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Hyper Lugia
July 12th, 2007, 12:00 PM
This is my deck that I am preparing for my first POP tournament season, 2007-2008. This is the 4th version meaning that I have edited it 3 times. I am hoping to do so more when I join a league but until then any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Bulbasaur(crystal guardians)x3
Ivysaur(crystal Guardians)x2
Venusaur(crystal Guardians)
Trapinch delta psychic(Dragon Frontiers)
Trapinch delta psychic(dragon Frontiers)
Trapinch delta grass(Holon Phantoms)
Vibrava delta psychic(Dragon Frontiers)
Vibrava delta grass(Holon Phantoms)
Flygon delta grass/metal(Holon Phantoms)

Holon's Castform (holon phantomsx4
Omanyte delta psychic(holon phantoms)
Unown D(Diamond+Pearl)

Celio's Networkx2
Energy Recycle Systemx2
Energy Restore
Energy Searchx2
Great Ballx2
Mysterious Fossil
Pheobe's Stadium
Professor Rowan
Rare Candyx2

Grass Energyx4
Psychic Energyx4
Metal Energy-basic
Multi Energy
Cyclone Energy
Warp Energy
Holon Energy GL
Dark Metal Energy

I haven't tested this version out yet as I have had no one to play with since I edited it so I am unsure of how well it preforms. Any suggestions are wanted so that I can continue to edit.

Hyper Lugia
July 12th, 2007, 12:10 PM
I almost forgot to mention my stratagy(I hate it when people do that). The thing is to get as many colorless and grass energys on my pokemon as possible so that when I get Veusaur out his attack doess massive damage. my preferred end line up would be:


bench: Venusaur/Torterra, Flygon(as a back up), Unown D(Pokepower Draw: Flip a coin 1 time a turn, if heads each player draws a card), Haunter(in deck for easy sleep condition), Omanyte(attack collect, draw 3 cards).

My over all deck stratagy is to get as many cards out of my deck with out runing out(happend to v3, took out maany drawing pokemon cards...) That is why I include Energy recycle system, in case I get low on cards. now tell me what you think