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July 12th, 2007, 11:02 PM
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The Plot:
Long ago, before the Pokeball existed, humans and Pokemon lived along side eachother as equals. However soon after that, humans began to order Pokemon around for battles. There were three Pokemon who had dark powers, who were angry about Pokemon being bossed around by humans. The names of the Pokemon were Spiritomb, Giratina, and Darkrai. The three dark Pokemon began committing evil acts such as stealing the humans souls, sending them to parallel dimensions, and sending them into an eternal slumber of nightmares. All the souls harmed were innocent, but not in the eyes of the Dark Pokemon. Loved ones were lost, making the humans sad or angry. The Dark Pokemon fed off of their negative energy, making them stronger.

Eventually, the Pokemon God, Arceus, soon became angry. Not at the humans, but at the three overpowering Pokemon. The humans had done nothing wrong, as the Pokemon chose to battle under the humans. For the acts, Arceus sentenced the three evil Pokemon each a different punishment. Darkrai was sentenced to the edge of the Sinnoh Region at New Moon Island, Giratina sentenced to its own power in Turnback Cave, and finally Spiritomb to the dephts of the Regions underground.

500 Years it remained like this, till Team Galactic Leader came across a powerful book after his wretched defeat on controlling Dialga and Palkia. After two years of studying the aspects of the book and gathering power to summon them, trainers progressed through time rising through the ranks. However, once Cyrus progresses and takes over the Region who will stop him? Will his power be to great, or will the trainers of today be able to stop him?

1.No Godmodding.
2.No intense swearing.
3.Basic Forum Rules.
4.All Grammar must be correct. Beginning the sentence with a Capitol and ending it with a period. Make sure each word is spelt correctly.

Sign Up Sheet:
Team Pokemon: (No more than three from the start)
Nickname: (If any)
Obtained: (How'd you get it?)

My Sign Up sheet:

Name: Pat
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Black shoes with a red tongue and a white tip, with normal light blue pants, and a black shirt that stretches over the area of his belt. He has black bands on his wrists, and a blue handkerchief around his neck, light brown hair and a black hat that symbolizes half a Pokeball, and brown eyes. His height matches to be about 6"2', and he is on the thinner side, weighing about 112 pounds.
Personality and History: He loves and cares for all Pokemon, though he would have a lonely nature, he is always up for hanging out with anyone. Through out his loneliness however, he has found happiness with his Pokemon. He often has mixed feelings though; Between happiness and loneliness. However, with the mixed feelings, he has pent up anger inside of him that has stored up over the years, so he may lash out at someone every now and then. When he is trying to keep his anger in and not letting it out, he begins looking to the side in anger, not wanting a bad reputation for anger problems. Overall, he tried to be a kind person.
History: Though he started his journey when he was 10, some of the only friends he ever had were his Pokemon. Other than that, everyone else avoided him. He has been proclaimed the champion of the Kanto and Johto Regions, though more hate was dawned upon him for being a good trainer.

Team Pokemon: Absol, Espeon, Pidgeotto

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Absol can be rather angry at times, but it can get happy when battling, or when he is having fun and hanging out with his Trainer or Other Pokemon.
Obtained: After winning the Johto Championship at age 14, Pat decided to go hang out at a club in Kanto. Someone tried to start a fight with him. Pat walked straight past him to buy a soda. Once he got the soda, the person knocked it over. Pat remarked, "Want to make something of it *****?". Two more people came up to him, and all three overpowering him. They threw him out of the building, and just about when they were about to charge for him, an Absol appeared infront of him from a nearby dumpster, threatening to use Razor Wind. Ever since, Pat and Absol have been friends.

Gender: Female
Personality: Shy most of the times, but not afraid to show its true colors in battle. Its true power is shown when it manages to get angry.
Obtained: While traveling around in Kanto, in Celadon City, he found a baby Eevee wandering around looking for a trainer, but no one even stopped to look at it. Pat gained this Pokemon when he was 12, and it evolved before the Johto Championships when he was 14. It has been one of his more trusty Pokemon since.

Gender: Female
Personality: Always happy, wanting to battle constantly. It can't stay still, but when it is angry, its power seems to grow. It becomes angry when either losing a match, or seeing its comrades fall before it.
Obtained: When Pat was age 11, starting out on his Pokemon Journey at that age, he got a Pokeball for his birthday, and was told he was going to catch his first Pokemon. While wandering around the first route looking for a Pokemon, a Pidgey appears before him, attempting to attack him. He threw a Pokeball at it, catching it. It evolved into a Pidgeotto before the second Gym at Cerulean City.

Wooty McWoot
Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses

July 13th, 2007, 10:19 AM
Sounds cool!I'll try out.

Appearance:She has a pale heart shaped face that turns red very easily.Her hair color is a mix of blonde,white,and dirty blond.It reachs down right past where her elbows are.She is wearing a sea-weed grenn tank top with white trim.She has on a pair of khaki-colored denim shorts.She also has on a pair of black tennis shoes with white stars on them.
Personality:Usally Calm and collected,when she gets angry, SHE GETS ANGRY.
History:She was born and raised in the Hoenn region in Fortree City.When she was 9,her father went on a trip to the Kanto region and brought Carter back a Growlithe.A year later,her family moved to Eterna City,where Carter got her first gym badge.Right now she lives in Canalave City with her Aunt and uncle and her cousins,studying Pokemon mythology.And she just came across the names,"Spiritomb,Darkrai,and Giratina"...

Obtained:After her father went on a trip to Kanto and brought her back an Growlithe.it evolved back in the Hoenn region.

Obtained:She captured a Buizel after obtaining her gym badge.It soon evolved.

Obtained;She had guided a boy through Iorn Island.Her prize was the egg,which hatched into Riolu

July 13th, 2007, 11:20 AM
Sounds like a good Sign up sheet. I'll put you under reserved.

July 13th, 2007, 11:48 AM
Hmm..Sounds cool ^^ Nice plot.
(Neyh..I feel so retarted for all the editing im doing TT_TT)

Name: Zenith
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Her head is rather sqaure with tan skin that doesn't show discoloration easily. Blood red shoulder-length hair with navy blue tipped ends that curve forawards. He eyes are hynotizing, one being green the other orange. Shes almost six feet tall and is average weight. She wears a white shirt with a black collar and A pair of faded khaki pants with black velvet squares stitched on the knee area. She sports a Midnight black trench coat & she keeps the chest area unzipped. Zenith has a very distinct scar that runs across her face that looks like someone had cut her with a fresh blade. She keeps two pairs of shoes with her. A pair of Pink Chuck Taylors she wears often, then a pair of rather plain purple tennishoes. She also carries a silver & black striped duffle bag with a light blue Pokeball print on the right site of it in which she keeps all her belongings.

Personality: Zenith has gained a reputation as a cruel battler, most people can't see through her reputation so she doesn't have any friends. Zenith is actually really kind & understanding. She is a good listener & doesn't talk much at all. When needed the brutal side of her personality is revealed.

History: Zenith grew up in a very wealthy household in the Kanto region. However her parents weren't around alot of the time. She spent her time with nannies & butlers. Zenith really had nothing to do so she turned to raising Pokemon. As the Pokemon she grew up with were the ones she normally used. However, Zenith decided to start her journey all over again. She has left her prized Pokemon at her manchine with the servents she has grown to trust fully. Zenith has decided to start with two new, fresh Pokemon. The rest of her backround is quite dark & will be revealed as we go through the Roleplay. ^^

Team Pokemon: Luxio & Snorunt

Nickname: Oto
Gender: Male
Personality: Oto is a very quiet Luxio that is very shy and somewhat antisocial. If there are any visitors at all that he is not familiar with. Oto will return to his Pokeball without any commands.
Obtained: Oto started out as one of two apologie gifts from Zenith's parents. He started out as a Shinx. That's the day when Zenith decided to get her fresh start.

Nickname: Kiri
Gender: Female
Personality: Kiri is very kind, like her trainer. She doesn't enjoy battling much but does it out of loyalty to Zenith. In return Zenith doesn't make her battle much. Kiri also likes to talk. She'll follow you around for what seems like forever and babble on about nothing. Sometimes she doesn't know when to be quiet.
Obtained: Kiri was one of two apologie gifts from Zenith's parents. Being a rare Pokemon & all. That's the day Zenith decided to get her fresh start.

July 13th, 2007, 12:01 PM
Work a little more on your appearance description and I might put you under Reserved.
Otherwise, your sign up looks good.

July 13th, 2007, 12:03 PM
Work a little more on your appearance description and I might put you under Reserved.
Otherwise, your sign up looks good.

Yeah. Iv'e never really been good with descriptions ^^ Thanks though. I'll do my description over & make it better.

July 13th, 2007, 12:12 PM
Yeah. Iv'e never really been good with descriptions ^^ Thanks though. I'll do my description over & make it better.

Good, because somehow when I read it, I somehow imagined Inuyasha o_0;;

But include things like height, weight, or anything else useful.

July 13th, 2007, 12:32 PM
Oooh yeah lawlz...-All that info totally diddn't come to mind- Heh heh...

July 13th, 2007, 1:57 PM
Name:Ty Sugimori
Appearance:Ty has dirty blonde hair with slightly visible chocolate brown roots. Ty's hair is long so that it covers his entire forehead and extends well past his eyebrows and ends just before his eyelashes. He usually brushes it to the side so it doesn't annoy his eyes. Deep amber / hazel eyes that tend to stick out to most people as they're very bright. He stands at about 6'2" and weighs aproximately 110lbs.

Clothes-wise Ty’s hair is covered by a backwards black visor bini. He wears a jacket with a collar and zipper reaching down to his chest giving way to a black shirt. The sleeves give way to checkered wristbands and black gloves. He has deep black cargo pants over black and red sneakers and carries a small dark, one-strap backpack to keep general necessities such as berries and potions.

Personality:Pretty Retro style, careless nature. Ty's personality varies, but his main thought in his mind though is exploring.

Ty tends to be very nonchalant about things most of the time. He’s by no means easily intimidated, and doesn’t have an exceptionally short temper. In fact, it’s difficult to make him get angry at all through conventional means. Of course, when someone he cares about is harmed, he does get very angry at the one who did it to them and will fight to the death to prevent it from happening again.

As you might assume from the above statement, Ty also has a strong sense of justice. However, he firmly believes that right and wrong are just concepts, and that it’s what you do and what you believe in that matters in the end. He personally thinks that the lives of others take priority over his own, though he’s by no means incredibly selfless. However, he will gladly risk his life so that someone else can keep theirs without so much as a second’s hesitation.

Ty lacks patience, and prefers continuous action to repetitive and monotonous situations. He may even look for trouble for the sake of entertainment.

History:Ty was born to a rural house in the hills near Pallet town. He was raised by his loving grandmother where he learned to love Pokemon. When he was 10, Ty was going to receive his first Pokemon from Prof. Oak but his grandmother became ill so he had to remain at home and watch her. Several years passed and her condition became somewhat better. She decided that they needed to move closer to the town and that Ty could finally leave on his adventure. Upon his departure, Ty received the leaf pendant and took it with him and promised to keep it with him for the rest of his days.

Team Pokemon: Monferno, Staravia, Luxio

Personality:Flame is very rash, he always jumps into situations then thinks about what he just did.
Obtained: It was a gift from Prof. Rowan after using Flame as a Chimchar to fend for myself from a Starly.

Nickname: Ztar
Gender: male
Personality: Ztar doesn't talk much, he is very calm. But when Ty or his team is in danger he jumps in to help.
Obtained: Ztar, when he was a Starly, was flying with his flock when he fell down onto Ty's head. Ztar was angered, and so was Ty so they battled, eventually leading to Ty's capture of Ztar.

Nickname: Lux
Gender: Male
Personality: Lux is very hyperactive most of the time, he loves to play with Ty and his team. But when it becomes nightime he quickly falls asleep.
Obtained: When Lux was a tiny Shinx, he bit Ty on the ankle which caused Ty to run across the whole field yelling. Lux eventaully let off and tackled Ty, Ty then battled Lux. THe Shinx, when injured, called its family, chasing Ty and Flame down. Eventually Lux realized what he did when his parents, two Luxrays, were about to fry Ty and Flame. LUx defended them and agreed to go along with Ty.

July 13th, 2007, 1:58 PM
OK, my turn.

Name: Matt Dark.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Matt has dark blue hair, and wears blue clothes. He always hears sunglasses, and a lot of the time he wears a blue jacket with the hood up. Matt doesn't like showing his emotion, so he usually covers his eyes. He wears blue jeans, and also black sneakers, which he runs in a lot.

Personality: Matt doesn't like showing his emotions, and is quiet a lot. He talks more when he is around his friends, though, and is loyal to both his friends and his Pokemon. He would give his life for his Pokemon, and they would for him. Matt has a temper, and if you get him, mad, you'll have to answer to his Pokemon in a battle.

History: Matt lived with his parents in Cerulean City, and was a happy child. But one day, when Matt was 11, they took a vacation to Sinnoh, and hit an iceberg. Everyone was falling into the ocean, screaming and panicking. Matt had grabbed the side of the ship and wouldn't let go, but the ship turned, knocking him over. Then he was hanging by the side, about to fall over. But he saw a light, and a Lapras came toward him. He let go, and the Lapras swam up and caught him. Since then, he became attached to the Lapras, and caught it.

Pokemon: Lapras, Gallade, Lucario.

Nickname: Frost
Gender: Female
Personality: Frost loves Matt, and is a bit overprotective of him. When danger threatens him, Frost is the frst one to come to his side. She is the most loyal of Matt's Pokemon.
Obtained: Was obtained when Matt was in danger of drowning, and saved him.

Nickname: Blade
Gender: Male
Personality: Is the toughest and most fierce of Matt's Pokemon. He is loyal, and also nice. Blade would be the first choice in a hard battle.
Obtained: Was given to Matt as a Ralts when he won a Pokemon tournament.

Name: Aura
Gender: Male
Personality: He's the most powerful of Matt's Pokemon. Aura would also be a good choice in a hard battle, and is very loyal. He was Matt's first Pokemon.
Obtained: Was given to Matt as a first Pokemon when he was ten, as a Riolu.

July 13th, 2007, 2:03 PM
You are in Charizard_Man! I love your Sign up sheet =D
Same with you Wooty McWoot, you both have very well Sign up Sheets, and you two Roleplay well.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
July 13th, 2007, 2:44 PM
Name: AJ Valentine
Age: 17
Gender: male
Appearance: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male which means his skin tone is dark, a tannish kind of tone. He has snowy white hair, that almost looks like platinum. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are a angelic baby blue that seem to scream ' Oh my god! It's an Angel!' but his eyes are pretty deceiving. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck, it is a shining silver that just seems to kick out at you. AJ's main attire consists of a tight black undershirt made out of generic material, nothing real special. He wears a somewhat small dark crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in bold white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a large white trench coat that has a cross on the back that is black and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, a nice leather texture. He also wears black combat boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe for more efficient walking. He has black fingerless gloves, they aren't fuzzy, just real padded. He is muscular, but not in the way that muscles are bulging everywhere and it looks like your kind of on steroids... AJ has a gold stud in his left ear ( Not Gay!) About 5'7, 145 lbs

Personality:Apparently by veiw, AJ is a badass. AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'.

History: Doesn't have much of a history to fall back on, or one he would like to remember. Accused of Murder and Theft he ran away to Sinnoh where he thought he was safe.

Team Pokemon: (No more than three from the start)

Nickname: Judas
Gender: Male
Personality: Like his trainer, likes to help people while having a Badass attitude
Obtained: Found the egg in Blackthorn Ice Caverns

Nickname: Shadow
Personality: A shady Character, Likes to take matters into own hands
Obtained: When AJ was 12 he found two Eevee's in the forest, the male evolved into Umbreon

Nickname: Star
Gender: Female
Personality: Unlike her brother, Star likes to play helpless
Obtained: When AJ was 12 he found two Eevee's in the forest, the female evolved into Espeon

July 13th, 2007, 2:55 PM
Pretty nice Sign up sheet there Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses, you seem like a good Roleplayer. I am having a tough time now deciding whether you should be in or under pending, though I might put you under the Roleplayers that are in.

July 13th, 2007, 10:33 PM
Name: Jake Silver

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Appearance: Jake's appearance gives a first impression of "dark." His eyes are a deep brown, and have shadows under them that strangely set off his any expression. Jake's hair is an even deeper brown, almost black. However, it can be difficult to see, due to his clothes. Jake wears a dark grey cloak, cinched at the waist with a thin chain. He nearly always wears the hood up, covering most of his hair as well as shading his face. Due to this, his skin is quite pale. Underneath the cloak, Jake wears grey jeans and a grey T-shirt. He is about 5'3 and weighs around 110 pounds.

Personality: Initially, Jake doesn't betray his appearance by personality. He is almost always serious but has a severe sarcasm streak. His first impulse upon meeting anyone new is to quietly observe them until deciding whether or not to trust them. He is a bit arrogant and can often get into major arguments with people he disagrees with. Behind this, Jake is actually quite deep. Among friends, he may open up a bit to talk, although he has a tendency to change subjects, especially when the subject of himself is approached. He smiles with a mischeivous smirk whenever he is glad, for whatever reason. He often talks to himself or his Pokemon, with whom only is he really comfortable. When infuriated, his personality fluctuates randomly, including violent rage, uncontrollable insanity, or icy silence.

History: Hailing from Sootopolis City, Jake comes from a somewhat known family. His father guards the entrance to the Cave of Origin, a job that Jake frequently takes over now. As a child, he spent many long hours studying folklore in Sootopolis City's library, which had a large section dedicated to myths and legends. He is actually quite an expert on many Pokemon legends, though he rarely talks about this or anything else from his past.

At an age of about 11, his father allowed him to travel for a time. He was given a Pokeball to get the Pokemon he wanted to have for that. When his dad's Pidgeot dropped him off near a forest and he went in, it's needless to say that life in the sheltered crater city didn't do him well for adventure. He immediately got lost, unable to find his way from the woods. He hid himself in a hollow, cavelike tree, sick and certain he was going to starve, until he heard steps nearby. As he looked out, he saw a Houndoom, which glanced at him before dashing away. Several minutes later, it returned, carrying a Pecha berry. It led Jake to a clearing containing several Pecha berry plants, and tended him until he became well. It stuck with him even afterwards, and so Jake had found his first Pokemon, and began a sort of obsession for the dark type.

Jake began training, and found that after a few battles, his Houndoom didn't need a command if he didn't give a new one. He began to have a rather ditsy training style, which stuck with him for quite a while, though as he got more Pokemon he became a skilled strategist.

At one point, while training in the vicinity of the Ilex Forest in Johto, some people from a nearby town spotted him and his powerful Houndoom and asked, begged him to be the Gym Leader in their town of Redwood City. Despite the clashing of schedules with guarding the Cave of Origin, Jake decided to agree. However, he is rarely there due to his travels, but he shows up regularly to take on challengers in a tiring marathon of stacked matches. The schedule clash has since been settled. Redwood City is also practically an organization within itself, causing Jake to get mixed up in many crazy things.

One of the myths that Jake is particularly interested in is that of Darkrai, and when he heard some rumors involving it and Cyrus, he took a leave from both of his jobs to investigate.

Misc: Jake exhibits strange abilities when completely enraged. However, he also loses most sanity, making him extremely dangerous.

Team Pokemon: Houndoom, Weavile, Sharpedo

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Jake's Houndoom, the same one that saved him in the forest. It is loyal to Jake in the extreme, to the point of protectiveness where it will stop other people from nearing him. It enjoys training, looking at stars, and launching fireballs at foes in battle. Like Jake, it only seems truly comfortable in the company of Jake and his Pokemon.
Obtained: (Detailed above. Duh.)

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Something of a prankster. Jake's Weavile likes to cause trouble, in and out of battle. However, it is also extremely intelligent; Jake has taught it nonverbal signals for several attacks. Weavile's antics are among the few things that can make Jake laugh.
Obtained: Jake found it as a Sneasel in the Shoal Cave of Hoenn. For an unknown reason, it was being attacked by a large number of Spheal. Jake won its loyalty by blocking an impressive number of Aurora Beams; the rest of the day was spent by his Houndoom thawing him out. It evolved during a Gym Battle.

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Personality: Jake's Sharpedo is basically a bully. It picks on other people and Pokemon. It is practically incapable of getting along with anyone, except Jake. It is distrusted by Jake's Houndoom, but tolerated by Weavile. Jake never uses it in battle.
Obtained: Jake's father gave him Sharpedo as a gift, so he could get out of Sootopolis without borrowing Pidgeot.

Jake lets all three Pokemon out of their Pokeballs whenever possible, due to another rarely mentioned past experience that he doesn't think anyone will believe. Houndoom, especially, is rarely in a Pokeball.

((OOC: That's the longest history I've ever written...))

July 13th, 2007, 11:07 PM
HoundoomOfTheDarkness, I like your signup sheet, especially the way your character looks with the cloak.

HoundoomOfTheDarkness- Accepted

Manaphy1128- Denied

Zazzeh- Denied

Sorry you two did'nt make the cut. Your characters sound interesting, but sorry.

July 13th, 2007, 11:10 PM
Wow, it's only been about 24 hours, and so many people wanna join. This is a good RP. Also, remember to put HoundoomOfTheDarkness in the roleplayer list.

July 14th, 2007, 7:41 AM
Name:Rald Shindo
appearance:Rald has white hair and brown eyes.He has a green headband with a white pokeball on it.He wears a red and blue shirt and red gloves with yellow strips.Blue pants and red and green sneakers.
history:Rald was born in new bark town in the johto reigon.He was born in a tough family of trainers,his sister Elite 4 champion cynthia and his father which was the hoean champ in the battle frontier.Rald started his quest at age 10,his starter was aipom,at 1st Aipom was annoying but then aipom became friendly to Rald.He became johto champ when he started his quest,hoean champ at 11,and now he is hoping to be sinnoh champ so he can battle his sister.
team pokemon:Empoleon,staraptor,aipom

personality:Ocean is a tough and very determined pokemon.he doesnt really play alot.
obtained:this pokemon was a gift from prof.Rowan as piplup,since Rald only had aipom on his team.

personality:speedy is a very kind and playful pokemon.
obtained:his father gave Rald speedy as a staravia since it was Rald's birthday.

personality:Momo is really openminded,smart and determined pokemon.
obtained:Momo was Rald's 1st starter in his home reigon johto.
obtained:he got it as a starter pokemon

July 14th, 2007, 8:50 AM
awesome! i'm so gonna sign up!

Name: Donny Jacobs
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Donny is on the tall side. Towering at 6'2", he has a commanding appearance. He is also muscular. Not huge, but muscular. He has black hair spiked to the side and green eyes. He wears a white T-shirt covered by a black leather jacket that goes down past his knees. He keeps the jacket open. Donny also has a string around his neck like a necklace with an emerald gem in front. He wears jeans and black sneakers. He wears a wristband around his right wrist with the same type of gem around his neck on it. He has a watch on his left wrist.

Personality: Although based on his appearance he can be slightly intimidating, he is a kind person and gets along well with others. He is always up for a challenge, but can be extremely stubborn and will not quit even long after he should have.

History: Donny was born in Veilstone City in Sinnoh around Fighting-type pokémon, but eventually got tired of Veilstone and decided he needed a change of scenery. With him, he brought his only pokémon: Riolu. He went through Hoenn and caught an Absol and later went through Johto where he caught a Smeargle. His Riolu evolved into a Lucario after defeating the Hoenn elite 4. Donny would like to travel to Kanto and the Sevii Islands but returned to Veilstone after defeating the Indigo league so he could challenge Maylene. He has not tried to face the Sinnoh gyms yet.

Pokemon: Lucario
Nickname: Boxer
Gender: Male
Personality: Boxer is very attached to Donny. He, like his trainer, is up for any challenge and will fight to the finish. Unlike Donny, though, he likes to show off more to other trainers occasionally instead of being serious. Donny yells at him for that and Boxer then usually gives him the "Heh heh. Sorry!" attitude. Other times, Boxer gets angered to a point of no return. Donny likes this attitude slightly better because he is more focused on battling.
Obtained: Donny got Boxer as a child when he was still a Riolu. When Donny was facing Wallace at the end of his Hoenn journey, Riolu was almost down for the count when he wanted to show his dedacation to battling alongside Donny. That's when it evolved into Lucario and defeated Wallace's Milotic.

Pokemon: Absol
Nickname: Aster
Gender: Male
Personality: Aster is always cool, calm, and collected. He is also very powerful and remains calm in battle situations. He can also take a lot of hits without showing any signs of being injured or angry.
Obtained: In Hoenn, an Absol tried to warn Donny and Boxer that a storm was coming, but they didn't listen. When the storm did hit, Absol saved Donny and Boxer from a falling tree and got them to safety. Donny then battled against and caught the Absol and named it Aster. Aster played a major role in defeating the Hoenn league since it was almost impossible to defeat. With Aster on his team with Boxer, defeating the Hoenn league was a simple task.

Pokemon: Smeargle
Nickname: Art
Gender: Male
Personality: Art is somewhat oblivious, but follows orders well. While Aster and Boxer are battling their butts off, Art remains cheering on the sidelines until he's really needed.
Obtained: While in Johto, Donny and his team were exploring the Ruins of Alph when they saw Smeargle in the distance relaxing under a tree. Donny sent Boxer and Aster to perform several sneak attacks. Smeargle had no idea what was going on and completely freaked out. He started running around all over the place and eventually knocked himself out when he ran into a tree. Donny then caught the Smeargle and named him Art. He took him to the nearest center to revive him and told him what happened. Art then gave him the "uuh...ok" attitude and stayed loyal to Donny since then. Before returning to Sinnoh, Donny trained Art to learn several moves with Sketch. He had Art learn Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Heatwave, and Extrasensory.

July 14th, 2007, 9:53 AM
Name: Kiyo Tetsugi
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://fc03.deviantart.com/fs18/f/2007/157/1/3/ID_Pokepoke_by_Zaphk.jpg
Personality: Kiyo likes to go with the flow. Kiyo enjoys pokemon battling, and just being around Pokemon! He can be very quiet around strangers, but get on his good side, and you've got a friend for life! Get on his badside and he'll make your life a living hell.
History: Kiyo began his quest at 11 years-old in Snowpoint City. His very first pokemon was a Snover given to him by his grandfather. Kiyo set off on a quest to become champ ever since. Kiyo earned himself 4th place in the regional Sinnoh league tournament, and has had the honor of battling E4 trainer, Bertha!
Team Pokemon: Snover, Ambipom, Staravia
Nickname: None
Gender: Snover (M), Ambipom (M), Staravia (F)
Snover: Snover has a lax personality. It doesn't like to fight unless totally neccesary. Whenever it does fight, it packs quite a whallop!
Ambipom: Ambipom loves battling, and playing pranks on Snover, which often causes fights between them. Ambipom likes being out of it's Poke'ball, and will often release itself.
Staravia: Staravia shares some of the same traits as Kiyo. Staravia can be shy, but also easily angered.
Snover: Given to Kiyo by his grandfather.
Ambipom: Caught as an Aipom.
Staravia: Caught as a Starly.

July 14th, 2007, 12:25 PM
dushante- Denied

Darkjagwar- Denied

Animehero- Accepted

I like all of your Sign Up sheets, but Darkjagwar, I am pretty sure we can't have two Absol's in the Roleplay. Dushante, maybe a little to young for the Roleplay.
Sorry to those who got denied! But now we have enough Roleplayers at least.

We May Begin!

July 14th, 2007, 12:40 PM
Okay,question:You said that Dushante is too young for the roleplay.I went up and looked at his age.When it said 12,I wondered if that is why mine didn't get accepted.If so,thats crap.I read teen books(and two older teens on accident)and i'm writing a teen roleplay.So if i'm to young for this,thats crap.

July 14th, 2007, 1:16 PM
All trainers were probably in their homelands; Pat in Kanto, the Viridian Country sides, with his hands in his pockets, looking down at two Nidoran at play in the grass. A gentle wind blows across the grass field. He decides he should let his Pokemon out, but only grabs out one Pokeball after reaching his right hand into his pocket, the Pokeball containing his most trusty Pokemon, Absol. While pressing the white button in the middle of the ball, the two Nidoran get spooked of something; A chill going through the entire Pokemon world. The trainer hesitates, wondering what the shock was, but drops his Pokeball to the ground, a white flash emerging from the Pokeball, the flash taking form as an Absol. The two begin walking to town from the Viridian Country side and into the city.

He is still unfamiliar about the chill, so Pat enters a nearby Electronic Store, hoping to get a Laptop with Wi-Fi Capabilities, so he can get Pokemon sent to him in case of a crisis from home. The store clerk tells him that it would be around $22,000 (Pokemoney). The trainers money seems a little tight at the moment, grabbing out his wallet, shelling out whatever money he can, seeing as he used alot of money on his iPod. However, the trainer still manages to give the store clerk $22,000. He places it in his backpack, and heads out of the store, walking towards the area of Vermillion City, since it has the harbor there.

Pat decided not to sleep that night, and keep trudging on with Absol. By morning he reached Vermillion City, only letting out one yawn to show that he is slightly tired. Gladly Pat is a welcome customer at the Harbor, visiting there often ever since he began his Pokemon journey. He asks if he can take a trip to Sinnoh, a first for him, and gladly the trip is free. Unfortunately, he has to wait another night for the boat to get to Sinnoh. Pat hopes his hunch of the chill being there is right, being through all the land, Cyrus has been heading towards a place to summon the three darkest powers, unknowingly to all.

July 14th, 2007, 3:00 PM
Matt was sitting in Canalave, near the port where all the ships came and went. His Lapras, Frost, was floating in the water near him. Matt was bored, wanting a battle. He had already won tournaments and whatnot, and he was one of the top trainers in Sinnoh, despite having only three Pokemon. These three Pokemon, however, were incredibly powerful, and easily destroyed the enemy with their attacks. Matt sighed. He actually hoped some criminal or something would run around the corner, having stolen a senior citizen's purse. Matt would destroy the man quickly with Frost by his side.

Matt sighed again. "Hey, kid," said a voice. "Wanna battle?" Matt looked up. There was a child standing in front of him, wearing a baseball cap, T-Shirt, and blue shorts. The classic beginning trainer. He held up a Poke ball. "Kid, I can easily beat you with my Pokemon," he said. Matt looked back down, and said nothing. This is the pitiful trainer you send me? he thought to himself. "What's the matter, kid?" the young trainer mocked. "Ya scared?"

Matt stood up, showing just how much taller he was than that small child, who was about ten years old. "I'm older than you, so stop calling me kid," Matt replied, annoyed at this mockery of Pokemon trainers around the world. "And I can easily beat your obviously weak Pokemon. Did you just become a trainer today?"

"Yeah, but my father gave me his Pokemon, and it's real strong!" the kid said. "I'll show you! You have to battle me now! Go, Pidgeot!" He sent out a strong-looking bird-like Pokemon. It emitted its cry of power, and charged at Matt.

Matt simply got out of the way, and the Pidgeot hit a tree, falling over. It got up, bleeding from its beak. "Frost... get that Pidgeot.." Matt said boredly. Frost opened her mouth and shot a snowy beam of ice at the Pidgeot. It easily froze solid, and fell to the ground.

"That didn't look very strong to me..." Matt said, as the boy returned his Pokemon. "Frost, return."

"Well, that wasn't fair!" the boy said. "You had a type advantage over Pidgeot! Lemme battle you again! Go, Pidgeot!" He sent out Pidgeot who was still in a block of ice. Pidgeot fell to the ground, and the ice started cracking. It then burst into pieces. Pidgeot was laying in the middle of the crushed ice, fainted. "Grr..." the boy said. "Fine! Get out of my way!" He started running at Matt, who immediatly got out of the way, letting the kid fall straight into the water.

Matt yawned. "See ya, kid.." He walked away, getting into the house he built on the other side of town. Matt overall had a boring life, after winning the Sinnoh League championships. But little did he know, his life was going to get a lot less boring...

July 14th, 2007, 4:38 PM
Pat decided to get some sleep on the boat, though he did'nt get a decent amount of sleep, for when he slept, an image of Darkrai flashed before his eyes, immediately causing him to wake up, not knowing what it was that could have visited him in his dreams. The Absol looked up at him as he surprisingly jumped from being awakened. A look of fear spreads across his face for only a second, however he remains calm. Absol and Pat then walk up to the front of the ship, seeing the rising sun, as the boat closes on Canalave city. He turns his iPod on, with the volume loud as usual, the song is Bleed it out-Linkin Park. Before the song is even half way done, a smaller trainer, obviously not a beginner, he looks as though he has been traveling around for about a year or so, and the trainer asks if his Luxray can battle Absol. Pat willingly accepts, as the trainer sends out Luxray, Absol gets in a defensive position.

"Luxray, charge at it with a Spark attack!"

"A straight open charge? That will be a mistake. Absol, use your Razor Wind, and follow it up with Blizzard!"

Absol's sickle shines with wind forming at it, it thrusts its head to the side sending blades of Razor sharp wind sickles towards the Luxray, then a blast of Ice fires from its mouth, after the Luxray gets knocked back by the wind, causing the Ice attack to hit its mark. The electric Pokemon is knocks back against the wall, causing it to faint. The smaller trainer returns Luxray, looking down in anger that he could'nt do a single thing.

Pat and Absol jump off the boat. The two start gallivanting around the town looking for any leads, and they come across the Canalave Library. Pat returns Absol to its Pokeball, as he begins to walk inside the Library, heading to the mythology section trying to figure about the Pokemon he saw in his sleep.

((OOC: I know it may seem like I am rushing, but people lets try to keep it at a slow pace and make it last.))

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
July 14th, 2007, 4:58 PM
OOC: I'll agree with Manaphy1128, She's a very mature person and Not letting her in because of age is a bit of crap.

AJ streched his legs out and stiffled a quiet yawn, He had gotten a boat ticket from one of his few Sinnoh Friends, and now there he was, on a boat, laying on a Beach chair. AJ knew his tan was already fine, so he didn't need to worry about that, but it was always nice to attract the ladies with his nice body. AJ kept his White trenchcoat on though, that would suffice. AJ saw a battle unfold, an Experienced Trainer with an Absol versus the Rookie with a Luxray.

AJ slipped on his Shades, the sun was pretty intense, " I'm so bored..." AJ murmered as he put his hands behind his head.

" Hey loser, Wanna Battle? Or are you afraid you'll lose?"

AJ tried to ignore the whiny little new trainer voice, But it wouldn't stop.

" Afraid I'll send you crying home to your mommy?" The voice inquired.

" Kid... Your starting to Piss me off." AJ answered dully.

" Scardey cat!" The voice droned

AJ sighed and got out of the chair, " Some children just needed to be disiplined... the old fashion way...." AJ mumbled as he grabbed the kids shirt.

" Okay brat, Time to get your just desserts." AJ said as he threw the kid across the deck into a bunch of Barrels.

" Oh, look. My stop." AJ smiled as he walked off the boat into Canalave city, " Where is the libary..." AJ thought silently to himself.

" Ah! There it is!" AJ exclaimed walking into the very large building, he needed to look up on some ancient things regaurding pokemon.

July 14th, 2007, 6:19 PM
Do you still need the one character? I don't think I can compete with the likes of ACC, but I enjoy writing characters.

Name: Timothy Menhod (pronounced Min'od)

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is taller than average at 6'0, but does not have a commanding figure , as he is skinny and not in the least muscular. He has oddly foggy pupils, and milky gray eyes, which can look disconcerting, as it is hard to tell the two apart. His head is shaven, with only a hint of blond stubble. He usually dresses smartly, black suit and shirt, sleeves rolled to the elbow, and a tilted-back trilby give him the appearance of a "rude boy" (think anyone from The Specials). His only jewelry is a plain silver ring on his left thumb, which he perennially fiddles with. His footwear consists simply of bright white trainers with green tongues and black laces , loosely fastened

Personality: He tries quite hard to be laid-back, and can be quite patient, but he flies into occasional rages, which he tries to cover with comedy. He has been called charming, and likes to think he is a nice guy, if a little mocking at times. He loves Ska music, which may explain his choice of clothes. His humor may seem strange to people who don't know him, but when you begin to understand him, Tim can be hilarious. He knows his different pokemon have different styles, and his theory on battling is something akin to "each to their own". He appears quite an easily approachable person, someone you wouldn't be afraid of running into in a dark alley. He is chivalrous to the last, although he would have to think twice before risking his life to save someone.

History: Timothy grew up on Hamlin Island, on the Orange Archipelago. Because of this island's use, as the starting point into the Orange League, he met many strange and interesting trainers as he grew up. He lived only with his father and older brother for as long as he could remember, and has never met or known his birth mother. He had an uninteresting childhood and early life, he was popular at school, and like most other children, he wanted to become a trainer when he grew up. On his tenth birthday, he traveled by boat to Pallet Town to collect a Pokemon from Prof. Oak. He was given a Charmander, which has since evolved into a Charmelion. He collected all eight badges, but after failing to beat the elite four no less than nine times, he gave up on his dreams of being league champion, choosing instead to travel to Sinnoh, and Goldenrod City, where he worked as a stage-hand in an independent Music venue. He continued to train, but never really got the drive to compete seriously back.

Team Pokemon: Charmelion, Fearow, Mightyena

Nickname: Kanabias (usually just "Nabe")
Gender: Male
Personality: Shares many personality traits with it's trainer. Nabe is subdued and nonchalant outside of battle, but is a demon in battle. He goes all out, defense comes second, overwhelm-the-opponent-with-power when not being commanded to dodge and defend himself by Tim, who, although he respect's Nabe's battle style, would rather not see him injured
Obtained: Professor Oak's laboratory (as Charmander)

Nickname: Kemf
Gender: Male
Personality: Kemf is hyperactive, to say the least, permanently hungry and has a deep seated love for screaming out of the sky, and scaring people sideways. Tries to tire the opponent out in battle, before finishing it with an always-spectacular move. Likes to show off his grace and agility to other pokemon, Tim earned money for a short while by letting small children ride Kemf around the skies for a fee.
Obtained: Route 3 (as Spearow)

Nickname: Hev
Gender: Female
Personality: A bit of a tomboy, Hev is eager to prove herself. Often fighting with Nabe, Tim compares it to sibling rivalry. She is crafty, and Tim often finds himself taking credit for a de facto strategy she employs in battle. She has a very short fuse, and will bear a grudge to end all grudges if mistreated, even slightly.
Obtained: Tim got Hev when he returned home for a short while, and the neighbor's Poochyena had given birth. They suggested that Hev take the egg, as he was a good trainer, and he would take good care of it. (as Egg)

July 14th, 2007, 6:40 PM
Pat is in the Library, digging his head into Mythology books about Pokemon from the Past. He looks rather nerdy like a bookworm, so it may look a little funny, the trainer towering at 6"2'. He has an odd expression on his face, a surprised look when he finds a book with a picture of Darkrai with some Folklore about the Dark Pokemon. The trainer pulls out his Laptop Computer from his backpack, to start writing Data about Darkrai. He types down everything he can about Darkrai, especially its supposed Dex Data, the fact that the Dark Pokemon is able to lull anyone into sleep and give them an eternity of Nightmares, and how it was sentenced to New Moon Island some what 500 years ago.

Now that Pat had the information needed, he put his Laptop back in his backpack, and puts the Folklore books back on the shelves in the Library, as he starts heading out of the library, the trainer wonders if he should use the book or not? He decides not to, as he thinks he will not ever see the Pokemon again, unknowingly of the journey that is about to unfold. Once he gets out of the Library, Absol and him will do a little bit of training, or look for other trainers to battle. What kind of training will he get? Will there be any good trainers in Sinnoh? After all, this is Pats first time there. Pat walks out of the Library, with his hands in his pockets.

Pat brings both hands out of his pockets upon leaving the Library, pulling out a small unexpanded Pokeball. It does'nt stay like that for long however, as the trainer presses the button on the middle of the Pokeball to expand it. He throws the Pokeball upwards, as a white flash emerges. The flash takes form as an Espeon however, as Pat accidentally grabbed the wrong Pokeball. He decides to keep the Psychic Pokemon out however, as she needs some fresh air and in need to stretch its legs a little. The two begin walking around the town, looking down at the water in the harbor, seeing the few wild Pokemon in it.

((OOC: Sorry Chompy, I forgot to edit that out when the Roleplay began. But Sign Ups are closed.))

July 14th, 2007, 7:36 PM
Kiyo flew out of the library of Canalave with a book entitled Waves of Darkness: Sinnoh's Engulfment. "Nice choice, Kiyo." A voice said from behind. Kiyo turned to find an old guy with a mustache. "Who're you, and how do you know me?" Kiyo replied turning around, startled.

"Ah. I'm Rowan. Professor Rowan; and how could I not know you? You made it into 4th place in the regional tournament!" He said. "It was nothing really!" Kiyo responded cheerfully. His smile soon faded.

He remembered the guy he lost to. A heartless guy who used pokemon for tools. He had tried to make a point about how pokemon have feelings while battling him, but it was all for none because he lost!

"Old memories haunt the best of us." Rowan said. They both could here Haunter laughing inside of it's pokeball. "It's about time I set off. Staraptor!" Rowan exclaimed. He flew off into the horizon.

July 14th, 2007, 8:26 PM
Matt was still bored. It was the next day, and he wanted some excitement in his life. He decided to join a Sinnoh League tournament, even if he knew he would win. But he decided to stay a little longer in quiet Canalave Town. He grabbed his Poke Balls and left the house, not hungry.

Matt decided to go to the Library, to learn more about ancient Pokemon. Ancient Pokemon were Matt's specialty, and, unlike other things, he loved to learn about them. When he opened the door, though, a white haired older man exited. "Excuse me, young man," he said. "Go, Staraptor!" He sent out his Staraptor. "Use Fly!" he commanded, getting on the back of the Staraptor. The man then flew away.

Matt looked up, wondering who the man was. Who the heck is that..? he thought. Oh, wait! I remember now! That's Professor Rowan, the guy who crowned me victorious at the Sinnoh Championships! He smiled, wondering why Prof. Rowan was here, then entered the library.

Matt noticed one thing about the library, and that was that there were a lot of people! So much people, reading up on ancient Pokmon, gaining knowledge. Matt smiled again, and walked upstairs, and noticed another thing. He knew one of the people here.

He walked up to a boy who must've been about thirteen years old. The boy had green, spiked hair. That was the reason Matt recognized him. "Hey," he said. "I know you. You were in the Sinnoh Championships! You never got to fight me, because you lost in the semifinal match."

Matt thought to himself for a second. Why the heck am I being all friendly and nice to him? he thought. I'm not usually like this... At least if he got this far in the Sinnoh Tournament, I should get a good challenge out of him. Matt smiled. "Let's battle."

((I hope that wasn't character controlling.))

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
July 14th, 2007, 8:45 PM
AJ was suprised that there were so many people at the Libary, Alot of trainers itching to battle and So far a few that were in the Sinnoh Leauge. AJ didn't really care for Pokemon battles since what happened, he used to love it though. AJ started out as the Blackthorn Gym Leader and then became the Johto Leauge Champion, no one could beat him! And then things got bad... Accused of murder and theft, AJ had to flee from Johto.

It was a sad thing, but AJ was getting past it, so far no wanted posters had come up... So that was good, A few people recognized him as a gym leader or champion or both, but wern't the any wiser.

AJ grabbed an extremley dusty book, titled " Sinnoh Legends" HYe opened the book and was suprised when he saw that the Pages were Blank; Very strange. AJ stuffed the book in his bag and grabbed a couple more modern ones; " Volcano Dweller; Heatran!" " Prince of the Sea; Manaphy" " Dream Jumper; Darkrai!" Alot of fairy tales...

AJ saw the Sinnoh Champ challenging a trainer, that wasn't very fair. " Hey, How bout this; You Verses me and him. I'm a total Newb, I could use some experience, What do ya say?" He asked the Sinnoh Champion.

July 14th, 2007, 8:45 PM
((OOC: No, it was'nt. You got to the Library before he got to leave it, so it wasn't character control.))

Pat overheard a conversation between a couple of people about Darkrai, and its history in Canalave City. Pat is rather surprised, as Espeon lifts her leg up while sitting to scratch herself. Pat remarks, "Come on Espeon, we need to get back to the Library!", grabbing out his laptop and jolting out of the Pokecenter towards the library. Espeon ran alongside Pat, wondering what his problem was with the Darkrai. But seeing as Pokemon aren't aloud in the library, he reaches into his pocket, expanding the Pokeball as a red beam flows towards it, returning it to the Pokeball. He puts the Pokeball back in his pocket, and arrives at the library, seeing the door open, seeing three people, one being Professor Rowan, and two other trainers. He kept running even when he entered the Library, saying, "Excuseme." to the Professor and the trainers, he stops running and starts searching through the shelves for other folklore books.

July 14th, 2007, 8:54 PM
"Sea air. This place reminds me of home."

A Pidgeot landed in the middle of the central bridge of Canalave City, and a cloaked figure stepped carefully off of it.

"Thanks for the ride, Pidgeot. You can go back to Dad now."

As the bird Pokemon took off into the sky, the trainer let out his Pokemon and looked around the city. A Houndoom and Weavile followed close behind him, and a Sharpedo followed him from the water as well.

"Le' see..." the boy muttered. "This place is supposed to have one of the best libraries in the world. So I suppose it would be a major building. So, we'll head over to the tallest building in view." Luckily, his guess was right for a change. He recalled the Sharpedo as he walked inland towards the library.

Just my luck, he thought, shaking his head. The sign says "Canalave Library." And there's a bunch of weird people in the doorway. The boy sighed and reluctantly walked toward the old man and the two younger guys next to him, hoping to quietly slip into the library without being noticed. Or being kicked out for his Houndoom. "Ooh," he whispered to himself. "Looks like that guy's picking a fight. Maybe I'll get to watch a battle here, at the very least," he muttered as he walked over and sat innocently on a nearby bench, waiting until the doorway cleared.

July 14th, 2007, 9:13 PM
Matt smiled. "That sounds like fun," he said. "A double battle. Go, Gallade and Lapras!" He sent out his loyal and powerful Pokemon. He laughed.

"It's not like I can't handle six Pokemon with these," he said. Matt smiled and remember the good old days; he used to destroy entire teams at the hands of his Pokemon. No one could take the championship from him. He trained day and night, trying to be the best. And he already was the best: the Pokemon League champion.

But Matt wanted more. More power, more excitement. He wanted more fun in his life. That's why he battled every chance he could. And now he was faced with two seemingly strong trainers. Matt smiled. He turned to a random person, one he had seen come in with an Espeon. "Hey, dude!" he called. "You wanna double battle with us? You'll be on my team."

It's not that I can't handle six Pokemon... Matt thought to himself. I just hadn't had a double battle in a while. I haven't felt the fun of having your teammate depend on you, as their Pokemon have fallen, and you are the only one to finish off the enemy, and you do. That's what I want. To have fun in a double battle. Matt snapped out of his thoughts.

"So, do you wanna double battle with us or not?" he said to the guy.

July 14th, 2007, 9:26 PM
"Who me?"

He said, turning around with a book and his Laptop in his arms, a smile spreads across his face. He quickly ran towards the doorway, renting the book he got from the shelves. He places his Laptop and the book inside his backback, grabbing out his Espeons Pokeball. He walks towards the trainer, Pokeball in hand, pressing the button in the center of the ball to expand it. He remarks, "Sure, I will battle. Been awhile since I've been in a Team match, I'm in." he said, while throwing his Pokeball up into the air, opening it with an emerging flash, which takes form as a shy little Espeon. As Pat catches the Pokeball, Espeon walks infront of him to sit infront of him, showing that it is ready for battle. The Espeon scratches itself once, as it tried to look away from the person and Pokemon that Pat and her are tag team battling with, not wanting to look at either of them the wrong way. Pat slips off his backpack to drop it behind his leg, not wanting anyone to steal it, seeing as it contains some vital information.

((OOC: Sorry if I have somewhat short Roleplays, its hard to concentrate on Roleplay while listening to music at the same time, I will try and edit them to make them longer.))

July 14th, 2007, 9:34 PM
((We might have to wait until Animehero gets on xD, to battle him, or it would be character control, since he didn't put out his Pokemon yet. Also, I'm doing something as I'm typing too, so it takes a while in between when I'm doing anything on here. Anyway...))

Matt nodded. The Espeon looked like a strong member of their team. He would definetly help. "Then I'll just have to return one of my Pokemon," he said. "Return, Frost!" Matt brought back his Lapras, leaving out his Gallade.

Matt turned to the trainer on his team, and back. "I didn't introduce myself," he said, shyly. "I'm Matt." He turned back to the trainers. "Send out your Pokemon, so we can easily beat them!" he said.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
July 14th, 2007, 10:04 PM
" Go Shadow!" AJ yelled sending out his Umbreon, It was nearly his strongest Pokemon and a powerful asset of his team, AJ saw what he was up against, A Gallade and an Espeon, AJ had an Espeon and that was the weakest pokemon on his team at the moment, AJ only had three with him though.

AJ knew he shouldn't take either of his opponents lightly, they were both in the Sinnoh Leauge, But what they didn't know about him would be used to his advantage, No one here knew he was the Johto Champion.

" Okay guys, go easy on me... I'm still learning." AJ said to the two trainers he was facing.

July 14th, 2007, 10:36 PM
"Me? My names Pat. Impressive looking Gallade you have there. But you take on the Umbreon, Espeon only as two moves that will work against it. I am pretty sure you Gallade has an impressive Arsenal of attacks."

Pat said to the trainer who is fighting alongside him, seeing as the trainer politely asked his name and what not. The Espeon then looks at the Umbreon opposing the two trainers, gazing at it, wondering what its power. Espeon then takes a small peer at the impressive powerful looking Gallade, and its trainer Matt. The Espeon starts looking rather nervous for a double battle with some of the Pokemon she has never met before, it shivers slightly not knowing what to do. Pat then places his hand on Espeon's head, petting it, saying, "Theres nothing to be worries about Espeon, remain calm." Upon hearing the words, the Espeon closes its eyes, breathing in and out once, and jolting its eyes open, looking calm, collected, and ready for battle.

July 14th, 2007, 10:54 PM
"Haha, this should be easy!" Matt said. "Blade, use Close Combat!" The Gallade flew at Umbreon with speed unmatched, and punched and kicked the Umbreon. Blade didn't knock it out though, which dissappointed him. "Crap.." Matt said. "Keep trying, Blade." The Gallade nodded.

Matt turned and looked at Pat and his Espeon. He was relying on him to pick up the victory. Matt turned back, determined. "All right, Blade! Use Leaf Blade!" Blade jumped up, its bladed arms turning into razor sharp leaves, and slashed the Umbreon knocking it out. "Yes!" Matt said. "It worked!" He turned to Pat, then to the trainer.

"Put out your next Pokemon," he said, more serious now than before. "I told you, I'm the Sinnoh League Champion. I train night and day, trying to make myself better than anyone who decides to battle me. Anyone who challenges me has made a grave mistake. Now put out your next Pokemon, so we can defeat it easily."

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
July 14th, 2007, 11:16 PM
AJ smiled slightly, He didn't honestly think that Umbreon was done fighting did he? How snobish of him... " I don't need to send out another pokemon, Isn't that right Shadow?" AJ said as the clearly unphased Umbreon rose, " Shadow has gone through worse, much worse." AJ murmered as he looked at the Gallade on the enemies side, It's a fast pokemon... No doubt about that.

AJ had to stradagise, Most of Shadow's attacks wouldn't work so well against the Gallade, Gallade is half Fighting and Half Psychic... Fighting isn't very affected by Dark attacks, but Psychic is... AJ pondered.

" I'll have to utilise both." AJ said aloud

" Shadow! Use Psychic and then Top it off with Shadow Ball!" AJ yelled to his Umbreon.

It was a direct hit.

July 14th, 2007, 11:33 PM
Gallade was hit and weakened, but he obviously wasn't out. "Hmm, that Umbreon is a good opponent.." said Matt. "I'm just better. Blade, use Leaf Blade again, then Close Combat!" The Gallade jumped up again, as if it hadn't been hit, and slashed at Umbreon. Blade kept slashing at the Umbreon, then punched and kicked it back.

"I'm not gonna give up," Matt said. "Use Close Combat again!"

"NO!" said a voice. Matt turned. It was a girl. "Close Combat lowers your defenses. You can't use it too much. Use something else." Matt stared at her, as if she was a know-it-all, then nodded.

"Thanks," he said, then turned back to Blade. "Blade, use Slash!" Blade ran up and slashed at Umbreon's side, knocking it down. "I doubt that Umbreon is out, though..." Matt said.

July 15th, 2007, 12:28 AM
Upon seeing the huge battle unfold before him, seeing the Umbreon being knocked down repeatedly and then still getting up, Pat decides that he should join in on the battle. The Espeon looks up at him once, both nodding at eachother. Pat thrusts his arm out, pointing out towards the opponent Umbreon, and Espeon jumps out infront of Gallade, with a serious battle on its face.

"Alright Espeon, fire off a swift attack at the Umbreon! Though it won't do much if it hits, well, Espeon you need more training! So fire off a Swift and keep up the attack!"

Espeon's eyes glow a slight purple color, as it begins to fire off a series of stars towards the opponent Umbreon. However, Espeon does not cease the attack. The Pokemon keeps firing off series of stars at the Umbreon.

July 15th, 2007, 5:54 AM
Kiyo opended the book and scanned the pages. He heard a battle inside. "A pokemon battle!?" Kiyo exclaimed excited. He jolted back inside to find some trainers fighting with a Gallade, Espeon, and Umbreon fighting. "Been awhile since I saw a battle like this! Suddenly his Ambipom came out of it's pokeball and began prancing around the library in excitement. As Ambipom hopped around the librarian continuosly began "Shhhhing". Kiyo kept trying to recall Ambipom, but Ambipom was to fast! "Think... Got it! Ambipom! Use Rest!" Ambipom fell asleep in the middle of the floor.

July 15th, 2007, 6:30 AM
question:ash started his journey at age 10,so why cant i start?

July 15th, 2007, 8:51 AM
The boy on the bench watched the battle, amused. "This is the most entertainment I've had for quite a while," he said, petting his Houndoom, which was sitting next to him with his Weavile. Glancing down, he saw that both Pokemon looked eager to fight. "Yes, I know," he said scoldingly. "You want to get into that, don't you? We haven't had a battle for a while." He laughed slightly. "However, we're here to visit the Canalave Library. So we may as well watch until the battle ends, so we can get in. He continued to pet his Houndoom. The trainer could tell that these trainers all seemed skilled. He knew at least one of them was the Johto champion, although if the others had any notable achievements, he was out of that news loop.

"Their Pokemon are well trained. This could take a while," he said, leaning his head on his arm. "Especially with that Umbreon. I'm in a good position to know that Umbreon can take a good beating." He focused back on the fight, eager to see who would win.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
July 15th, 2007, 9:42 AM
" Your pretty good... Then again being the Sinnoh Champion you should be. I Should send out another pokemon then, Two against one..." AJ conversed with his opponents.

" Go Star!" AJ yelled as he released his Espeon, that was the best choice for now, " Star Use Psyblast on Gallade, Shadow use Shadow ball on the opponent Espeon!" AJ barked out to his pokemon, Star sent out a powerful Psychic Blast at the Fighting Pokemon, hitting in square in the chest as Shadows Dark Orb hit the Espeon being used by the other trainer.

I should take out the Gallade First, it's the stronger pokemon... AJ thought to himself

July 15th, 2007, 12:43 PM
"Dang, I really need to train you more Espeon.."

Pat said to his Espeon, looking down at it after the Shadow Ball hit. Espeon still stood up, as its hair started standing on end, with a Psychic power flowing around it. It is showing the Espeon is getting a little angry, but its powers are rising, the trainer pets Espeon's head, telling it to back down. Seeing as it does seem a little unfair that it is two against one, Espeon lays down infront of Pat, while he crouches down to pet the Pokemon, as it looks up at the Gallade. The trainer then wonders; If he should let Espeon fight more. Espeon looks up at Pat, then jumps up on him, Pat thinking she wants to play, but she gets on of the Pokeballs out, pressing it with her paw, and an Absol emerges from the Pokeball in a flash.

Absol's eyes are closed upon emerging from the Pokeball, but sensing enemies, the dark Pokemon opens its eyes, releasing a slight growl, looking at the two opponents, but looks at its team mate, Gallade with a slight smile, but then focusing back at the two opponents, ready for battle. The Absol stares intensely especially at the opponent it will take down, Espeon, letting Gallade finish off Umbreon. Absol decides not to be distracted by all others, only hearing commands from its trainer; Letting it focus its power, possibly its next attack being a Razor Wind.

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July 15th, 2007, 1:46 PM
"You don't have to fight," Matt smiled. "I've got this. Blade, use Night Slash on the Espeon!" Suddenly the lights went out, every lightsource suddenly drained of energy, and no one could see anything. Then Blade's eyes opened, shining with power, and he slashed the Espeon's side. "I doubt that Espeon is totally out, Blade, use it again!" Blade obeyed his trainer.

Blade ran up silently, and Espeon couldn't tell where he was. Then suddenly, Blade slashed it from the back. Suddenly the lights came back on. Whoever wasn't watching the battle ensue was hypnotized by it now. "Don't underestimate that Espeon, use Night Slash again, then use Brick Break on the Umbreon!" Blade ran up, slashing the Espeon over and over until it seemed unconscious. Then he turned, running toward the Umbreon.

"Who is that trainer?" said someone in the crowd.

"I think that was the boy that won the Sinnoh League last year," said another. "His Pokemon are extremely strong, and he trains so he'll never lose the title of Sinnoh Champion."

"Well, I want him to win," the first person said. "We could use a strong trainer like that to protect Sinnoh."

Meanwhile, Blade was almost running low on energy. He had used so much Night Slashes and Brick Breaks that he was getting tired. Matt knew that soon he would have to return him and send out Aura, his Lucario. He knew that the Lucario could get the job done easily. But he also knew that the Espeon and Umbreon would be out soon. He just didn't know when...

July 15th, 2007, 3:32 PM
"Apparently your Gallade is attracting alot of attention, Matt. But luckily Absol is out now, let Gallade have a rest, Absol and I can take it from here, I have to make my stand as the Johto champ. Absol, use a full power Razor Wind!"

Upon command, Absol's eyes close, and its power rises. Its sickle glows with power, and an intense wind begins stirring up around Absol, however it all begins to concentrate around a sickle. Absol's eyes quickly, and it releases another growl. It quickly jumps upwards, shaking its head repeatedly, sending many blades of wind towards the opposing Pokemon. Umbreon and Espeon are hit, sending them back flying with the ever lasting blades of wind. Absol then jerks its head one more time, sending a huge sideways blade of wind towards the two opposing Pokemon, most likely causing them to faint.

July 15th, 2007, 5:17 PM
"Hmm, this is an entertaining battle." Ty let out cooly, Monferno by his side. He merrily climbed onto his trainer's back,

"Yeah, I know. You want to battle, don't worry. Your needs will be filled soon." Ty smiled,

"I can't wait actually, so I know how you feel." Ty told Flame,

<Well, I thought you did!> Monferno yelled out.

July 15th, 2007, 5:20 PM
"Go, Gallade!" Kiyo cheered. Kiyo just happended to be a huge Gallade fan. "Oh yeah! Ambipom, return!" Kiyo said to his snoozing pokemon. "Pokemon battles... there's nothing grander than the sport of it!" Kiyo continued. Kiyo continued to watch and saw an Absol use Razor Wind and hit Umbreon, and Espeon. Kiyo and his pokemon were getting more and more excited.

July 15th, 2007, 9:32 PM
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July 15th, 2007, 9:33 PM
((Um, cough, cough, I challenged YOU to the battle, Animehero. Fallenhero helped you with his Pokemon. We're having a double battle.))

July 15th, 2007, 9:40 PM
Oh, sorry. I have a short attention span. Just pretend I was on a totally difererent area in the library. I hope we could battle some other time...

July 16th, 2007, 6:24 PM
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July 16th, 2007, 8:14 PM
Stretching boredly, the cloaked boy stood up from the bench, squinting at the fight. "As fun as this is, I think I'd like to try to get into the library now." Noticing a sign in the library window forbidding Pokemon outside their Pokeballs, he reluctantly recalled his Houndoom and Weavile. He began edging around the crowd that had gathered to watch the battle. "So much for waiting to get into the door," he muttered. "It's only gotten worse as I've been waiting. After several minutes of pushing through the crowd, he reached the door, slipping unnoticed into the library and heading to the top floor, dashing hurriedly past anyone who may be in his path.

July 17th, 2007, 12:50 PM
As the Trainer in the cloak returns his Pokemon to try and get into the Library, Absol fires off a Razor Wind combined with a Blizzard sending a huge blade of Ice at the two opponents. When it hits, it will possibly knock them out. He returns Absol, walking into the library, not wanting all of the attention. And right as he walks into the Library, he accidentally bumps into the trainer with the cloak. But as both trainers are in, he shuts the door so hopefully the fans and what not won't all follow him inside. He then looks at the dark trainer once, remarking 'sorry for bumping into you, damn fans.', as he grabs out his book about Darkrai to read more Folklore about the Pokemon, and possibly other dark and evil Pokemon through time.

July 17th, 2007, 9:22 PM
The boy sat down at the top floor with and armful of books, most of them bound in black. He noticed one of the Trainers from the double battle follow him into the library, but chose to study him from behind the book before acknowledging his presence. He leafed through several books, mainly with titles including the words "Omens," "Shadows," or "Destruction." However, his bored expression showed that he was finding nothing that he considered useful. With a sigh, he set down the book and moved on to the next one.

July 17th, 2007, 10:50 PM
Pat had two to three books open at once, intensely studying everything he can about Dark Pokemon, particularly Dakrai, writing down every single note he can, and to save the info all on his Laptop. Mostly, one book proved to be useful from all of the books he was reading, the one he rented before he left the library for the battle. He pulled out his laptop, typing continuously without stop. He had files on his desktop about Dakrai Facts, Darkrai pictures, Dakrai rumors, whatever he could find. He then saves all of the data he got, in anger however since he does'nt know much about the Pokemon. He then walks out with the book he had before, and another one he put on rent. He puts the two books, and the laptop back in his backpack, and he entered outside. The battle; Subsided. While he looks up at the evening sky, a few Dark waves pass over the land, a chill descending through everyone, as all the power goes out, and dark energy blasting everywhere, then stopping. He then wonders; Was the chill he got while in Kanto, the Darkrai he saw in his dreams, and the energy outage + a dark chill descending upon the land all related? The answer is yes. He runs out of the town, wondering what he will do; Wondering what will happen in the Region of Sinnoh. May the chaos begin!

July 17th, 2007, 11:36 PM
Dropping his books, the boy rushed outside after the other trainer. Staring at the sky momentarily, he spoke softly: "that... what is that?." He released his Houndoom from its Pokeball and glanced around; there were still several people around the library. However, since the waves of energy, the crowd had seemingly fled. The dark trainer sat down on the same bench he was in earlier. "That energy... something about it was... familiar... GYAAAAH!" He shouted for no apparent reason, his Houndoom simultaneously using Flamethrower straight into the air. He pounded the bench in frustration before standing up and calming himself. This won't solve anything... he thought to himself. Reluctantly, he walked towards the trainers from the battle.

July 17th, 2007, 11:38 PM
Matt laughed. "I told you I would win. Blade, return!" He returned his Gallade, and walked into the library. Matt walked upstairs, looking for any information he could find on ancient Pokemon. He found one called Legends of Sinnoh. It told of all the ancient legendary Pokemon in Sinnoh, and how their powers intertwined with each other.

Matt flipped some pages until he found Darkrai. "Darkrai is a Pokemon that feeds off the fear of people," it read. "It is known for making humans fall into endless nightmares, until they waste away into death. Darkrai's mortal emeny is Cresselia(Go to page 54 for Cresselia). Darkrai is known for its hatred of love and compassion, which makes it the exact opposite of Cresselia. When Darkrai makes a human fall into a nightmare, only Cresselia can save them. This is why seeing a Darkrai is known for bad luck."

Suddenly outside became completely dark. Matt looked out the window. It seemed to be nighttime. Everyone was panicking and wondering what was happening. Matt ran downstairs and quickly rented the book. Then he ran outside, to see what was happening. Canalave was usually at a warm, almost tropical temperature, due to its southern place in Sinnoh, but a cold chill enveloped the area. Fog immediately came into the area, making it harder for anyone to see. Matt wondered what was happening. His hand was on his Poke Ball, ready for anything. He just didn't know what Poke Ball he was holding.

Matt looked around. He could only see about three feet ahead, because the the mist floating around, but he could see many silhouettes of people within that radius. Everyone was now screaming and running around, so Matt could see a shadow of a person one second, and the next, they were gone. Matt sighed and waited for the sun to come back out. For all he knew, it was an eclipse.

Matt looked up to find the sun. but he couldn't see it. It was as if a black hole came and sucked it in. Matt was surprised he didn't even see the edge of the sun. Maybe it really was gone..

July 18th, 2007, 2:26 PM
Pat is running, and he sees that he is out of town. He then wonders; Should I go alone? The situation is now considered to be rather dangerous, as chill after chill is sent through him. He then remembers a story that happened a couple of years ago about a Leader of an Evil Team called Team Galactic, who tried to control Dialga and Palkia but failed horribly. He wonders if that could possibly be a link to whats happening now. He takes a peer over at the Mt.Coronet area, and a blast of dark power shoots straight up into the sky, but quickly disappearing. He then remarks, "Oh ya. That guy is definetly involved.", as he steps back into town, quickly heading to the Pokemon Center. As he reaches the Center, the power is out, so he has to go through the trouble of opening the doors himself. But since the power is out, that means he can't use the box system unless it gets hot wired. He then asks if a trainer in the Pokemon Center if they have en Electric Pokemon, or a Pokemon with an Electric type move. A trainer nods, sending out a Furret. Pat then opens the Box system computer, seeing all the wiring. He starts disconnecting all the wires and re wiring them with different colored chords to hopefully give it power, along with the entire Pokemon Center power. He then tells the trainer to have Furret use its Electric move, Furret using Shock Wave, giving the Box System power. With he rewiring, the entire Pokemon Center has power. He then accesses the system, calling home frantically, asking to send over his Pidgeotto and Espeon for Charizard and Scizor. His mom sends him the Pokemon, as he sends his Pokemon over. He needs the strongest Pokemon he has for this challenge. The trainer runs out of the Pokemon Center, running to the library.

"Hey you! Dark trainer with the Houndoom, and Matt, I need two people to come with me over to Mt.Coronet. Remember a couple of years ago how Galactic Leader Cyrus failed at controlling this Region? Well a blast just came from Mt.Coronet, and the chills are getting stronger. I have a feeling that he is behind all this. Will you two come with me to Coronet? I am pretty sure no one can do this alone.

July 20th, 2007, 10:06 PM
The Dark trainer turns to the guy from the library. "Me?" he asked. "Very well." He glanced at the mountain, seemingly mesmerized by the waves of energy.

"I guess I'd be helpful here," he said with a slight sarcastic bite. "This is, after all, my area of expertise." Laughing a bit, he looked around himself, suddenly seeming a bit self-conscious. "I'm sorry. I guess if I'm accompanying you I should introduce myself. My name is Jake Silver." Saying no more for now, he pulled a peculiar cell-phone like device from a pocket. Flipping it open, he held a Pokeball up to it. "Transfer Umbreon," he said bluntly, and the Pokeball was immediately replaced. "There," he said to no one in particular. "Now I'm ready for a fight."

Jake stepped past the trainer from the library, facing towards the imposing face of Mt. Coronet. "Well," he said softly. "I suppose that's where we're going?" Judging from the waves of energy, he thought sarcastically as he awaited a response.

July 24th, 2007, 4:19 PM
"I just hope Coronet won't be too big to explore.."

Pat said, looking down at his three Pokeballs. He wonders; Will they be able to take on the challenge? A dark wind blows by, as on the news, it shows that the catastrophic power surge is happening all over the Sinnoh region. Even the wind is dark. Cities are being wrecked by the dark power surges. There are no trainers who are even willing to go near Mt.Coronet, Pat remarking them as chickens. He starts walking along East, though he and Jake have quite a way to go, around two miles or so, to get to Oreburgh City, to get to Coronet, and face Cyrus. When the two trainers start leaving on the way to Oreburgh, a dark explosion comes from Coronet. A cloud hovers over the entire Sinnoh Region, the cloud being a warp made by Giratina, so no one can get in or out. Anyone with the courage to sleep during this tragedy will be sent into an eternal slumber by Darkrai, and those who make an attempt to leave the Region are immediately sent back in, with their soul taken by Spiritomb.

July 25th, 2007, 12:25 PM
Jake looked around at the terrified people and found himself laughing a bit. The current events didn't have the same effect on him as on other people, maybe because of his easy familiarity with Dark types; in fact, he seemed completely calm, as if there wasn't a problem.

"Let's see..." he said, pulling a map out of his pocket. "From here, we go east through Jubilife City and Oreburgh, and we're at Mt. Coronet." Scowling at the water routes on the map, he pulled out his odd device again. "Looks like I'll need Sharpedo after all," he said, swapping Umbreon back out for the Water type Pokemon. He stepped toward Canalave City's outer gate before turning around, sweeping any nearby people with a sharp gaze. "Anyone else willing to come?" he asked as he turned back towards the gate.

Turning back to the other Trainer, he told him bluntly, "I'm ready to go when you are."

July 29th, 2007, 12:07 PM
"So, how we gon' plan to get there?"

Pat remarks, having no water Pokemon with him. He looks all around, only seeing some trees and rocks. Unfortunately, thats the only way for him to get to the other side. A small sigh escapes, and an earthquake happens, all over the Sinnoh Region, caused by the dark power, Cyrus probably planning to destroy Sinnoh and reshape it to his liking. Buildings begin collapsing around the Canalave-Jubilife-Oreburgh-Twinleaf area's, the routes having a catastrophic collapse, all the Pokemon extremely scared, running around frantically. Pat looks everywhere, and begins running along the waters edge near the trees, as Jake probably uses his Sharpedo to swim in the water.

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July 29th, 2007, 9:16 PM
"Sharpedo, Surf!"

Water splashed about Jake as he and his Sharpedo tore across the route at a startling speed. In fact, he was practically at the other side before he noticed the route falling apart.

"Sharpedo, I need you to go back and pick up the other guy," he said, as he waited impatiently near the entrance to Jubilife City. A dimensional collapse... he thought. According to my studies, this would be related to Giratina, the Renegade Pokemon. But that doesn't matter now. All that matters is that we get to Mt. Coronet's summit as soon as possible. He turned back, waiting for Sharpedo to return with the other Trainer.

July 29th, 2007, 9:40 PM
Trees started falling before Pat, falling in the water, on the rocks, everywhere. Same with the rocks, they started to break apart or sink. He dodges a tree falling towards him jumping over a few trees that landed straight on the ground. He sees the Sharpedo speeding down the water after dropping Jake off at the docks. Distracted for a second, he doesn't notice a tree falling straight on him. He barely dodges it by jumping into the water. He grabs onto the Sharpedo, who speeds him to the docks. He stands on the docks next to Jake, panting a bit, but thanking him for the help. Ahead of them is Jubilife city. He remarks that they should head off. However, even from where they are standing, they can hear the catastrophe in Jubilife from the falling buildings and the screaming people storming out of the town, and of the scared Pokemon hiding under whatever wreckage that they can call a hiding place.

July 29th, 2007, 9:55 PM
Matt sighed. This wasn't going to be easy. He let out Frost, his Lapras, and got on her, following the others. Soon, they were close to Jubilife City. They were still a long way from Mount Coronet, but they had at least gotten somewhere. Frost sped up close to the Sharpedo. "How close are we now?" He didn't even need an answer, because they instantly saw tall buildings on the horizon. They had reached Jubilife.

Matt got off Frost, and returned her to her Poke Ball. "Hey, punk!" said a voice. Matt turned. A small child of about 8 was standing there. "You wanna battle?"

"Sorry, kid," Matt said. "I'm on an important mission."

"OH, I get it," the kid said. "Just cause I'm small and young, you think you can fool me wth that crap? Go, Nidoking!" Matt was surprised to see such a small child, who wasn't even old enough to start their own journey, had a powerful Nidoking such as that. He smiled.

"Fine," Matt said. "This shouldn't take long. Go, Frost!" He let out his Lapras. "Frost, use Surf, then Ice Beam!" Frost swam forward, then used her elemental powers to slam a wave of water into the Nidoking. Then, she shot a beam of frigid air at Nidoking, freezing him solid. He would've gotten hypothermia, had they not been so south in the region. "See?" Matt said. "Easy as pie."

"Bu.. But.." the kid stammered. "That's not fair!"

"All's fair in love and war, kid," Matt said, then flicked the kid on the end of the nose. He returned Frost. "Now leave me alone.."

Matt walked to the Pokemon Center, hoping to find answers about the earthquake that happened in Canalave. No one seemed to know what he was talking about. "What earthquake?" they all said. "We didn't hear about any earthquake." Matt sighed, and left. He walked back to the others.

"No one knows about the earthquake," he said to them. "Maybe they didn't put it on the news yet. Anyway, let's keep going. We don't have time to waste."

July 29th, 2007, 10:26 PM
Jake sighed as he recalled his Sharpedo. Oblivious little fool, he thought as the ridiculously short battle ended. "Why must they be so violent and impulsive? At least one more is coming..." he muttered as he dashed into the city, dodging falling chunks of rubble with suprising agility. As he reached the gate out of the city, he wiped some sweat from his forehead. "No sweat," he laughed aroggantly, until he was blindsided by what appeared to be part of a wall, catapulting him up against a wall in the route to Oreburgh. Jake picked himself up, kneeling in pain. "That one... hurt..." he muttered, knocked out of his good mood. "The chaos... is spreading..." he said, seeming to understand the situation well. "Yet... it seems to be... more, than Giratina?" cringing as he stood. Limping slowly, he immediately gave it up. "Please, I'll have to wait here..." he yelled to the others. "I'll catch up later... I hope..." he sat down, waiting for whatever would happen. "Hurry!" he shouted as he awaited his fate. "At this rate... just go faster!"

July 29th, 2007, 10:37 PM
"OK, you didn't have to tell me twice!" Matt said, running. That earthquake, he was thinking as he ran. Pat was right behind him, and Matt started running faster. The ground started shaking, and Matt was thrown sideways. He fell to the floor, not hurt badly.

Soon, there was a cave. Matt ran into it, not knowing if Pat was following him, but knowing Pat was smart enough to. Matt looked around. There seemed to be no earthquakes here, but there were no earthquakes in Jubilife a few minutes ago. The cave was pitch black. "Oh great," Matt said. "How are we gonna get through this cave when we can't see our hands in front of our freakin' faces?!" Suddenly, Aura came out of his poke ball, and used Aura Sphere, lighting up the tunnel slightly.

"Thanks, Aura," Matt said. He looked forward, to see the cave wasn't so long. He walked down the tunnel, and soon they exited through the other side. They were in Oreburgh City. Matt looked up. Dark clouds were rolling in from the direction of Jubilife. Jubilife must've been completely destroyed by now.

Matt sighed. "We still have to keep moving," he said. "Let's go."

July 29th, 2007, 10:55 PM
As the three powerful trainers exit the route, and into Jubilife, Pat releases a small laugh at the small trainer who easily got beaten by the Lapras. All of a sudden, he sees Jake be teleported. He looks ahead, seeing him in pain for a second, but hears him telling that he will wait for everyone else to get to him. Pat begins running towards him, dodging some flying debris, getting hit in the face once by a small piece of wood, which knocks him back. Though he is in pain for a second, to anyone else it looks like a small comedy acts, being hit in the face by a piece of wood. Pat gets back up, laughing a bit, but continues running towards Jake, looking to the side every now and then, seeing the Pokemon taking shelter in fear, the trainer wondering; Who is that made for power? Eventually after around a minute or so, he reaches Jake, seeing him sitting. He then remarks, "Everything is starting to get more dangerous every second."
Another huge earthquake happens, reaching out everywhere to the towns and cities. Luckily, the three trainers don't have to go too much far, maybe around half a mile.

July 31st, 2007, 1:51 AM
As the other two trainers ran out of view, Jake used his cell phone thing again to swap his Sharpedo for his Umbreon. Afterwards, he threw all three of the Pokeballs he had with him. As his Pokemon emerged, they looked almost as afraid as the wild Pokemon had been.

"Calm down!" Jake cried. "Look... I need you guys to run ahead towards Oreburgh City, and find the guy with the black hat and another guy wearing all blue." he chuckled a bit. "I still haven't gotten their names." Getting serious again, he continued. "If you can't find them in Oreburgh, continue to Mt. Coronet. I'll catch up later." Hesitantly, Weavile and Umbreon ran into the nearby Oreburgh Gate. After staring at Jake for several seconds, Houndoom followed them.

Closing his eyes and chanting strangly, the trainer got a strange glow around his hands. "Now let's see if I can get this right this time, now that nobody's around..." Punching at the empty air in front of him, Jake had caused some kind of small portal to appear. He walked in, and was transported to... about three feet to his right. "Ah, forget it," he said, sitting back down.

((OOC: Is it okay if I control my Pokemon for a while? I promise I won't make them talk.))

July 31st, 2007, 10:35 PM
Edit: OOC: Back now from the concert and from the states. Had a not to good time, but now let us continue with the Roleplay. In Reply to Jakes lat roleplay, go ahead and control your Pokemon.

Matt ad Pat, now in Oreburgh City, both see the destruction that is still going on. The Cities Gym is destroyed, along with the Oreburgh mine, luckily no one is hurt. Behind the two trainers runs a Houndoom, so Pat signals Matt to stop running, remarking, "Hey dude, isn't that Jakes Houndoom?" and both the trainers stopping after Pats sentence. The Pokemon must have followed them, after Jake being hurt by Giratina's warp. Pat then looks at the Houndoom, asking "Is Jake still there at the route?", then asking Matt if they should go back and get him, or keep on advancing. After around half a minute, his mind is made up. He reaches into his pocket, grabbing out a Pokeball that has yet to be expanded, but quickly expanding it by pressing the button in the middle of the ball. The trainer throws the Pokeball, yelling out, "Come on out, Charizard!". He tells Matt to keep advancing, or to stay in Oreburgh, its Matts choice, though Pat won't be long. Charizard quickly flies over the route and over the city, dodging whatever darkness might warp him. He then sees Jake sitting, so Charizard descends. Pat tells Jake to get on Charizard, as he sends out his Scizor, who can fly as fast as Charizard can, so there is no worries. Pat helps Jake onto Charizard, as Scizor begins to carry Pat. Hopefully then, the two have a successful take off out to Oreburgh City. Flying up to Coronet would be out of the question however, as there is probably some kind of warp that makes anything who tries to get in from the air.

August 8th, 2007, 9:52 PM
Jake grinned gratefully as he saw the other guy's Charizard approach. "Nice timing," he said simply as he climbed onto the fire Pokemon's back. Looking back, he saw the route being torn down the middle, as though the road was collapsing into the ground. Looking down at his Pokemon, which had come back dangerously, he commanded his Pokemon sharply: "Go straight to the mountain. Don't stop until you reach the entrance to the cave. I'll meet you there." As the Charizard took off to fly to Mt. Coronet, Jake's Pokemon began to head back through Oreburgh City.

"And as for you," he said, looking at the trainer on the Scizor. "Maybe this isn't the time, but a name would seriously help here!" He once again began staring east, to their destination.

The energy coming from the mountain... It seems so... familiar...

((OOC: Really. I have a policy that I don't use people's names unless they have introduced themselves to my character. I'm starting to get confused here, :P))

August 9th, 2007, 11:08 AM
"The names Pat."

Pat said, as Scizor began carrying him off, and as Charizard began to flew. As they began to fly over Oreburgh, Matt is seen heading to Coronet. Charizard and Scizor descend and land infront of him, then Scizor grabbing Matt with his available arm, Pat remarking, "Were going to try and get in from the top!". It does look a bit funny, Scizor carrying two trainers of 17 and 16, and one flying on Charizard. The flying Pokemon eventually reach the top, looking down at a gaping hole from where the darkness energy flowed from. Charizard and Scizor begin to descend quickly, but a dark wind along with a warp sends them another place outside of the mountain, but luckily since all are together they all are warped together, luckily without much pain. It is now considered to be impossible to get in through the top. Unfortunately, Coronet is big, and now full of Dark power, it is only possible to get in from where the three trainers are.

Not even a brute attack force would be able to break through the top. Any attempts will probably be absorbed and added to the energy. Most would assume that hope is lost for the trainers who are at the bottom of the mountain, but that will not stop them. The three are determined and will never give up no matter what obstacles will come there way. The three enter the Mountain, beginning to explore around it, but finding no lead to where the dark energy mass is coming from. Though one of them has probably been into the mountain before, but it has been reshaped due to the darkness. An earthquake happens, but luckily it doesn't separate the three trainers.

August 12th, 2007, 8:54 PM
They were flying towards the mountain's summit. This was getting simpler by the second.

"Well, this is going pretty well now, I suppo-" Just then, Jake was interrupted by being teleported by the dark energy. As they suddenly found themselves on the ground, he lost his balance and fell off Pat's Charizard. "This is not my day," the Dark trainer muttered angrily. "I really need to stop talking." Picking himself up and stretching, he saw Pat walking towards the cave. He shrugged and followed the other trainer.

Oreburgh was getting worse by the second. Pieces of rubble were literally floating off of the ground, as though lifted by some unseen force. Jake's three Dark type Pokemon dashed through the center of the city as fast as possible without separating; Umbreon was using Psychic to deflect any flying pieces of wreckage. As they left the city, they immediately ran for the nearest cave entrance in the large mountain.

"As much as I'd love to say that I have experience with caves- and I do- this place is huge!" Jake was looking around the cavern inside the cave, understandably impressed. Of course, he would probably be less so under normal circumstances. "We can probably slow down for a while," he said with no clear emotion in his voice. "This is where this stuff is originating, so it'll be the last to see the actual effects. So we should be alri-ow!" Jake was blindsided by his Pokemon, knocking him over. Again. Picking himself up, the trainer smirked. "As much as that hurt, this is the first relieving thing that's happened so far today." Even as he stood up, his Umbreon collapsed. As he withdrew a Pokeball to call back Umbreon, he shaded his face even more with his hood. "Apparently it's a little rough out there," he muttered.

August 14th, 2007, 6:10 PM
"Ya I know. How we are ever going to navigate through this; Return Charizard, and Scizor, Metal Claw."

Pat said, happily beginning to return his Pokemon. Once Charizard is returned, Scizor's claws begin to glow, as it begins to be on guard too, as the trainers might need their Pokemon just incase of emergency. They advance through the mountain, though it is pitch black. Possibly the only light they could get is from Scizor's Metal Claw, which was called upon command. After walking around for a couple of minutes, Pat stumbles upon a beaten Abra, that he didn't see while walking around. The Pokemon was badly damaged, most likely from trying to fight Cyrus. The Abra is in shock. He picks it up, and it looks up at him, but it escaped from his arms and quickly runs away. Scizor shines the light from its claw, and more beaten Pokemon are seen. Machoke, Clefairy, Bronzor, Golbat, Golduck, Graveler, Ditto. They all must have tried to fight the dark power, but luckily one might not be completely in shock, and would be able to lead Jake and Pat to wherever Cyrus is attacking from. A shy Bronzor, which was hiding in a crack in the wall, emerges. It appears to be a baby Bronzor, as it looks down at a Bronzor and a Bronzong, obviously its parents. The two are extremely damaged, still alive but unable to move. The baby Bronzor obviously had seen its parents get hurt infront of it, and seeing them get blown back into the cave. It looks down at them and cries. Pat walks up to it, then remarking Cyrus as a monster. He looks down at the Bronzor, and it looks up at him with watery eyes. Pat said, "Can you lead us to where the bad person is?" Bronzor obviously knew that Pat was a good person, seeing Scizor, and Jake. It sadly leads them to an opening where Cyrus is. The walk to the opening takes about 10 minutes. When they are finally there, the Bronzor looks up at them, with the face saying; I shall go no further. Scizor's Metal Claw ceases, as it stands firmly against the wall, as Pat stands infront of it, peeking into the room, hoping that Jake too is doing what he is. A man with blue hair and a tattered Galactic Uniform is seen, laughing evilly in a wrecked room area, dark power flowing around his body, as Giratina is seen floating in the air, emitting a giant wave of Darkness, which is being the warp. Darkrai and Spiritomb are also seen floating around Cyrus's area, with no expression on their faces but a power lust. Down into the cave, Pat sends out Charizard, so Cyrus doesn't see the light from the cave. Pat explains a jumping plan to Jake, how he will lend him Scizor, also telling Scizor's moveset of Metal Claw, Silver Wind, Night Slash and X-Scissor. He tells Jake to order a full power Silver Wind into the room where Cyrus is, and a Flamethrower followed by Charizard, which is who Pat is using. Back into the cave, Pat also sends out Absol, which walks up next to him. The countdown for the attack has begun. 3-2-1. Jake hopefully orders a Silver Wind, though Scizor is impatient, and its wings flow, sending out a Silver Wind into the room. Darkrai, Spiritomb, and Cyrus all looked surprised. A Flamethrower shoots out right after Silver Wind, which the three in the room block for, to not get damaged, Spiritomb absorbing the fire, and Darkrai too absorbing it into a Dark ball. Pat and Jake hurriedly run into the room, Absol following them. Cyrus glares at them, as Absol's sickle glows with wind around it to Attack, Scizor next to Pat with glowing claws, as a flame begins to form in Charizard's mouth. The main battle; Has begun.

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August 19th, 2007, 9:38 PM
Removing his hood to get the most out of what little light was available in the vast cave, Jake examined the area, while his Pokemon stuck close by him to avoid separation. Neither the Trainer nor his Pokemon seemed fazed by the lack of sight in the darkness, perhaps because they were used to such environments. Catching up to Pat and his Scizor, Jake looked, apalled, at the Pokemon laying injured on the cave floor. "What kind of scumbag-?" he began, but noticed Pat comforting a young Bronzor. He saw the Bronzor leading Pat and Scizor away, and regretfully tossed a few handfuls of berries to the shocked Pokemon, wanting to do something for them, before hurrying again to catch up with Pat.

Jake marched silently behind Pat as they were led through long tunnels and winding passages by the Bronzor. At last, they reached the end. As Jake sidled up to the cave entrance, raising his hood again as the light intensified, he gazed sadly at the small Steel type Pokemon. Unable to think of anything to do for it, he hesitantly turned away and walked towards the light, as Pat explained a plan to him, and told him Scizor's attacks. Looking out of the cave, he saw some blue-haired lunatic standing between Giratina, Darkrai, and Spiritomb, as Giratina floated in the air emitting a sinister energy... Ominous Wind! That's it! But on such a scale? Upon his rather pointless observation, he noticed Pat's Scizor and Charizard launch less than effective attacks, and saw both plus an Absol preparing another strike. Scowling, Jake stepped fully into the (more or less) sunlight, his Pokemon angrily stepping into the fray.

"Two attacks? Unsuccessful," he observed spitefully. "Three? Might work," he continued. "But six? Block this, psycho!" He pointed dramatically at the man behind this chaos. "Houndoom, Fire Blast! Weavile, Ice Shard! Umbreon, Shadow Ball!" Jake's three Dark type Pokemon began preparing to aid Pat's group in a large and frenzied onslaught against the enemy. If history truly repeats itself, then this fool's plan is already doomed to fail...

August 21st, 2007, 7:28 PM
Once the three attacks were launched by Jake's Pokemon, the Dark Pokemon started attacking with three powerful attacks followed behind Pats, though most of them were absorbed. The Fire Blast by Jakes Houndoom was sucked into Darkrai's fire orb, but luckily Ice Shard and Shadow Ball hitting their mark on Spiritomb. Darkrai held the orb in place, ready to fire it off on command from Cyrus, as he began walking towards the two trainers, saying, "Little fools. A little attempt to stop my power? Heh. Pathetic. Darkria!" As soon as the sinister being said Darkrai, Pat ran infront of Jake and blocked, seeing as he had gone though enough pain before in the day. Chairzard jumped infront of the smaller Pokemon blocking once the Orb was launched. Once it made contact with the ground near them, an explosion of Dark Energy combined with Fire emerges. It quickly passes however, though it was still incredibly powerful. Pat stands there, panting, a little hurt from the fire, slightly beaten from the dark, in anger looking at Cyrus.

Cyrus looks at Charizard and Pat surprisedly, laughing afterwards, remarking Pat as a, "Foolish yet brave trainer... Pat stumbles to the side, then walking backwards, with his right hand on his stomach in pain. He stops when he finds support against the nearby wall, with left eye closed, then saying, "Dangit..", as Charizard, stands still in the same position, seeing as it wasn't as damaged as Pat is. He will stillt ry to fight, but for the moment, its Jakes turn to fight. Absol stands by Pats side, ready to fight, just incase one of the dark entitys might go to harm him. However, once Pat is back up to his feet soon, he wil go all out. As for now, Jake has permission to use Pats Pokemon, though hopefully Pat doesn't have to say anything to let Jake know that, as Scizor and Charizard stand by Jake, Charizard brewing up a flame in its mouth, obviously for a powerful attack. These two Pokemon have an incredible amount of battle expierience, so they luckily will be able to match the Legendaries power.

August 23rd, 2007, 1:53 AM
Jake scowled at Cyrus. "So, you think you'll win, just because they're legendary? Pathetic." However, as he looked back, Umbreon had collapsed again. "Heh... oops," he muttered. "Forgot about that." He called back Umbreon to its Poke Ball, this time withdrawing the device he had used earlier to change his Pokemon. "Houndoom, use Nasty Plot until I tell you to do something else. Weavile, you use Swords Dance." When I get back to this that guy's gonna get hurt so bad... He pulled up the machine. "Transfer... it," he said ominously, as he noticed he was no longer covered. "It?" asked a voice on the other end. "Now?" Jake was growing impatient. "YES, TRANSFER IT NOW!" he yelled, as Umbreon's Poke Ball was replaced with another new one, which he didn't throw... yet. He looked up to watch the fight. He would strike when their guard went down... or when his offense went up. Either way, he had thought ahead in the fight.

And, of course, he wasn't aware that he was free to order Charizard.

August 23rd, 2007, 10:18 AM
"Huh? What Pokemon did you transfer?"

Pat asked, still in some pain from the earlier attack. But as soon as Cyrus saw that Jake had transfered over a Pokemon, the devious being yells out, Attack!. This was not obviously good, as Giratina focuses its Ominous Wind towads Jake, and all the other Pokemon, but Scizor quickly jumped infront of the group, flapping its wings quickly, emitting a silver wind to counter the dark wind. Silver Wind began to push back Ominous Wind, however Darkrai and Spiritomb both at the same time fired off a Shadow Ball at Scizor. Surprised, the Pokemon quickly raised both its arms, claws glowing. Luckily the Shadow Ball attacks were quickly countered by Metal Claw, being held back like Oinous Wind, but Scizor was obviously struggling. "Scizor.." It said, closing its eyes, head downwards, as the power of the three opposing attacks quickly gained power. Its arms dropped as Silver Wind was overpowered, Scizor was knocked backwards, landing on its back. Luckily, Charizard fired off a Flamethrower. Spiritomb moved in to take the hit, as it was pushed back a little. Flamethrower was dispersed, however, Darkrai fired off dark concentrated aura, Dark Pulse, at the fire, causing the attack to stop.

"This fight is going no where.. I got to get into it.. If only that attack wasn't so intense.. But Jake, you seem like a pretty well trainer! You have permission to use Charizard!"

Pat hurrdly said, as Scizor gets back up, and as Charizard began to descend into the air, to fight Giratina. The other Pokemon were in charge of fighting Spiritomb, and possibly the stronger Pokemon of the group, Darkrai. It will all be a challenge, but ir is surely known by the two trainers. Pat walked up, ignoring his pain, knowing that he must join the fight. However, Jake still has permission to use Charizard. Pat has a plan of his own, as he glares at Cyrus. The blue haired maniac looked at the two, saying, Why must you to be so persistent. I will rule Sinnoh, and eventually the other Regions! Behold my power!. As he yelled that out, he began to read from his book. Dark power emitted around Darkrai, Spiritomb, and Giratina, giving the dark Pokemon power. Absol jumped forward, with an angry look. It began running towards Darkrai with its mouth open, breathing inwards, while wind began to whirl around its blade.

August 24th, 2007, 1:53 AM
The Dark trainer braced for impact, just before being saved by Scizor and Charizard. "Alright then," he said. "Charizard, attack Spiritomb with Fire Blast. Houndoom, aim a Dark Pulse at Giratina. Weavile, use Ice Shard on Darkrai." He turned the new Pokeball around in his hands a few times. "This, I'll save 'till the time is right," he said as he pocketed it. Hmmm... that book... seems to increase his power, he thought. I don't expect to do much damage to legendary Pokemon, but Houndoom and Weavile's strength must have increased at least threefold each. Jake tilted his head to crack his neck. I've fought legendaries... but never more than one at a time. Scowling, he pulled out his other Pokeball to be ready.

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August 25th, 2007, 11:02 PM
Upon seeing the three opposing attacks coming quickly, the three dark Pokemon braces for whatever supposed impact they might get. Darkrai blocked, being quickly in a small amount of pain due to the speed of the attack. Giratina stood still, not taking on much damage, as it is a rather large Pokemon. By the power of Charizard's Fire Blast, Spiritomb was slightly overwhelmed. Seeing this predicament, Pat orders a Razor Wind and a Blizzard from Absol. Razor Wind slashes into the Fire Blast, increasing the power of the fire by the wind, increasing its mass as well, which pushes Spiritomb back further. As for the icy cold winds of the Blizzard attack, it added the power to Ice Shards with speed. \\Darkrai, who is blocking the attack, is pushed back was well. Giratina flaps its wings once; releasing a mass amount of Dark Energy, downwards towards the flames and ice. This cancels the attacks out, stopping all damage. Giratina then descends to the
ground, in between Darkrai and Spiritomb. It is ready to truly join this intense fight. Right before Darkrai and Spiritomb's area, shadows gather, quickly forming a ball of energy; Shadow Ball. They were fired, as Giratina fired off a wave of dark aura, Dark Pulse, all aimed for the heroes fighting the darkness, however it hits the ground, causing an explosion, most likely knocking everyone back and onto the ground, and obviously getting a little dirty from the ground. Smoke engulfs the battle field. Giratina begins to float into the air, to blow away the dust, Cyrus remarking, Thats what you kids get for messing around with the adults.. Now you have been finished off with ease., Obviously assuming he won the battle. Pat explained a plan to Jake while getting up, obviously being pushed to the ground from the explosion.

"Alright.. You release that supposed beast you have in the Pokeball to fight Giratina, Spiritomb, and Darkrai. It apparently seems to be a strong Pokemon from what I have heard from how you demanded it earlier. Our Pokemon may be powerful, but with Cyrus's power boost for them. With your Pokemon's supposed power, it will be of great help. I will have Absol use Razor wind on me to get me up towards Cyrus so I can get that book. Understood? Luckily the smoke is still here.. Now here we go.."

Luckily, there was so much dust in the air, that it was impossible to see, and Pat spoke quietly, so quiet that only those near him could hear him, and thankfully not Cyrus hearing in on the plan. Absol stood behind Pat, ready to use Razor Wind, but waiting for Jake to release his Pokemon. Once Jake does release it, Absol fires off the attack, sending Pat flying towards Cyrus. Upon getting there, Pat aims a punch across Cyrus's face. Though it may seem a little rude, punching someone out of the blue, but he must make an attempt to get the book.

August 30th, 2007, 1:48 AM
Standing up and brushing himself off, Jake pulled out the Pokeball. "Well, I was going to do this anyway," he whispered. "But now it seems high priority." He threw the Pokeball into the smoke, the flash giving away their presence. A large Pokemon emerged; although dwarfed by Giratina, it was easily 6 and a half feet tall. The smoke quickly dispelled, as the Pokemon had begun blasting off a Sandstorm, which had no effect on its own, rock-like green armor: Tyranitar.

"Alright Tyranitar, use Stone Edge!" Jake shouted. As sharp edged rocks shot from the ground around Cyrus' Pokemon, Jake began rummaging through the pockets in his cloak. "A power boost, you say?" he asked as he pulled a book from his cloak, eerily similar to that held by Cyrus. He read something from it, though it seemed only he could understand the text and words, and suddenly the legendaries seemed *slightly* weaker, while Jake somehow didn't seem as hurt anymore. "I suppose this could level the playing field," he said as his Tyranitar continued to attack the legendaries with Stone Edge.