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August 3rd, 2007, 1:51 PM
Welcome to Grey Zephyr (GZ for short). This was made by myself for the game Custom Wars, a custom Advance Wars game written in Java to run on a computer. I will not advertise the forums, but if you're interested you can look it up on google.
And for those who know the game AW itself, there are some custom units included. A lot are also unfinished, and they seem pretty obvious.

The Spritesheet
Separate Logos

The crimson palette (by kosheh)

The 'Darkstar', The Official logo of Grey Zephyr, it is placed as a seal onto the CPU of all Grey Zephyr robotics.
The 'Star of Zion', often called the Ethereal Star is reserved for dossiers and diplomatic contact- It is treated as a sign of peace



This is Xan Kreigor from UT2004. I will make this mre AWish in a while.


Infantry animation, by me (now in both directions)
Artillery (See Credits)




Infantry: Based off Xan Kreigor from Unreal Tournament 2004, with the standard Assault Rifle.
Mech: Based off Xan Kreigor from Unreal Tournament 2004, with the Redeemer.
Missile Mech: Grey Zephyr version of the nayed unit.
Mortar: Grey Zephyr version of the hated unit.
Recon: Update to the new mini version. Now with a gatling
APC: Is currently under verification
Anti-Air: Custom apart from the guns, which have been altered. Fine as far as i know.
Tank: Fugly shading, turret is so-so, but chassis is fine.
Md. Tank: Based off the Command and Conquer Generals unit the Overlord tank with a gatling. Is under verification.
Neotank: Smaller.
Megatank: No inspiration yet, but a flattened vesion by the Veggie
Artillery: My favorite! I feel its fine.
Rockets: Fine afaik
Missiles: Fine afaik
Oozium: Shading needs touch up.
Battle Copter: Needs to be given rotors.
T Copter: Not thought about yet.
Fighter: Sputnik FTW! Its fine as far as i know.
Bomber: Will be resprited. I think i'm going to make it into a TIE Interceptor from Star Wars.
Stealth: Needs work on the cockpit, but is essentially just two tiered wings.
Zepplin: I need some work where i removed the cockpit.
Spyplane: Same as above.
Black Bomb: Special logo
Lander: Yes, i havent really started this. It wont be too intricate though.
Black Boat: Dont have a clue about how i'm going to customize this.
Submarine: Designed by LordPlushie. Customised by myself.
The others: Not started. Oh. Dear.
[These are my impressions. Please add your own]

Update Log (Don't Worry about this, this refers to the updates on CW)

1.01: Placed on this happy site: Army as it was then, opinions, OverlordSmurf's Artillery animation (Artillery firing sequence).
1.02: Made a recruitment topic in the RWC.
1.03: Artillery recolours, link to the recruitment topic in RWC, updated opinions. Put a decent no grainy version of the Rocket/missile chassis.
1.04: Infantry concept mugshot and animation added.
1.05: Put in the current version of the rockets and missiles. I need feedback at this point.
1.06: Fighter idea and new recon added. Also, the building overworlds have been darkened.
1.07: Now with Md. Tank, APC(s), the recons new gun, Fighter and the flatter Mega by Veggie
1.08: With Plushie's Submarine.


OverlordSmurf: Artillery firing animation.
Veggiehunter: Spaceship/Uber thing concept, flattening the Megatank
kosheh: Giving a superbly awesome crimson palette.
LordPlushie: Submarine Sprite

If any of you have any comments, please say them, as I want to improve the sprites. If you want to make constructive critisism please read through the notes I have made above.

August 3rd, 2007, 6:31 PM
Wow!, they really look good, perfectly like an advance game:D. The animated ones were good too.

August 5th, 2007, 1:36 PM
Is this pokemon? Even if its not, Well Done!

February 14th, 2015, 12:18 AM
Ehi man i'm interested in your stealth bomber, gonna use it for my pokemon hack, can i?