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Death Rogers
July 8th, 2007, 5:17 AM
This is my RP... Really nothing much left to say.

Prologue: Long ago, when the universe was nothing but chaos, there was a pokemon egg. This egg contained Arceus. Through the help of Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit, the egg hatched into a mighty being. Arceus used his immense powers to create Dialga and Palkia, whom would craft time and space itself. The legendary pokemon crafted what is known to be our galaxy. But Arceus discovered something in the core of it. He found a stone. When he touched it, he felt a strange power eminating through him. It was the power of life.

He wasn't sure what to do with this power. He paced the galaxy, wondering. Soon, he came across a small planet. It was much different from our own. It was a volcanic wasteland. Nothing but deserts and volcanos. All the lava poured into the lower lands, creating an ocean of it. Arceus knew what to do with his power. First, he closed up all the volcanos, creating mountains. Next, he turned all the flowing lava into rivers. Lastly, he turned the sea of lava into a huge pool of water which covered nearly the whole planet.

Arceus couldn't help but feel something was missing. The planet still felt empty. So he created people. After a while, the people grew lonely. So Arceus created pokemon. He created the pokemon of the land, and the pokemon of the sea. Arceus then gave the small planet a name, Earth. All were happy and life prospered. Arceus then took the stone that gave him this power, and hid it deep underground, in fear that people might want to use it against him. Arceus then created diglett and dugtrio to help guard it. Then he created Heatran, who would hold it himself to ensure that no humans would take it.

In present day, people were researching this myth of creation. And soon they began researching what had given Arceus the power to create an entire planet. Soon, one discovered a book. The book was written long ago by a man who witnessed Arceus hide the stone. The book was written in a strange language which was shaped a lot like the Unown. Scientisted desciphered it and discovered that the stone had the power to restore planets and create the wonder of life.

The scientists wanted to study the stone to discover what about it was so powerful. So they hired a group of trainers that would venture deep down into the earth to find it.

Character Sheets:
Backgound Story:

Pokemon Sheets: (Up to three allowed.)

Current Roleplayers

Stardust-Kumo: Hinamori
Rivvon: Ri-Chan
chrisham2: Kaname
ThatInsaneKid: Davis Ryan Lee
X-Files: Kam Hashi


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July 8th, 2007, 11:00 AM
OCC: Lol yay pokemon creatonisim! XD

Name: Hinamori
Gender: Female
Region: Sinnoh
Height: 5'4
Weight:90 pounds
Age: 13
Appearence: Hinamori's jet-black eyes reflect her vast database of aquired intellegence and experience. Many describe them as windows to the soul. Her raven hair is lengthy and, despite its color, is not shy of the sunshine. Hinamori's skin is quite pale, as she spent years exploring the underground, without any sunlight.
Backgound Story: Hinamori, a young trainer from the Sinnoh region, became an explorer shortly after defeating the Elite Four. She wanted to discover ores and the rumoured plates of Arceus, as she was intruiged by pokemon mythology and legends. She has lead nemerous yet small expeditions through the underground, searching for the lost plates of Arceus and other legendary artifacts, such as the eggshells of the psycic trio.

Species: Umbreon
Nickname: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Personality: Phoenix always accompanies Hinamori on her expeditions, providing her powerful sense of direction and acute night-vision, both perfect for exploring the dark mysteries of the underground. She engulfed herself in assisting Hinamori, as she adored venturing into the unkown like she once did in the wild.

Species: Luxray
Nickname: Static
Gender: Male
Personality: When exploring various caves and the underground, Static provides Hinamori with the light of his constant supply of electricity. However, she only uses him when there are no pokemon inhabiting the area, as the powerful light would send the cave-dwellers into a state of distress and irritation.

Species: Nidorina
Nickname: Spike
Gender: Female
Personality: Spike aids Hinamori in her digging work, as is therefore the most active pokemon on her team. Her sharp and powerful claws have proven to be much more effective then the common metal shovel, yet are gentle enough to leave any artifact unscathed. Smaller than most Nidorina, Spike can easily fit through the various network of tunnels Hinamori often uncovers in the underground.

Death Rogers
July 8th, 2007, 11:04 AM
I love your description. Very detailed. Accepted Okay, I like your Pokemon. Accepted (Again.)

I think after two more we can start.

July 8th, 2007, 2:48 PM
Ooh, seems interesting...I'd like to join! I hope my characters are well enough...

Character Sheets:
Appearence:Ri-chan has unnatural pink hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. When she lets it down it comes up to her shoulders. It's naturally very curly. Her round eyes are very dark brown. Her skin is a little lighter than tanned, or as she says, "olive." She is somewhat muscular.
Backgound Story:Ri-chan was born into a poor family in Johto. One day at the age of 10, her father brought her back a tiny Mudkip. Ri-chan has been training ever since. She's loves to battle only when her PKMN are in good health. She loves to travel and recently took up mining for rare ores. Some say she does it to impress a certain Sinnoh gym leader...

Pokemon Sheets:
Personality:If Ri-chan were a PKMN, she would be Squishy. His mood changes as her's does. He is a bit stuck-up and doesn't take too well to newcomers. He is very loyal to his friends, though, and would do anything to protect them. His strength comes from many years of training and traveling. When it comes to battling he's very stubborn and won't give up until he faints.

Nickname:Sir Aaron
Personality:Sir Aaron is, in a way, a much more relaxed version of Squishy. He's not nearly as stuck-up, and considers himself weak, which motivates him to do better. Whenever he can, he will lie against a rock or tree and close his eyes, but will jump to Ri-chan's side the moment he is needed. He is usually seen smiling, and only frowns when in a serious situation. Like Squishy, he'd do anything to protect those he cares about, and is almost a bit over-protective of Ri-chan. He is kind to weaker and smaller PKMN, and tries to help them as much as he can.

July 8th, 2007, 3:12 PM
Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Region: Sinnoh
Height: Four Foot Six
Weight: 70 Lbs
Age: 10

Appearence: Amber Has Long Blond Hair With Her Right Eye Blue and Her Left Eye Hazel, She Has Creamy Peach Skin. Amber Wears A Crimson Red Tank Top And Black Knit Pants with White Stripes, She Has Black Laced Yellow Tennishoes. She wears a Green Braclet on Her Right Arm and Has Fishnet Fingerless Gloves.

Backgound Story: On her quest to become the Sinnoh Pokemon Reigonal champion she got stuck getting hired by a bunch of snot nosed scientist who didn't know who they were talking about, to find some mythical stone that probably doesn't really exist. She did join for the money however.

Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
Personality: Real Hot headed, Quick to fight like his trainer.

Man of Faith
July 8th, 2007, 3:56 PM
I'll Try! :D

Name: Kaname
Gender: Male
Region: Johto
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 116 lbs.
Age: 14

Appearence: Kaname was born with white hair. He has very dark brown, almost black, eyes and is always wearing jeans and a black shirt. His skin is a tan-ish color.

Backgound Story: Kaname was raised by his Uncle. He had never been out of his hometown until one day, his uncle took him on a trip to Ecruteak City. Kaname was ten at the time and managed to catch his very first pokemon with the help of his uncle. Kaname has been traveling all over the Johto region since.


Species: Bayleef
Nickname: Dastardos
Gender: Female
Personality: Dastardos is Kaname's first and favorite pokemon. Dastardos act like a body guard and is always making sure Kaname shuts his mouth before he get into an really trouble. Dastardos spends most of its time out of it's pokeball. Dastardos and Kaname are best friends.

Species: Pelliper
Nickname: Flap
Gender: Male
Personality: Flap is very powerful and always happy to help Dastardos out with sutting Kaname up. Flap doesn't take well to other people and pokemon. When he's around other besides Kaname and Dastardos, he never takes his guard down. He can be vey stubborn at times and will ignore Kaname if he believes what Kaname says is wrong.

July 8th, 2007, 4:05 PM
Dude. This sounds awesome.

Name: Davis Ryan Lee
Gender: Male
Region: Sinnoh ((I'm going to assume this is his current location, right?))
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 116 lbs
Age: 15
Appearance: Davis has shaggy, dark red hair, which, at the tips, curls out. He has green eyes, a pale face, and a collection of freckles around his cheek bones and across his nose. He wears a green polo with dark green stripes and a white shirt underneath. Over top he wears a black jacket. He almost always wears blue jeans, with a pair of beat up tennis shoes on his feet.

Backgound Story: Davis was born and grew up in Lilycove, Hoenn. His parents had both been trainers who had made it to the Pokemon League, and from their achievements he decided his own future. When he was ten, he left for his journey, and since then has yet to return home. He successfully collected his Hoenn badges, but then decided to venture over to Sinnoh to improve more. When he found out about the team of scientist's endeavors, he stayed around to check it out.

Pokemon Sheets:

Species: Infernape
Nickname: Goukazaru
Gender: Male
Personality: Goukazaru, being the Infernape he is, is always raring to get out of his Pokeball and battle. However, he also enjoys playing around with his teammates.

Species: Staraptor
Nickname: Mukkuhawk
Gender: Male
Personality: Mukkuhawk is laid back, and generally doesn't like battling. But when he gets angered, he won't stop attacking until the opponent has fainted. He and Goukazaru often get into fights.

Species: Milotic
Nickname: Miley
Gender: Female
Pesonality: Milotic is very shy, and tends to stay in her Pokeball unless absolutely neccessary.


Woohoo. :DD

July 8th, 2007, 7:40 PM
Character Sheet:
Name: Sota
Gender: Male
Region: Hoenn
Height: 147.5
Weight: 40.6
Age: 13
Appearence: Has spikey brownish blond hair and bangs that stand up in front. He wears a head band with a pokeball insignia on it. He wears a blue hoodie and tan shorts.
Backgound Story: Sota traveled around Hoenn collecting gym badges, and later became champ. After defeating the Battle Frontier he soon recieved an invite to the quest to find the stone.

Pokemon Sheets: (Up to three allowed.)
Species: Poliwrath
Nickname: Pota
Gender: Male
Personality: Poliwrath has loved playing pranks ever since it was a Poliwag. Though it loves pranks, it is very serious in battle.

Species: Butterfree
Nickname: Buta
Gender: Male
Personality: Buta isn'y used often in battles, but more for transportation, which Butterfree enjoys, because of it's benevolent nature.

Species: Gardevoir
Nickname: Garta
Personality: Garta loves battle but also enjoys relaxing.

July 8th, 2007, 8:09 PM
Character Sheet
Name: Kam Hashi
Gender: M
Age: 13½
Appearance: Wears an Orange vest and a Black Tee-shirt Orange shoes and a Orange hat his pants are black and he also has a Backpack where he keeps all his important items. He also has a pendit that his mom gave him when he stared his journey and a Orange cap to go with his orange and black outfit. Like every other teen Kam likes to have a style all his own. He also has a pair of sunglasses that are usually on at all times. He is a little lighter then Brock.

Personality: Some might call him too trustworthy. He’s always helping people weather it be old ladies to grown men. He thinks that everyone deserves at least one chance of trust. He is an extremely optimistic individual who see's the good in everybody. He attempts to see things from other people's points of view, including cold hearted teams such as Team's Rocket. He doesn’t have a problem with speaking his mind also, if he thinks there’s a problem he will speak his mind.

Backgound Story:: Born in a very warm community. He was always able to talk to everyone as if they where his faimly. It may also be the reason of him being to trust worthy.When he went to Viridian city he would always go to see if the gymleader was in but never was. Thats when pokemon contest opened up and he was really amused by them so until the gym leader of Viridian got in he went to master contest in all 4 regions. When he finally seen that the gymleader was at his gym he went to make his challenge but was sidetracked, by the many grunts he had to fight off. So today he wants to finish his battle with the Gymleader of Viridian.

Pokémon Sheet (Maximum of 3 pokémon allowed):
Name: Golduck
Species: Golduck
Gender: M
Personality: Mello It hardly says anything and Can speak Human Lanuge since it can use Psychic and Conusion.
Obtained: Met on a boat trip with his parents it saved his life when Kam fell over board and challenged him to a battle to get capture and has been with Kam ever sense.
Other: Has a diamond in the middle of its forehead instead of a sphere.

Name: Sparky Jr
Species: Pikachu
Gender: M
Personality: It Likes to be like its Idoles Richie and Ash's Pikachu seen out side its Pokeball.
Obtained: Starter Pokemon Since Ash achived many things with his Pikachu they where givein out as starters Pokemon in Kanto.

Name: Trust
Species: Altaria
Gender: F
Personality: It a fast learner and it very loyal. Is a very sweet and peace loving pokemon.It the nicest of all kams pokemon.
Obtained: Kam found its Poke Ball lying around 2 months ago.he reported it to the police and waited 1 whole month and no one cliamed it so kam decied to keep it.

If you want me to add more I will.

July 8th, 2007, 8:57 PM
OT: Wow, this is really a hit. I believe that, after you accept some applicants, then we may start? *is excited* Oh and thanks for the compliment! ^-^;

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 9:24 AM
Oh my God. This is really popular. I'm afraid I'm going to have to deny a few do to the massive number of applicants.

Rivvon: I think you really put some effort into your character. Accepted
Manaphy1128: Well, I don't think you really tried very hard on that discription. And the background story is supposed to say about the character's younger days. I hate to do this... Denied
chrisham: Your character is odd... But decent enough. Accepted
ThatInsaneKid: You really put some determination into this character. Accepted
AnimeHero: I'm sorry, but I can tell you didn't put much effort into that sheet as the descriptions aren't very good and you obviously messed up with the Height and Weight. Again, I'm very sorry to do this. Denied
X-Files: You seem to be determined to join. Accepted

We can start a little later when I'm ready.

July 9th, 2007, 10:39 AM
Would it be possible if i joined

Character Sheets
Name: Aaron Patrice
Gender: Male
Region: Johto
Height: 6"1
Weight: 120LB
Age: 16
Appearence: Aaron is a young male with long black hair. He wears a simple outfit of jeans with a white t-shirt. Aaron also carries a backpack in which he carries necessary items for example Pokeballs and clean underwear XD. Around Aarons neck he wears a necklace with a Poekball at the end of it; this is where he carries his first and closest pokemon, Venasaur.

Backgound Story:
Aaron resides in Johto, where, like every trainer before him, he started his journey as a Pokemon trainer. Aaron is often seen as a rebel because at the age of 10 both his parents were unforunately killed from unforseen cicumstances. He began his journey 2 years later starting with his favourite pokemon Bulbasaur. Now he wanders, looking for new challenges along the way.

Pokemon Sheets: (Up to three allowed.)
Species: Venasaur
Nickname: Venasaur
Gender: Male
Venasaur, is a pokemon that seems to enjoy having a fun time, surprisingly different from the often nonchalant Aaron. However his fun exterior quickly changes when it comes to battling where venasaur becomes very serious.

Pokemon Sheets: (Up to three allowed.)
Species: Magmar
Nickname: Flame
Gender: Male
Flame is also very fun loving, and enjoys having lots of it with Venasaur. This is Aarons recently caught Pokemon and has not fully adjusted to life with the nochalant Aaron, however when it comes to tag team battling, his rapport with Vensaur often leads to some great teamwork and a great battle.

Hopefully i gett accepted :)

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 10:50 AM
I'm sorry, but we have enough people. Denied

July 9th, 2007, 11:13 AM
Yay! I hope we start soon...this'll be fun! :D

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 11:46 AM
I think we can start this thing.
Two scientists are sitting in a small white room with no windows, two chairs, a desk, and a computer. One is a man, about 5'11, while the other is a woman, about 5'8. The man has short, black hair, brown eyes, and a 5'O Clock shadow. The woman has brown hair that goes to her shoulders, and glasses that are a light shade of purple that make it diffictult to make out her blue eyes. Both of them are in lab coats and are wearing white pants that go down to their black shoes.

The woman paged through an old book that almost fell apart as she handled it.
"Wow. This is really amazing."

The man looked over at the book.
"In the center of the earth?"

The woman gently closed the book and placed it on the desk.
"If a stone gave Arceus the power to create people. It's possible it can do even more. We should resource it."

The man pondered for a moment.
"If we could get just a small sample of it, we might be able to discover other uses for the stone. It could revolutionise the modern world."

The woman started to type on the computer.

The man looked puzzled.
"What are you doing?"

The woman continued typing.
"Well, if we're going to get to the center of the Earth, we're going to need some help."

The man raised his right eyebrow.
"There're 216 people currently working here. What help could we possibly need?"

The woman placed the book on the man's lap.
"According to this book, the stone is guarded by an extremely powerful pokemon named Heatran. If we're going to have a chance at getting to that stone, we're going to need some powerful pokemon."

The man set the book on the desk.
"I see, I see..."

The woman pointed at the computer screen.
"Here is a list of some of the best pokemon trainers around."
The woman opened up a program and began typing:

Dear Pokemon Trainers,

You have recieved this letter because we currently need your help. We are researching a mysterious stone that is guarded by a pokemon at the center of the earth. Bring your best pokemon and this letter to Fallarbor Town, Hoenn. We'll find you. We will explain there.

-Sincerely, The PLRS

The woman stood up.

The man looked puzzled again.
"Where're you going?"

The woman looked at the man.
"To the xerox machine."
OOC: And I just want to let all of you know, if any of you don't post in this thread for 10 days, I will kill off your character.

Man of Faith
July 9th, 2007, 1:30 PM
Are you sure you want to do this?, Kaname thought. Kaname had recieved a letter a few days earlier, and it was asking him to go to Fallabor Town. He had never left Johto before and he was pretty sure his uncle wouldn't want him to. But there was something telling him he had to go.

"What do you think Dastardos?" he asked. Dastardos shook her head up and down. Dastardos was Kaname best friend and first pokemon and always knew what was best for Kaname. She would never do anyting to hurt Kaname, and Kaname always trusted Dastardos. He knew he had to go now. He stood up and started walking towards his uncle's house, his bayleef following close behind. He turned to Dastardos.

"So..." Kaname said quietly, "You're sure about this?" The bayleef shook her head once again.
"Okay. Were leaving first thing tommorow morning," he said, and then a smile spread across his face. "I just wonder how my uncle's going to react..."
OoC: Not great... But I'm not good at getting started... D:

July 9th, 2007, 2:14 PM
((Yay, startage! ^_^))

Ri-chan clutched the white piece of paper in her hands as her two Pokemon, a Swampert named Squishy and a Lucario named Sir Aaron, played around in a nearby crater. It was easy for her to come to Fallarbor Town as the note had asked, partly because she was already in Hoenn. In her pocket was a crumpled note left to her by a guy in Sinnoh, reading, "Don't get lonely without me!" and a tiny picture that resembled chickenscratch instead of art.

Ri-chan sniffed. "So ashy...doesn't that Cozmo guy live here? How can he stand it?!"

Squishy had walked up to her. "Swam swamp!" he said, agreeing. Not even Sir Aaron could relax, the ash from the nearby volcano annoying him as well.

"Well, might as well get comfortable," Ri-chan said with a sigh. "We're probably gonna be here a while."

"Swam, swam-pert!" Squishy complained.

"Yeah, I know, they did say that they'll find us...but maybe they aren't so good and hide-and-seek.

"Ahh, well, c'mon, you guys," she told her two Pokemon as she headed toward the Pokemon Center to wait. She inhaled some more ash and coughed, "Gah, why couldn't it have been Lavaridge Town?!"

Man of Faith
July 9th, 2007, 2:34 PM
"Wow..." Kaname said jumping onto solid ground. "That boat ride wasn't too long. And look! Were here."

"Bay..." Dastardos said, looking extremely sea-sick. Flap, Kaname's pelliper, flew off towards Fallarbor Town.

"Wait!" Kaname said, running off after Flap.

"Bay..." Dastardos said again and followed the two.


Kaname sat on a chair at the pokemon center.

"When are they suppossed to get here..." He mumbled to himself.

"Pelliper!" Flap shouted loudly, almost making Kaname fall out of his chair. Then he saw that Flap's wing was pointed towards the entrance. Two people in lab coats had walked in.

July 9th, 2007, 2:34 PM
As Static awoke, his tail immeadeintly burst into a brilliant, golden sphere of rotating electricity, shedding a powerful and unwanted beam of light upon Hinamori's face. She began blinking wildly, disturbed by the Luxray's tail. Drowsily, Hinamori rose, letting a long-winded yawn escape from her. She rubbed her heavy eyes and looked about, regaining her senses. Her Luxray and Umbreon were wandering about the cave-dwelling, curiously eyeing the strange enviornment of rough rock faces and solid shale floors. Spike was busying herself by digging rapidly near the little campsite Hinamori had established, intent of making another discovery. The Nidorina flung dirt at Phoenix's face as the Umbreon passed by, and didn't even bother to turn around and apologize. She simply kept working while the shady dog-like pokemon growled viciously before turning back.

A large Dragonite came swooping in from the entrance, and as he landed, the entire cave rumbled. A startled Hinamori turned around to face the dragon, and staring curiously at the new arrival, she asked, "What is it, Dragonite? I can tell by your collar that you work for the post office. Anything for me?" The Dragonite nodded and untied a letter from his collar, handing it to Hinamori. She took it with great interest and opened it.

Inside, the letter contained the request. Excited, she discarded the enevelope and hopped on her Luxray, heading for the exit. Her other pokemon gathered and the rode to the edge of the cave and descended down the cliff on which it was perched. "Well guys, let's hurry over to Canalave city. There, we can catch a Ferry from Captain Florence and have him take us over to Iron Island. From that point, there should be another Ferry that will take us on a straight journey to the Hoenn," she said, guiding her companions twoard the town.

Canalave city was not far, and they reached it fairly soon. She stopped in the PokeMart to grab a few full restores, rivives, and a few Ultra Balls as well. "There might be some new pokemon in Hoenn," she said before walking out. The captain was awaiting her arrival, and called them over.

"We can get to Iron Island before dark, if we hurry. C'mon, get aboard," he said, and rushed over to his post. Hinamori set her pokemon free to explore while she rested on a nearby couch.

"'Ere we are, the Island!" Florence announced a few hours later. Hinamori gratefully thanked him and left with her pokemon. She boarded the next Ferry eagerly, and they arrived at the Hoenn quickly.

"Slateport town...It's quite nice. Everybody lives so near the ocean," Hinamori observed admiringly. "Still, there's no time to explore." She headed north out of the town, denied all who attempted to challenge her, and finally made it to the destination.

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 3:27 PM
The female scientist walked into Fallarbor Town.
"Hmmm... If I were a pokemon trainer waiting for a stranger to meet me in Fallarbor Town, where would I be? Ah, the pokemon center!"
She walked over into the pokemon center to see Kaname and Ri-Chan waiting.
"Oh, hello. You two must be some of the trainers that got my letter. My name is Violet."
Violet looked around the pokemon center.
"Odd... Three others are supposed to be here. I'll give them until the end of the day. Oh, and if either of you two have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask me."

Violet went to sit down when Hinamori walked in.
"Ah, Hinamori. I'm Violet. I sent you the letter. Sit down. You must be tired after the long trip from Sinnoh."

July 9th, 2007, 4:10 PM
" We have reached Fallarbor Town you may know leave from the Ships main entrance".

"We are here finally, this is going to be so cool".

As I walked twords the Pokemon center I noticed a lady in a white lab coat. I frist went to heal my Pokemon before I went over to talk her about the letter.

"Oh there are other well this should be good I going to be so cool" I said to my self.

"Pika" my pikachu said with a smiled as we waited til the boss lady said it was time to leave.

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 4:27 PM
Violet noticed Kam.
"Hm? Oh. You must be Kam."
Violet turned toward the clock.
"It's about an hour until sunset. By the time that sun goes under those mountains, Davis will either be with us, or just us five will be going to the base."
OOC: ThatInsaneKid, don't worry about the time. I'll wait for you.

July 9th, 2007, 4:36 PM
Hinamori held Spike her her lap while her Luxray and Umbreon explored the Pokemon Center. Static was enjoying himself as he snuck up behind Nurse Joy and zapped her repeatedly. Hinamori had to apologize over and over again for the clownish Luxray's behavior. "He's young," Hinamori would say, trying not to laugh, "And doesn't know better. His parents really weren't much different."

Phoenix returned after his exploration and rested at Hinamori's side. Hinamori slouched in her chair, tired for the journey. She began to wonder if any of the others were Archeologist/Trainers like her. She pet her Umbreon breifly before turning her attention to Violet.

"Violet, are you an Archeologist, too? In Sinnoh, I discovered several of the Arceus Plates. Suprisingly, the Sinnoh Government allowed me to keep them all. I also raised question about the long-lost and forgotten eggshells of the psycic trio," Hinamori said. She was bragging slightly because she feared being underestimated and overlooked during the expedition due to her age.

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 4:48 PM
Violet fixed her glasses.
"No, I don't do archaeology. I spent most of my career researching the unown. There were times where I researched other things, but not as much as the unown."
Violet looked out the window.
"The sun is starting to touch the mountains. Davis better hurry up."

July 9th, 2007, 4:57 PM
Squishy came up to Ri-chan and looked at her hungrily.

She sighed. "Fine. But be quick!"

Squishy nodded, and darted off, looking for some food. Sir Aaron was quietly sleeping beside his owner.

The PokeCenter's electronic doors buzzed open and closed again as Squishy went outside.

"Do you know Professor Cozmo?" Ri-chan asked Violet out of nowhere. "I met him once before."

((Sorry for the short post, but I had a question :<))

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 5:01 PM
Violet pondered.
"I don't believe I know a Professor Cosmo."

Violet looked at the clock again.
"Where is Davis? I'm getting hungry."

Man of Faith
July 9th, 2007, 5:02 PM
Kaname was quietly sitting, listening to the conversations and watching Dastardos and Flap play around. Kaname missed home already... Traveling Johto was one thing, but now he was in Hoenn. And what about his uncle? He definately wasn't the healthiest man alive. Dastardos walked up to Kaname, sensing his doubt about the trip.

Dastardos nudged Kaname's hand, making him look up and smiled. "You don't have o orry about me..." Kaname sad softly. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

July 9th, 2007, 5:16 PM
Ri-chan took the scrunchie in her pink hair off and began rumaging through her pockets. When she found what she was looking for - another scrunchie - she began working on putting her hair in two tiny pigtails. The moment she was done, the doors slid open again, and Squishy marched inside carrying countless Wiki and Mago Berries in his arms.

"Squishy! Why did you bring so many?" Ri-chan asked, annoyed.

"Si-sa perd," he replied.

"Hmm? What's that you got?" Ri-chan pondered and took something gold and hard out of his mouth. A Nugget!

"Sa, swam-pert!" Squishy said again, and gave Ri-chan a handful of berries.

"Augh, thanks, Squishy...but I think I ate too much ash outside..." Ri-chan told him, looking sick. "Any body want some berries?" she asked no one in particular.

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 5:17 PM
Violet nudged Kamane.
"Kamane, there'll be plenty of time to rest when we get to the base."
She looked around and noticed everyone was getting a little drowsy.
"Alright, we can head to base now. I'll get someone to stand watch for Davis."
Violet walked out of the pokemon center.
"Follow me."

She lead the rest into Route 113.
"You know, the reason our base was built here was because of all the soot. It hides the secret entrance."
Violet lead them to a tall tree. At the bottom, there was a rock and another next to it with another on top of it.
"Yup. This is the one."

Violet picked up the rock on top of the other, reveling a small red button. She pressed it and a hole opened up next to the tree, reavealing a staircase.
"Come on in."

She lead them into a white room with four doors. One labeled "Labs", another labeled "Dining Room", another labeled "Bedrooms", the last labeled "Lobby". Violet opened the door labeled "Bedrooms", revealing a hall filled with rooms. Each labeled a number.
"Each of you will get one room. If you're hungry, come into the dining room. There's always food in there."

Violet showed everyone to a different room. Each bedroom had a white, tiled floor, a television on the wall, a single bed, and a door that lead to a bathroom. The bathrooms had a shower stall, a sink, and a toiled. It also had a towel rack, and a little shelf with soap, shampoo, and deodorant.

"Good night everyone, enjoy your stay."
Violet walked off to a room labeled with the number 23.

July 9th, 2007, 5:32 PM
"Aah, at last, a place to relax!" Ri-chan sighed happily, stretching her arms to the ceiling. "Squishy, put those berries somewhere...NO, NOT ON THE BED! You'll stain it!" Ri-chan squealed.

Squishy pouted over to a corner and began sulkily eating away at the last of his berries.

Sir Aaron was already getting comfy on the bed.

"You'd better move when I get tired, Sir Aaron!" Ri-chan teased evilly. Sir Aaron opened one eye a bit, smiled, then closed it again.

Ri-chan sat down on the edge of the bed. "Hmm...what to do...? Ah! I know! Let's watch some TV!" She grabbed the remote from beside her and turned on the television.

"...a shot! It took down Buneary in one hit!"

"Grr...I hate this channel..." She pressed the "up" button.

"...how the Magikarp are reeled in using a Good Rod. Next, we'll explain fishing with a Super Rod, but..."

"Bo-ring!" She hit the "up" button again.

"...there'll be some light showers in Azalea Town today..."

Ri-chan grunted. "Where are all the cool channels on this thing?!" She rapidly pressed "up" countless times.

"...you just pull gently, until you see the Magikarp..."

Ri-chan was snoring loudly beside Sir Aaron by this time. Squishy, who had finally finished all his berries, went up to the TV, pressed the "power" button, and jumped on the bed beside Ri-chan, without cleaning his berried-stained lips and fingers first.

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 5:41 PM
Violet went into her room.
"Come out, Princess!"
She tossed a pokeball. A skitty came out and looked up at violet.
"I have some business to attend to for now. While I'm gone, could you show this note to anyone who comes in?
Violet took a piece of paper and wrote on it.
I'm away right now. You may wait here until I return.
Violet gave the note to Princess, who bit it and jumped on to the bed. Violet walked out.

Violet walked into the dining room. There were dozens of tables with six chairs each. Each table had a white table cloth and a bowl full of fresh fruit for people who wanted a midnight snack. There were also six glass cups on each table. There was a large table on the side of the room that streched all the way across. It had pitchers of water and milk. At the end of the room, there was a door labeled "Kitchen."

Violet picked up a glass and walked over to the large table, poured some milk into the cup, and sat down to drink.

Man of Faith
July 9th, 2007, 5:48 PM
"Finally some food!" Kaname yelled out as he, Dastardos, and Flap entered the dining room. He grabbed some Spaghetti and stew from the refridgerator and put it in the microwave.

"Bay!" Bayleef yelled happily as Kaname gave his pokemon some food.

"This food is del-" Kaname stopped as e heard screaming from a bed room.

"NO, NOT ON THE BED! You'll stain it!"

Everything was quiet for a while after that. Kaname was too scared to talk thinking some was being murdered down the hall. The three quickly finished their food and went to bed.

Death Rogers
July 9th, 2007, 5:51 PM
"Finally some food!" Kaname yelled out as he, Dastardos, and Flap entered the dining room. He grabbed some Spaghetti and stew from the refridgerator and put it in the microwave.OOC: There is no spaghetti. If you read the description, there're no refridgerators either. Please read it again. (No, I'm not mad.)

July 9th, 2007, 8:00 PM
"This is great everybody come out and see this" I said.

I was in the room number 13 and it had a TV and a bed for me to sleep on I turned on the tv to see what was on.

O its the news "Its going to be partly cloudly tomorrow" a news women said.

"Next" I said with a unphazed look on my face. Hm cartoons I guess I'll watch this then Pikachu jumped on my head and started looking at TV.

Pikachu look Pokemons on, "Pika Pi Pikachu" He said. I like the show to buddy lets see which one is on.

"Golduck and Trust come on you guys can watch too" I said with a smile. Golduck just looked up at me and closed its eyes next to the door as if it was keeping watch. Trust was already going to sleep in the coner putting its head under its big fluffy wings.

"I guess its just me and you buddy" I said. "Pika" he replied.

Man of Faith
July 9th, 2007, 8:11 PM
OOC: There is no spaghetti. If you read the description, there're no refridgerators either. Please read it again. (No, I'm not mad.)

OOC:Sorry... I guess we posted a the same time... It wasn't there when I was writing...

July 9th, 2007, 8:48 PM
Hinamori freed her pokemon and dashed eagerly into the Hotel Room. Like any young girl, she enjoyed staying up later than most. Static took his place on the cold tile of the bathroom floor, where his overheated body could cool down quickly. Spike, with Hinamori's permission, bolted into the vaccant lot stationed behind the hotel, and happily began digging. Phoenix, who was the most laid-back and mature of her pokemon comrades, settled down on the floor and drifted off to sleep.

Hinamori tucked herself in and turned on the T.V. She turned to Channel 16, a channel which featured the latest archeologic finds and focused her attention on it with intent intrest in the current program. The last Arceus plate was apparently found in the Underground near Hearthrome.

Death Rogers
July 10th, 2007, 5:43 AM
Everyone drifted off to sleep. It was a quiet night that lead to a happy morning. Everyone started heading to the dining hall for a short breakfast.

In the dining hall, people were filling up the seats. On the long table, there were pitchers of juice, milk, and coffee. There were packets of sugar for the coffee. There were plates with toast on it, bowls with fruit in them, and plates with bagels.

Violet got up bright and early to save a table for herself and the trainers. She didn't bother waking them up, instead, she just got herself a bagel and some coffee. She sat down at a table and saved the rest of the seats for the trainers.
"Wait, there's going to be an extra seat. You're in luck, Princess."
Violet tossed a pokeball onto the carpeted floor. It opened in mid-air and released a skitty onto the floor.
"You can sit here today."
Princess leaped onto a chair.
Violet poured some milk on to a plate of bagels which had been emptied by the rest of the scientists.
"Here you go."
Princess quickly lapped up the milk.
OOC:Spike, with Hinamori's permission, bolted into the vaccant lot stationed behind the hotel, and happily began digging.You do know we're underground, right?

Man of Faith
July 10th, 2007, 12:19 PM
Kaname came in a few minutes later, grabbing some toast, orange juice, and fruit for Flap and Dastardos. He sat across from Violet and began eating quietly. Flap was busy annoying Dastardos, trying to get her peice of fruit. After Kaname finished, he picked up a bagel and put it on his plate.

"So..." Kaname said to Violet. "What are we supposed to be finding? And when do we leave?"

Death Rogers
July 10th, 2007, 12:42 PM
Violet turned toward Kaname.
"Well, you're supposed to be finding a stone in the center of the earth. You were supposed to leave today, but if Davis takes to much longer, we'll have to leave tomorrow."

July 10th, 2007, 2:39 PM
((We do get mirrors in our bathrooms, right? ^_^; ))


Ri-chan awoke to a horrifying sight in her bathroom mirror. Her face was smeared in blue and red - and in some areas where the two mixed, purple - stuff. It looked a lot like berry juice.

She turned to her Pokemon, and noticed the bed.

"OH MY GOD! SQUISHY! Th-th-the bed!! Your hands! Your face! Why didn't you wash up when you were done eating?" she scolded.

Squishy looked at her absentmindedly while sucking his juice-covered finger. Sir Aaron had gotten off the bed; he didn't like the sight of it: there was barely any more white left on the sheets.

Hopefully these stains will wash off... thought Ri-chan as she turned on the sink faucet. Everyone else might be starting breakfast by now!

A good while later, when Ri-chan and her Pokemon were cleaned up, she took an empty seat in the table where Violet was while Swampert tried to chug down the coffee, still in the pitcher. Sir Aaron tried - and failed - to stop him. Once Squishy realized that what he was drinking was too hot for him to handle, he put the pitcher down and went over to sit by Ri-chan. Sir Aaron followed suit.

Death Rogers
July 10th, 2007, 3:55 PM
After a good while and everyone was done with breakfast, Violet stood up.
"Well, I think we should go ahead and get this mission over with."
Violet returned Princess to her pokeball and left the room.
"Follow me."
Violet leat them to the room labeled "Labs." Inside, there was a huge hallway with eleven doors. Five on the right, five on the left, and one at the end. Violet lead them to the one at the end. In the room, there were ten chairs. The odd thing here was, there were two holes in the wall, they were about eight feet tall and were perfect circles. There was a railroad track connecting the two, however it only had one rail. Violet took a seat.
"This is our underground monorail system. One way goes to our base in Johto, while the other goes to our base in Sinnoh. The next monorail won't be here for a while, so take a seat."

July 10th, 2007, 7:24 PM
"Johto and Sinnoh both sound exciting I never had a pokemon from ethier region" I said.

"So whick one are we going to they both should be exciting" I continued.

I looked at Pikachu who had a eager face on I looked at him and smiled.

This should be great. I hope we help you in your research alot cause this is a worth wild exprince.

July 10th, 2007, 10:13 PM
OCC: Meh. This is my last post 'til tomorrow.

Hinamori excitedly took her seat on the monorail and returned her pokemon. The underground's walls were think with common ores and various stones. The high abundance of glittering orbs didn't mean much, but it gave her hope for a major discovery. Her eyes flashed wildly at the prospect of a grand finding.

Death Rogers
July 11th, 2007, 4:53 AM
After fifteen minutes of waiting, the monorail came in. It was about ten feet long, it was white, and shaped like a soda can. It had a door on each side. The doors were glass. Inside, there were five seats on each side.

Violet stood up and walked over to the door. The door was automatic it lifted into the monorail and all walked in.
"This ride shouldn't be long. At the speed of this thing, we'll be there in less than half of an hour."

The monorail was off at tromendous speed.

July 15th, 2007, 8:42 AM
Ri-chan never got an upset stomach, but it looked like that wasn't the case for Squishy. Sir Aaron slept peacefully, stretching himself out on the seat, his head leaning against Ri-chan, while Squishy's eyes rolled upwards, his hand covering his mouth as he rocked back and forward.

"Squishy, you should sit down." Ri-chan told him softly. As Squishy took a seat beside his trainer, Ri-chan asked Violet, "Sorry, I didn't catch where we were going?"

((Sorry for the short post, everyone ^_^; ))

July 15th, 2007, 6:02 PM
um some MAJOR action needs to happen or this RPG is dead imo.

Have somebody break in or something or like I said this = DEAD

July 15th, 2007, 6:58 PM
((ACK! Sorry for not replying earlier! I left last Monday for Canada, and forgot I was in this thing until I saw it a few minutes ago.

@Death Rogers: I'm going to go ahead and take control of the lookout, if you don't mind... :x Also, I'm going to assume the monorail is going to Sinnoh... Correct me if I'm wrong. :xx))

"Come on, Mukkuhawk! We're laaaatttteeee!!" Davis cried, holding on tightly to his bird Pokemon.

"Raptor Staraptor! (Not my fault!)" Mukkuhawk retorted, shaking his head as he flew.

"Yes, I know, it's all my fault we're late. I'm sorry."

"Star. (Sure you are.)"

The pair landed on the bare ground of Fallabor a few minutes later, and Mukkuhawk was returned to his Pokeball.

"Hey!" The lookout waved at Davis, beckoning him over. The trainer came, and the two started towards route 113. "We really have to hurry. The monorail for Sinnoh just left."

"YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Davis stopped in his tracks. "I JUST came over from there." He groaned.

"Your Staraptor up to the job?" the lookout asked.


"Then I'd go. Right now."

Davis nodded, and released Mukkuhawk. "Back to Sinnoh!" he cried, getting on his companion once more.

"Staraptor! Raptor staraptor star tor! (Gah! I've worked enough today already!)" the Pokemon yelled, lifting into the air.

"Yeah, I know... I'm REALLY sorry, buddy."

"Staraptor. (Sorry my foot.)"

Death Rogers
July 18th, 2007, 3:32 PM
After a few minutes, the monorail pulled in to another stop this one was in Sinnoh. The station was small. There was a staircase leading up. Violet got out and lead them out. Outside, it was route 210. It was incredibly foggy. Violet lead the group.
"Follow me."

Soon, they came to Celestic town.
"Alright, we just need to go into the ruins. There's something very interesting in there."

July 19th, 2007, 5:09 PM
Davis landed in Celestic Town around the same time as the rest of the group. Well... he didn't really land... More of a "was thrown off of his Pokemon's back while still twenty feet in the air". Lucky for him, he was able to roll upon impact, which softened the fall.

"Thanks, Mukkuhawk," Davis said, returning the bird Pokemon to his Pokeball. He stood up a few seconds later, looking around for Violet and the rest of the group. He spotted them quickly, and ran over to the rag-tag group of explorers.

"Hey, guys..." he said, scratching his head absentmindedly. "Sorry I'm late."

Death Rogers
July 19th, 2007, 6:42 PM
"You're just in time. Now, follow me."

Violet lead the group into the Celestic Town Ruins. At the back of the cave, there was a gaping hole. In the hole, there was a huge vehicle that had a drill at the front. There was a door on the side and two people.
"This hole leads to the lair of Heatran. In the lair, there's a huge stone. I need you all to break a few chips off of it and return them to the surface. You'll be venturing down in this vehicle. Those two people inside will pilot it."

Suddenly, a young man walked in. He was about 5'10, 120 pounds, had long, brown hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

Violet turned towards him.
"Ah, Sammy, I was expecting you."

Sammy walked closer.
"Well I couldn't let a bunch of children go down there on their own."

Violet turned toward the group.
"This is Sammy. He'll be going down with you."

Sammy walked closer to the group.
"Alright. So here's the plan: All of you will use your pokemon to distract him. Meanwhile, I'll use my machamp's mach punch to break a few pieces off."

Violet chimed in.
"Oh, and take this."
Violet handed Sammy a pokeball.
"This is my Weezing. It's double hit will be useful to break off a few. And it's smokescreen could be useful in an emergency in which you need to escape from Heatran."

The door on the vehicle opened, inside, there were ten chairs.

Sammy walked in.
"Come on, we don't have all day."

July 19th, 2007, 7:14 PM
Davis grinned. "I like this plan," he said, pulling out Milotic's Pokeball. "And you, my friend, will come in handy," he muttered, patting the ball as he headed towards the vehicle. He quickly got in and headed toward the very back seat, sitting down and juggling his Pokeballs. Maybe I'll be able to catch some Pokemon while we're down here... he thought, catching all three Pokeballs and putting them back in his jacket pockets.

July 19th, 2007, 9:22 PM
"O something interesting" I said as I entered the truck and sat in the middle seat buckled my safety belt and waited for further for us to take off.

July 23rd, 2007, 8:51 AM
((Very sorry for the short post, and I'll be gone for a week, so, I won't be posting again for a while! Sorry!))

"Well, are you up to this, you two?" Ri-chan asked her Pokemon.

Squishy looked at her in irritable disbelief, while Sir Aaron yawned.

"Come on then, let's go..." she said as she returned them into their PokeBalls and got inside the truck and sat in the first available seat in the middle row.

Death Rogers
August 1st, 2007, 8:54 AM
Violet waved as everyone entered the vehicle and it plunged into the earth.

OOC: Sorry for the delay. I've been busy. And sorry for the short post, but I'm still kind of busy with something.