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I think I found a better track....

Posted February 27th, 2012 at 7:08 PM by Kirozane

Seriously.... I was just watching AMVs, then I was like "This scene was pretty cool... let's watch it..."

And then I realized the music, while fitting, was kinda meh....

Here is the scene in question....

I dunno if it was just me... but the moosic was lackin a lot.... And one track popped into my head... I personally feel it fits waaaay better.

It was T-elos from Xenosaga.... Here is the VERY SAME SCENE to that track....

So what do you think? Better fit? Worse fit?

-I'm sick and don't feel like going into detail... wow...-

And on a random note... holy bejeezus nascar track dryer went boom. .--.
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