Henry's lab. Still, this was something he could not do alone, and it may not even be possible. He would need someone with scientific knowledge in order to pull this off.
James decided to put the immunity idea off for now. His first priority was to get to the shadow pokemon lab and find out how to get to Dr. Henry's lab from there. Luckily for him, he was finally nearing his destination.

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May 18th, 2004, 7:56 PM
Julia rubbed her feeble arm, as she continued to look out the glass window of the house, even though all she truly saw was her own reflection… She wildly began to think of what she could do, then considered her resources. It was evident that Marill was no good to her… And her Feebas would never be of any use to her until she were to evolve into a Milotic. Vulpix seemed to be great with battling, but Julia knew completely, that battling was going to get her no where in this situation… Pandora, her Beautifly, seemed to be very modest and frivolous, Pandora was going to be no help to Julia right now… She then began to think of her Kadabra, Merlin… Would he be able to teleport Julia to another place? Would he maybe be able to read the minds of the creators of the virus, and discover an alternative to water pokemon? Merlin always seemed to get Julia out of tight places, and this was no exception… But where would she go? An abrupt aroma of sweetness began to fill the air. Ali poured the smooth batter of pancake mix into the frying pan. It fizzled on contact, but then cooled after a few seconds. Not thinking, Julia got off of the pearly white sofa she was sitting on, and walked over to the closet to her right, digging through a pile of boots and sandals for her running shoes.

“Where are you going?” Ali asked, as he watched Julia’s Marill come out from hiding under the sofa that she was sitting on.

“Marill Mar!” She questioned Julia, running over to her. Marill jumped onto the shoes, causing the pile to fumble beneath her. Julia was able to eye out her own running shoes, and grabbed them from under Marill.

“Well I’m definitely not staying here!” Julia shouted, not looking back. Her silky blue hair fell over her thin shoulder. She felt her pockets to see if she had her pokeballs, and walked up the stairs back to her room in realization that she didn’t have them at all. She took 5 pokeballs from her wooden, pastel pink book-shelf, and 1 friend ball, in the shadow of a black, digital clock, from her oak-wood bedside table. It seemed pointless to her to have 2 clocks in her room, but just as she was thinking that, she heard blunt foot-steps coming up the stairs.

“Julez, where in the world are you going!? The least you could do is tell me!” Ali said, loudly, but trying to keep his voice soft enough so no one else in the house could hear. Raichu looked concernedly towards Marill, wondering what was going on.

“Chu rai chuchu!” He cried to the Marill, but she shook her head from side to side in response, implying that she didn’t know what was happening. Julia twisted around now, walking vigorously to her wardrobe.

“Answer me!” Ali repeated, grabbing her by her shoulder. She refused to turn around, clipping a black belt around her waste, just above her hips. She clipped her 5 pokeballs and her 1 friend ball into he belt, then turned around. Not realizing how close Ali was to her, she took a step, then bumped into him. The two of them both fell to the ground, facing each other.

“I don’t know where I’m going!” She grunted into Ali’s face, immediately standing back on her feet, her running-shoes leaving prints in the plushy carpet as she walked out the door, and back down the stairs. Ali ran ahead of her, blocking the door.

“Well I’m not going to let you go anywhere until you tell me where you’re going!” Ali didn’t know what else to say, it wasn’t often that he had to stop his sister from running away. The one time that she did, he was too young to attempt to stop her anyways, and he felt obligated now as an older brother. Julia tried pushing Ali to the side, but he stood still and stiff, not moving. She tried pushing him a bit harder, but she still didn’t exert enough force to move him completely out of the way. At this point, Julia was furious. She charged into Ali, blasting him into the door. He let out a grunt, and fell to the ground in pain. The pancakes were now burning, and the smell sifted throughout the atmosphere.

Slowly nudging Ali to the side, Julia was able to get him out of the way of the door. She opened it up, having Marill follow behind her, then stepped out of the door, closing it behind her. Around her was the fresh smell of sea salt, she stood on a set of cement stairs. Walking down them, she ended up on a brick pavement. To her right were the markets, where random merchants would gather to sell their items that they had discovered on their journey. Down her left, was a row of other households, and just a few meters ahead of her was the sea, with nothing but a low, wooden fence restricting her from jumping in. Julia took in a deep breath, then walked around the market, to the other side of the wooden fence, where the harbor soon approached. After reaching it, Julia sat at the dock, thinking of what to do… Where to go… She ran her fingers through her soft hair, behind her ear, trying to keep it out of her eyes.

“Marill… Mar, rill,” Marill said softly. Julia looked over at her house. She knew she wasn’t very far away from it, and at any moment, Ali could come up behind her… And just as her door opened up with a soft smog spewing from it, he did. He poked the back of her head, then sat at the dock beside her, admiring the fresh morning breeze.

“So…” He began to speak.

“You really want to do this, huh?…” Julia looked at him, deciding that he may actually begin to understand the pain she was feeling.

“Yeah… But I don’t know how… I think Team Magma made the virus… But that’s just a thought, maybe it wasn’t created at all! Maybe it was just a random virus that developed over the years through other diseases! I could be WAY off… But I think if we can stop the virus from spreading… We can save the water pokemon, and they are one of the only things in this world that I actually care about…” Julia looked off into the distant ocean, as it stretched over the rest of the world. Julia giggled now, setting a thinner atmosphere.

“So, were you able to handle the pancakes?” She asked Ali, now turning her head to see that the smog coming out the doorway had settled.

“Yeah, I took care of it… But let’s get back to you, maybe if you…” Julia now seemed a bit surprised. Instead of preventing her from leaving, Ali was helping her! She smiled, and continued to listen.

“If you can figure out exactly who created the virus-if anyone, then you can try to locate them, then surf there with Lapras… Merlin won’t be able to get there unless he’s already been there, right?” Ali said, dipping a bare foot into the water.

“Right… So first… We need to find out who created the virus…” Julia concluded.

“Yep, we can take care of the rest after you find out the main location of the virus, but until then, you might want to keep yourself from getting the virus on your own!” Julia and Ali both scoffed at each other,

“But how do we figure out who?” She asked Ali. Ali stood up now without answering, and walked into the house. Julia followed, and Marill trailed behind them. They both sat at the wooden dining table, with their mother, looking fairly young, wearing a white night gown, with her blue hair tied up, and her other brother Fox, wearing clothes similar to Ali. He had red, spiky looking hair, and pale blue eyes. The two of them had already began to eat.

May 18th, 2004, 8:22 PM
The clear nighttime skies were accompanied by the soft moan of the wind whistled around the dank alleyways of Lavaridge. The moon hung in somber silence above, casting an eerie glow about the clutter of dulled aluminum trashcans and trickles of water in the path. As silent as a hunter, she moved from shadow to shadow towards her intended target: a small apartment complex farther down the alley with one window cracked open on the third floor. The whole of Hoenn was in an uproar over the virus outbreak and Rhia wasnt about to take sides in the affair. Stopping momentarily, she blended in with her surroundings. Deftly she climbed the old rusted fire escape ladder, hoping she could hear the sound of a TV from inside the house.

She reached the third floor landing, adjusting her bare feet to maximize the effect of her gray and black camouflaged clothing under her jet black trench coat. Listening intently, hardly breathing, she moved to hear the latest news of the virus outbreak. The reporter discussing the latest on the virus outbreak, somehow a cure had been found then the developers went missing along with the information. Whoever was watching inside moaned at the news, even though it was the same thing everyday on every news channel. The sudden sound of a trashcan being dumped over from within the alleyway alerted her back to her surroundings. She shifted attention from the repetitive news to the latest disturbance to her. However, in doing so she lost her balance, announcing her presence on the fire escape landing.

Huh, whos there? an apprehensive voice from inside called. The sounds of shuffling could be heard and Rhia knew shed be in trouble if she stayed much longer. As quietly as she could she made her way towards the ladder, but not before the apartment renter caught sight of her. Thief!

Rhia turned to get a good look at the person. It was a woman somewhere in her twenties with long auburn hair. That was the only thing she could see in the dark before she made her way down, with the woman yelling at her to never come back again.

Thief? What does she think I am? Doesnt matter anyway, the virus will eventually spread here, and when it does I wont be here, she grumbled, dusting herself off. She reached for one of her of her Pokeballs lining her belt. She selected one of the red and white orbs, divided by a black band at the equator. Without a word, she threw it to the ground and in a swirl of bright white light, an equestrian form appeared. Cream-white fur covered the horse along with a long horn protruding from its forehead. Great red-orange flames created the mane and tail of the magnificent creature. Some of the flames licked the back of the horse, often reaching all the way to the tail.

Rapidash, Im going to need you to carry me once more. Something isnt right here and if anything comes up, I want to be able to get away quickly, Rhia quietly said to her flaming equestrian as she stroked the beasts gleaming fur, glancing around the alley. Giving a small neigh, the horse knelt down a little to allow her master to get onto her back. Rhia quickly mounted, still looking for whatever caused the trashcan in the alley to tip. Rapidash picked up a slow walk as the wind began to pick up its speed. No sign of whatever caused the disturbance could be seen and Rhia relaxed a bit. Lets go Rapidash; I sense a job might finally be coming our way.

With a shake of her flaming mane, Rapidash picked up the pace, eager to help her trainer find that job, knowing full well treats would be plentiful the sooner a job was found. The equestrian picked up some more speed after they left the town limits of Lavaridge in search of greener grass. Rhia couldnt help but wonder what people would offer her for her services. All she knew was which ever gave her the better deal, shed choose that option, but if the other offered more after she picked the other

A mercenary holds no loyalties to anyone, she grinned as she thought of the possibilities. Rapidash, lets first find a place to sleep for the night. Cant go looking for a new job looking tired and skuzzy.

Aiya Quackform
May 18th, 2004, 9:55 PM

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May 19th, 2004, 3:46 AM
OOC-Interesting. According to others, you had a schedule collision of sorts. But I don't see why not. Anyways, I can see that this'll be tough. I've just come from exam period, so I'll be able to post more frequently. For now, though... Here goes. For Pokeschool! W00t! Also, I've just been told that this is too long a post! Ha! Oh well, I'll split it into two; sorry for the double posting, but due to the nature, it wouldn't really make much sense (or move the storyline any) if it were in two posts. OH, I just realised something. There are several censored 4 letter words in my post. Those stand for h e l l. I can see why it may be censored, but my use of it is in no way blasphemous or anything like that. Just to make it clear for judges. Also, I apologise for the spacing between paragraphs-as you might have guessed, I wrote this on Word first, so yeah; it's a little wonky. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. EDIT: Changed that.

Foxy stood atop the tallest tree in town. It was one of those trees that boys simply loved top climb, yet none could reach the top. It was perhaps a hundred metres in height. Branches thick and thin covered it, making it almost impossible to climb directly. Yet Foxy had done so by jumping, branch to branch. Even so, it had taken a little while to get to the top. Now, she stood at the pinnacle of the tree, playing a tune on her flute. It was a light tune, similar to one she had played not long ago.

Very harmonious, it had a light feel to it. The rain danced to her rhythm as it splashed on her silky red hair; her rosy cheeks; her red lips. She did not care a bit, as she played softly. Her fingers were moving automatically as she closed her eyes. She continued playing now, letting her heart guide her. This was not a pre-written tune, but came with her emotions. As the sound of thunder and the familiar flash of lightning flashed, still, Foxy played.

Wind lashed out at her, as her longish red hair was blown about, covering her eyes and her face. Now even messier than before, strands were blown into her eyes, on her ears, her nose, her chin. The clouds darkened still around her as if in a trance. Icy weather ate at her skin, yet she did not feel the cold. No, she was too used to it to feel such a feel.

Still, the tune continued.

Foxy's eyes opened slowly, and blinked; once, twice, three times, as her beautiful red pupils saw the light again from this miserly day. Her dark eyelashes were curled slightly. They looked, and were in reality, light and soft as though she had spent a week doing it. The branches of the tree shook with the wind also. The uppermost branch on which Foxy was perched shook ferociously, but Foxy did not lose her grip. Though she was connected to something solid by only her feet, it was as if a force was binding her, stopping her from falling. All this Foxy appeared not to notice; or at least, she cared not.

One could see a lot from her position, she reflected.

The tallest building in the city was the old museum. Old antique walls stood around it, protecting it from the very elements Foxy commanded. Inside, countless valuable artifacts stood, guarded only by glass as machines. The gym, with its brown tiled roof, was set aside from the rest of town; it was a symbol to all beginning trainers that their journey would be hard, and that they'd have to take it alone at some point. It was all too true, Foxy thought sadly. Going alone. She had had it tougher than most. One could say that it had hardened her. And she knew it.

Few understood this message from the gyms. Few kids understood. Really understood, not just the maths they did in class. Life, and the miracles in it. The way things were meant to be. Few did, until it was too late; then it was all too often but a flicker, a dream from the past long gone. Kids, naively setting out on their journey, believing nothing would hurt them, that they could do anything if they tried. Throughout her life Foxy had done and tried much, with little success. She knew now that not all was meant to be.

Something that was meant to be was her becoming a Neo Crescent Mage. After helping to save the world, and being offered that title... It had given her powers a new scope, a new dimension which she had only begun to dream about. She was cool enough not to let it get to her head though; no, she was far too experienced for that. She sighed, realizing how much it had changed her life since then.

She had been a wandering girl, lost, cold, and angry. Gifted with the powers to control nature. For a time she had walked around the lands aimlessly, catching pokemon, meeting and leaving people, and all the rest of it. But now Now, Foxy had been given something to do, an objective; a purpose.

She sighed as she looked outwards.

The ocean was present far, far away near the horizon. One could but catch a glimpse of it here, a narrow streak. The dark blue waves pounded at the rocks Foxy could not see, but knew were there. She could hear the water from her position. Waves came and went, rising, and crashing back down. In many ways it was a metaphor to life. You were born, reached your prime, and inevitably died. As another bolt of lightning flashed, and the sound of thunder came soon after, a deafening roar, the waves seemed to intensify. Waves, she knew, had gotten bigger, faster, and stronger, half-crushing the rocks as they pounded them with all their might.

By listening intently, she could tell everything from here. Waves pounded at the rocks and cliffs as they grew still more with the darkening of the clouds. Sea birds could be heard by Foxy calling into the sky as a wave made them lose their dinner. Foxy thought she saw a whale even, popping its head up to breathe, and then dive back under into the depths. What it was doing so close to shore Foxy did not know; maybe it had been swept in by the current, which was very strong at this point.

A speedboat, still on the water surface zoomed for safety and shelter. Danger was knocking on their doorsteps, and the people on the boat seemed to know it. Joy became edginess, edginess became alarm, alarm became fear, fear became panic. Danger. Vulnerability. None of these were good in the real world. She shook her head at the stupidity of the people on the boat at not noticing the storm sooner.

These things Foxy knew, and thought of as she continued playing her everlasting tune.

In the far distance, the whale could be seen surfacing again, and could be heard, singing as such with its mind. Man could not hear these things, yet Foxy knew they were present. The whale cried out to the world to hear from the loss of its baby. It cried out for its pain. It cried out for its suffering. Perhaps that was why it allowed itself to be dragged along roughly by the current.

Yet that majestic, weeping voice was drowned out by the waves, the sea, the ocean. And man continued living... unaware.

All this Foxy thought and reflected as she played her beautiful and elegant song.

Foxy, disturbed, now thought of the new virus that had begun to sweep the towns, cities and lands of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Orre, and everywhere in between. She had been glad when a cure had been found, but upon finding out what it would mean She had a water pokemon, Lanturn. It was her second pokemon too. At once she knew that she could not allow water pokemon to die.

She had recently used Lanturn less and less; now, it was to the point of not using him at all. There was another water pokemon, Mudkip that was in her PC box. She could smell the fear that came from everyone. All were scared of catching that virus; those that had were either running around, or strolling aimlessly. It was now a case of the scared, the infected, and the neutral.

Of these Foxy was a member. She had yet to see the virus manifesting itself with her own eyes, nor did she wish to. She wished not for all the water pokemon to be killed, but nor did she want everyone else infected. It was a dangerous situation. People were afraid. They were overly cautious. That led to fear. Fear led all too often to anger. Anger lead to hate. Hate lead to suffering, something Foxy had seen too much of in her still short lifetime, both before and during this most recent crisis.

Yet she, unlike the majority of people, had not lost hope. She believed there was another way to cure the virus, to combat it, and rid the world of it for good. Few things were so black and white; it would not be completely untrue to say that nothing was black and white, and this, Foxy believed, was no exception.

She had so far escaped the angry mobs of people which had been surfacing recently, looking for water pokemon. The same people had burned down small fishing villages along all the lands of the world.

It was terrible, this destruction. From village to village she had gone, helping the wounded, putting out the fires. Her eyes flared. She knew she could not keep this up forever; always on the run, patching up old wounds, and rushing to seal new ones. No, there had to be a better way, she old herself.

She knew herself very well; well enough to know that often, she was cold to people, most people, and would kind of edge away from truly thinking about it. Shed push it to the back of her mind, or immerse herself in something else. But this time, she believed herself. There was a way. Not because there had to be a way, but because shed find a way. And she knew that this time, shed get what she wanted.

She sighed, still thinking. Many water pokemon had already been captured. Some killed. It was a tragic loss of life that Foxy mourned. She had even, for a time, felt helplessness creep its dark tendrils up in her veins. But she had realised that, and quickly dismissed the thought. She no longer felt it now.

She had also yet to be an active member in either group. Though her loyalties lay only to herself and the Neo Crescent Mages, and one or two people outside that, she definitely felt a stronger attraction towards the side that did not want the water pokemon to be slaughtered. So why had she not joined?

May 19th, 2004, 3:47 AM
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She sighed, knowing full well the answer. It was the idea of a group, working together. Things that her mind still, by nature, did not want, and fought against. Though she knew it well, she could not control this reaction fully. Never had been able to. Foxy knew she couldnt blame herself for her past. What had happened had happened. Life still went on; it stopped for no man; nor woman.

Recently, the rival groups had clashed. The result of that melee was terrible. An entire city had been destroyed. People had been killed, as had their pokemon. Foxy knew to that she could not be one of those.

In fighting the demons, she had killed many. There, she had been fighting on the front lines. She had collapsed, risen again, and fought. She knew the terrible and harsh realities. Though fighting against humans such as those in the factions were by no means the same; how could they be? The demons were full of hate, wanting to destroy man, to conquer man. No battleground could compare with that of **** itself; she could never forget the hellfire, roaring and blazing around her. The demons, whose hatred she could smell; Nemesis, and the depth of his power No, nothing about **** could and would ever be forgotten. Those memories were too deeply engraved into Foxy for that.

No, it was not the same; the brutality she had felt in **** would forever go unmatched most likely; but this Though this pointless slaughter and righting was nothing compared to demons, it was still brutal and terrifying. Only one such clash had happened; both sides had been seemingly stunned by the death of so many.

In truth, Foxy had been relieved when she realised the reluctance of mankind to go any further in bloodshed; the tens that had died were enough. Man could be brutal, Foxy reflected. It was something she plainly would admit she wouldnt have thought of that before; not while man regarded the whole population; or at least, a large proportion of Mankind.

It was not to say that she did not understand the fighting. Lives were at stake on both sides; from the poison and the restorative. Foxy smiled bitterly at the irony in that realization, that fact.

But despite all this, Foxy had not given up hope for peace, just as she had not whilst in ****. No, it never did hurt to hope, as long as one knew the borders between thought and reality. Too often too had Foxy seen man get engulfed by thought; they dreamt, they hoped, they thought, and lost contact with reality. Engrossed with the could bes, and the might bes or the possiblys. Foxy knew that to an extent it was good to think about them. The trick was not taking it too far. Many a man had not seen the thin border and had been engulfed as a result.

Foxy thought sadly about the many that were infected. They were part of the angry ones too, wanting the lives of the water pokemon. Indeed, this foxy could understand too. No-one wanted to die, nor see someone else die. Most didnt anyway. But in their anger, they did not realise something potentially important. Not much was known about the virus. There had not been much time before the outbreak and the global panic. They did not realise that much could be discovered to help them.

Instead, as mankind seemed to have a tendency to do, the majority went into a complete panic. They had been turned into mindless fools. Man was not this, Foxy knew. After all, man, a comparatively physically weak species, especially compared to Pokemon, had taken over this world and become the dominant species. This was not by luck, nor chance, but because of intelligence. Foxy had now seen first hand how quickly that could break down into mindlessness; and how much chaos that could cause.

Often, she had wanted to tear her hair out, but had not been that desperate. The sight of her, bald, helped too. After all, she had told herself, doing something as irrational as that would make her one that had lost control too. And that was something that could not happen. Nor would it happen.

Instead, she had sighed, and told herself not to judge man too harshly. After all, actions, all of these, were governed mostly by fear; one of the only things man seemed not to be capable of handling that well. It was an impulse No, Foxy had known then she could not blame anyone, and that her breath would have been wasted had she done so.

Foxy sighed sadly, knowing that if a cure was to be found, it would have to come quick. So far, man had been able to control its instincts, and not fight. Logical thinking was so far still in command for the most part. But soon, Foxy could see, that would break, and all out anarchy would ensue, as it had been demonstrated before.

Then again, maybe man wasnt so weak, if he could cause so much trouble.

Foxy's red lips stopped blowing. She held her breath. The waves continued pounding. The wind continued lashing. The rain continued falling. The lightning continued flashing, and the thunder booming. But Foxy had stopped playing. Her eyes fully opened for the first time in many hours.

Something was up, Foxy knew immediately. And this thing had disrupted her mind, her rhythm, her line of thought. Leaping from the tree silently, Foxy somersaulted from branch to branch, descending the tree. Partly, the somersaults were to show off, though to no-one in particular. Partly, it was something for her to do. Finally, she leapt straight to the ground from a height of around thirty metres, her skill and training allowing her to absorb such impacts with ease. She landed on the grass softer than anything had before from such a height, crouching, one soft hand softly on the ground.

Foxy got up, and began walking; to nowhere in particular perhaps... but that was up to the winds to guide her.

Suddenly, she stopped, and held out a pokeball. Gengar! she called loudly. The large, smiling ghost pokemon appeared, the grin wider than ever. Gengar knew well this tragedy that was going on in the human world, more than it wouldve liked. But it too shared Foxys stance.

Gengar, you wanna come out and walk with me? she asked. Gengar nodded wand emitted a low sound in reply. Foxy smiled. This is terrible huh? The way people are just panicking. I can see why though Death in seven days

Gengar nodded vigorously.

Foxy thought for a second, then finally spoke. Gengar, were gonna take a trip to see Gary, she said quietly. Gengar, who had obviously been able to read her thoughts, did not appear surprised. Hey, youre teasing me! she exclaimed. Gengar didnt reply, but Foxy couldve sworn the grin widened just a little.

As I was saying, Garyll know a bit more about the virus. Well be of more use there. And besides, Im tired of putting out fires everywhere, yknow? Gengar nodded again.

Pidgeot, go! The majestic bird pokemon appeared, preening its feathers. You up for a flight? Its only to Pallet Town-one town away from here. I need to talk to Gary, and thats where hes most likely to be. Actually She glanced up at the sky. It was still raining, and lightning was still occasionally striking. Pidgeot looked up towards the sky dubiously too.

Foxy smiled. Never mind, Pidgeot, return! she called, and Pidgeot disappeared as it was engulfed by the usual bright red light. Well that was smart of me, Foxy murmured. Gengar nodded vigorously. A thin smile crept onto Foxys lips as she shook her head silently.

She sighed, looking around. Not a soul was in sight, here at Pewter City. It was eerily quiet. No water pokemond live here, Foxy commented. Most likely why this town seems almost deserted, she added, more just to be saying something than anything else really.

Alright Id call Gary, but I dont have his number Gengar rolled his eyes, and made no effort to hide it. Foxy acknowledged it with a small smile. I know, I know she muttered good-naturedly. Listen, Gengar, can you get in tough with Gary via your powers? Hell no doubt have a psychic pokemon with him, so he can answer back from there, she reasoned.

Gengar nodded. Closing its eyes, Gengar searched the land with its mind, looking for any sign of Garys presence. After less than half a minute, Gengar nodded. This was also Foxys cue. Hey, Gary? This is Foxy. I need to talk to ya; Im doing so right now with my Gengar. Can you get to Pewter City, or would you like me to come to you? And if so, where are you? she asked. Its about the virus by the way, she added quickly.

Foxy paused and looked around. It was still deserted. Foxy sighed, and waited for Garys reply.

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Dr Oak
May 19th, 2004, 11:24 AM
"Get out!" Gary's feet snapped into the dark-haired man's face with a roundhouse kick as he fought back just one member of a group of crazed fanatics who were surrounding his home, his grandfather's laboratory. For days people had been attacking the 'safehouse' for Pokemon, bursting to try and get in and take the precious water Pokemon within it's walls. Only a week and a half before all the Pokemon had been free to frolic in the large, extensive ranch that was born off of the back of the Lab... but now...

Gary slammed the door back in the man's face, the resounding smack and yell from the man indicated Gary had hurt him badly, most probably broken his nose.

With his back against the door, Gary was beginning to get more and more angry with the amount of people trying to get to him and the Pokemon that lived in the labs. They were getting more violent, more daring... more terrifying.

His leather jacket fell from the coatstand it had been hanging on near to the door when a window smashed and a brick landed with a smash only a few feet away from Gary. 6 small Pokeballs rolled out of the jacket's pocket along with a few small items Gary had been keeping in it for general use.

He used one of his hands to sweep through his silver hair as he groaned. He didn't know how much longer he could hold the mob back. He knew he was sooner or later going to be left with one option... he'd have to fight back. Gary's power was huge... a mage with one limit he had ammassed so much power it had once nearly brought an end to the world he had fought countless other times to save. The limit was healing magic... something he'd never been able to control and something he'd found to be his greatest weakness more than once.

Rage welled up within the mage, his hands glowing silver, tendrils slipping out from his magically burnt white finger-tips and his pupils beginning to turn white to match the iris. The changes within his body had been made by silver magic, just as the changes that were happening now as rage tapped into that awesome power.

Without even thinking about it a huge blast of magical energy errupted from him, sending shockwaves throughout pallet town and blasting the mob outside his home away... for now. A glance out of his shattered window showed that some had been knocked out, some winded and some were simply rather annoyed. Luckily, for them more than Gary, none had been killed.

"... This is becoming more than hysteria... these people are becoming bloody insane..." He muttered to himself as he picked his coat up from the ground, replacing the items into it's pocket as he did so.

Whilst straightening back up a thought shot through his mind... but not his own thought. A dark, twisted voice began to resound within his head but with a tinge of recognition within it. Foxy... A fairly new acquaintence of Gary's, but a fine warrior and trainer. Hearing a friendly voice was reassuring, even if it was distorted by Gengar's means of communication.

"Pewter, pewter...pewter..." He muttered mindlessly to himself as he reached around for something on the desk near to the door. The jingle of metal on metal on plastic made Gary smile as he picked up his keys from under a set of notebooks. "**** things always hiding on me..." He muttered to himself again.

Grabbing his bag he headed out the door, tapping the door knob once with a silver glow as he closed it behind him. He knew that mob would take advantage of his leaving, he had no option other than to magically lock the lab from any sort of intrusion.

Pokeball in hand he began to run past the mob that had noticed he had come out. They shouted so loudly that no-one heard Charizard's arrival and no-one noticed Gary returning the pokeball to his pocket. Jumping onto his Pokemon's back as he ran, he took a quick glance back to the mob.

"Something has to be done... That much is certain..." Gary muttered quietly as Charizard escorted them to Pewter City. "... What can be done... even I'm at a loss there..." He lowered his head a little before bringing it back up to keep an eye on where he was heading.

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May 19th, 2004, 2:43 PM
Catrionas feet hit the cool cave floor soundlessly, the rest of her petite form following easily and equally as silently, bringing her into a crouched position against the bluish-grey rock she now rested upon. The darkness here was absolute; she could hardly make out even an outline of anything more than a foot out of the pool of light streaming down from the wide opening shed just dropped noiselessly through. A steady drip of water sounded from further down what she could only presume was a passageway leading into the main area of the cavern. Well, if this place was in any way similar to the Unknown Dungeons tangled maze of underground paths, thatd contradict all shed read about it as a pampered child. Using the wall as support, she rose to her feet, making as little noise as possible. She was mildly surprised to find that the surface was damp to the touch, and felt more like earth than stone. The pathway shed fallen into was definitely sloping downwards, though how far underground it led was anyones guess. Liquid eyes wide in an attempt to adapt to her pitch-black surroundings, she began to edge cautiously along the narrow, low-ceilinged tunnel, still taking care to make her steps barely audible, which rather hampered her progress. Still, there wasnt any great urgency to reach the actual cave before nightfall. In fact, itd be practically impossible to tell night from day down here, she mused, unable to distinguish any movement in the gloom ahead. There was no indication of what she could be walking into; if she wasnt about to plummet into an underground chasm with her next tentative step. She paused for a second to mull this over, then fumbled with her belt and removed Sandshrews Pokball.

Itll be best to play it safe, she half-mouthed, half-murmured under her breath. Go, Opalis.

She threw the ball, and with a flash of red light that illuminated the tunnel enough for Cat to see the path continuing to slope further downwards as it ran south under the lake shed passed over on Aerodactyls back, her Sandshrew, Opalis emerged. It appeared that hed been intending to cry out into the darkness, but Cat gave him a heavy cuff to the head to prevent him giving her away (not that she was sure there was anyone around to be given away to anyway), and he squeaked once, then fell silent. Cat held her breath, hoping that the sound had gone unnoticed, and though Sandshrew couldnt see her, he knew enough to stay silent, for his own sake if nothing else. His owner could hit pretty hard when she wanted to. A scowl crossed his face as he massaged the side of his head where her hand had struck.

Cat emptied her lungs in a small sigh of relief; no-one seemed to be on her tail, then nudged her Mon to start making his way along the passage. She hung back for a few moments, letting him get ahead before continuing herself. Safety reasons, naturally. Besides, he could see in underground areas like this, which was more than she could in the jet-blackness below the surface of the Earth. She began to tiptoe over the unseen cavern floor somewhat more briskly than before, gaining confidence from the faint sounds of Sandshrews sharpened claws on rock. As long as that soft clicking could be heard, she was on the right track. Not that she was entirely sure of where it would lead her She smiled wryly. Whatever she found at the end had better be worth the trouble she was taking to reach it.

A drop of moisture fell onto her shoulder and the water ran down a slender arm, making her shiver and draw closer in on herself for warmth. The air around her was now considerably cooler, and the ground beneath her feet was damper with every step she took. Without warning, the clicks of Sandshrews claws came abruptly to a halt. Cat quickly whipped out an orange cigarette lighter from her pocket and flicked it with her thumb. Smoking, in her opinion, was a disgusting habit, but it was handy to keep one of these around. A flickering flame flared at its tip, illuminating the area around and causing Cats pupils to contract rapidly. When her eyes had adjusted to the sudden light, she could see her Mon staring apprehensively towards a sparkling strip at its feet. Upon drawing closer, Cat realised with a jolt that his eyes were fixed on a wide underground river that the rocky path theyd been following disappeared straight into. Good thing she had a water Pokmon with her

Still gripping the cigarette lighter in her right hand, she used her left to pick out Sandshrews and yet another discoloured Pokball, returning the ground-rodent to his and tossing the other to release a spike-shelled Lapras into the relaxed flow of water. She struggled to replace them both, but eventually managed to re-attach the balls to her belt, and straightened up, the ghost of a smile imprinted on her features. She guessed that heading towards the waters source would most likely return her to the surface, and so decided quickly shed have to let it carry her deeper into the cavern.

Alright, Finne, were going to head downstream with the current, OK?

Her Mon nodded in recognition, and allowed Cat to clamber onto her back and perch there, legs to one side and feet skimming the surface the clear running water they were afloat of. She put the flame out as they started moving and swung the leather bag off her shoulder to rummage inside it for a longer-lasting light source, stowing the now only half-full lighter back in her pocket to use another time. It didnt take her long to find a torch, using her thumb to flick it on while she slung the shabby rucksack onto her back. The yellowish light it gave out was reflected in the dank walls as yet more water trickled slowly down to join the flow carrying them further underground. Various cracks and crevices lined the stone a metre or so either side of her Mon. The occasional splash aside from the plashing of Lapras fins, and the momentary glimpse Cat caught of the end of a light-blue tail disappearing from sight into the depths told of other Pokmon inhabiting the area. She found herself beginning to wonder when exactly shed find somewhere to rest as the tunnel twisted and turned, the river they rode wending its way through hairpin bends and sharp corners.

The current started to slow, its pace becoming leisurely as the path it followed widened and bends straightened out, creating an almost linear waterway for the river to flow along. Cat snapped her torch off; even though she was quite sure by this point that there was no human life ahead, shed learned over the years that it never hurt to apply extra care, especially in enclosed areas such as this. ... The strange thing was, she could swear that a light was appearing at the end of the tunnel. She was just about able to make out outlines of abscesses and jutting rocks ahead, and as the torch was turned off How very peculiar! And it was certainly growing brighter the further they were carried. Finne seemed to have noticed this too; she was wearing a puzzled expression that didnt at all suit her intelligent features. The light was reflecting from a wide bend ahead, the damp walls creating a periscope effect on it.

As they rounded it, Cat let out a gasp that would have given her away to any form of life within a 2-mile range.

May 19th, 2004, 2:52 PM
Having still found no food, Beep wandered around with his cheeks lighting the way. He had heard the soft sound of a surfing Pokemon. Suddenly thirsty, he went to the river for a drink. He heard the sound come nearer and nearer. Maybe this was his chance for food. When the object came around, he yelled "Food!"

May 19th, 2004, 7:03 PM
Julia and Ali sat down at the wooden table. Beneath them were two, empty, beige, ceramic plates. Ali flipped a pancake from the middle of the table onto his plate, and gently did the same for Julia, beside him.

“So… What were the two of you doing outside?” Their mother asked, as she finished chewing a piece of her pancake. Ali and Julia gave each other a grim look, but Julia quickly recovered.

“Well, mom… I was thinking…” Julia began to speak, wiping the maple syrup from her mouth.

“I was thinking that… Maybe it would be a good idea if I went on a gym leader challenge!” Ali, Fox, and their mother all seemed quite bewildered by this abrupt statement. Ali ran his masculine fingers through his hair, wondering if Julia was actually catching onto a good idea.

“Sure… I’ve got my pokemon trainer card last year before you guys found me… And I’ve got six pokemon too! It would be SO much fun to go out and battle all the cool gym leaders and all that stuff, y’know?” Now Fox gleamed over towards Julia.

“You do realize that a Gym challenge takes a long time to complete, right?” Fox stood up, and walked over to the sink, beginning to clean his dishes. He had previously taken part in the Jhoto gym challenge, and it took him many months to complete. Thinking about his younger sister doing the same thing was like a dream to him, considering Julia’s nature… She could never manage, especially on her own! She couldn’t have been serious… Their mother continued to listen. She put her metal fork onto her plate with a small plunk, and rested her head upon her hands. She waited for Julia to continue, but she continued to eat, ignoring the fact that everyone around her was staring in surprise. Ali coughed to get Julia’s attention. She looked up, then continued to speak once she saw everyone’s eyes glaring at her.

“Oh, well…What else do you want to hear?” She asked the others, in a slight confusion.

“Well, you could start with telling us which gym challenge you’d like to take part in, like the Kanto gym challenge, Jhoto, what about Hoenn?” Julia sat silently, realizing that she hadn’t done much research… Seeing how she was in Jhoto, she assumed that the most convenient Gym Challenge for her to take part in would be the Jhoto Gym Challenge.

“Uh… I want to do the Jhoto Gym Challenge…” She said with a slight tone of confusion in her voice.

“And what do you intend on doing about the virus? It’s much too dangerous right now to go out there, especially on your own… I’d definitely be very concerned if I were to let you travel throughout Jhoto on your own…” Her mother replied. Julia finished up the rest of the pancake on her plate, and handed it to Fox as he collected her plate, along with the other’s. She now looked at her mother with a peeved stare.

“I was on my own for 6 years, and I turned out fine!” Julia exclaimed. Fox scoffed,

“That’s what you think,” He muttered under his breath, as he lathered the rest of the dishes with the dish soap standing on the counter.

“Besides, what difference would it be?” Julia asked, leaning back in her chair.

“Well for one thing, there is a killer virus spreading throughout many regions, Jhoto included! There weren’t any of those 7 years ago, were there!” Her mother stated, tying up her hair. An unexpected silence quickly smeered itself throughout the room. Julia looked very disappointed. The only reason Julia’s mother would consider letting her go out on a Gym Challenge would be if that pesky virus had stopped spreading. She was always a very cautious mother. Ali walked up to his room, and gestures Julia up the stairs. She walked into his room. Looking around, she saw a fairly stiff bed with green sheets on it, and the walls were covered in a brown wallpaper. A brown computer desk stood straight and proudly in the corner of his room, as a black computer stood atop it, beside a black digital clock. In front of it was a red computer chair, which looked fairly comfortable. Against the wall to Julia’s right was a small TV, with a small seat in front of it. Ali sat on his bed when Julia closed the door behind her, and sat on the computer chair.

“What was that about!?” Ali asked Julia, seeming confused.

“Well if I could just GET out there, then maybe I can protect the water pokemon until we can directly get rid of the source! But it’s BECAUSE of the virus that I CAN’T do any of this!”

“Well maybe you should tell mom what you want to do then? Maybe she’ll understand?…” Ali said, kicking his legs into the air. Julia sat in one place for a few seconds, then laughed hysterically.

“Are you kidding!? Mom wouldn’t understand, she’d probably just think of me as any other person! She still wouldn’t let me go, she’d be too concerned!” Ali laughed along with Julia now,

“Hehe, think of it as the way she expresses her love!” He now turned over onto his back, thinking of a way to get Julia out of the house, as she did the same. Julia began to remember the many hours she would spend with her old partner, talking about their next victim… Which was usually Fox and Ali, they would always try and prevent them from succeeding on their missions.

“…Maybe I could tell mom…” She said, now thinking of the many possible outcomes. Maybe her mother would understand… Then again, maybe her mother would simply become more protective… After many minutes, She finally decided that she would tell her mother the next time she saw her… which would probably be in the next few minutes. She walked out the door, and down the creeping stairs, then sat down on the sofa beside her mother. The sunlight now peered through the window, it was close to noon.

“So…” She began to speak. It was as if her mother were expecting another explanation…

Aiya Quackform
May 19th, 2004, 10:56 PM
Character Profile
Name (Required): Skyla Branek
Gender (Required): Female
Age: 18
Personality: Skyla is a very serious young woman that has not had an easy life, this led to her forcing herself to harden her heart. But this shell only hides the vibrant, intelligent, and strong individual she is. Constantly fighting to maintain her natural individuality, her profesion does little to help this.

Physical Description: Overall average build with curves and slightly short, she has emerald green eyes set in a creamy thin face. Her hair is midnight blue with a loose, large curl to it. She wears jeans and a simple dark red shirt that has sleeves that go down to her elbows.

Pokemon: Rapidash (Dash) and Mawile (Chomper).

History: Her mother died in child birth, and her father was a poor shopkeeper in a small village of Hoenn. Often unable to buy little more than food, Skyla got used to taking jobs around the village from a very young age. She quickly realized that certain, often not incredibly legal, jobs gave her better pay and got her in with a crowd that would continue to get her paid. By thirteen she left her home to make money by doing almost anything anyone would pay her for, including stealing, spying, and sabotage among the people of the underworld. At seventeen, she saw that she hated her life, and that although she could send money back to her father, she would never dare tell him where she got it from. So, Skyla turned to more legitimate means of making money, although you wouldn't call any of her generally unsavory employment 'office work.'

Forum: Gengar and Haunter's Pokemon Dungeon (GHPF)

NOTE: I'll start RPing tomorrow. I have to work a couple more things out with this character. I've only RPed her once before and that was set in a medievil time frame. Sooo, I'll be exploring the way she interacts in a modern world. ^_^'

May 20th, 2004, 12:29 AM
OOC-AK, a question: HKim said that he'd allow you to post on the condition that there was a second RPer representing GHPF. Who would that be?

"Ungh..." Foxy muttered as she looked around, half bored to death. The brick wall she was sitting on was cold and hard. Then again, Foxy didn't really expect anything else from a red brick wall. This night, the bright stars were twinkling to no end, sad and unwilling witnesses to this tragedy that was ravaging the planet.

The moon was beautifully full this disturbed evening too; the clouds that had plagued Pewter and rained down bolts of yellow fire were by now beginning to part. Craters which had been formed near the start of the solar system could still be seen, which nothing to hide it. Now a perfect circle, it glowed as if its life depended on it, giving light to the entire planet.

The wind had ceased; as had the rain now. Not a single leaf on a single branch of a single tree was moving. The air was still, stark contrast to that of but a few minutes ago. Yet still, not a single person or pokemon was in sight. This disturbed Foxy slightly, but thought nothing of it.

"Geeeengar!" called Gengar softly. Foxy looked up. She knew that Gary had gotten her message, but he didn't reply, so she'd sat down anxiously on the hedge and waited. Now, as she stood up, stretching her legs, she hoped that Gengar had some news. Indeed, Gengar looked like it did; it was bouncing around, smiling more than usual. Foxy couldn't help but grin too in reply; Gengar had the skill of being able to make anyone laugh.

"What is it, Gengar? Is it Gary?" Foxy asked eagerly. Gengar stopped bouncing, and nodded. "So what's the deal?" she asked, looking around the place once more. There was something that wasn't right this now peaceful night, and she was beginning to become edgy.

Gengar, perhaps sensing Foxy's thoughts, looked around too. Both trainer and pokemon looked around silently for a minute, not saying a thing. Finally, Foxy sighed. Gengar shook its head as well, noting Foxy's uneasiness. Gengar could be very perceptive when it wanted to.

Gengar projected an image into Foxy's mind. She smiled. It was indeed Gary, and it seemed he had indeed gotten her message. "So, Gary's on the way to Pewter huh?" she asked quietly. Gengar growled an affirmative. "Good... Things are really getting out of hand. We need to talk," she stated.

Foxy was also looking to talk to her old friend again; it had been a while now since last they met; she missed his wisdom, courage, and power. She respected him as one of the original Crescent Mages, and a valued ally. Gengar cocked his head, asking a question, and Foxy got the message, loud and clear. "This panic..." Foxy began, not yet addressing the question, "it's almost unbelievable... Then again, I guess I shouldn't be surprised," she added grimly. "I have an idea, but only Gary will be able to test it... I just hope his lab ain't overrun by these mobs," she said sadly. Gengar agreed.

"And if necessary, I can infiltrate Magma's base," she added pointedly. "Of course, they most likely created the virus, but then again... You never know anything for sure these days," concluded Foxy. Gengar nodded glumly. "My espionage training may just come of use again," commented Foxy, a smile forming.

"Well, I guess we should wait for Gary here," she said slowly. "He knows where we are..."

A loud bang was heard from the centre of the village. Foxy's ears pricked up, listening to the sound. Chants could be heard too. Foxy stopped. A mob. Foxy sensed they were getting closer. Gengar obviously did so too. Now, the cries were loud and clear: "Capture the water pokemon! We must get them! Kill them, kill them!" These shouts were accompanied by many more cries by men who seemed to be shouting simply to let off some steam. One thing was certain; they were after blood. Instinctively, Foxy's hand went to Lanturn's pokeball.

Foxy could see too now that they had torches. Just like the old witch hunts, thought Foxy grimly. She had no idea what they were planning to do if they got anyone, but Foxy wasn't about to stay for much longer. She was on the verge of heading towards Cerulean City; she could probably escape. But then what would happen? She'd have to call Gary again, he'd have to change his course and the whole thing would start again. No; and besides, what she was thinking was urgent; with a 7 day fatal virus, every hour counted.

Suddenly, a continuous series of loud bangs were sounded, followed by flashes from the mob. "Holy **** Gengar, they've got pistols! Why the heck does the Government allow people to keep pistols in their houses, just like that?" growled Foxy rather unhappily. Frankly, she wasn't exactly impressed at the way the government was handling this... Then again, she rarely was. Another thing to sort out later. Now, survival was most important.

"Okay, Gengar, we can't let them see us. I've got an idea," she said, smiling. "You're a ghost pokemon; normal attacks go straight through you... That includes gun shots, right?" she asked. Gengar nodded, beginning to see where Foxy was going with all this. "Unfortunately I don't have the same protection from bullets... Gengar, when they come close, can you appear, and pretend to run to your imaginary trainer near Mt. Moon? Only then, you'll go underground and come back here," said Foxy.

Gengar nodded, and smiled. One of its favourite pastimes was to scare humans, which it did so with skill. The voices got closer. "One other thing, be careful of the torches; they can hurt you," she added pointedly. She did not want her pokemon to be hurt as a result of protecting her. Gengar nodded confidently. "Scare them to death," she said smiling.

Turning, Foxy headed in the other direction, looking for someplace to hide. She found a decent hiding place in a stack of cardboard boxes next to a somewhat larger house. Curling herself up into a ball, Foxy became very small indeed thanks to her flexibility. She was close enough, however, that she could hear, with her heightened senses, the mob closing in, looking for blood.

Foxy waited for Gengar to strike. She waited. And waited. What on earth is keeping Gengar?! she thought. Finally, she got up from her hiding spot and crept to the corner. Carefully, she poked her head out, and then dashed back behind cover again in a split-second. This was a rather useful technique she'd learned as part of her training long ago. She had but to look at something for a second, before memorizing it. That way, she didn't have to keep herself exposed to take in everything.

Quickly, she built up the image in her mind of what she saw. Perhaps 15 men were there, some with torches, some with guns. At the head of the party, One man, probably the leader, was holding a larger than normal gun. And... was it? thought Foxy quickly, searching her memory. It was! Gengar was there, next to them, only waiting for the time to strike. Foxy hoped it'd be soon. Then again, she knew Gengar wouldn't needlessly put her life at risk. So what was Gengar waiting for?

Foxy reviewed the image again. Wait, is that... Holy! A Kadabra! This could mean trouble Foxy thought. That could've been one reason Gengar had yet to attack. Gengar would do so if need be, but only when they got close, Foxy knew. These many long months training Gengar from a little Gastly had paid off. Foxy knew all of her pokemon; how they would think and react in a given situation.

Suddenly, Gengar attacked, a powerful ball of darkness hitting Kadabra. Foxy knew that it was shadow ball; a move she had trained endlessly with him to perfect; it was often used, and good against psychic pokemon. It was times like these that the endless hours of training really paid off. Come to think of it, Foxy wouldn't change a thing.

She could tell by the cries that Kadabra had fainted; testament to Gengar's power. Of course, she also suspected that the Kadabra was not at a very high level. Either way, Gengar had succeeded in both tasks; he now had the mob's attention. "It must belong to a trainer! Don't let it get away!" yelled the man at the head of the group.

Foxy bounded out of her hiding place, again calling on her previous training to sneak up to the group of men undetected. Gengar pretended to squeal in fright, and floated off; not at top speed though, just fast enough so that the humans could follow.

And follow they did; with a roar following one from the leader of the mob, the 15 men ran after the seemingly cowardly Gengar, obviously having no clue as to his power. Gengar himself played the role well; indeed he looked very scared, as if he was a baby. Several gunshots were heard, followed by cries of anger as the bullets went straight through Gengar.

They did not notice that two of their comrades were not following them; for one was felled by an elbow in the head, the other by a kick to the place no man should ever be kicked-unless of course they were hunting a pretty young girl. Foxy smiled.

A few seconds later, Gengar reappeared before Foxy, zooming out of the ground right in front of her, no doubt attempting to frighten her. Foxy was too experienced to be startled by her own pokemon however, and merely smiled, knowing from his face that Gengar's mission had been a success. Gengar looked down at the two men. One was simply out cold, a red mark on his face and some blood bleeding freely from his nose. The other was still curled up in a ball, groaning, clutching where he'd been kicked.

Gengar's eyes opened a little wider; it was his equivalent of raising his eyebrows, of which of course he had none. He saw the expression of Foxy's face, and smiled an exasperated smile too. "Truly a shame Gary missed out on the fun," commented Foxy. Gengar rolled his eyes dryly.

Foxy sat down to wait once more.

Dr Oak
May 20th, 2004, 2:48 AM
Charizard's wings smashed the night air as it and it's rider rushed through the skies in an attempt to get to Pewter as fast as possible. Pallet Town was a speck in the distance now, Viridian City slowly moving away behind them, the Pewter City Museum standing out like a sore thumb as the two came closer to their desination.

As Pewter came into full and proper view Gary couldn't help but notice the mob moving over in the east. It seemed that the trouble was getting more widespread, who knew how much longer it would be before the lynch mobs actually acheived their deadly aim.

Gary's face straightened into one of determination as he looked back and continued the final part of the journey on Charizard. "... They wont acheive any aim... I wont let them..." He muttered, his voice lost in the buffetting air that was generated by both Charizard's speed and massive wings. The gust was so strong that Gary's hair and coat were both flapping about behind him and his face felt like he was being blasted into space. He ignored it all though. He had one thing on his mind, finding Foxy and starting to put an end to this virus and the deadly mobs that came with it.

It was Charizard with it's keen eyes that noticed Foxy, Gengar and two crippled men over in the near distance first. When Charizard pulled a sharp turn mid-air and began to head in their direction, Gary then noticed them. His mind asked him why there were two men on the ground but he guessed he needed no real answer told to him.

The wind struck down hard against Foxy and her surroundings as Charizard began to make a vertical landing, it's body straightening out and Gary already begining to make his way off it's back.

When the massive beast's wings stopped beating up the air, Gary walked slowly out behind them, his coat and hair still flapping in the wind but to a much lesser extent.

He nodded to Charizard who took a few steps back before putting itself on guard, keeping an eye out for more mobs, before walking over to Foxy and smiling as he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Things are getting much worse. The mobs are getting more daring, i'm only after fighting a huge crowd out of my home." He pulled his hand away and placed both into his deep jacket pockets as he began to look around just like Charizard.

"Something must be done... and fast. The longer we wait, the more damage these thugs will do... and the more Pokemon that will be hurt." Gary wondered for the safety of the water Pokemon in his lab, more than a few of them being his. Blastoise was his most treasured water Pokemon but he deliberately had kept all his water types locked away for safety until something could be done. Now all he had in the way of water attacks was his Glalie...

"I hope you've got some idea cooked up for all the travelling I had to do to get here tonight..." He said grinning. For some reason, even in the darkest of all situations, Gary had a joke to keep the tone up. Considering all that Gary had been through in just seventeen years, most specificly the last three... it was unsurprising that he had brought about a habit that helped him survive in the worst of all times.

May 20th, 2004, 4:25 PM
((BEP, as in your previous post you 'fell asleep', I'm making the assumption that you were dreaming. :P))

Lapras blinked rapidly, and Cat almost followed suit, pinching her arm viciously. This couldnt be right ... Well, it certainly explained the light shed observed, but if it wasnt an illusion, it sparked many more questions than it offered answers. Finne stopped in her tracks, allowing Cat to gaze in wonder at the scene before them. It may have been a cave, but completely unlike any cavern shed ever set foot in before ...

It was like theyd stumbled upon the bizarre reverse of some sort of fish tank. The walls of the main chamber were the only part appearing anything like shed expected: navy stone, with a slight glimmering quality. Though it wasnt cracked, naturally influenced rock as was to be found along the path she had trodden to reach the chamber; it was cut into square, even slabs, flat and most definitely shaped by man. The floor and ceilings surfaces were composed of thick, transparent glass, above and below which swam all manner of aquatic Pokmon. Cat watched Goldeen, Dratini, Magikarp, Remoraid and even an elegant Dragonair emerging and disappearing into waterways at each edge of the curious, outsized aquarium hanging over the room. The slow-paced river they were afloat of flowed into the lower reservoir, where yet more fish circled and weaved amongst each other, lit by a mysterious, seemingly source less blue light, the same Cat had observed from the tunnel that was one of two entrances to the area. On the far side of the watery foyer from her, a thin ladder could be seen poking out of a perfectly round glass-walled hole that presumably led to a different layer of the remarkable Dragons Den. A strong smell of chemicals permeated her nostrils, causing her to stifle a small sneeze before cautiously hopping off her Lapras back onto the transparent flooring, still struggling to fully take in the surreal surroundings theyd been issued into. Shaking her head in an attempt to clear it, she plucked a Pokball from around her waist and recalled her awestruck Lapras. What is this place, she pondered, struck dumb by the sheer magnificence of the surrounding surfaces. Who would go to such trouble, even for such a beautiful result? Well, at least she now knew by the paper-laden, transparent desk in an obtuse corner, and various test-tube lined ledges around the room, that the place was in no way deserted. Evidently, far from it ...

She padded carefully over the glass separating aqua from air towards the desk, eager to discover what information the many papers scattered haphazardly over its surface held. Without touching anything, she leaned over to peer curiously at a pink-and-white document topping the mess. Science ... Experiments were crowded onto the page, scrawled into every space. The substances involved appeared to be written in some sort of numerical code. Cat frowned, lifting the paper to see if those below read anything different; but experiment after experiment was crammed into each page. She didnt understand the processes, but it all looked very complicated whoever dwelt here was most likely more than a match for her in intelligence. Letting the paper fall from her fingers to where it had been found, she left the table and tiptoed over to the ladder that she presumed would lead to another part of this lair living quarters, perhaps? Curiosity overcame her instincts to keep out of trouble, leading her to shin feet-first down the ladders narrow, cylindrical rungs into the blackness below. On reaching the bottom of the ladder and parting from it, the now-blackened soles of her feet once again met cold stone. She flicked her torch on it was considerably dimmer than it had been when shed first taken it out, on the lazy river that led her here.

Expecting more lab equipment, or at least a room man-made in appearance, Cat was surprised to find herself in a spacious, naturally formed rock chamber featuring several streams flowing into a large hollow to create an underground lake. She could see nothing out of the ordinary by the fading light of her torch; in fact, this room was the exact opposite of the one shed just descended from. Yet another surprise. She shrugged, and turned to ascend the ladder.

This time she climbed more slowly, thinking through all shed seen. The entrance to the cave blocked off ... Underground aquariums? Lab equipment? Experiment notes? Whatever this was about, it seemed pretty suspicious. What was a place like this doing underground in a place rumoured to be heavily associated with dark arts? What exactly were the experiments being performed here in aid of? Why did they need to be kept confidential? Who was behind it all? Hm ... Itd be stating the obvious to voice her conclusion that whatever all this meant, something wasnt right about it. As her head re-entered the glass-room, she sighed. The most reassuring thought shed had all day was that, fortunately, whoever was behind all this, they at least werent present now.

May 20th, 2004, 5:03 PM
Julia curled herself up in the sofa against the arm – rest, and kicked off her shoes, assuming that she wouldn’t be going anywhere at any time soon. Before she could speak, her mother interrupted.

“I just got off the phone with Jasmine…” Her mother stated, with a touch of sincerity. Julia’s mother and Jasmine both grew up together in Ollivine. Despite the fact that her mother was a few years older than Jasmine, they still grew up together as very good friends. When her mother was 13, she moved to Verdanturf with her sister and her parents, where she met Julia’s father. They lived there happily for many years, often going out on picnics, until Fox was born. Deciding that the house they lived in was too small, they ended up moving into a condo in Goldenrod City. They ended up living there for 4 years, until Julia was born. That’s when they moved to Ollivine, because just like before, they needed a larger house to live in. Finding out that Jasmine was a Gym Leader only thrilled Julia’s mother, and since then, they had rekindled their friendship. Julia looked a bit confused towards her mother. Why would she call Jasmine? And what would they have anything to do with her?

“And…?” Julia asked her mother, waiting for a reply.

“I was talking to her about you wanting to go out on a Gym Challenge… She thinks you have potential,” Her mother paused, expecting a response. Fox ceased the connection between his mother and his sister,

“Of course she does, she’s just like dad, everyone on our dad’s side of the family has potential!” He remarked. Ali walked down the stairs, snickering.

“And I suppose you’re referring to yourself as well?” He commented, walking behind the TV, trying to reach to window to open it. The room had begun to feel a bit stuffy, but considering the weather, it was something to be expected…

“Well I’m obviously not referring to you!” Fox exclaimed, laughing. Him and his brother often had senseless arguments about things that never really mattered. Ali began to remember when Fox completed the Kanto Gym Leader challenge. The entire family had gone to the Indigo Plateau to watch him battle. Unfortunately, his Espeon was injured in the 12th match, and without his Espeon, he ended up losing the 13th match horribly.

“Aside from that, she definitely thinks that you should go out and collect Gym badges, and seeing how you have 6 pokemon, you should have an easy start!… But she did mention that you should be careful, especially considering this virus that’s been spreading! Would you really want to risk your life for a few badges?…” Julia looked disappointed. She’d be making herself look pathetic if she backed down now… But if she agreed to her mother’s statement, then it would be as if she were stupid, not knowing what she was getting herself into… She felt an urge to tell her mother the real reason she wanted to leave her house, but did she really want to risk it? Before Julia could think any further, her mother continued.

“Why don’t you go to Jasmine’s Gym and battle her? If you earn a badge from her, maybe I’ll consider letting you go on the rest of the Gym Challenge…” Now it was official, It was Julia’s chance to run! All she had to do was say she was going to Jasmine’s Gym, and run off to a different city! Ecruteak wasn’t far, and if she was planning to go to a different region, the easiest way to do that would be by using the Mountain path in Blackthorn to get to Littleroot, which wasn’t too far away from Mahogany. Everything was finally coming together…

“Alright… That sounds great!” Julia said, with a huge grin on her face.

“I’ll be back in an hour or two, ok?” She said, getting her running shoes back on, carefully tying up the laces. She walked up the stairs to her room, and grabbed a green and grey bag from her wardrobe, shoving a long, grey coat into it, a brown cloak she used when she was still on Team Aqua, her Team Aqua Junior’s uniform, and finally, a change of regular clothes. All of this barely fit into her bag, but it was the best she could do. Running over to her side – table, she took her black wallet beside her digital clock, and pushed it into her pocket, making sure there was enough money to last her a long while. Charging down the stairs, excited as ever, she opened the door, and bid farewell to her family before she left. She walked out the door, closing the door behind her, to the same dock she found Ali and herself earlier that day… Deciding it was much too close to her home, she walked into the Markets of town, looking around at the fascinating items they had on sale. Tents were set up everywhere, with anything from potions, to tarot cards, to even pokeflutes beneath them! Marill closely trailed behind Julia, not wanting to get lost. She found herself browsing through the merchandise, rather than trying to protect the water pokemon. Under an unusually bright tent, near the exit of the city, there were two people, selling various medicines. Julia decided to start her self – proclaimed mission by seeing if they were selling any of the antidote for the virus. Sure enough, there were many unlabelled medicines, but none of which Julia suspected to be the antidote to the virus… Finally, one of the merchants approached her.

“Do you need anything?” He asked, looking down at the medicines.

“Yeah, um… You wouldn’t happen to have that antidote for that virus that’s been spreading… Would you?” The merchant serving her looked at her with a touch of peculiarity.

“Yes, but… It’s not for sale… unless of course, you would be offering a good price…” At the moment Julia was about to ask how much it would cost, a young woman tapped Julia’s shoulder. Julia twisted around to see Jasmine, wearing a lovely beige-white dress, and 2 circular hair-clips.

“Your mom called, she said you’d be over at my gym soon, and it’s been a while, I was wondering where you were!” She said, bending down to Julia’s height. Julia looked quite embarrassed, she didn’t realize how much time had gone by while she looked throughout the market for random items.

“Um-yes, that’s right, I was just getting a bit side-tracked, there were so many nice things for sale, an-“

“Yes, that’s fine. My gym is just around the corner, you still up for a battle?” A rush of excitement fluttered in Julia’s heart. Without realizing that it wasn’t the main reason that she had come outside, she instinctively responded with a quick nod, filled with adrenaline.

Aiya Quackform
May 20th, 2004, 6:49 PM
OOC: Well, Alk SHOULD be here. (His full username will probably be Metabolist.) I don't know where he is. If he doesn't show, IDL might. He's supposed to be a judge, though, and he said he's busy right now. BIC:

The woman grunted as she helped pull in a net from the water onto the boat. Salt water splashed on her, making her skin even stickier every time. Wriggling in the nets was a school of Magikarp flailing about pointlessly, gasping for breath in the unfriendly air that now surrounded them.

"How many you think are in that batch?" asked a man with a clipboard on the other side of the boat. He wore a basball cap and tattered jeans and a T-shirt.

Eyeing the Magikarp in the net she replied, "About two dozen, maybe more."

He frowned. "Skyla, that's not good enough. We'll need to stay out all night at this rate if we're gonna meet our quota!"

"Well forgive me for not being able to control the Pokemon's swimming patterns," Skyla said in a sarcastic voice.

Glaring at her, the man walked away.

"Come on," she said to her companion, another man similarly clothed. "We need to get these with the rest." They both strained dragging the net to the stern of the vessel. There, hundreds of water Pokemon were strewn across the deck, writhing and gasping for oxygenated water. Skyla's stomache turned at the horrible sight, but threw her catch in with the rest. 'It is for the people of the world,' she sternly reminded herself. "Let's go to the next one," she said.

The two went to a net on the starboard side, and pulled it out of the sea. She gasped at the strain as the net was pulled back farther into the sea by the force of its prisoners. "We need help over here," she yelled to the seamen in general. "This one's full!" Two more strong young men quickly jumped to their aid. The four of them pulled with all their might, and the top of the net came out of the water. Sea Pokemon were packed inside it, their eyes wild with fear. She could taste the sickened vomit rise in her throat as they continued to pull the creatures from their home.

May 20th, 2004, 8:50 PM
Jasmine and Julia both walked towards the fairly new looking Gym, just around the corner of the tent that Julia had just observed. The air smelled salty with the sea, the sun had completely risen, and the weather could not have been better. Jasmine opened up the door to the Gym, holding it open for Julia. Julia entered, seeing a very plain, linoleum path, leading to an arena shaped completely out of stone. In the arena, were large rocks, placed randomly between the 2 sides where the trainers stood. Jasmine flung her hair behind her, walking to the far end of the dusty Gym.

“ You ready?” She asked Julia, as Julia struggled to keep up with Jasmine. She stood on the side of the arena, opposite to Jasmine, awaiting her to reveal her pokemon.

“It’ll be a 2 Versus 2 battle, 1 pokemon battling at a time, no time limit! Items are allowed, and you can back down at any time, ok?” Jasmine explained, trying to sound as polite as possible. Julia agreed with a nod. Jasmine reached for a red and white sphere, and threw it gracefully into the arena. A bright spiral of light was released from the sphere, revealing a metallic pokemon. On both ends of it’s body, which was made up mostly of an eye, were magnets, and it tended only to speak in one tone. Julia thought for a moment, thinking of what type of pokemon it was first. She remembered that one time, her aunt in Verdanturf had a similar pokemon at her breeding centre… And it had 2 types, electric and steel. Julia grabbed her pokeball from her belt once she had confirmed that, and threw it vigorously into the arena. After a similar light to Jasmine’s had faded, a red Fox pokemon appeared. It seemed to be well groomed, with curly fur open her head, and 6 tails.

“A fire pokemon,” Jasmine chuckled.

“I see you’ve done your research! Magnemite, attack that Vulpix with sonic boom!” She ordered, pointing a finger at it. Magnemite replied with a dull beep, and immediately sped beside Vulpix. Attempting to dodge it, Vulpix jumped out of the way behind a rock, but she was attacked by an unknown force, as she descended into the air.

“What was that!?” Julia asked, stomping a foot onto the ground.

“That’s w hat sonic boom does, it creates a powerful energy using swift movements, think of it as an airplane splitting through the air…” This barely made any sense to Julia, but she stood her ground and called out to her beloved Vulpix anyhow.

“C’mon Vulpix!” She called,

“You can do it!” Sure enough, her Vulpix stood to her feet. A bit shaky, but confident, regardless. Her eyes were filled with a burning passion, she was growing with Julia, learning, just as she was. Without paying attention to Julia, Vulpix jumped onto the peak of a stone, and spit out an eruption of flames which directly hit Magnemite, turning it’s shiny metallic body, into a dull, darkened body. Although Vulpix hadn’t waited for orders, Julia was pleased with Vulpix’s tactics,

“Good job!” She shouted, now calmly twisting her hair around her finger.

“Now take it out with an ember!” Vulpix jumped down from the rock, just as Magnemite was directly attacking her. She was able to jumped out of the way, and the sonic boom that was created ended up shattering the rock she was hiding behind.

“That’ll cost me money!” Jasmine yelled out at her Magnemite, playfully. Before Magnemite could turn around to attack Vulpix again, she was able to spit out an orb of fire, finally burning the Magnemite to a crisp.

“Return, Megnemite…” Jasmine recalled her pokemon, while it disappeared in the same swirl of light that it had appeared in.

“You may have beaten my Magnemite, but you won’t be able to defeat this pokemon as easily… Go Steelix!” She threw a great ball into the air now, and the moment it touched the ceiling, a huge snake pokemon made of steel came tumbling down from it, creating a small quake. Julia looked up at it in awe,

“How do you expect my tiny Vulpix to defeat that huge beast!?” She asked, now furious, as she was earlier.

“I don’t, that’s the thing!” Jasmine scoffed at Julia, patting the tip of Steelix’s tail. Vulpix glared at it in fear, not knowing what to do. It had never come face-to-face with a creature so huge! Now awaiting for directions, she heard Julia's voice.

“Vulpix, try taking it out with an ember!” Vulpix began to think of how to execute that attack. Julia had always given orders, but the strategy of battles were usually executed by her pokemon, giving them a source of freedom. Vulpix hid behind a rock, Steelix’s tail glistened in the light of the fluorescent rays, and it smashed into the same rock Vulpix was hiding behind. Just at the right moment, with fire brimming her lips, Vulpix jumped onto Steelix’s tail, climbing up it’s body. She released the ember right at the front of it’s face, but was shaken off the moment the fire had hit the Steelix. Vulpix fell to the ground with a loud THUD, not able to stand back up. The Steelix grunted with satisfaction, waiting for Julia’s next pokemon.

“Return, Vulpix…” She said, recalling her only fire pokemon. She began to think, deciding that in this situation, size really did matter.

“Come out here Lapras!” Julia shouted, throwing out a great ball, releasing a beautiful blue pokemon, with a spiky purple shell atop it. The elegant Lapras hummed in reply, signaling it was ready.

“Lapras, attack it with an ice beam!” Jasmine swiftly responded with,

“Steelix, go under ground!” Digging viciously at the stone, Steelix dug into the ground, it’s tail the last to reach the bottom. Lapras, being a water pokemon with fins-not legs, was finding it hard to move, leaving herself horribly vulnerable. Julia looked around Lapras,

“Just cover the whole arena with ice!” She yelled. Lapras took in a deep breath, and blew her breath throughout the whole arena, covering it in ice. Steelix attacked Lapras from beneath her, pushing her onto the part of the arena that had been covered in ice. Almost the whole arena had been covered in ice, except for the place where Lapras was previously standing. She could n ow slide from side to side, freely. Satisfied, it attempted to freeze Steelix, but although it damaged the surface of Steelix, it wasn’t quite powerful enough to freeze it.

“Lapras, try using confuse ray!!” Lapras agreed with this, thinking of it to be very useful, especially with a pokemon as large as Steelix. Purple rays of light began to radiate from Lapras, and spread throughout the whole room, confusing Steelix, almost confusing Julia as well! After a few moments of recollecting her thoughts, Julia demanded Lapras use Ice Beam again on Steelix, but it was still not effective enough to freeze it.

“Steelix, use your Iron tail!” Jasmine shouted. Steelix looked from side to side, not knowing what to do, very confused. He attacked the Gym itself, recklessly bashing into the walls, not only hurting Lapras with the falling debris, but itself too. Steelix finally fell to the ground, to tired to move, and Lapras was barely able to move herself as well. Jasmine continuously called out Steelix’s name, but it wouldn’t respond. Trying to lift it’s tail, Steelix grunted, then fainted into the icy ground it laid on. Julia stood in silence for a moment, not knowing what to do, until Jasmine finally nodded to her, implying that she had won. A grin took over Julia’s face, she completely forgot about the virus, and jumped onto the ice with Lapras, praising her for her accomplishment, Marill doing the same. Julia tried sliding Lapras over to where she had been standing, but she ended up slipping herself, her bare shoulders freezing cold. Once she reached the hall of the Gym again, Jasmine awarded her with the mineral badge… Something that Julia hadn’t even been looking for in the first place. Before Jasmine could congratulate Julia, she ran out the door, giggling, only looking back once to say bye to Jasmine,

’Better leave before she asks…’ She thought to herself, now finding herself jogging to the pokemon centre.

Aiya Quackform
May 20th, 2004, 9:36 PM
The bulging net spilled onto the deck. This was no Magikarp school. There were a couple Goldeen, but the majority was a large group of Marill with several Azumarill. They could breath in the air with ease, but their trembling and frightened eyes could easily cause mass confusion, panic, and possible violence. But what did it matter? They would soon all be dead anyway. Swallowing hard, she helped drag the net back to the stern with the other Pokemon.

"Skyla, get over here!" called her supervisor.

Walking over to him, she replied, "What do you want Sanders?"

"There's simply too much demand for these Pokemon right now," he said, shaking his head. "We don't have enough manpower! Escpecially in management positions. Most of our workers quit or demanded transfers when this virus's cure became public. The few who stayed only do so because they have no other financial choice. Even then, I would not trust them to order other people to catch water Pokemon to be disected for the cure."

"So what's that got to do with me?" Skyla asked gruffly. This man's constant stating of the obvious was enough to drive her mad. "Get to the point, Sanders!"

"I thought it was obvious, Skyla," he said sternly. His dislike for her was equally obvious. "I want you to command the USS Maiden in capturing water Pokemon. She's in the harbor with a skeleton crew and no captain."

She was staggered. "Me? Why?"

"Because you know that despite how unpleasant the facts are, humanity will not survive without the cure. Sacrifices must be made."

Skyla's eyes narrowed. "I know that. The water Pokemon must be murdered for the sake of humanity. And don't try to put it in more pleasant terms, there's nothing pleasant about this. But just the same, it's us or them, and if worse come to worst, I choose us."

"Then you'll do it?"


May 21st, 2004, 12:21 AM
Foxy stood up upon seeing Charizard glide in the night sky, gracefully soaring through the air. Foxy admired fire pokemon quite a lot, and indeed, Gary's Charizard was really something. She did have a Charizard of her own, but... One glance and she knew it was nothing compared to the might of Gary's Charizard. Of course, Foxy was hardly surprised, Gary being much more experienced a trainer than herself. He had also gotten his starting pokemon much earlier than Foxy.

One may have thought that Foxy envied Gary; and they could be forgiven for thinking so. Really, there wasn't a good reason why she should not... Except that she didn't, and she knew she was telling herself the truth. No, she respected him as her greater, as a better trainer and warrior. She knew her limits, and wasn't afraid to admit weaknesses. After all, it was acknowledging and confronting them that helped them to disappear.

She'd only fought once by his side, but that one experience was enough to last her a lifetime. The leadership qualities he had shown was exceptional. Hed always put the safety of world and of other people, especially his friends, in front of his own safety. Foxy was glad she had such a friend.

The power he wielded was amazing. Not just his magical prowess (where he was by the far the superior), but his physical and mental strength as well. Complex magic spells seemed simple when he performed them, and Gary seemed to have no shortage of them. Foxy had but caught a glimpse of the vast knowledge of silver magic that he held. His potential and his skills seemed never to end. Almost nothing was impossible for him. Foxy made a note at the almost to herself, knowing that they were both human. They would make errors. They would reach their limits, though for people such as Gary, at times it seemed their limits would never be reached. And besides, Foxy also knew that things were rarely so absolute. Impossible. Always. Nothing. These were dangerous words to use, and ones that had to be used carefully.

His courage and resolve were admirable also. He faced the armies of Pandora, and enemies such as Nemesis, but could never be found cowering, avoiding battle. He wasnt afraid of anything. He would save the world, or die trying. As it had happened so many times, the former had prevailed. When he determined to do something, by the gods hed do it all right. Almost nothing could stop him; such was his determination and resolve.

Those qualities in him she had experienced for herself in battle with him. Though it was but that once, she had enjoyed and learned greatly from him. They too helped strengthen her, just like everything else in her life.

Gary had once led the Crescent Mages, just as Arcinius led the Neo Crescent Mages; Foxy had studied the history of the Crescent Mages eagerly, wanting to discover more. She had only then begun to realise how much work Gary had done for the planet. Indeed it seemed that he was forever fighting for the earth against someone or other. She did not underestimate the work he had done for the Crescent Mages either, for she recognized that there was a lot of work that would have needed to be done. It was no easy job, to be sure.

Foxy sighed. When Gary had announced his retirement from fighting crime and that sort of stuff, Foxy had mourned for his loss; for a time it had seemed that Gary would never fade like so many humans did; that he would always be present. But Foxy had known better, and quickly accepted his judgment.

Foxy smiled as Gary and his magnificent Charizard landed. She recognized how much trouble Gary had gone to to meet her here, and she appreciated it greatly. No doubt Gary had a lot of work to do, especially since the virus had been discovered. Her smile slowly disappeared as Gary described his situation to her; the mobs, the attacks, the poor pokemon Of course, she wasnt particularly surprised that the mobs were raiding, or at least trying to raid, his lab; after all, it was one of the most advanced-and historic-laboratories in the world. Many times, historic discoveries had been made there. Champions such as Gary himself and his old rival Ash Ketchum had gotten their first Pokemon at that lab. Foxy hoped that her idea could help create history there again. With any luck, it would.

One couldnt forget the number of water pokemon Gary kept or looked after either; trainers of all ages and experiences sent pokemon for him to study and take care of. He had tens of water Pokemon running around freely, plus the shelves of the hundreds, if not more. From that perspective, it was hardly surprising Gary had had all the other pokemon that were sent to him by trainers, which easily numbered in several mobs attack his lab.

Hey Gary, how are you? asked Foxy cheerfully, momentarily forgetting the crisis that was in effect around the world. For her, this was a time to catch up to an old friend, one she hadnt seen for months. Thanks for coming, she said, a sincere smile on her face. When she had first met Gary that wouldve been rare from her. But since then, she had changed. Sure, she was still perhaps overly cold to strangers, but to her friends, she was much warmer, much more so than she had before.

Now, to business. Im sure you know what Im talking about, Foxy said, her face darkening a little. The smile disappeared and a frown appeared on her face. She heaved a sigh. When she looked up, tiredness was etched onto every feature of her face. Ive been amongst the few going around to try and stop the fires, she explained heavily. Id always liked traveling, but visiting eleven towns in three days is more than a little ridiculous Never mind getting rid of fires day and night, she added wearily.

Shaking her head to clear her mind, she resumed speaking again. Well anyway, what I really wanted to tell was an idea I just got Let me explain. You see, I was watching the television in Vermillion Citys Pokemon Centre. There was this guy being interviewed, who was speaking about the virus and the newfound antidote, which then was on trial. Some Professor or other in Hoenn I think he was Anyway, so he spoke about the intestines of water pokemon. Theyre used in the process of making the antidote right?

Without waiting for a response, she continued talking. They said that the intestines had to be removed to make the antidote So I was wondering, and this is where I was thinking that you could help, what is it about the intestines of water pokemon that make the antidote? I mean, is it like a fluid, some special part of the intestines or something? And is it that only water pokemon have this necessary thing? she asked.

Because what I was thinking was, if we can discover more about the antidote, or more importantly what part of the intestines are needed for the antidote, maybe we can use that knowledge to find another source of the stuff, or something like that, she explained quickly. Or, at least we may be able to find another way of using it without killing the water pokemon, or something like that, Foxy continued. There was a sudden silence as Foxy stopped to catch her breath. She took a few deep breaths.

The way I figure things, all you scientist fellows across the world have been under a lot of pressure to find an antidote. It may be that they were so desperate that they didnt ask too many questions about the virus or the intestines. Who knows what we could find out about it, or even the virus? After all, there are still many unknown things about it. We could discover something about it that could help.

Foxy was about to speak, but left her mouth hanging for a second as a new thought entered her mind. Or Or, maybe we could find another cure to the virus if we knew more about it One that doesnt need to sacrifice anyone, human, pokemon, or otherwise, she said hopefully.

Still, she continued talking, ignoring everything else around her. At any other time, she would have scolded herself for not paying attention to her surroundings. For not noticing anything else, for being so single-minded. Indeed, someone could have stabbed her, and she wouldnt know it until she was hit. But then again, this was no other time. Every second counted,

But I think most importantly, we need to calm everyone down! Everyone is under pressure. The scientists are looking for better ways, but are being pressured so much, she commented sadly. Everyone who hasnt gone insane is either scared to death, or helping to keep the peace, and the sort of stuff that I was doing. The insane are burning down houses, searching for water pokemon. Its a blasted hellhole! she said finally.

She stopped talking for a second to calm herself down, knowing anger wouldnt help. It must be avoided, she knew, if there was to be any new discoveries. Pressured, angered and terrified minds could do as much as a paraplegic old woman stranded on a rapidly sinking island. Quickly, she pushed that thought out of her mind, knowing that this was not a very good time for comedy of that nature. Especially of that nature, now that lives were at stake.

Not many people are thinking straight. We have to, and discover some way to cure this virus, without sacrificing any lives. Ive been around to many people, Gary, day and night. Most have lost hope. That is what drives them to anger. But I guess you know that Gary, she added quickly.

What we need is something to cheer them up, and give them hope. Maybe then they might calm down. Hope from a discovery, a cure, anything really! she said, raising her voice a little. People on such verges of insanity bred from desperation need only a tiny thing to tip them back. Or straight over the edge, she said sadly. Anything, anything that we discover with even the tiniest chance of helping people and combating the virus will strike joy into many hearts, Gary.

Which is obviously why Ive called you, she concluded. Your lab is one of the best and most advanced in the world. If anywhere, thatll be a good place to start, she said, a slow smile forming on her face.

Well have to move quickly though, she added to Gary. Every second counts. Every darn second. She nodded tiredly. She shook her head to get rid of the tiredness that now swept over her; now that she had taken some precious time to rest.

Foxy had really no doubts that Gary would help her. She knew he would not refuse. Your Charizard would be the fastest way of getting back to Pallet Town Is it up for another flight with both of us? My Charizard aint as fast, she admitted. She had no real need to hear the answer to her question. She knew how strong that Charizard was.

Heh Maybe I can catch some shuteye for once, she said, fighting to keep tiredness and sleepiness from overcoming her just yet. She knew that there was still so much to do, so much she could offer. She closed her eyes for a second, gathering inner strength. She told herself she could not fall asleep. That she would not allow it. With determination, she re-opened her eyes.

She realised Gengar was still next to her, hovering. Gengar, return. Thanks, friend, she said warmly as Gengar was engulfed by a bright red light. She clipped Gengars pokeball to her belt as soon as he had retreated into the pokeball. Lets go, she said quickly.

She smiled once again. Maybe Just maybe There was hope after all.

Dr Oak
May 21st, 2004, 1:59 AM
Gary nodded. Throughout Foxy's long speech he had deliberately kept quiet and waited for her to find the solution that was cooking up in her brain. He couldn't help but agree with many of the points she brought up. He'd thought once or twice about why water Pokemon were needed but before he could think any farther the mobs had began to gather.

Walking back towards Charizard he took a step to the side to let Foxy climb up first, deliberately giving Charizard a small push on the back to persuade it to bend over a little.

"Charizard can handle the flight easily..." He said as Foxy began to climb onto his firey beast. "...Whether we can do anything to stop this madness... well, that's going to be a little harder." With Foxy onboard he flung himself around Charizard's back and adjusted himself more adequately as the Pokemon began to beat it's wings and soar up into the sky vertically.

Putting his arms around Foxy's waist and stradling Charizard's back, Gary shouted over the deafening air that was whirling around them in Charizard's ascent. "Back home, Charizard... make it as quick as possible!"

Charizard first threw it's direction north, taking it further into Pewter before it suddenly swung round with all the force that made it infamous and started to streak through the air, heading back to Pallet Town.

May 21st, 2004, 3:47 PM
In an instant, thick fingers wrapped themselves around her arms and wrenched Cat effortlessly from the thin rungs she was clinging to, lifting her unexpectedly into the air of the chamber above. Gasping in shock, she could do nothing to resist her captor, suspended almost two feet above the transparent flooring. Without warning, the hands gripping her unclenched, and she fell to the floor heavily. Before she could so much as curse at the pain emanating from one leg twisted underneath her, one of the same hands grasped her hair, yanking it back and forcing her face upwards in the process. She felt several long hairs part company with her head, and found herself staring up into the dark-skinned face of a muscular man sporting a uniform whose colour corresponded with the watery ceiling, and a thoroughly irate expression. Even Mon behind the glasses above and below were stopping to gaze in interest at the scene.

What is the meaning of this? the man barked, not loosening his hold, Explain yourself!

Cat winced and screwed up her eyes at the pain caused by the pressure he was exerting upon her scalp, but did not reply. Instead, she peered at the letters carefully embroidered onto his breast pocket: Team Aqua Grunt. So this was Aqua territory ... She would have kicked herself, were she in a position enabling her to do so, for not working this out herself. There were some pretty obvious clues, and shed walked straight into trouble. She didnt even have any Pokmon capable of defeating a water type Mon, so shed be crushed in a battle against this Grunt. Sheer stupidity.

Well? A tic pulsed fiercely in his cheek. Id be only too glad to loosen your tongue for you ... His eyebrows contracted further at her continuing silence, deepening his scowl, but after a few seconds he decided to try a different approach. Forcing his face into a calm expression, he attempted to feign careless tones; Alright, dont tell me anything. Like I cant guess what youve been up to, what with confidential documents strewn out of place over the desk and catching you snooping around on the lower floor. There was a pause while he thought over his next sentence. Well see how long you can keep this childish behaviour up for when an executive arrives!

Now smirking in a positively sickening way, his grip relented and Cat fell forward, now face to face with a curious Whiscash, which promptly turned and fled out of sight. She heard the Grunt mutter indistinctly under his breath footsteps and an odd, mechanical sound. Then silence. A minute passed before she raised her head and turned on her knees. The entrance shed used earlier was now shuttered off by metal that looked as though it would take more than an enthusiastic fire Pokmon to weaken. She ran her fingers through her hair, and several more reddish-brown strands came away in her hands. An executive would be arriving sometime later on; Gawd knew what that would mean in terms of further trouble for her ... And to think that shed flown here specifically to escape other humans! Sighing heavily, she lay on her back, eyes fixed unseeingly upon a miniscule patch of algae clouding the glass above. The mess she was becoming entangled in was nearly all her own doing... But what was it that that Aqua had said about the experiment papers? Like I cant guess what youve been up to, what with confidential documents strewn out of place over the desk the thing was, theyd been in that same state when she found them had someone else been rooting through them before she eve n reached the place? If the grunt genuinely thought she had scattered the papers, he obviously wasnt the one at fault; the only reasonable conclusion would be that in his absence, and before Cat had arrived, someone else had been looking through them. Why? What were those experiments for anyway? Well she rolled her eyes that wasnt too hard to figure out. In the last discarded newspaper shed got her hands on, Aqua were pictured as protecting the water Mon now so highly sought after as cures for the deadly disease tearing through all 3 nations, so presumably they were also trying to develop an alternate cure, one that didnt involve dissecting their signature Poks. Evidently, they hadnt had much luck yet. She smiled in a satisfied fashion. If this was the way they treated all their guests, they deserved no less than total failure. Screw them and their bad-tempered employees. Now the only real question was, who would be interested in the results of such experiments? It wasnt as if they could be of any constructive use to anyone else except perhaps those taking an active stand for Pokmon welfare. And, quite frankly, she saw absolutely no reason for anyone to want to cause a negative effect on Aquas research; whod want to encourage the death of ocean and river-dwelling Pokmon. None of this added up.

As she watched, a small Mantine glided overhead, followed by a larger, fully-grown adult. Oh well. There was nothing left for her to do but wait...

Aiya Quackform
May 21st, 2004, 7:09 PM
Leaning over the railing of the front of the ship, Skyla took the moment to breathe in some of the refreshing ocean air that whipped her hair around her. As soon as she had agreed to command the Maiden, Sanders had ordered his ship, the Raven, to head immediately back to Lilycove's port. Within a few minutes, the docks could be seen in the distance. They were packed with ships from all over Hoenn trying to dock. With the major ports of Mossdeep and Slateport quarantined due to the virus, many ships had been stranded in the ocean with few options on where to go. Luckily, vessels bringing in water Pokemon to be collected for the cure were given priority entrance. For the time being, only the most critical cases were being treated with the intestinal cure, but Skyla knew that this would soon change as the world's population was quickly becoming more and more desperate.

'You know this is necessary, Skyla,' she thought to herself. 'Even if an alternative is found at some point, this is the only hope humanity has right now. If I ever find out who started this massacre...' she was quickly becoming enraged. 'No! Stop! Do not let your emotions get the best of you again. This is the only way, you cannot possibly find the person responsible. That's what the police are for.'

The dock was fastly getting closer, and Skyla cleared her thoughts. There would soon be work to do. Vessels of various shapes and sizes were already cluttering the water, waiting for permission to dock in Lilycove's port. Raven passed a large cruise ship.

"Murderers!" a person on the deck of the luxury vessel yelled with anger at the Raven's crew. "Yeah! You wouldn't be in such a hurry to kill humans to save water Pokemon!" another person cried out.

Her eyes narrowed, but Skyla made no verbal response as they passed beyond the cruise ship. 'You wouldn't be so eager to protest if you were one of the ill...'

The Raven arrived in the port and in less than thirty minutes docked. "Skyla," called Sanders. "I'll take you to the Maiden."

Nodding, Skyla followed him as he walked along the wooden boardwalks around the other ships. There were far more people than what was safe for a port this size. Hundreds of people frantically going about their business, try to leave the port to make room for others. They sped by with shipments of food and other products, and passengers came and left. Sanders and Skyla soon came to a small fishing boat, with five crewmen waiting on deck. They stood up respectfully from their business to greet them.

"Men," Sanders said as he and Skyla walked on deck, "This is your new commander, Skyla. You will address her as 'Miss' and will give her all the respect and obedience as you would to me." Turning to Skyla he added, "Sorry for not staying long, but the Raven must leave as quickly as possible. You know where to deliver your catch, right?"

She nodded.

"OK, then, I'll be going." Giving a final nod to the crew, he left.

Looking at her new crew, Skyla barked, "What are you just standing there for? Prepare to leave port!" The five men quickly went back to their duties, and Skyla went into the navigation compartment.

May 21st, 2004, 9:50 PM
I had nothing to worry about. I knew full well that reprehension would be held solely for those with the simple will to live. It was amazing, how quickly the Human race could turn on itself -- the Pokmon as well! Those simply wanting to be cured would be looked upon with faces of scorn, and although they would have a chance of surviving the virus, they'd all meet the same fate of prosecution. The virtuous, the pious, the moralistic -- they would be the encompassing entourage in all this, circling in on the smarter ones, so dillusionally willing to die for their pathetic cause that they'd eventually turn into self-deteriorating maggots, with the only intent of feasting on those not of their own. The world would be cast to genocide...and I would have been the sole initiative.

True, they had leads on me by now, perhaps more than I was aware of, but there was no way in **** anyone could ever conceive of a way of beating me now. The cure itself, was intentional. A plant. A ploy. I had released the information myself easily, having the vast ties into the scientific world at my disposal that I did... Nor was it a faulty cure; it helped the betterment of the patient's case -- but that wasn't the point. It didn't matter how many died or survived in this altercation: in the downfall of the world, the casualty numbers meant nothing. The key, was the destruction it did. Not only in the general populus, but the inimical as well.

The neutralization of Team Aqua -- a melodious thought. With all the water pokmon in the world on top of dissection tables, there'd be absolutely nothing for Aqua to fight with. Thus, their typically easy leverage of us would be completely destroyed, for without Pokmon, type advantages ultimately cease to exist. The TA base would promptly be invaded, overrun with Magma, and taken as our own.

I could imagine the peril. And, as the sole proprietor of this soon-unfolding madness, I found no emotion but sheer joy. This was my time! This was my revenge! At last, the world, who had treated me so uncouthly throughout the painstaking years of my perseity, would pay...and the satisfaction would only grow.

Fulfillment of my cause could never be reached until all had been equally punished. And although I bore smiles in my surreptitious Hoenn laboratory, I did not once laugh.

Laughter was reserved for those stupid enough to try and stop me.

May 21st, 2004, 10:15 PM
Julia entered the pokemon center, giving her pokeball containing Vulpix, and her great ball containing Lapras, to a nurse across the counter, with red hair, tied up in loops. She offered Julia a seat by the coffee table in the corner, to wait for her pokemon. She slowly paced over to the seat, cuddling her tiny Marill. She looked around the room, the walls were covered in an orange paint, and the carpeting was soft, with a touch of faded red. On the wall was a map of Jhoto, which Julia observed for a long period of time.

’I can head off to Ecruteak, surf over to Mahogany, use the ice path to get to Blackthorn, then use the mountain path to get to New Bark Town… But where do I go from there?…’ She thought to herself, her Marill imagining what it would be like to simply have a nice cold treat.

“Excuse me, ma’am?” The Nurse called to Julia.

“Your pokemon are fully healed,” She stated, handing the pokeball and the great ball over to Julia.

“Thanks a bunch, you’re so great! I’ll see you later!…” Julia replied, taking the spheres from her. Going out the door, she found herself in the same area of where the tent was earlier, right by the exit of town… Only it was no longer there. Now filled with curiosity, Julia walked out the town, looking ahead of her at the many grazing Miltanks. Around her was the sweet smell of yellow grass, it was the best place to head out to for a bit of country life. The sun was beating hard upon Julia’s bare shoulders, glistening onto her earrings. Marill walked ahead of her, only to observe the Miltanks surrounding them.

After a long walk, they reached a fairly odd looking barn. Like every other typical barn, it was red, with Psyducks, Miltanks, Growlithes, and herding Raichus all out in front. Julia bent over the fence, exhausted from the long walk, and desperate for something to drink. A round male walked out the barn, with an untamed beard, wearing suspenders and deep, heavy boots.

“You okay there, girl?” He asked, walking out, approaching Julia from the other side of the fence. Julia nodded in respond, shielding her eyes from the sizzling sun. He continued to look awkwardly towards Julia,

“You sure don’ look fine! Why don’ you come in for a bit and grab a li’l somethin’ before you leave?” Julia was glad to hear an offer as such, but began to think… What would be safer? Drinking something from a total stranger? Or walking out to Ecruteak in the boiling sun.

“Where y’all head’n gal?” He asked, opening the wooden gate at the right of Julia. She entered cautiously, not knowing what to expect. 2 Raichus instantly ran up to her. Not knowing whether they were friendly or ferocious, Julia squealed, but loosened up after seeing them only sniffing Marill, as curious as she was about the virus.

“I was planning to head over Ecruteak today… Hopefully get to New Bark Town soon…”

“How you intend on getting’ there?”

“Well…” Julia began to explain, just like she explained many times to herself, before.

“I was planning on going to Ecruteak, surfing over to Mahogany, taking the ice path to Blackthorn, then using the mountain path to ride down to New Bark Town!” There was a momentary pause,

“Smart li’l girl, aint’cha!” He hollered, going into the barn. He gestured Julia inside. Julia looked around to actually find a very quaint home. The walls were completely wooden, as were the floors, but the floors covered under a large, red rug. In the middle was a finely crafted wooden table, with 4 wooden chairs surrounding it. He walked over to the fridge, which was placed against the right wall, and pulled out a bottle of Miltank milk.

“This stuff ain’t nothin’ bu’ th’ best! You can take a sip of this, and run all the way to Ecruteak in a jiffy! But you stay out’a th’ sun ‘til the evening, it’ll be easier on ya!” Julia hadn’t realized it before she left, but travelling at night really would have been more convenient for her. Thanking the man, she walked out the barn, offering her farewells. It was encounter that spanned over a short period of time, but one that she had learned from, none-the-less. Now, without any other choice, Julia was forced to walk through the tall, yellow grass, accidentally stepping on the tails of many pokemon on her way. She was driven to carry Marill in her arms, the grass was getting much too thick. Julia was barely able to see the bouncy tail of her usually cheerful Marill. She ended up finally reaching Ecruteak, very close to the evening. It was now about 5:00 P.M. Julia took a small sip of the milk she had been given, and walked to the nearest pokemon center, leaving the rest of the journey for tomorrow.

She entered a pokemon center that looked almost identical to the pokemon center in Ollivine, the nurses both looked very alike, as well! She checked into a room just down the hall, which she found very convenient. Opening the door with the rusty key she was given, Julia found a dingey bed, with tattered sheets. The floor was very hard, and creaked with the soft weight of Julia’s Marill, and the walls in general were a combination of many different colours which seemed to blend together. After leaving her bag there, and feeling very refreshed, now on the other side of Ollivine, she decided to do a bit of leisurely exploring.

Walking out the pokemon center, she found herself in an enchanted city, the sun was about to begin setting, the residents were riding bikes from house to house, and the town’s tower was very social. The first thing that seemed to catch Julia’s eye, was the school of dance…

May 22nd, 2004, 5:17 AM
Foxy was amazed; amazed at Charizard's grace and power, and at how well Gary had trained it. Flying through the air on Charizard was not flying, Foxy reflected. No, the way Charizard flew, it was as if Foxy's feet had never left the ground. Indeed it did feel that way to Foxy, so graceful was Charizard. Foxy was floating, being carried by the winds. She could've been dropped at that moment, and she for the most part would not have noticed.

This, she knew, was quite different from her Charizard. Not ashamed to admit it, she knew that her pokemon was not as graceful, nor as sleek. She wasn't angry or worried, however, for she knew that it simply meant that both Foxy and her Charizard could improve. It was used as a stepping stone, rather than a pitfall. It was a way for Foxy to become better. Maybe even better than Gary someday. As she looked down at Charizard, however, she knew that it would not be for a while.

Foxy smiled, enjoying the wind blowing against her face. Strands of her red hair was blown about, both into her face and into Gary's. She didn't really care, however; she was experiencing nature, and she was loving every bit of it. The skill of Charizard only enhanced that wonderful feeling.

The sky was still clearing, and dark clouds were still above them, albeit gradually parting. From their position, Foxy got a much better look at the stars, being higher in the atmosphere. It still disturbed and distorted the light, but to a lesser degree. Plus, there were no lights from towns to distract her either. The stars were twinkling endlessly; those that were in the same galaxy, and those on the fringes of the ever-expanding universe.

Foxy sometimes wondered what it was like out there, on unseen planets orbiting all those bright stars. Sometimes, but not often. She preferred to look more closely at what was happening; it was in the same way that she did not often think about the if's, the possibly's or the maybe's in life. What was out there would be discovered in time, as technology and mankind developed. They would be discovered in time, she knew.

She liked to think, but not waste time in mindless contemplation. She was there mostly for things that had been, or were being. That did not mean that her thought was limited however; shge knew the importance, though perhaps less so, of the future and the chances in life. After all, they were a part of life, and Foxy would've been foolish to disregard them completely.

Foxy looked down at her surroundings. Below her, a vast, undisturbed forest was growing, and thriving. The green evergreen trees were as healthy a green as always. Happy and content after the recent rain, they were simply sitting there calmly, barely moving. Foxy could just glimpse movements in the forest below; there were several small pokemon, what she guessed would've been ratatta's and the various bugs one could catch sight of near Viridian City. Overhead, above the canopy, flocks of pidgey flew about, even considering the time.

As Charizard flew over Viridian, the bright lights of the city glowed and stood out from the otherwise dark land. Foxy could see the pokemon centre from her position; it seemed that several shops, including the Viridian City Pokemart, were still open. The door to the pokemart opened as a slightly chubby lady walked out, a plastic bag in each hand. Foxy wondered vaguely what she was doing, shopping this late at night. She also thought, albeit briefly, about how much plastic bags were damaging the environment, which Foxy was so close to.

Finally, however, Foxy gave up pretending, and acknowledged her tiredness. It was perhaps a symbol to her determination that she, in her mind, only allowed herself the time it took to get to Gary's lab to sleep; after that, she resolved to continue working.

She sighed, as tiredness from not sleeping and so much action in the last few days slowly began to overcome her. As she was about to close her eyes and rest, Foxy spoke. "Gary, I think I'm gonna get some rest... I can't help humankind up here, so I might as well," she said tiredly, barely containing a yawn. "Wake me when we get back to your lab though... There's so much work I could help with," Foxy said, without caring as to how much she could actually help Gary.

"Don't 'forget'," she added, placing sarcasm on that last word. She knew she was tired, and that her body needed more rest, and more time... But there wasn't more time. People out there were dying, she knew. Though she was aware of how weak those last words had sounded, considering her state, she put as put determination and grit into them as she possibly could. She hoped Gary would realise that she wanted to be woken up, despite was was good and what was bad for her body.

She sighed deeply, before relaxing backwards a little. She closed her eyelids, and quickly fell asleep. Briefly, before she did so, she wondered amusedly to herself how Gary would react to her literally sleeping in his arms, albeit unintentionally. She couldn't care less, truth be told. It was sleep, after all.

Aiya Quackform
May 22nd, 2004, 12:08 PM
OOC: GHPF's judge, Idelong, said he'd come today, Saturday, so he can judge Sunday. BIC:

After carefully examining maps and recent reports of water Pokemon schools, Sklya decided on their destination. She folded up her maps and reports and neatly put them in their respective cubby holes. A man she had worked with on another ship a few months ago was so messy he could never find any of the information he needed when wanted it. Inefficiency disgusted Skyla. It was so pointless, and even a small amount of efficiency was easy to maintain and helped infinitely.

Walking out of the cabin she called for the crew to assemble. "Everyone on deck!" There was a brief period of scurrying about, but the five of them soon stood in front of Skyla. "What are you names?"

"Jones." "Hathaway." "Matthews." "Jordan." "Kobin."

"Alright, then," she acknowledged them. "We are going to the sea north of Hoenn. There haven't been many ships up there recently, so there should be plenty of water Pokemon. We'll still be relatively close to Lilycove, and if it is quarantined as well or we decide to head elsewhere, we can easily head farther north into Kanto and its ports."

There was an unquestioning, but uneasy silence among the five. A few of them traded shifty glances.

Eyes narrowed, Skyla asked sternly, "What?"

"Sorry, Ma'am," said Hathaway. "We didn't mean no disrespect. We'll head out as soon as you give the order."

Nodding in approval she replied, "Good, let's go. Now." They quickly went back to their duties again, detatching the boat from the dock, and starting up the Maiden's motor. But Skyla knew what they were thinking. They did not want to harvest the water Pokemon for the cure. 'Fools.'

They were soon outside of the bustling waters of Lilycove, headed for the northern coast of the giant island of Hoenn. Skyla kept a watchful eye over their course, speed, and direction. The slightest miscalculation or negligence could cause them to drift miles off course. Such inefficiency would be unacceptable.

May 23rd, 2004, 12:36 PM
OOC: Sorry I've been falling behind...if I say something that doesn't fit with what has been said so far, let me know, as there were a lot of posts since my last one and they're so long I didn't want to read them all...

IC: James finally arrived at the Shadow Pokemon Lab. From here he could search around for Dr. Henry's lab. However, it would be best for him to look about the lab itself for anything that might be useful. This in mind, James entered the lab. It was much like it had been last time he'd seen it. Then, something struck him. There was a card key here, and it may be needed to enter Henry's lab, so he swiftly snatched it up. He then decided to search deeper in the lab. He proceeded down a few elevators and through a few doors to the lab's main computer, as he figured it may have some useful info for finding Dr. Henry's lab. Much to James' surprise, however, there was someone else at it.

Upon closer inspection, it was cheif Ein! What could he have been doing at his former lab? James intended to find out, so he drew closer.

Upon reaching him, James said, "So you still haven't given up on the Shadow Pokemon plan, eh?" Surprisingly, though, Ein responded by looking at James with a serious face and saying, "Only a simple Peon would think me so foolish; I am working on an alternate cure for the disease that has been killing so many people." James didn't appreciate being called a fool, but in a way he was lucky. Ein was just the person who could help him. The question was if he would." You act as if I am a fool and you are not. We were both fools to be part of Cipher," said James, "Yet I feel that we could do great things as a team. I was looking for clues to the location of the laboratory of a certain Dr. Henry. Do you know where this is. I suspect he may have created this awful plague. I think we would both benefit from joining up." Much to his dismay, however, Ein did not seem to aggree.

"I need no help from a peon like you. I have better things to do, such as finding a cure. Take this map and leave me be. It shows the place you are looking for." James may have missed nabbing a partner, but he was one step closer to his goal.

May 24th, 2004, 6:51 PM
Julia looked at the elegant wooden building, remembering the many things she had heard about it… About the scholarships that had been given out for the dancing, about the many famous dancers and models that had come from the same dance school, and even the amount of money someone got for simply teaching at a school like that, with such a high authority. She slowly approached the building, creaking open the door. She peeked her head through, seeing many dancers dressed in bright, colorful kimonos, all dancing in synchronization. Julia walked through the door, now taking a seat by other spectators, much older than herself. The whole room was filled with neutral colours – brown, green, black, and others, which seemed to create a large contrast between the kimonos and the room itself. The soft melody played smoothly in the background, Julia was able to identify a violin and a flute, but the other instruments being played on the CD were very unique, and hard to determine. The music faded out into a different melody, nobody in the room seemed to be acknowledging anyone but the ravishing dancers. After many melodies passed by, Julia was finding the dance quite repetitive. The dancers seemed to be performing a dance that moved in perfect beat with many melodies, but she decided to leave, thinking,

’I’m only going to be doing this once in my lifetime… Why should I spend my whole evening in Ecruteak watching dancers!’ She crept out the door, attempting to be as quiet as possible. Looking around, she decided to visit the Tin Tower, seeing how there was much of a commotion going on. Whether it was positive or negative, was still up to Julia to determine; she was too far away to see. Running up to the tower, she saw a huge crowd in front of it, it looked as if they were trying to get into the tower…

’But isn’t it always open anyways?…’ She thought to herself, in deep wonder. Immersing herself in the crowd, and pushing herself out to the front, she saw the reason people couldn’t get into the tower, they were trying to get all the water pokemon out of it! But did the tower dwell water pokemon? Looking behind her, she saw that her Marill was gone! She pushed herself out back to the end of the mob, searching for her Marill.

“Marill!!” She shouted, the whole group now stared at her.

“You saw a Marill?”

“A Marill, where!?” She heard many of them murmur. Suddenly, someone shouted out from the top of the tower,

“Lever the water pokemon alone!” They yelled, fully cloaked. He dangled Julia’s Marill over the edge, insuring her safety.

“Hey! How did you get my Marill!?” She shouted, thinking he probably would not be able to hear. He stared at her, then disappeared back into the tower. Julia was determined to get back her Marill, no matter who it was in the hands of. She ran to the back of the tower where not many people were.

“Merlin, come out!” She shouted, tossing a red and white orb into the air, releasing a strange looking pokemon – her Kadabra. She patted him on the head, then looked up at the tower.

“You see that big gigantic tower?” She told him, still rubbing his head.

“I need you to get us into there, okay?” She said. He nodded gleefully in response. Crouching a bit, Julia and himself both slowly began to fade into a purple glow. Within moments, the two of them had disappeared into a strange looking room with many doors. The floors were made delicately made out of wooden panels, as were the walls, some of the panels with elegant carvings engraved into them. She stared in awe for a few moments, but someone’s shouting soon disturbed the peace. He threw what looked like a black and white pokeball in Julia’s direction, but instead of a pokemon, a heap of steam poured out of it. Julia covered her mouth, coughing heavily. She struggled to find the pokeball of Pandora, her Beautifly. After finding it, she threw it into the air. An elegant swirl of red, bright light, revealed a beautiful butterfly pokemon, with a long, thin, curled in nose. She hummed bitterly, seeing the smog surrounded her.

“Pandora, u-“ Julia was cut off by another cough,

“use gust, and blow the smog away!” She managed to say, coughing again after she finished her sentence. Pandora replied with a hum, and began to vigorously flap her wings. The smog finally cleared, and Julia looked around her, now seeing that both her Marill… AND her Kadabra were gone… Julia swiftly returned Pandora, now very concerned…

Aiya Quackform
May 26th, 2004, 9:59 PM
Skyla walked through darkness. White smoke clouded the air, causing what little light there was to give off a ghostly glow. She could not see very far ahead, walking aimlessly through the mist. "Hello? Is anyone there?" she called, but was answered only by her own voice echoing back. Frightened, she quickened her pace. She went several feet in one direction, turned, walked, and changed direction again. The smoke was getting thicker. "Someone, please help me!" she choked. Collapsing to the ground, she couldn't breathe. Unconsciousness was slipping over her.

Skyla stood in the middle of a room. Dark again, but the air was clear. She was in a spotlight from an unknown source, and could not see outside of it. Whispering could be heard all around her. "W-who's there?"

The spotlight abruptly disappeared. "No! Wait!" Skyla cried helplessly. "Please! Don't take the light away!"

White light flooded the room. Clamping her eyes, Skyla was blinded. Slowly she opened her eyes, and saw. Hundreds of them. Thousands of them. Corpses all around her, the lifeless bodies of water Pokemon. "No!" Skyla gasped in horror. She took a step back, but screeched as she felt a corpse under her foot. Recoiling back into her own narrow space, she could do nothing other than look at the mountains of corpses. "No! This can't have happened!" Skyla bent down to look at a Mudkip next to her foot. "They can't all be dead," a tear rolled down her cheek. Extending her hand to touch the Pokemon, Skyla wanted to see that they were not dead, feel the warmth of their sleeping, but alive bodies. Her finger brushed against the cold Mudkip's face. It's eyes glowed red. Skyla jumped back, screaming. Red eyes appeared on all the dead Pokemon. "No!" she screamed in terror. "This can't be real!"

"Murderer..." the Pokemon breathed in a unanimous roar.

"NO!" Skyla shot straight up from the sofa. Sweat covered her body. Disoriented, she looked around desperately. She was laying on a tattered grey sofa in a small cabin with dozens of electronic instruments and a navigation console. Outside the window all that could be seen was the blue ocean.

"It was only a dream..." she whispered in relief as she buried her head in her hands. Slowly, Skyla reappeared from her hands. "But it won't be for long." Jumping off of the sofa in the navigation cabin, Skyla reappeared on deck where the sailors under her supervision were working. Seeing her appear, they stopped and gave her their attention.

"Men," she said in a commanding tone, "We're changing our plans."

May 28th, 2004, 7:32 AM
Sorry for taking this long to reply, but I managed to get my laptop confiscated and locked out of the computer room.


Several muffled Pokmon cries sounded from the direction of the dull metal shutters stretched across the chambers watery entrance. Cat didnt so much as blink. Likely as not, some of the wild Mon shed already observed afloat the river leading to this cavern were scuffling behind the electronically operated doorway. She sighed and closed her eyes, resigned to the worst. What was the probability that shed be able to talk her way out of harm? Aquas werent known for their understanding, or compassion. Mercy on their part these days was rare, even towards fellow members; her chances of release were looking increasingly slimmer.
A sudden flare of light shone unannounced through her closed eyelids, causing her to jolt upright abruptly, forcing them apart. Multicoloured spots erupted in front of her dazzled eyes, clouding her vision. Rendered blind by the unexpected flash that now died almost as quickly as it had appeared, she could barely make out the outline of its creator. She blinked furiously, attempting to regain the use of her eyes, but succeeded only in further provoking the patterns spiralling at random across her line of sight. An unfamiliar voice barked fiercely in her direction, ordering her to raise her hands above her head. She hastily complied with the command, not wanting to cause yet more trouble than what shed already found herself in.

Stay where you a a kid? His authoritative manner dropped as he surveyed her, and one eyebrow disappeared into his low fringe. What, are the Aquas taking in junior recruits? A slight frown creased his brow. He hadnt been trained to deal with children, and this girl didnt look a day past fourteen. His grip tightened slightly on the creamy, close-growing fur on the neck of the Ninetales to his right. It raised its head and stared enquiringly up at him, but on gaining no response shook its tails and followed its masters gaze to the somewhat startled girl ahead.

The colours obscuring Cats vision began to fade, enabling her to squint curiously at the figures before her. Several silhouettes were distinguishable; a man, and what looked like three Pokmon surrounding him. Not a lot else was clear. She shook her head vigorously, and her vision cleared completely. The flash earlier had obviously been caused by combined fire attacks issued from the mouths of the Mon either side of him, Combusken and a canine whose species name she wasnt able to recall. He was wearing a red-black uniform ... A Magma? The third Mon didnt quite seem to fit with this image, but then again, hed have needed to surf down the underground river to reach this laboratory-of-sorts. A powerful-looking Blastoises gargantuan form filled the cave entrance, fearsome cannons aimed straight at her head. She shivered. First an irate grunt, now their rival team ... And shed been found in the Aqua base, assumed an enemy teams member by this hostile intruder. What luck. From what she could see, she wasnt any better off with the team of earth and fire than shed have been if confronted by an Aqua executive. Well, it wouldnt do a lot of good to stay quiet and let him think she was there out of choice.

She sighed, moistened her lips and spoke up. Im not an Aqua, as youll soon find if you allow me to display my Pokmon. And Im not a child, either.

Her last few words carried a bite of irritation, and the man seemed to pause to take this into consideration before replying. So what are you doing down here if youre not at least in league with them? What was the shouting I heard from the tunnel about? He wasnt convinced. There was hardly an acceptable excuse for a regular Pokmon trainer to have been snooping around an Aqua base. Whatever reason she had, itd better be good, else shed have to be silenced or taken hostage.

I travelled here from Mt. Silver, for a change of scenery, under the impression that the area was deserted. An Aqua grunt caught me checking this place out and locked me in here. She paused to take in his reaction, but his features remained blank. And now hes left to find an executive to deal with me. Her voice was more than a little scornful, as if she held the opinion that anyone attempting to deal with her would have made quite an underestimation of her prowess as a trainer. The arms frozen above her head were starting to ache in protest, but she did her best to ignore the pain, unwilling to appear weak.

The Magma almost smiled at the brief streak of arrogance shed displayed. She had by this time dispelled almost all doubt hed had of her status, but even if she wasnt an Aqua, there werent many members of the public who supported his team, mainly due to the disease many believed that their Dr. Anderson had created. Of course, someone of such high recognition within Magma as himself knew that their suspicions were not without reason; in fact, hed met Anderson in person, but that was a couple of years before the experiments he was performing had bore fruit. Perhaps it would be wise to inspect the girls Pokmon, as shed suggested. Ninetales at his side, he drew cautiously closer. The expression adorning her rather shadowed features was that of feigned boredom, not of open hostility. She flinched slightly when he unclipped the first Pokball from her custom-made belt, but didnt object. On inspecting each of the balls contents, he found only one of the Aquas signature water-type Pokmon, and three others that were in fact weak to aquatic attacks.

Alright, you can bring your hands down. Thoroughly relieved, he recalled the last of her Mon and handed her back all four Pokballs.

She flashed him a quick smile, then repositioned them on the thin belt around her waist and stood up, dusting off imaginary dirt as she did so. Well, his attitude beat the other grunts tactics of attacking first and asking questions later. With a start, she realised that the blue-clothed man could return any moment, possibly with another, higher-ranking Aqua. Whatever this Magma was here for, neither of them would stand a chance against the highly trained water Poks most Aquas sported ... She was obliged to inform him of the need to leave in haste, especially if she wanted a chance of escaping along with him.

Uh ... She realised that she had no idea what the Magmas name was. ... Sir, I think it might be best if we got back to the surface. Pretty sharpish. The Aqua I encountered earlier could get back here any time now, and no offence or anything, but I dont think either of us would be strong enough to hold out against two teams of water Mon.

He grimaced at being addressed as Sir. Of course, lower-ranking Magmas frequently used the expression, but, well, outside of work ... Its Jon. And however little he appreciated being advised on matters by those appearing at least five years younger than himself, he had to admit she was right. Itd be foolish to hang around here. Hed taken the documents needed already, anyway, returning only out of curiosity as to the shouting that had reached him as he made his way back along the underground waterways mapping the area. The sooner he left, the better, and it wouldnt be fair to leave the girl behind. Decided, he swiftly recalled the three Mon standing alongside him and deftly flicked open another Pokball to release a pendulum-wielding Hypno, catching hold of its arm and beckoning Cat forwards. Her face broke into a grateful smile, and she hurried over, taking hold of the psychic Mons other arm.

On the count of three, youre to teleport us to the surface. OK? The Hypno nodded, and the Magma extended three bony fingers. One. He folded one in on his palm. Two. Another down. Cat heard a splash from the direction of the entrance. Three! She turned her head just in time to see the head of a Lapras colored quite differently to her own rounding the corner, her Aqua acquaintance riding atop it alongside another, rather more curvaceous female figure.

Then all was white.


May 28th, 2004, 3:20 PM
After searching the floor she was on for quite a while, footsteps were heard. She looked around, trying to find the source of them, but all she saw was the wooden panels, covering the walls and the floors. The footsteps came closer… And closer… Until it seemed as if they were right behind her. She swerved her neck behind her, and saw a cloaked male appear out of the air, along with Merlin, who seemed to have a shroud of dark mist surrounding him.

“Merlin! Are you okay!?” She shouted, embracing him. Merlin thoughtlessly shoved her to the ground. She glared up at the cloaked male, wondering who they were, and what they were doing. He put his masculine hands into his cloak, as if he were about to pull something out. Knowing it was a pokeball; Julia grabbed a pokeball from her belt. The two of them both threw out their pokeballs at the same time, revealing Julia’s Marill, also immersed in a cloud of darkness, and her Beautifly, Pandora. The moment Julia saw her Marill; she knew something wrong had happened. She had been with her Marill for such a long time – she would never consider battling her. The cloaked male snickered deviously at her emotional weakness. The two looked on towards the Marill, the Kadabra, and the Beautifly. After some – what of a staring contest, Julia finally initiated a conversation.

“What are you doing here, and what is everybody else doing out there!?” She asked, now returning Pandora. The male continued to stare at her, not wanting to speak. She repeated herself once more, hoping that he would reply. A deep voice echoed throughout the room.

“I’m in here to protect the water pokemon, and everybody outside is trying to kill them for the antidote,” At last, he replied. He turned away with nothing else to say, and walked up the stairs while Marill and Merlin trailed behind him.

“Hey!” Julia shouted, furiously.

“What are you doing with my pokemon, what did you do to them!?” She yelled, running up to him, and blocking the set of stairs to the next floor. He attempted to push her away, but pulled his arm away from her at the last minute.

“What do you mean, what did I do to your pokemon? They’re here, and that’s all… They’ve found a better trainer now, so I request that you leave…”

“C’mon, I’m not stupid! Why is the dark cloud surrounding them—why won’t they listen to me!?” She shook him, not realising that she could barely reach his broad shoulders. He turned away, a smile painted onto his face. When Julia was least alert, he ran up the stairs, and headed towards the closest window. Julia immediately followed him, but walking up the stairs, she saw many other water pokemon, all with the same mysterious aura surrounding them.

“What’s going on!?” She yelled sternly, quickly approaching the cloaked man. She grabbed onto his cloak, but by the time she managed to grasp her fingers around the thick material, he had jumped out the window, wearing a black T-shirt, and a black pair of pants, leaving behind the cloak, and a fallen pokeball. It didn’t look like any other pokeball, but a dark sphere, with a hint of madness glinting out of it. She curiously opened up the pokeball, and saw that she had finally gotten her Marill back, but she still seemed to neglect her. The main door of the tower was blasted down with a loud ‘THUD’. Julia heard the mob running up the stairs, getting closer and closer towards her. She leaned out the window, looking down at how steep the jump was. The cheering got louder, the charging got louder, and each stair creaked more than the last. She wrapped herself in the cloak that the stranger left behind, returned the Marill to her pokeball, and prepared to jump… The mob finally reached the highest floor, the same floor that Julia was on.

“OVER THERE! The same girl with the Marill!” They shouted, stampeding after her. After taking a deep breath, she leaned over the edge of the window, looking down. She turned back at the mob, back to the window, then suddenly jumped out of it, not knowing what to do after…


“…You okay?…” Someone asked over in the other room. Julia sat up in the fairly stiff bed, looking around herself. The ground was a dirty shade of green, and the walls were seemingly made of logs. Nothing aside from the bed was in the room, nothing… A man with shaggy brown hair entered the room, wearing clothes that corresponded with the clothes that the cloaked male was wearing earlier.

“It’s you!” Julia shouted, getting ready to run out the door.

“What are you doing with me!? Where am I!?” She asked confused.

“Well… You were kinda stupid, and ended up taking a dive into the ground in Ecruteak, your in Mahogany now…”

“And why? You couldn’t have just left me there!?” Julia stated, not thinking about her words.

“Really, you wanted me to leave you on the ground unconscieous? I might have my cons, but I’m still a responsible person – I couldn’t have left you there to rot! You should be thanking me, you need to get back home! Where do you live?” He asked, sitting on the ground.

“What’s it to you?” Julia said, with a hint of attitude. She sunk back into the bed, thinking of what to do in her situation.

“Well I need to get you back to your parents before you try doing anything else stupid!” Julia began to think more deeply about her plan to save the water pokemon, he stated before that he was protecting the water pokemon… But…

“So if you were protecting the water pokemon, how come they all had that dark aura around them!?” She asked him, stepping out of the bed she was in, and out the doorway to what looked like the living room. She sat in the brown leather sofa, which sat beside a side – table with a radio atop it. The home looked very quaint, and simple. The man followed her out, sitting beside her. He was much more hesitant to respond to Julia’s previous question.

“Well… That doesn’t matter, there is No dark aura surrounding them, where are your parents!?” He asked again, this time expecting a solid reply.

“Well, I’m… Going on the gym Challenge, I’ve only got the Mineral Badge right now, and I’m heading to… Blackthorn!”

“Well I can’t really bring you back home then… But you know that there’s a gym here too, right? Before you go to Blackthorn, you’ll want to get the badge from here!” Julia looked peeved,

’Just what I need, another ‘nice’ guy to make things more complicated…’

May 29th, 2004, 7:56 AM
They materialised 2 feet above the parched earth, and after a couple of seconds fell heavily to the ground, creating a small cloud of choking dust. Both Cat and the Magma coughed violently as they let go of Hypno and straightened up, brushing themselves down vigorously. The psychic Pokmon emitted one small squeak and fell forward, enveloping itself in yet more dust. Evidently, the strain of teleporting two people at once had taken its toll. The Magma looked pityingly at his Mon before pulling out its Pokball and returning it with a flick of his thin wrist.

Well, there goes my ticket back to the base. He smiled wryly. None of my other Poks are capable of transporting me. Guess Ill be walking ... Casually replacing Hypnos ball in his pocket, he watched Cats face for her reaction. The closest Magma building is quite a hike away, in Kanto. And the Aquas are already on our tail; theyll have caught up with me before Ive gone 2 miles.

Cat sighed. It was obvious what he was asking, but did she really want to take sides regarding the two teams of Aqua and Magma? Then again, he had rescued her ... Oh, what harm could it do? Alright, youve got yourself a ride, she conceded, but only if you take off that Magma sweatshirt. I dont want to be waylaid by a police officer. Spending a night in a jail cell isnt my idea of fun. She paused to flick her unruly hair out of her eyes. And there wont be any funny business when we get there, OK? Im not keen to have anything to do with your Magma friends. Im doing this as repayment for you letting me escape with you. Anyway ... She took a moment to decide which Mon would cope better with their weight, then tossed a red-white ball into the air, releasing her majestic Arcanine.

Jons face broke into a broad grin. Thanks whats your name, anyway? And dont worry; youre not obliged to have anything more to do with us Magmas after this. Unless you change your mind once weve arrived ... Wed be glad of another trainer on the team. He pulled his maroon sweatshirt off over his head, and tied it around his waist so that the bold lettering embroidered in black on its front was hidden.

Arcanine pawed the ground impatiently as his owner replied. Its Catriona. Cat, if you like. She ran a hand through her hair, then wound it into Arcanines mane to help her scramble astride him as he crouched as close to the ground he could manage in assistance. The Magma had no difficulty mounting the fire Mons back behind her. She twisted around to face him side-on, still wondering how shed managed to get roped into ferrying a potential criminal back to his effective lair.

Uh, where exactly is this base of yours located? Scintil needs a specific area. She patted the canines head while waiting for a response.

The Magmas face took on a thoughtful expression for a few moments before he replied. In what used to be Digletts Cave. You know, that area leading off just before Viridian Forest. He scratched his clean-shaven chin absent-mindedly. We might need to surf some of the way, too.

Cat frowned as she returned to face in the same direction as Arcanine. Was there a single cavern left in the country that hadnt been converted into some sort of unlawful organisations refuge? OK, Scint, we need to get to Route 2. Thats back past Mt Silver. Go! She kicked his sides lightly, causing him to rise to his feet and set off at a gentle pace. Faster! And remember to take a detour into the hills; well need to skirt the lake and Blackthorn. In fact, we can take a diagonal route downhill to Silver Valley, then well need to be more careful.

Scintil nodded in recognition, then immediately sped up. Jon was caught off-guard by this sudden burst of speed, and had to quickly wrap his arms around Cats waist to avoid being thrown off. Cat herself had her hands firmly planted in the Pokmons flowing mane, and knees gripping his body tightly, anchoring her to the canine. The landscape was a brown-green blur either side of them, Arcanines huge paws churning up large amounts of dust from the dry, loose ground. Cats thoughts immediately jumped to the clear tracks they must be leaving behind. The last thing either she or Jon needed was to be trailed back by the Aquas.

Lowering her head to almost the same level as her Mons, she shouted over the roaring wind surrounding them. Scint, we cant leave footprints! Youre going to have to run on the rock paths, or grass, or something! Almost immediately, the ride became more uncomfortable, and she could only presume that her Arcanine was taking a rockier route. Peering behind them, she was relieved to see that they were no longer leaving obvious pugmarks in the ground. She settled herself a little more comfortably before returning to observing the level ground ahead. Jon seemed to have steadied himself a little more; he was no longer clinging to her as if for dear life. They passed Blackthorn in a flash, the dilapidated buildings that made up the outskirts of the town flying past in an instant while Arcanines paws beat against the rocks relentlessly. The sun swam in and out of gathering clouds, and as the ground beneath them turned steeply downhill, disappeared entirely, rendering the skies above a dull greyish colour. They almost flew down the slope towards Mt. Silver, and in no time Arcanines pace was slowing as the area became grassier and other Pokmon could be seen, either unhurriedly making their way from one patch of towering grass to another or skittering out of Scintils path, startled expressions imprinted on their features. Eventually they slowed completely, Arcanine practically walking as they entered the tall, thick vegetation evident throughout the entire valley. He was panting slightly, obviously tired from their rapid descent of the mountainland that formed a route leading from Blackthorn City to New Bark Town.

Cat slipped out of Jons grasp and off her Pokmons thick-furred back to lead him, knowing the area well. As she fought through the multitude of overgrown plants, she called back to the Magma out of curiosity. How come you even had that Hypno and a Blastoise? I thought Magmas were only supposed to carry fire-type Pokmon.

He answered without hesitation. Simple, really. None of my chosen Mon were capable of transporting me in any manner, and I was instructed to return as soon as possible, so the guy in charge of my sector got hold of those two for me to use. There was a bit of a debate over whether Id be better off with Hypno or a flying Mon. Lucky I ended up with the Hipster, huh? Grinning, he adjusted his position on Scintils back, just as the grass ended to reveal a large, grey concrete building. Thats the Elite 4s place, right? Cat nodded and brought Arcanine to a halt, pulling a ball from her belt. Jon hopped off the canines back just before bright red light enveloped Arcanine, sucking him into the ball, which his owner then fixed back around her waist.

Well have to go the rest of the way on foot, I dont want to provoke suspicion on the part of the E4 guards or Viridians residents. Just follow me. She then tiptoed closer to a large wooden door painted around the same colour as the stone it was set in, placing one hand on a black handle. After checking that the coast inside was clear by pressing an ear against the peeling surface, she slowly pushed the door open far enough for her to squeeze through in a pinch. Fortunately, itd been recently oiled and so didnt creak as it moved. She edged carefully inside, and was joined by Jon seconds later. They were in a magnificent white marble hallway, but she wasnt too interested in her surroundings. Finding the corridor completely deserted, she hurried a little further down it to another greying door, nudged it open and exited in an instant, tailed equally silently by the Magma. Luckily, the route they now found themselves in was also completely deserted. She almost skipped at their luck, but caught herself just in time. Wouldnt do to make a fool of herself in front of this guy, and not when they still had some ground to cover. She ran the length of the route and turned the corner into Viridian soundlessly. She then turned to Jon as he drew up behind her. All we need to do now is act like regular people while we walk through Viridian, and then run the rest of the way to Digletts Cave. He nodded in recognition and they both emerged together, strolling side by side through the city. The houses on this side of the area were mainly constructed in terraces of rose-pink brick. Several other people were going about their daily business, but they didnt glance twice at the pair. Cat sighed with relief as they passed the last block of houses, and Jon, recognising the route, broke into a sprint ahead.

Were almost there! he called over his shoulder. And a good thing too looks like rain. Cat stared apprehensively up at the grey rain clouds above as she ran, and felt two large drops of water hit her face. He was right, she thought, as they drew up in front of a thick clump of bushes lining the path, and Jon fumbled in his ample pocket for something. He pulled out a yellow great ball, which he then threw to reveal a fiery Magmar. The flames licking the Pokmons head hissed angrily as the rain became heavier, dampening all three of them. Burn us a hole, Meg, were in a hurry. Meg obliged without hesitation, and soon a hole big enough for both of them to fit through was smoking, burnt right through the thick leaves of the hedge. Jon pushed Cat through it roughly, then followed himself, returning Magmar as he did so. Vivid green grass covered the ground that Jon strode easily across to a metallic keypad embedded in the rock wall opposite. He punched in a combination code, and an earth-covered trapdoor nearby opened, which he promptly disappeared into, beckoning Cat to follow. She needed no more persuasion than the raindrops now beating heavily down all around to follow.

May 29th, 2004, 11:32 AM
Julia grinned with a hint of slyness,

“Oh really?” She asked the shady man, already assuming what he would respond with.

“Yes, really. The Gym trains ice pokemon, you should go check it out and see if you think you’re ready!” Julia barely paid any attention to the statement that the male had just made. She quivered her head, trying to recall the last few words he said.

“Yeah, I don’t think I am at all, that’s why I wanted to go to Blackthorn! I was going to go to the gym there, then battle the Gym Leaders in the other cities so I-“ She quickly noticed that the man had a disturbed look on her face. She knew right then and there that she definitely said something that would completely give her away.

“… You realize that the Gym in Blackthorn has the most authority in Jhoto, right? You should be going to Blackthorn last! And you said you only have the Mineral badge, why didn’t you go to the other gyms first?” Julia looked down at the ground, hoping her glazed, blue hair would cover her face.

“You should’ve done more research! It’s going to take you a while to get back to Ollivine. From there, you could’ve gotten the badges from Ecruteak, Goldenrod, and even Violet if you take a shortcut, it’s too bad kids as young as yourself try to train pokemon without learning anything first, hehe…” Julia seemed angered by this, lots of people her age had trained pokemon successfully! But then again… there are the few trainers that don’t train pokemon that well, too… She decided to attempt to turn the tables.

“Well what about you?? You claim to be saving the water pokemon, but they all look evil now—look at what you did to my Marill! She doesn’t even listen to me anymore!” The man leaned back in the sofa, as he continued to listen.

“So tell me, what were you really doing up there!?” The male seemed to have a lot of experience with conversations like the one he was having. He could just as easily turn the odds against Julia,

“And what about you? What were you doing up in the tower? Trying to capture the water pokemon, I bet…”

“What!? I was going to help the water pokemon escape from the tower without getting caught, an-“ The man finally realized something, Julia seemed more interested in the water pokemon than collecting the badges, he was beginning to catch on…

“Y’know… Somehow I don’t really think you even have the Mineral badge, this is all just a cover-up for something isn’t it!” But of course, Julia was no better than the male.

“Why are you so suspicious all of a sudden!? Are YOU hiding something!? What happened to Merlin!? Give him back you bully!” After hearing herself, Julia remembered her childhood, whining always for one thing or another. A tad embarrassed, she turned away, crossing her arms. The male became furious,

“I save your life and you treat me like this!? I could have easily left you on the streets, but nooo, I decided not to! And now you accuse me of having something to do with the antidote that was found for the virus!?” Julia started to piece things together,

“I didn’t accuse you of any of that! I just asked you why those pokemon were all evil, and what that dark aura around them was! AND WHERE IS MY MERLIN!?!?” Her childhood continued to pass by her. She jumped out of the sofa, and began to search the house for the pokeball containing Merlin, but nothing could be found at a glance, everything was neatly tucked away. The two sat in silence, they were both very alike. The male walked into his room, gesturing Julia into it.

“Come here, I want to show you something…” He said, holding the door open for her. Julia fixed her hair into pony-tail, then walked into the room, looking around. She saw many of the dark pokeballs her Marill was in, and on the bed was a cipher uniform. Julia wasn’t very surprised. At some extent, she was expecting it. She twisted around to face the male, then glared up at him.

“So what do you want from me then!? You’re right, you could have saved me, so what do you want from me?…” A sudden hush fell over the room. After a few seconds, the male began to speak.

“Well… You can see the aura around the dark pokemon, we can’t really let you out on the streets alone… And it’s obvious you’re out here for a reason other than to collect badges, am I right?” Julia nodded hesitantly.

“Listen, the reason I was in the tower with the water pokemon was so I could turn them into dark pokemon, I really was saving them…” Julia was confused,

“How is turning them evil saving them? Doesn’t that just make the water pokemon suffer more!?”

“Well… There is a possibility that dark water pokemon can alter the affects of the antidote, and if people see that it doesn’t work, then they’ll stop using the water pokemon for the antidote, right?” Julia began to loosen up to the male, feeling a bit more comfortable with him.

“Right… But what if it doesn’t work? And how many dark water pokemon will it take for people to see that it doesn’t work? What if dark pokemon just makes the antidote more powerful!?” This brought Julia quite a bit of attention from the male whom she now recently discovered was actually a Cipher.

“And what do I have to do with the water pokemon?” Julia asked him.

“Well nothing… But since you can see the aura of the dark pokemon… We can’t risk you turning the dark pokemon into pure pokemon again, It would ruin our plans… And as for the water pokemon, we can’t decide yet whether or not the dark pokemon will alter the antidote, if it doesn’t then it doesn’t… Really this is an individual project I’ve been planning, nothing the Ciphers as a whole have been working on… But like I said, now that you know what my plans are, and you know why we can’t let you go… Well, I can’t do much but keep you with me!” Julia was very alert of her surroundings now. If she were to tell him that she was collecting the badges, then she could have been able to leave him and go to Blackthorn! But what if she helped him succeed in his personal mission? They both had similar goals… Like he said, the water pokemon turning into dark pokemon is not a Cipher organized project, something he’s working on, on his own…

“…What if I helped you turn the water pokemon into dark pokemon?…” Julia looked up at the Cipher, her deep, sea-blue eyes lush with hope.

May 29th, 2004, 11:48 AM
OOC: Its weird how all the chars here has quite a lot of trouble with their past, namely their parents, isn't it? Well my character does too, meh...
Charecter Bio:
Name (Required): Sindi Chang
Gender (Required): Female
Age: 12
Personality: [see history first] Although she has lived a cruel and unfair life, she demostrates will and unbroken spirit by being the kind and gentle person she is. She does not steal, and comforts herself with love for her Kirlia.
Physical Description: 3'7 feet tall and 48 lbs, she is quite small for her age because of lack of food and proper nutrition. She has bright cyan eyes and almost reddish coffee colored hair. She is usually in rags, as that is all she can afford, with most of her money going to buy food.
Pokemon: Kirlia
History: Sindi is the fourth and last child of Thomas and Elizabeth Chang. Thomas was a business tycoon and one of the greatest executives his corporation has ever known. However, when Sindi was 3, Elizabeth divorced over a series of disagreements and left with the two middle children. Thomas retained Sindi and her older brother, Samuel. After the divorce, Thomas became acholholic and lost his business and most of his fortune gambling. While Samuel became Thomas' pet by doing some random jobs after school to give his father for his nightlife, Sindi was pushed out of favor as a "useless daughter" and was mistreated and beat by her father. Samuel, looking for his father's favor, in turn helped him. At the young age of 9, Sindi decided enough was enough and left with what was with her baby Ralts at that time. She ran away from the estate at Celadon and eventually wound up on the streets of Vermillion. She did random oddjobs for little bits of money. Although she barely passes by with scraps of food, it gave her pride on being self-dependent. She had prevented herself from her father and brother's cruelty, and was away from an almost nightly routine of begging her brother for scraps of food while he laughed sadistically.
Other: Her feelings about the virus are mixed, as she does not believe sacrificing one to suffice the other.
Forum: Gengar and Haunter's Pokemon Forums. (GHPF)

Aiya Quackform
May 29th, 2004, 1:50 PM
The five crewmen looked at Sklya with blank expressions.

"What plans, ma'am?" Jones asked.

"I don't think any one of you wants to send water Pokemon to their death," she said to catch their full attention. It worked. All five of them stood up straighter, unnerved by her bluntness. "Unfortunately, right now, it doesn't seem like there are any alternatives." Pausing again, she looked Harrison in the eye. Unable to disagree with her, he shifted his gaze. "So, we are going to find that alternative. I know someone I can contact," she said the last in a lower tone. She had promised herself she would never go back to him for help. But this wasn't just about her anymore. "We are going to Vermillion City," Skyla continued with forced confidence. "He isn't the most trustworthy person, but he knows his business, and his business is knowing everything. If someone actually did create this virus, he would know about it. If we could find the person who made it, he may also have a cure. Are you with me?'

There was a silence among the men when she finished. They didn't respond at all at first, but soon exchanged uneasy glances among themselves.

"Ma'am," said Harrison, "My sister is in Celadon, one of the infected cities. She also loves water Pokemon. Wants to be a water Pokemon breeder. If I can save her and her dreams, I'll do it."

Skyla smiled, the first step had been taken. The other four soon agreed as well. "Well, then, let's get going! It'll take several hours to get there, and time means lives!"

"Yes ma'am!" they said unanimously and quickly got to work. Skyla returned to the cabin to establish their new course, and they were soon speeding along the waves to Vermillion.

May 29th, 2004, 3:56 PM
Sindi slowly strolled down a deserted alleyway through western Vermillion. It was so quiet these days, Sindi thought. Although the mayor had not placed quarentines on the city yet, there was a curfew time of 8:00 PM now and most people tried not to go outside of they could help it.

Unfortunately for her, she had no place to go, to be safe from the virus. Although she knew it would really have been safer if she hadn't run away, she wasn't going back. Not to the abuse, to the cruelty, to her brother's crooked, twisted, smile. As the thoughts descended on her mind, she stopped walking in a small, shadowey, area. From a small pocket in her worn, raggedy, jacket, she pulled out a piece of hard, crusty bread. Judging from the sun's position, Sindi figured it would be about three hours or so before she would have to hide in some area because of the curfew time.

After finishing the rocky bread, Sindi stood up. It was a beautiful sunset, one that glimmered and shone with a reddish orange light. If only the real world was that peaceful, she thought. From reading torn bits of newspapers, Sindi had discovered that the virus was manmade. How evil!

Suddenly, her pokeball glowed red. Kirlia. Kirlia had sensed movement. What was it? Sindi took two baby steps to the side, and-


Two burly looking Aqua grunts glared at her while they cupped her mouth. Sindi looked at them in astonishment. There was a recent rumor that it was said that Team Aqua was so desperate for a cure, they were trying random concoctions on people nabbed from the street. Small wonder that people were afraid of going out.

In an instant, her faithful Kirlia popped out of her pokeball. A length blast of confusion tossed the Aqua Grunts effortlessly to the ground. Sindi stood back upright and dusted herself off. She was shaken, but she was alright.

"You know what to do, Kirlia," She said, feeling her body to make sure there wasn't anything broken. Kirlia launched a sweeping magical leaf attack at the beaten down grunts. They were knocked out.

"Good job," Sindi looked around breathlessly. "That was close. Kirlia, I think you better stay out of your pokeball. Who knows what they might think of next..."

May 30th, 2004, 10:41 AM
The Cipher’s pasty brown eyes widened in astonishment.

“To be a girl is to be innocent, I could never take away your innocence like that—only a mere child you are, you could not be much use to me at all…” He walked over to the kitchen which wasn’t separate from the living room in anyway, fixing himself a cup of coffee. Julia felt a bit intimidated, but easily thought of a statement to fight back with.

“So you would be willing to kidnap me for being able to see weird stuff around pokemon, but not to let me help you save the water pokemon!? Why don’t you think I could help you? I have experience with pokemon, and I DID get the Mineral Badge, after all…” She lifted the strap around her neck which kept the shirt up, with her thumb, showing the badge pinned on it to the Cipher. He looked closer,

“So you do have the badge?… Heh, I thought that was just something put on the shirt to make it look fancy!” He came out from around the counter of the Kitchen, and leaned against it.

“Ok, so even if I allowed you to help me, how? You can’t just go around turning the water pokemon into dark pokemon, just enough so that after a few antidotes, everyone will realize that it doesn’t work! You would be like… Back-up! Yeah, that’s it, you’d just be there when I need you to be…”

“Maybe I could turn a few water pokemon into dark pokemon?” She suggested, pulling up her shoulders into a shy stance. He relaxed his eyes a bit more, smirking at her ambition.

“You’re one tough cookie, ain’t ya?” He snickered, watching her simply nod with a grin across her face. He grabbed a long black Jacket, and walked out the door. Julia stayed inside, confused, until she heard the Cipher yell,

“You said you wanted to help, right? Well come on out here!” Julia’s grin got bigger as she ran out the door, jumping beside him…


The two of them were in a pokemon center, the typical pokemon center, looking like every other pokemon center Julia had been in… The red-Orange carpeting, the red-haired nurse, the vibrantly colored walls… Nothing seemed to be different, it even smelled like all the others – the aroma of freshly baked goods filled the air… Where did that come from though? Julia rested her head upon a hand, staring up at the Cipher.

“So… What are we going to do first?” She asked him, excited. He looked around to make sure no one was within a close distance, then leaned in towards Julia, and began to whisper.

“Well… I was thinking that first… We should get out of Jhoto, we won’t find anything here, right? If Team Magma created the Virus like everyone is saying, then… Well, we’ll have to go to Hoenn! But if we want to infect the water pokemon that those pirates—as I like to call them, are going to kill, then we will have to find out where the closest ship is going to go… And I can easily find that out by contacting one of the other Ciphers at the HQ, and get them to look up the condition of the ships…” At that moment, the TV was switched to the evening news,

”Even the scientists are baffled, unable to find a more humane cure. There only real discovery is that the virus was man-made. Now, there is a hunt to discover who created the disease. After days of research, the governments determined that only two people could have manufactured the virus: Dr. Henry, a former member of Team Snagem or Dr. Anderson, a member of Team Magma. If they could locate the one who created the virus, they might also find a cure. Unfortunately for the government, both of which are in hiding.”

Julia continued to look up at the Cipher, full of excitement.

“Alright then, so what are we waiting for!? Let’s go to Blackthorn!” The Cipher looked deviously towards Julia.

“…I have a better idea…” He walked over to the PC, and logged into his e-mail. He scrolled through his contacts, none of which had names – they were all numbered. He clicked on the number 42, and began to type with the subject “Urgent”.

42, I need to ask you a huge favor that needs to be done As Soon As Possible, okay? What I need you to do, is go into the control panel, and click on ‘conditions’, then go to vehicles. Over there, you should see the numbers of the hovercrafts that are on Oore. Scroll to the very bottom of the page, and you should see 3 buttons. ‘Previous’, ‘Next’, and ‘Other’. Click on other, and there you will see various codes, a letter and a number. The boats that are catching the water pokemon for the antidote should have the letters ‘*SB**C*V**’. I need you to find out what times each of the ships and boats are going to reach where, okay? Thanks a lot!

He pressed ‘Send’ with a sense of satisfaction. After checking the standings for the trainers in the Hoenn Gym Challenge, he refreshed his inbox, and saw a new e-mail. He quickly opened it,

What do you need it for? Julia smacked the Cipher’s shoulder,

“Some pretty bright friends you have there, don’t ya think!?” She said with a touch of sarcasm. The Cipher sweat-dropped. (let’s add a bit of humor to loosen up the atmosphere! This rp has been so serious, y’know? Kinda intense…) He clicked on ‘reply’, and began to type furiously.

You know why now stop asking stupid questions and give me the information! XD he typed, immediately clicking ‘send’ soon after. Instead of going on the internet, he simply tapped his finger against the desk repeatedly, then clicked ‘refresh’ after a few minutes.

ok ok, here are the results I found for the ‘*SB**C*V**’ conditions;

Status: Quarantine
Location: Celadon
Next stop:

Status: Quarantine
Location: Goldenrod
Next Stop:

Status: Quarantine
Location: Valencia
Next Stop:

Status: OK
Next Stop: Vermillion

Next Stop:

I hope that does it for you, good luck!
Julia looked over to the Cipher.

“So I guess we’re going to go to Vermillion? What time will it get there though!? We can’t just aimlessly travel there… Can we?”

“Yes we can, it will probably be there within the next day or 2 if all goes well, let’s get going! We can rent a boat from Ollivine, and head out to Vermillion from there! It might take a little while… But hey! We’ll get to… Er… Know each other better…?” He tried to force a smile onto his face, but knowing that he was going to spend many hours on a boat with a girl was just too much for him! He wasn’t very used to children… Julia on the other hand, was very excited, she always loved the sea! But going back to Ollivine was not too pleasing for her to hear…

May 30th, 2004, 11:48 AM
"Huh?" Sindi suddenly looked at her Kirlia, who was rapidly chirping.
"Kir! Kirlia! Kir!" A tingling in Sindi's brain told her that her Kirlia had spotted something, but what was it?
Kirlia's two red horns pointed toward the fallen Aquas. Near one of the Aqua's pockets, were approximitely ten gold coins.
"Whoa! Those must have fallen out when we knocked them over!" Sindi's voice was that of astonishment and excitement, but was also one of confusion. Would it be stealing to take those coins? Still, these Aquas had been so evil, and she was in serious need of some food, and with that, she could buy a lot and some decent clothes, too. Sindi hurridly stuffed the coins into her pocket and ran. Their boss wouldn't be to pleased about this, but if she could get away from her current location in western Vermillion she should be safe from Aqua attack.

Not wanting to attract attention, Sindi decided to return her Kirlia to her pokeball. Turning south to the harbor, she found a long row of shops. Should I?, she thought in her head. Yeah, I guess it would be for the better. Sindi went into one of the brightly decorated clothing stores, and opened a shiny, polished wood door. Taking one look at her raggedy, tramp like appearance, the cashier yelled, "Show me the color of ya money before you get your dirty feet in here!"

Sindi, nonplused, took a few of her newly acquired coins from her pocket. Satisfied, the cashier went back to his business. The selection in the store wasn't to good, as according to the cashier most of the new shipments had been cancelled due to the virus. However, when Sindi walked out, she was only one coin poorer and wearing some quite decent clothes.

Sindi's stomach rumbled, and she remembered her interrupted supper. Aware of the constant jingle of the coins in her pocket, she decided to go to the harbor in south Vermillion. There were quite a few cafes there.

Aiya Quackform
May 30th, 2004, 10:45 PM
There had been little else to do but wait and make sure they stayed on a straight course since the Maiden's crew had decided to join Skyla. The five men anxiously swabbed the deck and cleaned every nook and cranny on the ship. Skyla had ordered them to do so. 'They need something to do to keep their minds occupied,' Skyla had reasoned. 'There is too much at stake. If they dwell on the possible consequences...' she shook her own head free from that line of reasoning. Morale could mean everything, escpecially during dark times like this.

"Miss Skyla!" called crewman Kobin. "We can see the coastline! We should be in Vermillion within an hour!"

Skyla allowed herself a small smile. "Good. I'll contact the port through the radio to ask for docking priority." She walked over to the radio in the cabin. Before contacting the proper officials, Skyla put her dark blue hair up in a thick ponytail, seeing as the Vermillion climate was a bit warmer.

"Vermillion port, please come in, over," she spoke into the radio.

There was a crackling noise from the speaker followed by a man's voice. "This is Vermillion Port Official Winslow. Identify yourself, over."

"I am Skyla Branek of the USS Maiden. We're a fishing boat asking for docking priority, over."

"Oh, yes, of course. There's a desperate need for the water Pokemon. But you should be aware that there are pro-water Pokemon activists around here just waiting to start a riot. Be careful! You should be able to dock in 36J, over."

"Thank you, over and out," Skyla said cutting off the communication. She walked outside the cabin breathed in the air, savoring its purity. They would soon be in the hellish activity of the Vermillion port.

Within an hour, as Kobin had predicted, they arrived in Vermillion and quickly docked. Vermillion was even busier than Lilycove had been, and Skyla wanted to get away from the place as quickly as possible. "OK, boys," she said to her crew. "If anyone asks where the water Pokemon are, just tell them that we couldn't go out to sea until we got supplies, and our last stop was sold out due to the obviously increased demand. A little flimsy, I know, but they're so busy they won't be asking too many questions. I'm going to meet someone. I should be back in a few hours, but this may take longer. See about restocking our supplies, too. We need them and it will help with our excuse. Goodbye, gentlemen." Skyla proceeded to walk of the Maiden onto the boardwalk.

"Ma'am!" called Matthews. She turned to face him as he continued. "Should you be going alone? This place is bound to be volatile with the virus controversy."

"Agreed, Matthews," she said. "But the man I'm going to see is a bit paranoid and doesn't take to groups. Besides, I can take care of myself." Skyla walked away without further comment out into the bustling city streets.

May 30th, 2004, 11:09 PM
Sindi walked to the docks and onto a wooden platformlike harbor. There appeared to be a boat docking in the distance. Not expressing much interest, Sindi walked in a small, wood- built fast food style cafe. She walked up to the service counter.

"Order code #59, please," She spoke to a frazzly haired lady in a greenish uniform with a pin that pronounced: the Wooden Cafe.

"Ah yes, honey, here's your receipt, you're number 100..." The lady hurried off to get something. "Here's your Firefly-watch, honey, because you're the lucky winner for tonight's number 100 order!"

"Thank you," Sindi replied courteously, and she took a seat at a nearby table. What a lucky day I've been having, she thought. Not long did she obtain a large amount of money, for a change, but she also had won a brand new watch! But don't let that ruin your sun time estimate skills her brain cautioned.

"Order number 100," went to loudspeaker. Sindi took the bag and walked over to a table near the water. There definitely was something interesting going on...

As the ever-starved Sindi munched on her double cheeseburger with dripping cheese and crisp, fresh lettuce, she noticed a large amount of Aquas, carrying large signs. Demonstraters, she thought. Still, it was stupid to be that obvious. They would be rounded up by wharf police. Meanwhile, she turned her attention back to her food. It was really good. To a little poor homeless girl, it tasted heavily. It had been a long, hard, but lucky, day for her. Dreamily, she put her cheeseburger down, and- snore.


Two hours later, Sindi woke up with a jolt. Looking at the bright night sky, she knew it was after curfew. Frantically, she looked outside from what was now a deserted cafe. The Aquas were still demonstrating. Who would be that stupid to be out that late after curfew? she thought. You, Sindi the idiot, was the direct answer. Sindi scrambled out the backdoor and into the moonlight. Her usual hiding places were to far away. She would have to do with a small motel or such in southern Vermillion.

Aiya Quackform
May 30th, 2004, 11:25 PM
Skyla walked down the main road through the heart of Vermillion, keeping a sharp eye open for trouble. The sun was setting over the mountains of Kanto, bathing the city in orange and pink light.

"Remember, everyone," she heard someone say. It was a police officer speaking on a megaphone. "Curfew is at eight o'clock sharp! That's ten minutes from now. If you are caught wandering around after curfew, you will be taken into custody for endangering the lives of your fellow citizens."

Skyla frowned. 'This virus is causing so much paranoia. The curfew might make the citizens feel protected, but it is truly useless. It's not making my job any easier, either. It will take me at least thirty minutes to find Javin, and I need to get something to eat before then.'

Looking around, she could tell that everyone was making their way home. People were running out of stores and onto the smaller side streets. If she was going to get food from a restraunt, it would have to be now. She noticed a small sandwich shop next to a cheap motel and walked inside. "One turkey sandwich on french bread, please," she ordered. The lady of the shop took her money and quickly got to work on Skyla's order. The sandwich makers home appeared to be above her shop, so she was in no hurry to oblige the curfew.

Skyla soon received her sandwich and walked outside the closing deli. She would now have to worry about the police. Glancing around, she remembered with an odd sense of nostalgia where she was. The motel next to the deli had been her home for over a week at one point, and Javin's place was not far away. Getting him to let her in was another story. 'Gotta love the paranoid,' she thought dryly.

May 31st, 2004, 11:01 AM
When Sindi rushed outside, she noticed here watch glow in the semi-darkness. It read a adrenaline rushing 7:56. Wow! Despite her assumptions, the curfew had not been imposed yet. Sindi had been a good sprinter when she was going to school back when she was very young, and even now she frequently had to dash around alleyways to get away from certain people and things she was uncomfortable with.

Sindi ran like the wind to Main Street, Vermillion. This was the keystone of the city, and she definitely was going to find a motel somewhere along the lines around here. The street was already pretty much deserted, almost like an open track. Sindi accelerated. 7:58. Bad day, bad day, she thought. Up ahead, she saw a small deli, and a- was it? Yes, it was a motel!

Look's like I've made it, she thought. Huh? Sindi, at the last moment, skidded to a halting stop. She had almost run right into a young woman with midnight blue hair.

Aiya Quackform
May 31st, 2004, 2:29 PM
Skyla ate off her sandwich, thinking about her next move. Javin would not be easy to find. His base had been and would still be in Vermillion, but his exact location had certainly changed several times since she last saw him. Those who knew how to look for him would surely be able to find him eventually, but it would take time, something she didnt have. Help would be needed. Perhaps I should have brought one of the crew after all, she thought briefly. No, best they not get too involved in case something goes wrong. But despite the possible difficulties in finding him, Javin would be sure to know more about the virus origins than anyone among the general public. Indeed, possibly more than the government officials.

Skyla was about to go down a side street when she heard something behind her. Turning around, she saw a young girl standing there, panting from a run. "Goodness, what are you doing out so late?" she asked the girl. She was thin, too thin. "And what is your name?"

Before the girl replied, Skyla added, "I tell you what, if you help me find a building, I'll pay you 100 pokedollars, and escort you to wherever you want to go. It is already past curfew, and if the police catch us, they won't think it your fault, being a minor, but blame it on me. And since I'll be out late anyway, it doesn't really matter to me. So, what do you say?"

Skyla waited for the girl's response, and again thought of her search for Javin. This girl could help her hasten her search. She would also be likely know the geography of Vermillion better than Skyla. It was always good to have a native on hand in any search.

May 31st, 2004, 6:47 PM
Sindi nearly dropped her mouth in surprise that this strange woman had addresed her. She then had unexpectedly given her first name. You idiot, don't act stupid, said a practical voice in her brain. Kirlia's powers were definitely starting to get more powerful, she thought with a smile. Perhaps a bit annoying, but still very useful. But now she had a thought to comtemplate.

This woman might have something that was illegal, or something dark about this, Sindi thought. Why else would she address a 'minor,' me, to help her find a building? And that much money...

Sindi uneasily shifted toward the motel. It was getting late, and her watch glowed 8:03. If any police came by, they would pretty much quickly and without much question be taken in for questioning. Sindi decided to play it safe with a counteractive, safe, and polite response.

"Miss, what's your name, and what is your business here?" Sindi awkwardly paused for a second and felt she had to say something else less rockily straitfoward. "Let's go into the little lobby of motel to discuss this. We won't be as noticed much in there.

Sindi felt quite happy with her answer. If they did work something out, then this strange woman would probably be able to worm their way out of that lobby without being really questioned for coming in and out without doing anything. On the other hand, if whatever this woman didn't appeal to her, she could just get a room at the motel without any bad rap.

Aiya Quackform
May 31st, 2004, 7:05 PM
OOC: If you think about the value of Pokedollars in the games, I'd say P$100 is about $5 (USA). BIC:

Skyla was surprised and amused by Sindi's answer. It showed a maturity and healthy suspicion that was quite valuable in these dangerous times. She smiled and responded. "Forgive me, I was being quite rude. My name is Skyla, and I command a small fishing boat. I am here to locate a friend of mine. Quite frankly, I'm not exactly sure where he is, but I know I can find him. The problem, though, is that it might take a little time, something I don't have a lot of. Having some help would surely speed things up. I assume you know Vermillion's streets better than I do and could help me find my way around. I understand your suspicion. I wouldn't trust me either. Perhaps we should talk inside the motel," she glanced at her watch. It was 8:05. Skyla walked a few steps to the motel and walked inside, holding the door open for Sindi.

The motel was obviously inexpensive, but clean and cozy. A soft yellow light permeated the motel lobby, a small room with a check-in desk, three chairs around a table, and stairs in the back of the room. No clerk was currently at the desk, but a small bell stood on the desk waiting to summon someone for a customer.

May 31st, 2004, 7:26 PM
OOC: It really depends. How in the world is medicine that expensive in pokemon? (IE the stat boosters are pretty expensive) Let's just put it to be pretty high, to play it around =P

BIC: Sindi walked through the door and quickly, said a polite thank you. She walked over near one of the chairs and leaned on a wooden beam that penetrated down from the ceiling to the floor near the stairs. It was cozy and warm in here, she thought. If I do spend the night here, it should be a great step better than sleeping on a ratty sheet in a corner of a deserted alleyway.

"I guess I may help you," Sindi said quietly, trying hard not to be impolite. " What are your motives for visiting him? If we do get into the deal, it really depends on where he is. I do know quite well these parts, although Western Vermillion is my area. If he is in one of those more wealthy suburbs, I may not be able to help."

While Sindi was talking, she was really stalling time and trying to get through to Kirlia in her mind. Can we trust her? Her? Unfortunately, Kirlia was tired out from the battling and the longilivity of the day, and wasn't open to messages. Sindi was going to be on her own tonight.

Aiya Quackform
May 31st, 2004, 9:33 PM
Skyla made herself comfortable in one of the plush chairs, putting her feet up on the table. "Well, Sindi, as you must know this virus is causing a massive amount of conflict. The only cure is to sacrifice water Pokemon. So many are and will be infected, that it will wipe out water Pokemon almost entirely. Not only that, but the resulting damage to the aquatic ecosystems is incalculable, and it will undeniably affect everyone and everything we know. I cannot let that happen. At the same time, this is the human race we're talking about. It cannot be allowed to die, either. So, I am searching for a third option, a different cure. You may have heard that the government has discerned that the virus is man-made, by one of two men. Those would be either Dr Henry of Team Snagem, or Dr Anderson of Team Magma. It's very possible that whoever created the virus would also have a cure. Hopefully, one that doesn't involve the death of Pokemon. I know that involves alot of "hopefullies", but what other choice do we have?" Skyla was quickly getting wound up and paused to take a relaxing breath. Looking up to Sindi, she suddenly had the odd feeling she could trust her.

"Honestly, Sindi, I haven't led the most honest life until very recently. I know certain people who don't exactly inform the police about their movements. My going to see a contact of mine, named Javin, isn't illegal, but he doesn't accept visitors too easily. It will be hard to find him, much less get him to talk to me. I could really use some help in finding him. I can assure you he won't be in any aristocratic neighborhoods, he'll likely be in some abandoned part of the city. He disguises 'signs' to his residence as graffiti. Here," she took a small tablet of paper and a pen off the motel's table. They were both labeled with the motel's name. On the paper she roughly drew a small symbol. It was a circle with a square inside, and an "H" in the middle of the square. "This is the symbol I need to find. It will be spray painted on the buildings surrounding Javin's, well, hideout, but not on the actual building he's in. I need your help, and you must realize the seriousness of this virus situation, Sindi. Now I understand if you don't want to help me. If you need a few minutes to decide, take it, but I can't wait long."

Skyla placed the tablet back on the table and planted her feet on the ground. She waited anxiously for Sindi's response.

June 1st, 2004, 3:56 PM
The sun had fully set in Vermillion. Unaware of the curfew, Julia and the Cipher who’s name hadn’t been revealed, sat at the edge of the harbor, gazing upon the large boat in front of them, recalling the experience the two shared earlier that evening…

After spending hours walking back to Ollivine, Julia quickly kept herself within the shadow of the Cipher. After looking twice before turning the corner, Julia and the Cipher both walked up into the harbor, right in front of Julia’s home. In front of the harbor was a shabby, old building. The golden sun engulfed the city within it’s intoxicating rays, as if the sun were never to set. The two of them entered the building, and approached the old man behind the desk. Too frightened of attention, Julia avoided eye-contact, and continuously looked out the window.

“Hey, we need a boat for a… About a week!” The man gave the Cipher a peculiar expression. He walked out from behind the counter, and into the back door, where many of the boats were hanging from the roof.

“Which of these do you need?” He asked the Cipher, while Julia stood in the main shop.

“This one here is a tad more expensive than the others…” He told the Cipher, in front of a large, white boat. Behind it was an average, wooden boat, just big enough for the two of them, with a bunk-bed within the cabin that stood upon it.

“How much will that one cost?” The Cipher asked the man, reaching for his wallet.

“It will be about $980 for each day, and a $5000 deposit…” The Cipher seemed to be amused,

‘Just 5000 for such a decent boat… So as long as I have it, the only money I’ll be losing is that $5000! Great…’ He reached for his wallet, and gave him a metallic looking card.

“I’ll take that one, sir!” He said, as he looked around the cabin to see if any good were left behind since it’s last voyage. He walked into the main shop, Julia taking a note of the Cipher’s sense of accomplishment. After the man helped prepare the ship at the dock, Julia and the Cipher both jumped into the boat, immediately leaving. The man treated it like any other day, and walked back into the shop… But out of the corner of her eye, Julia saw something. The door to her house swung open, it was Ali and Fox, with Raichu and Gypsy, Fox’s Espeon, both at their side. Julia and Gypsy has both been very close before Julia left her family, and Gypsy being a psychic pokemon greatly increased the chance of her presence being sensed. Julia sunk into the ship, looking up at the Cipher. He chuckled mischievously at Julia,

“What are you hiding for? Am I that scary?” He winked, now standing at the edge of the ship, steering it to the right. Julia sighed under her breath, and peeked over the low walls of the ship, seeing Gypsy’s ears perk up. Gypsy seemed to know exactly where Julia was, she almost jumped into the water before Ali had stopped her. Seeing the ship, Fox and Ali both sent out their water pokemon, Pelly, Ali’s Pelipper, and Fox’s Vaporeon. Ali sat atop Pelly, while Pelly kept it’s mouth wide open for Fox to step into. Vaporeon quickly jumped off the edge of the fence keeping Ali and Fox from the water. Soon after, Vaporeon was followed by Pelly, who was slowly flying towards the ship, being dragged down by Fox’s weight. Julia tugged on the Cipher’s pants.

“Hey… Erm… What do you think of maybe going a bit faster?” She asked him, nervously.

“What the… What are those pokemon doing coming after us? Do you have a fear for birds?” The Cipher asked Julia playfully, looking down at her. She began to become slightly frustrated,

“No just gooo!! Please?? Pretty please with a cherry on top?” She said, as she continued to look out at the sea. The Cipher nodded,

“Okay, if you say so!” The boat jolted forward, and began to move extremely quickly towards a city of some sort… But Vaporeon was very close behind. Within minutes, Pelly had faded away, being very slow… But Vaporeon managed to vigorously jump onto the ship, startling Julia. She shrieked loudly, flinging her arms from side to side, throwing the Cipher’s steering off-trail. After calming down, Julia bent down to Vaporeon’s height, and began to communicate with it. The Cipher continued to steer the ship, watching the two talk. After a simple nod, Vaporeon jumped into the water, stress-free…


The boat reached the great city of Vermillion… Which wasn’t nearly as busy as the Cipher and Julia expected it to be. It had gotten dark, and the two stepped off the ship after docking…

June 2nd, 2004, 3:28 PM
As Sindi listened to Skyla talking about the woman, she decided she had definitely seen that sign before. Sometime in the past... Of course, she still had to know whether to trust this strange person or not. Then the memory grasped her mind.

That sign, that sign. It had been a clear sunny day, a day around the time when she was 9, and first arrived in Vermillion. She was running around, happier and more innocent in the days before the terror of the virus had begun. It was in North Vermillion, the place where she first settled when she ran away to Vermillion. Suddenly, at a sudden dead end, she had turned around to notice that in the side alley there was a large "H" in a square inside a circle. The building it was on was old and deserted, and then abruptly there was a loud crash- an outdoor rusted metal stairway had come falling down, dangerously near her. She had run, and that was all she remembered after that. This Javin must have something to do near the building...

At the end of her long, memory, she heard a faint signal and tingling in her mind. You... can...

Kirlia?! You're back?, Sindi thought wildly.

Tr... ust...

Again the signal. Concentrating her energies, she tried to communicate to Kirlia. Trust what? she messaged.

Her... Kirlia resonated in her mind.

Skyla?, Sindi asked, now very concerned and psyching open her mind.

Yes..., the..., woman... ... the power ceased.

Her Kirlia must have been tired out. Trust her, trust her. That meant I could do what Skyla wants me to do. But maybe if I bargain, I can get more out of this. It was not like Sindi to bargain excessively, but she felt that she had to do something to look profesional and ready to do whatever she wished tonight.

"Well, miss Skyla, I will be happy to accompany you in finding this 'Javin.' I do agree with you in trying to find an alternative to what is currently happening, as the virus must be stopped and both water pokemon and humanity saved, but it is not like me to break the law. If I am to go with you, than you must pay for my motel room tonight. I need a bit of compensation for our break tonight," Sindi quite thought she had given a satisfactory response. This person does have almost the same views as I do, she thought. Just a very different past.

June 4th, 2004, 4:53 AM
It was not a peaceful rest for Foxy. It couldnt be really, considering all that was plaguing her mind. So much had happened, both to Foxy and mankind in general. Her mind was far from undisturbed, and despite her bodys urgent need for rest, her subconscious mind was as active as ever. Nightmares constantly attacked her mind

Foxy stood in shock at Celadon City, with several other volunteers beside her. Most of the city was on fire. Shouts of angry hoodlums could be heard, followed by several loud bangs. Indeed, several men could be seen running from Foxys position. A group of three violently kicked open a door, no doubt to steal from that house. A window of another house was smashed, and a man jumped out carrying a large sack, probably filled with stolen goods.

A teenager crowed with glee as he set a fence on fire. Nothing expressed the terror and panic more starkly than this. Come on, lets move out! ordered Foxy finally. But in her mind, she was thinking the same as every other person on the team-what was the point? Celadon was lost. Soon it, and its citizens, would be but ashes and rubble. She had her duty however, and so went to find any in need of help.

It seemed that most were too busy panicking, however, to even think about looking for help. She did glimpse a mother holding a sobbing child, and quickly ran over. My Husband Hes still in there! the woman cried, and pointed to a burning house.

Immediately, a small group of three, various water pokemon ready, ran into the inferno. Well bring him out, assured Foxy. The woman only nodded grimly, fearing the worst. There were several shouts from inside, and the woman seemed to lighten up a little. Hope re-entered her eyes. After several intense moments, the team came out, carrying a burnt and obviously injured man. Foxy and the woman smiled, despite the wounds.

Suddenly the huge Pokemart, which had so far been untouched, burst into flames. As Foxy looked over in shock, several more explosions rocked the building. Foxy could only stand by and watch in immense sadness as the large building collapsed.

A tear hit the ground.

Foxy awoke with a start, the gentle, smiling face of Gary filling her vision. Foxy frowned as memories of her dream were recalled. The panic, the terror, the destruction Standing up abruptly, Foxy paced around for a moment, not even noticing that they were at Garys lab. Then, the answer hit her. Her hand went to her chin just as abruptly. Of course-it was so obvious to her now. The events had not yet happened. But that is what would happen should they fail to find another cure.

Civil War would ensue.

We must find a cure, and quickly. Though both Foxy and Gary knew this well already, Foxy felt as though she had to say it. Lead the way, Gary. Should we have a look at the intestines first, if you have some, or if you can examine some without killing a pokemon? she asked. Either way, we need to find out which part of the intestines forms part of the cure, she stated. Or Or even what the other ingredients are, that may give us a clue as well, or link it to a culprit You know the top two suspects of course, Foxy added quickly.

Foxy pushed away the tiredness in her body and her mind, thankful for the few hours of sleep she had gotten, however little it had helped. Trapping it into a corner of her mind, for she knew that tiredness would only distract her, Foxy pushed her body determinedly to and past its limits. She snorted at that thought telling herself that her body could and would take more than the stress it was currently placed under. Looking up, she waited for Garys answer.

June 13th, 2004, 5:29 PM
The last week has ended and now all that's left is to tally up the scores (once I get all of the judges to send me them). I congratulate all of the Olympics participants for their hard work. From what I've seen, this has been the most creative and detailed of roleplays I've ever read. Each forum should be proud of their members.

Also, I would like to thank the judges for their hard work. I know this has been a tough time with school ending. Heh, my fault for not considering it.

Anyway, on to the totaling of points. Who will be the best roleplayer and which forum will win? Only time will tell. Stay tuned...

Aiya Quackform
June 14th, 2004, 3:05 PM
Woah, it's over already?! *just knows razkn is going to kill her for not being here over the last week*

June 14th, 2004, 10:31 PM
Relax, I wasn't hear for most of it either (so coughIcoudn'havepostedeithercough) No one posted in the last week. Aiya, why were you a day late?! =P

June 19th, 2004, 3:34 AM
And I couldn't post because Gary didn't... sigh. There goes that.

Aiya Quackform
June 20th, 2004, 10:49 PM
Well, I'm off to find some relaxing, non-deep RPG. After "Race of Tairo" and the Olympics, I'm totally burned out. Anyone for a simple good 'ol fashioned Quest RPG? I haven't done Kanto in awhile, and yet I love the complexity of the Hoenn region... *cough**realizes she is babbling**cough* Anyway, I'll be drifting around so if anyone has an RPG I might be interested in, please PM me.

Jesus Freak Josh
June 20th, 2004, 10:52 PM
*Claps hands* It was a great olympics! You did great!

June 21st, 2004, 10:32 AM
Erm, AQ, wasn't that a bit offtopic? =P

I'm itching for the results. They figure to be close.

June 21st, 2004, 1:38 PM
Erm, AQ, wasn't that a bit offtopic? =P

I'm itching for the results. They figure to be close.

I'm sorry, but I'm still waiting for the judge scores from GHPF. When I get them, I'll calculate them as soon as I can.

July 30th, 2004, 3:21 PM
well since the olympics are over i can probably close this and unsticky it!