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May 20th, 2004, 12:32 PM
U don't need pics
Three Legendary Apes

Type: Fighting
Ability: Pure Power
Brutal PKMN
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 152 lbs.
Description: Bonobrutal is said to live deep inside a long and dangerous tunnel. There, it trains by beating up Graveler and Nosepass.
Appearance: A pure brown ape with half-circle ears and a short tail.
1: Low Kick
9: Focus Energy
17: Seismic Toss
25: Focus Punch
33: Superpower
41: Foresight
49: Cross Chop
57: Hi Jump Kick
65: Hyper Beam

Type: Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Sea Monkey PKMN
Height: 6'02"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Description: Monksea lives in an underwater cave. It eats Magikarp and Gyarados. They swim all the time and don't get tired.
Appearance: A blue monkey with webbed feet, hands, ears and tails.
1: Bubblebeam
9: Tail Whip
17: Water Pulse
25: Muddy Water
33: Hydro Pump
41: Water Sport
49: Water Spout
57: Surf
65: Hyper Beam

Type: Dark
Ability: Pressure
Height: 7'01"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Description: Chimplack lives in an extremely dark cave. It glows a purplish color in the dark. It attacks pokemon for fun.
Appearance: A dark grey monkey with a long tail and glowing yellow eyes.
1: Faint Attack
9: Taunt
17: Bite
25: Shadow Ball
33: Crunch
41: Mean Look
49: Shadow Punch
57: Thief
65: Hyper Beam

sum1's gotta wanna do this!

3 legendary dragons

Type: Dark/Dragon
Ability: Pressure
Evil Dragon PKMN
178 lbs.
Description: Daryus fangs are very sharp and strong and can cut through stone easily. It flies incredibly fast over people to make them fall.
Appearance: A skinny black & gold dragon with skinny wings and sharp claws & teeth.
1: Scratch
9: Tail Whip
17: Poison Fang
25: Faint Attack
33: Crunch
41: Mean Look
49: Dragon Claw
57: Slash
65: Hyper Beam

Type: Grass/Dragon
Ability: Chlorophyll
Jungle Dragon PKMN
145 lbs.
Description: Naturyu travels to different jungles and forests. If it is trashed or dead, it will fix it.
Appearance: A neon green medium sized dragon with big red wings and a long tail.
1: Vine Whip
9: Leech Seed
17: Razor Leaf
25: Magical Leaf
33: Frenzy Plant
41: Poisonpowder
41: Sleep Powder
41: Spore
49: Synthesis
57: Solar Beam
65: Hyper Beam

Type: Steel/Dragon
Ability: Battle Armor
Steel Dragon PKMN
2095 lbs.
Description: Iryu doesn't use its wings to fly, it uses them to attack. When Iryu wants to move, it uses agility multiple times then runs.
Appearance: A large silver dragon with red eyes.
1: Metal Claw
9: Focus Energy
17: Slash
25: Iron Tail
33: Steel Wing
41: Agility
49: Meteor Mash
57: Crush Claw
65: Hyper Beam

June 13th, 2004, 3:02 AM
There has been a rumour about the Legendary SuperCombos, and They are not easy to get. First of all, these Pokemon are combos of a starter of a certain type of each generation. Here is the first,

Name: Megaurile
Combo of: Sceptile, Venasaur, and Meganium
Types: Grass and Poison
Only four, which are Forest Blast, Solarbeam, Weed Horror, and Frenzyplant.

The second,

Name: Blazardion
Combo of: Blaziken, Charizard, and Thyplosion
Types: Fire, Flying, and Fighting
Only four, which are Eruption, Blast Burn, Supernova, and Forever Flame

The third and final,

Name: Feraswoist
Combo of: Swampert, Blastoise, and Feraligatr
Types: Water and Ground
Only four, which are Water Spout, Hydrocannon, Ocean Turn, and Tsunami

Now, These Pokemon can only be acheved in the Ruby and Sapphire versions, and by a special way too. You see, the ordinary hex code used by Action Replay to hack the Pokemon out is not used with these Pokemon, so they can't be hacked in your game.

To acquire one (and only one) of these combo Pokemon, you have to have done the following:

Evolved your starter Pokemon to the highest level

Not released your starter Pokemon

Not taken a single step into Shoal Cave

Defeated the Pokemon League

Won all of the contests without failing once

If all of these are true, then you must surf from Mossdeep City to Shoal Cave with your starter and with an extra space in your belt without encountering a wild Pokemon along the way or staging a battle with a trainer.
You can't use repels.
If any of this happen, the game activates a butten with disables the code and it won't work even if you restart.

After you step into the cave you have to assume that it is low tide and if it is high the code will not work again. Walk to the icy part of the cave and when you reach the place, DO NOT PICK UP THE NEVERMELTICE! Wait until a wild Pokemon jumps up on you.

When it does and ASSUMING that the Pokemon is a shiny Snorunt (If it isn't, the code will be disabled forever), DO NOT WEAKEN IT. Throw a Pokeball, and I mean a Pokeball, not a Great Ball or an Ultra Ball, and ASSUMING that it is caught on first try, something special will happen.

Two Pokemon will be standing next to you.

If your starter is Sceptile, they are Venasaur and Meganium.

If your starter is Blaziken, they are Charizard and Thyplosion.

If your starter is Swampert, they are Blastoise and Feraligatr.

Click on one of them and they will both disappear. Then, look at your team.
Your starter will be combined with the two!

That is how you get the (not so) Legendary SuperCombos.

-Alice Drawdin

June 16th, 2004, 2:16 AM
Wow, those legendary Pokemon sure seem hard to get... What are the chances of the first Pokemon you encounter in Shoal Cave being a shiny Snorunt? Pretty slim if you ask me.

Anyways, my legendary trio is not a specific kind of Pokemon... but they do live together:

Name: Isix
Type: Phoenix Pokemon
Element: Fire/Dragon
Height: 9'7"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Appearance: Looks sort of like Moltres except with pinkish wings with more flames, fiery eyes, and a giant flame tail. It also has dragonlike feet.
Description: Isix dwells in the hot lava of the volcanoes. It will usually only come out at night, when it can be clearly seen with its glowing flames. It blends in perfectly with the sunset. Its flames are sometimes used in the Pokemon League for a change.

Name: Lustre
Type: Ice Plant Pokemon
Element: Grass/Ice
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 100 lbs.
Appearance: Basically a giant green blob with red, diamond-shaped patterns on it, a flower and ice crystals on top of it, roots for feet, streamers and a giant rainbow fruit above it...
Description: Lustre always carries a Frutai Berry, which is said to be the best-tasting berry there is. It lives in the heart of the forest in a clearing where it can receive an adequate amount of sunlight. Usually it just stands still, though it occasionally uses Spore on those who try to eat its berry...

Name: Shakahani
Type: Mysterywhale Pokemon
Element: Water/Normal
Height: 33'5"
Weight: 1248 lbs.
Appearance: It's a pink whale with big blue eyes, big fins similar to those of Lapras with blue stripes, a dolphin design on its back, and curly tail fins.
Description: Shakahani lives in an isolated region of the sea which can only be reached through an undersea cave. It is somewhat like an illusionist, except it specializes more in causing hallucinations. Sometimes it acts like a siren and tricks people into thinking someone is singing near its lair but when they try to enter it, the unstable rock walls crumble and trap them...

Note: Those three Pokemon live in a group of islands near the continent of Aquatissea. Isix lives on the mountainous Volca Island, Lustre lives on the tree-covered Sylph Island, and Shakahani lives around the bowl-shaped, half-underwater Doma Island.

June 16th, 2004, 4:01 PM
Horsies!!! ICE- Frostang*
FIRE- Burntang*


June 17th, 2004, 1:44 PM
ocean u need to use th format

3 legendary cats

Type: Fire
Ability: Flash Fire
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Description: Simblare lives in a volcano. It can swim in lava. Its mane burns at temperatures up to 1000 degrees f.
Appearance: A red lion with blue-white flames as a mane.
1: Ember
1: Leer
8: Take Down
14: Bite
20: Flamethrower
26: Slash
32: Crunch
38: Mean Look
44: Eruption
50: Roar

Type: Electric
Ability: Volt Absorb
Thunder PKMN
Height: 5'03"
Weight: 99 lbs.
Description: Zapuar lives in a small rainforest. It eats small pokemon that it finds. It can run at Mach 2 for an hour without getting tired.
Appearance: A dark yellow jaguar with brown spiky dots.
1: Thundershock
1: Leer
8: Volt Tackle
14: Bite
20: Thunderbolt
26: Slash
32: Crunch
38: Agility
44: Zap Cannon
50: Roar

Type: Ice
Ability: Water Absorb
Frost PKMN
Height: 4'08"
Weight: 78 lbs.
Description: Ocelacier lives in a very cold cave that reaches -80 degreed f. It freezes its pray with its icy breath and then eats it.
Appearance: An ocelot with light blue fur and dark blue spots.
1: Icy Wind (i think thats what it's called)
1: Leer
8: Faint Attack
14: Bite
20: Ice Beam
26: Slash
32: Crunch
38: Glare
44: Blizzard
50: Roar

The 3 legendary cats live on the 3 corners of the continent of Trile. Simblare lives in Mt. Fireworks, Zapuar lives in Dank Jungle, & Ocelacier lives in Glacier Cave. They are all at Lv40.

the 3 legendary fish

Type: Dark/Water
Ability: Marvel Scale
Shark PKMN
Height: 16'04"
Weight: 154 lbs.
Description: Orcamurder lives in a pitch black underwater cavern. It can live by eating rocks. Its teeth are so big and sharp, it can't close its mouth.
Appearance: A black shark with 3 dorsal fins and golden eyes.
1: Bubblebeam
1: Leer
7: Bite
14: Body Slam
21: Glare
28: Crunch
35: Hydro Pump
42: Calm Mind
49: Slash
56: Water Spout

Type: Psychic/Water
Ability: Marvel Scale
Mermaid PKMN
Height: 19'09"
Weight: 69 lbs.
Description: Mermiss lives in a lake on a tropical island. She eats seaweed and plants. She can venture on land for short periods of time.
Appearance: A mermaid with a long body, golden scales, 4 arms, silver eyes and long golden hair that covers her breats and most of the rest of her body.
1: Bubblebeam
1: Charm
7: Quick Attack
14: Slam
21: Attract
28: Psybeam
35: Psychic
42: Calm Mind
49: Doubleslap
56: Water Spout

Type: Electric/Water
Ability: Marvel Scale
Electric Eel PKMN
Height: 23'01"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Description: Electeel lives in a small hole in a rock underwater. Its electricity is special and if it touches salt water, the electricity won't shock everything in the ocean.
Appearance: A long blue eel with orange eyes and yellow zigzag stripes.
1: Bubblebeam
1: Charge
7: Thundershock
14: Volt Tackle
21: Mean Look
28: Thunderbolt
35: Hydro Pump
42: Calm Mind
49: Zap Cannon
56: Water Spout

the 3 legendary bears

Type: Rock/Normal
Ability: Intimidate
Stone Bear PKMN
Height: 10'01"
Weight: 892 lbs.
Description: Bearock lives in an ancient pyramid built by an ancient civilization for it. It feeds on fish that live in the river that flows through the pyramid.
Appearance: A large grey stone bear with black eyes and brown claws.
1: Scratch
1: Leer
6: Rock Throw
13: Bite
20: Rock Blast
27: Ancientpower
34: Slash
41: Sandstorm
48: Rock Slide
55: Fissure

Type: Ice/Normal
Ability: Intimidate
Ice Bear PKMN
Height: 10'11"
Weight: 399 lbs.
Description: Polarizzly lives in an frozen temple. When it gets hungry, it ventures around the temple to look for food.
Appearance: A large bear with silver fur, blue eyes, and orange claws.
1: Scratch
1: Leer
6: Icy Wind
13: Bite
20: Aurora Beam
27: Ice Beam
34: Slash
41: Hale
48: Blizzard
55: Sheer Cold

Type: Fire/Normal
Ability: Intimidate
Fire Bear PKMN
Height: 9'09"
Weight: 176 lbs.
Description: Combearson lives in a palace with lava rivers flowing through. It was built on the base of a volcano. Strangely, it is herbivorous and eats the trees growing in its temple.
Appearance: A large bear with red fur, brown eyes and golden claws.
1: Scratch
1: Leer
6: Ember
13: Bite
20: Fire Spin
27: Flame Wheel
34: Slash
41: Sunny Day
48: Fire Blast
55: Guillotine

Bearock lives in Promontory Pyramid, Polarizzly lives in Sleet Temple, and Combearson lives in Inferno Palace. They were all built by an ancient civilization, who believed that they were gods.