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August 6th, 2007, 7:37 PM
You writhe in pain as your black existence crumples around you,
Shadows of the past just waiting to consume you,
You lie unmoving as the world turns without you,
The sounds of living surround you in a time where living is death,
What once was happy,
Full of laugher,
Where their sick inhuman joy echoed from every wall,
What knew no pain,
Only mocked yours,
Has turned sour,
Screams of agony sweep the air,
The warm scent of decaying bodies hugging your lungs,
A little too tightly for comfort,
Your breath is labored,
You wonder how you got here,
This foul place where you seem to belong,
You see a distant memory of when it all started to go awry…

You smile as you spin your woeful tales of love lost,
When you know it was never there in the first place,
Your throat is burnt from the scorching intensity of the lies,
Whose toxins ooze their way out onto your luscious red lips,
Misleading all who come across you.

Was it the lies?
You scream silently as simmering tears cling to your cheeks,
I only wanted to be loved,
You plead,
Aloud this time,
Though no one listens,
They would not hear even if they did,
For the world's misery drowns out your veiled desperate cry for help.

Only the sane shall laugh,
Shall scoff at you,
Your pain,
You brought this upon yourself,
They'll say,
As they walk all over you with their false happiness,
Their mask of good intentions chipping away slowly,
Revealing the barren soulless fakes that lie beneath the surface.

But only the sane will laugh.

We will not laugh,
We who know your pain,
Have walked your path,
Drank the same defeat,
Felt the same bitterness,
We will not laugh.
The anger cleansed our insides,
Forged us anew,
The hate used to redeem us,
Our despair turned into hope,
We will not laugh my friend,
No we will not.
We will throw you the hand of salvation,
You must decide if you will take it.

A poem from about a month ago when I was really depressed and angry, I'm all good now but I still am really proud of this poem! =) Please let me know what you think! =D

August 7th, 2007, 12:24 PM
Within it lies great truth. It is an awesome poem. Good work forged straight from the heart. ^^

August 7th, 2007, 6:18 PM
Thank you. The poem was actually pretty much aimed at myself... I just woke up this one day and felt miserable, death seemed preferable at the time, but I wrote a poem getting all my feelings out and felt so much better! =D So it's all good and I'm all cheerful like usual now, writing always helps! =) Thank you for the comment, it is much appreciated! =D