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Shiun Enshidia
July 7th, 2007, 4:31 AM
Ok. Hi I'm a new member. I've yet to get an avatar but I hope to get one when I find the time. I've been a Pokeotaku for a long time. In late 2004 I begun designing regions for a new project called "Slab Cards" I thought it was an original game but it was just a ripoff of Pokemon. Now I have come up with a Pokemon game.

There are 4 regions but this (the third) is my favorite.

Pokemon Peridot/Topaz.
Ok you can decide what region you and your rival come from originally. Kanto/Johto/Hoenn. It will decide what starters you get to choose from. Once you decide, you will begin your Journey in a little place at the north of the region called Leskor Village (there is a lot of different names apart from City and Town).

You have just moved into the village when a Professor from a distant region called Professor Eucalypt (his orginal name was Malcome) will welcome you to the village and show you his newly constructed lab. There your rival will appear and demand some Pokemon. He decides to give you each a Pokedex (more on that later)

There you and your rival will decide on 2 Pokemon to begin with. Now depending on the regions you chose (your rival can't come from the same region as you) you may choose a Pokemon from those regions. They may be the same typre or different. Your Rival will pick the ones which are super effective against both.

Now the Pokedex is a bit different. It only stores 300 Pokemon (the first 2 regions and 48 Hoenn (they will be decided later)). He then instructs you to go to Ekenja Town via Route 18 (it comes from 2 other regions but this is my favorite) and speak to a friend of his.

On the way, your rival will demand battling. This will be a double battle. Now if you were smart, there will be one you will be weak against and one your strong for both Pokemon) Now if you lose it doesn't matter. He will sulk off and drop a Town Map. He won't want it back.

Now there's a split in the Route but you have to go left (some alibi). On the way down, you'll encounter the standard Pokemon (Rattata, Pidgey,) You can only encounter Sentret and Zigzagoon here though. At night you can encounter Zubat and Hoothoot.

At Ekenja, Prof. Eucalypt's friend turns out to be the day care man. Now he says and egg was found but it has been stolen. You then have to hunt around for it. When you find it, your rival has it and battles you for it (his/her Pokemon will have improved 2 levels each). Then he/she gives it back.

Now this may be cliche but it's only to help you get your head around breeding. There he gives you the egg. You go back to Leskor and Prof. Eucalypt says that it's nothing new but he'll hang on to the egg for you, saying it's dna is slightly altered to normal pokemon.

Now you can head to Route 19 via the right split. Now this route is the first to have trainers, berries and what not. It's second half is on a mountain range with a cave underneath. As you continue you end up in Ishness City.

This is the first to have a Gym. It's a standard first Gym with a female called Katja as the first Gym Leader. She has the Equal Badge and challenges you with normal pokemon (Zigzagoon, Rattata (LV 11)Sentret (LV 12) and Wiggytuff (LV 14))

Now there's no more gyms on this part so you back track to Ekenja and go south more onto route 20. On the way, there is a cave called Underroad Cave (it's under route 19) and continues on a way until you reach the biggest city, Malisru City.

Malisru has 6 routes going out of it (2 are blocked for a while). It has the department store. Now here you have a choice from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Gyms. It's best to do them in the order I provide.

First go the the northenmost exit and go across route 21. It leads to a town called Ohshia Town. This is on the bank of a giant lake. It house's the second Gym. This Gym leader is Kyar. He holds the avalanch badge (he has a Snowrut, Spheal (LV 15) and a Swinub (LV 18) (by this stage I was running out of Pokemon so I added 50 Hoenn to the roster)))

Now you go back and exit the North-East exit to Route 22. It leads to a big route 23 which goes North and South. To the North is a town which is on the other side of the lake of Ohshia Town (Kurenko Town). The the South is a area known as the Lebrinka Residences.

A women known as Ishiharia leads the Gym. She gives you the Seed Badge and uses Grass Pokemon (Cacnea, Ivysaur, Bayleef (LV 19) and Tropius (LV 21. The residences have the Move Deletor and the Move Tutor in one house (their brothers). The Move Tutor wants Star Pieces (their found around the place and are prizes in the Game Corner)

Now you have to go back to Malisru City. To the direct East is Route 24. To get through to Route 25 you have to get through one of the 3 forests of the region (Ishigen Forest). Across Route 25 you end up in Wutherin City.

The Gym Leader here is Enshye, she holds the Sight Badge and uses Psychic Pokemon. Now here is one of my brilliant ideas (well I call it brilliant). Version Exclusive Gym's.

Now some Gym's in both version will use different Pokemon of the same type. But there is one Gym where one game will use one type and one another type. For this Gym there is one different Pokemon in each. (Lunatone/Solrock (LV 21), Natu (LV 21), Spoink (LV 22), Girafarig (LV 24), and Chimencho (LV 24). The / Means the different version Pokemon (Peridot is the first, Topaz is the second).

By this stage, you should have aquired a team. Then your rival comes in, determined to beat you. He/She will challenge you straight after Enshye. His/Hers team will depend on the starters/Region/Version you have (there are a lot of different teams for him/her).

After winning, Enshye will give you the Fly Hm. In this game, it's only a matter of finding the 5 HM's (Flash and Rock Smash are gone). That makes the Hm's (Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall).

Now you have finished with the north part of the region. You have to get across the gigantic Mountainside which splits the region (I know it's like Sinnoh but this map was designed before DP were released)

To get to the South, you must go to Route 26 and across it to get to Figarshin Hotel. Here you will face your rival again, this time he/she has held the hotel hostage. He/She will then reveal he came here as a member of a syndicate which has offices in all regions except Sinnoh. It's an underground Syndicate whoose name I have yet to come up with.

He/She will leave and the hotel manager will give you the Yonshi Ticket. This will allow you into Yonshi Tunnel. This is off one of Malisru's locked Route's (Route 27). It will take you to a small peninsula where the route continues to Kron Fort.

Now to get the the biggest part of the South Region, you have to take Route 28 (a sea route) to the other side. There is a cavern here north of the route called Manifour Cavern. I haven't decided it's value but it'll probably be for an event.

Now the south of the region is slightly longer to reach. To start you must go into Kisha Forest. It has 2 exits. One goes to Route 29, the other Route 30. Let's focus on Route 29. It will take you to Yuka Town.

It's where the game corner is. It houses Gym 5. The Gym leader is Aruseus. He has the Mantle Badge which is Fire. His name is based of Arceus's Japanese name. (His Pokemon are Torkoal, Combuskion, Quilava (LV 27) and Camuraut (Lv 32).

Now Route 30 leads to another sea route and a split. One will take you back to Ishness city (it serves as a shortcut to get back if you don't want to use Fly) and other will take you to Zibena City.

It houses Gym 6. The Gym leader here is a guy called Dyshen. He uses Water Pokemon and holds the Tide Badge (His Pokemon are Huntail/Gorebyss (LV 34), Whiscash (LV 37) and Milotic (LV 40). This is a step up but he only has 3 Pokemon.

Now the Final 2 Cities are very far away. Route 31 is very big and ends at a place called Suda Point (It means South and is the southernmost point in the region)Route 32 continues to route 33 and that continues until you reach Engregestre Cave. It has 2 Exits.

One takes you to Route 35, the other Route 34. Now You have to go to Route 35 first. It is actually a city between the mountains which make up Engregestre Cave. It takes you to Cezera Town.

The Gym Leader here is Amelia. Now she gives the Static Badge in Peridot and the Terra Badge in Topaz. She uses Electric/Ground.
(Her team is (Peridot Plusle, Minum (LV 37), Magneton (LV 39) and Manectrike (the evolved Trike Pokemon, LV 43)
(In Topaz her team is Pupitar (LV 37), Magcargo (LV 37) and Rhydon (LV 42))). Her team is smaller in Topaz because of Plusle/Minum being weak.

Now Route 34 leads to the third Forest (Milu Forest)In here you find your Rival who says that his/her Syndicate will be getting ready for a takeover. He/She will then attack and lose. Then they will leave. Now you can continue across route 36 where you will enter Port Umbagesha.

This city has the Name Rater and the 8th Gym. The Gym leader will either be Olaria/Airalo. He ro She is actually a Ghost, believe it or not. Apparantly he/she died battling and has grown bitter. Here he/she has beaten everyone who has entered the Gym, waiting to become the strongest trainer and in turn waiting to lose happily.

He will challenge you (His Pokemon are GengaR, Misdreavous (LV 44), Shedninja (LV 50) and another Gengar (LV 52). For Shedninja, Struggle will Kill him, he is just there as a distraction.

After you defeat him, he will finally dissapear, knowing the battle was fair and leaving behind what I believe to be my favorite Badge, the Limbo Badge. Now you have all 8 Badges. It's not over yet though.

You will hear that the Syndicate has taken Malisru. You Fly there and defeat all the members and face your Rival for the last time. He will get defeated and realize that the region cannot be taken and will dissapear, leaving his 2 Starters. (This still leaves 5 starters).

There you will learn of a women called Kyia. She is in town. Finding her she will hand over the Eilte Recognition. This is much like a pass into the Elite 4. It also allows you into the second loked route from Malisru and into Napa Gate.

Now where you end up is in the centre of the region. This is the giant mountain range. On it you will go across your Final Route, Route 37 and go across Mt. Victory (it's floor is the cavern of Manifour).

There you will face the final battles. However they aren't the Elite 4, they are the Elite 8. In it you must face 8 trainers in a row. However on the 5th floor is a resting point (it costs 3 Healing Items of over 1000 Pokedollars to use).

After becomming the Elite 8 Champian, you can do various sidequests. I haven't come up with them. One must involve the 3 forests, the Manifour Cavern and the Egg you gave Prof. Eucalypt.

Wow that was a lot of text. It's more of an outline for the game insted of the plot...I'm sorry about that. This is only one of the games I created. There are still 3 more regions, each with their own story.

Oh this region's name is one I created in 2004 but it wasn't turned into a map until 2006/2007. It's my favorite Map and map name but if you want to hear the others, don't hesitate to ask.
This region is called Malis. There is a rough drawing Which I can put up if requested.

So now...what do you think?

Vavavoom ♣
July 7th, 2007, 4:35 AM
It seems good. But why the name Peridot & Topaz? Are those stones supposed to be connected in the story? (Like in Diamond/Pearl/Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire)

I really the idea. Well done!

Shiun Enshidia
July 7th, 2007, 4:38 AM
Um...no not really. I haven't really come up with very original names. I make a set of 2 for each map I produce. The first set was Orange/Indigo. The second Garmet/Amethyst. The third Peridot/Topaz and the forth Staligmite/Staligtite.

Do you want to see the map or hear of any others?

Vavavoom ♣
July 7th, 2007, 5:07 AM
Um...no not really. I haven't really come up with very original names. I make a set of 2 for each map I produce. The first set was Orange/Indigo. The second Garmet/Amethyst. The third Peridot/Topaz and the forth Staligmite/Staligtite.

Do you want to see the map or hear of any others?

Sure. I would love too. =) Can you show it to me via a PM?

Shiun Enshidia
July 7th, 2007, 10:27 PM
Well I'll get around to it.
I've wanted to try and turn this into a game, yet I know jack all about production. So I'd love some help in turning this into a game...preferably in the graphics of FR/LG.