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peabobo's sexy legs
July 9th, 2007, 6:31 AM
I started making sprites in March, I have much room for improvement, however, I'd like to know where I need to improve. This is not a shop, mind you, yet a gallery asking for constructive crit. I will showcase those of my hybrids that are worth showcasing. I apologize for white backgrounds.

~~My First Hybrid~~
My first hybrid was very basic. I thought I did well, but it was probably the most uncreative hybrid ever.

~~Three Headed Gallade~~
This was a bit later, I was ashamed with some of my earlier hybrids, this is like paradise compared to my third, fourth, and fifth.

~~Find A Compromise~~
Comments on Xatu + Scizor?

~~Corsola Head~~
I don't know how I thought of this.

~~Start Scratching~~
I luv Xatu. This was my first 100% scratch hybrid.

~~So Cute~~
Oh em gee! I love cute hybrids like this! xP

~~Bug Bird~~
This was a suggestion. Comments?

~~Ash's Pikachu~~
This is what Pikachu should look like. x3

So, crit is appreciated. Thank you. x3