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Sonic Boom 2014!!!!!!

Posted October 8th, 2014 at 12:37 PM by BakingBluePotatoe

So, recently Sega held a massive Sonic Fan gathering.. a thing they've been doing for a few years now, but it finally came close to where I live, and I got to go this year!!!

So, that being said, I'll copy-paste from my FB post:

[quote]Overall, Sonic Boom 2014 was probably the best night of my life! It was my first ever convention too, and I really had a blast! Definitely re-invigorated my inner Sonic Fan, and it's making me want to go to even more Cons in the future, and I'll definitely find a way to go to the next one too!

I'm so glad I got as many autographs and met so many amazing people as I did! I only wish I could have gotten Takashi Iizuka, Travis Willingham? and Coleen Villards' autographs. But hey, there's always a next time, right? Besides, I got a picture next to Roger Craig Smith, got to finally meet Mike Pollock in person and give him a great big hug for being amazing, which I've been wanting to do for absolutely AGES now, AND get Tracey Yardley!'s autograph AND get a pic next to him too!

And heck, I even got to meet some of my online friends after the event was over, so that made it WAY PAST COOL!

also, Mike Pollock was an awesome co-host, and the live music was very fun to listen to! I think my favorite was the Deadly Six Theme! And the trailer for the Sonic Boom cartoon, and the live readings for some of the episodes had me laughing out loud the entire time. I am looking forward to the cartoon now!

My ONLY real complaint is that the lines could have been managed better; I lost count of how many times I couldn't find the end of autograph line, and I didn't DARE think of going into the Merch Line till the end, only AFTER I had gotten all the autographs I possibly could. I could tell that line would be slower than a snail in molasses the second I saw it!

That being said, I hope next time the lines are less chaotic and better managed, and that the event lasts longer, and perhaps they could have some more Sonic Games to play there besides the demos? I would have loved to have a tournament of some sorts- perhaps some Sonic Generations Races, or maybe Sonic Battle fights, or Sonic Adventure 2 competitions! Also, more live music, and bring ALL of Crush 40!

I hope to see everyone there again real soon!


PPS: The Evil Ham... Is TWERKING![/quote]

Also, PICS! [url=]I've posted them all on my Twitter, please check there.[/url]
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    And yet after all of that, sonic boom (the game) was still really, really bad
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