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First Blog post and its pretty boring :(

Posted March 26th, 2009 at 2:53 PM by Mr Briney
Updated March 27th, 2009 at 12:39 AM by Mr Briney

Its been a pretty boring week, ordered platinum and just waiting for it to arrive now.

While i'm waiting i decided to start a new game on emerald, so far im up to Juan but having a bit of trouble getting past his Kingdra as i only have 3 pokes; Sceptile, Sableye and Swellow. But im sure with some luck ill be able to get him down.

Also i decided to play a bit of pearl today, didnt really know what to do so i decided i would try something i could never have been bothered to do before, fish for a Feebas.
I was extremely lucky, my first catch and i got a Feebas. So i caught quite a few of them.

I breeded a Feebas with Hypnosis, now im busy getting berries to make poffins so i can get its beauty maxed, evolve it to Milotic and trade it to my Platinum when it arrives and us that instead of one of the starters.

So hopefully my Platinum will arrive within the next two days which by then i should have my Milotic ready for me to own Sinnoh once again.

Edit: On Emerald just got my 8th badge, so on my way to Ever Grande but training up a Sealeo and Trapinch first.
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