View Full Version : Pokeman Auction!!

August 6th, 2007, 2:21 PM
This is how this is gonna work. I will offer up a SINGLE pokemon for trade, best offer gets it. Then another random pokemon will be offered for trade, and so on. Im doing single pokemon offers for now because the response was too overwhelming from my last trade thread...level 100s, ev trained, perfect iv pokemon, shinies, legends may all be offered!

Auction status: OPEN FOR BIDS

Auction 1:

Level 100 Aggron, relaxed nature, moves: Surf, Blizzard, Fire Blast and Thunder
Great all rounder, excellent defense (def stat 420)

Best bid wins it!

Must post level,nature of pokemon in bid or bid will be void
Pokemon offered in bid must be legit, or bid void
Untouched pokemon and pokemon with rare items attached add value to the bid