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Pokenigmatic B. Daly
August 1st, 2007, 4:58 PM
Hello, I'm know to many as Beech Daly. The Pokenigmatic.
For some thing, I'm close to 30... and I'm from Detroit, Michigan.

Besides Pokemon, I am avid in lasertag, roleplying, and website design. I am hoping to make a brand new website sometime in the fall.

My Pokemon experience only dates back to December of 2006, when I first got hold of Pokemon Fire Red (when I got that along with a Game Boy Advance for only 50 cents!) I have played POkemon in many strange ways...

- Getting a Pokemon to Lv. 100 before getting halfway through the game! (The earliest was when I did Beedrill to Lv. 100 before getting through Pewter! It took a month to do it, but then I had no idea of the other complications of Pokemon then.)
- Playing Pokemon that would not be usually expected to be played in competitive play and winning (Kangaskhan, Ursaring, Furret, Murkrow, Zangoose all have won against a perfectly EV trained Mewtwo.

I'm a Pokenigmatic because although I play all Pokemon, I only choose to deeply focus on Pokemon which no one else would play. Although my record in battles show something way off, I am pretty happy with the way I am playing in them, just to sense that I must be doing something right my friend's Mewtwos and Tyranitars can't beat my Kangaskhan or Murkrow. I like battling, but I don't expect myself to win all of the time. But then, if I could defeat an Alakazam with a Furret, that would be a 'sweet' to me. Sorta.

August 1st, 2007, 5:11 PM
Thats cool I live in Michigan to... Used to live in Detroit but I moved to Ann Arbor 2 years ago..

Well pretty cool there is another person from Michigan =D and Welcome to the site! Hope you like it. :)

Midnight Beat
August 1st, 2007, 5:55 PM
I lived in Michigan until I was 5 but then we had to move. Anyway, welcome to the PC!!!